Rooftop Prince Releases Character Descriptions in English and Third Trailer

Come to me, my pretties. Don’t worry, I won’t bite. I’ll just paw you to my heart’s delight. Grah, having to wait an entire week for the premiere of Rooftop Prince just chafes. Especially since it’s all due to MoonSun, as if I’m not already annoyed to the nines with that silly dully excuse of a sageuk. RP, on the other, promises sageuk angst (Dead Crown Princess! Prince in Pain!) paired with modern hijinks and reincarnated selves and crossing lovelines. Could it get any better? I sure hope so, because the potential is ALL there. SBS knows its target audience and loves to fan service, so today it released detailed character descriptions of the four leads, in Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English. Talk about saving me translation time. Read on for more juicy goodness, plus a third trailer involving a fire extinguisher.

“His highness is a narcissistic brat with anti-social tendencies.” OMG I love him already. Plus he’s useless and a know-it-all. I swear his character is comic gold.

She learns English from menus. Ahahahaha, okay, I love her already as well. Rare that I approve of an OTP before even seeing the first episode.



Rooftop Prince:


Rooftop Prince Releases Character Descriptions in English and Third Trailer — 34 Comments

  1. im going to love this drama, miss Koala you have me wrap around your finger, where is the rest of my Da Mo Yao chapter, pls pls.. don’t leave me here hanging.. i been your fan for almost 2 years now.. my first time to leave a comment.. a sign of desperation.. take care.. as always i really adore your site.. okey.. i am addicted to it..

  2. Dandy Eye Candy: Love this.
    Am i the only one who thinks there is a lot of spoilers in the description of the characters?
    Cause i think i identified a few “cult” scenes already (if they do appear in the drama). Hope we will have our count of surprises. It’s funny to see the differences with the promo for The King 2 Hearts which is more tight.

  3. I honestly cannot wait for this! A week is far too much! I need my dorky Yoochun and the adorable kitty that is Han Ji Min. I was actually worried about their tandem at first, since she is a noona, but I’m pleasantly surprised. Never been so glad to be wrong!
    I like Lee Tae Sung, but I think I’m going to hate him here. I know he is evil and all, but I hope his character is not 2-Dimensional.

    This is totally unrelated to this lovely drama, but have you heard Mrs. Koala? Jung So Min is coming back to the screen! She’ll be acting in a sitcom! It’s actually bittersweet, since sitcoms are rarely subbed. Sigh.

  4. Sigh…a “simpleton” female lead who falls for a spoiled brat who bullies her even as she takes care of him? Wow. I thought this would be fun, but now I think I’ll pass.

    • er, I don’t know why you’re getting the feel that HE bullies her while based on the trailers, SHE bullies them instead..? or am I the only one feeling this?

      • Based on the trailers, I think it’s the spunky heroine who will be doing all the bossing around. The Joseon prince, while try in vain to retain his dignity, will get his comeuppance. It’s the battle of the sexes where the strong modern female will have an advantage in this situation.

        Besides all the comical moments, I hoping that we will see lots of character growth as our Joseon F4 struggle to adapt to the modern world along with all of its complexities. It would also be interesting to look at our world from the perspectives of those from the past.

        So far, this is my most anticipated drama this spring.

      • doesn’t it always start off with the girl bullying the guy a little bit and then once the romantic feelings start to creep in and confuse the heck out of the guy, he starts to boss her around and grab her wrist?

        Anyways this drama looks cute, I hope Yoochun’s character reforms and stop being so spoiled. I was disappointed with Flower Boy Ramyun Shop because the main guy, who is also a privileged sort of guy, never really felt like he matured enough.

      • According to Bak-ha’s character description…”she feels empty when a day goes by without being bullied by him.” I mean, come on. Why do the kdramas always make it seem as if the one thing our heroine cannot resist is a guy who treats her badly? It’s like it proves exactly what the character description says — the girl’s a simpleton.

    • I kinda agree with you – the character setup is the ever-unchanging Kdrama favorite. I know it’s going to grate on me once the plot slows down (and it probably will). Still, I think the show has a lot of charm; and I for one and desperate to see Joseon’s Crown Prince in modern Seoul.

      “I will slay her” lol.

  5. I loved it when yoochun’s character’s said, “I will return to the palace” & when the other guy said ” I will slay her.” It cracks me up every time.

  6. I am completely rational about this show.
    For example, while watching the trailer and right after, I was thinking

  7. I am super looking forward to this. Yoochun in a rom-com, I can’t wait!! Ok – I know the whole Sena and 2nd male lead is completely going to irk me but the OTP looks so cute together. I think the beginning and middle will be good but not sure about later.

  8. β€œHis highness is a narcissistic brat with anti-social tendencies.” – that also got me laughing really hard. Haha.

    “He dresses like he just walked off the Paris Fashion Week runway” – lolol. she trying to pull a Miri (Ms. Ripley) here?? Haha. And funny because it was also Chun’s character in MR whom she turned to when she discovered that Yoohyun (Chun) is a bigger catch than the Hotel Director she was dating.

    Why does it seem to me that their characters are so normal in kdramaland? The highly and full-of-himself lead guy, the strong-willed lead girl and so on..I hope the character development of everyone will make up for it. And of course the comedy antics and romance as well. And most importantly, the story itself. I’m really flustered on how they’ll end this one. The drama hasn’t even started and I’m already thinking about the ending, hahaha.

  9. Man.. I wish that was me he’s kissing! So jealous but they do make a fine couple.. can’t wait to watch now!!! πŸ™‚

  10. MoonSun is a flop and I just don’t understand all the ratings and hoopla around repetitive episodes with the absence of a smart plot and even an attempt of a surprise and character development. Sorry for venting.

    This new drama seems promising. Thanks for updating and sharing your thoughts. Don’t overdo it with pawing. πŸ™‚

  11. Waaaah! I can’t wait to watch this. I’ve been waiting for a kdrama to watch since M2F finished. Thanks again Ms Koala! πŸ˜€

  12. Super funny this trailer.
    I don’t read characters descriptions, usually the English version is kind of strange (they translate with Google, I think, and they adapt the text ). I prefer to watch the drama, and this one is a MUST!

  13. I wonder whether they have finished shooting RP. I read on allkpop that Yoochun’s father passed away a few days ago. And he is stuck in America. Poor thing.

    • he’s home but the whole world out found out before him, and they made articles with pictures of him crying (inside the car )

      and reporters are already staked out at the hospital


  14. LOVE:

    Prince: “narcissistic brat with anti-social tendencies” Mhahahahhaha

    Bak-Ha: difficult, sensitive, temperamental…she can’t imagine a day w/o her Crown Prince! Mhahahah interesting!!

    Tae-Mu: Walks off Paris Fashion Week…uuuhhhh la la, la la la la!!! Me loving him already, even if he is the antagonist *pause for dramatic effect*!!! Mhahahahah

    Se-Na: compulsive liar and scheming mind, ’nuff said!!! Mhahahah

    I sooooo love this one!! Waiting on the episodes!!!

  15. It seem fun after reading the character description but y did they choose such a bright background color it hurts my eyes πŸ˜‰

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