Yoo Seung Ho Goes From Boy to Man with Upcoming Kiss in Operation Proposal

You know you are a certified romantic drama leading man when you deliver your first real kiss scene. The kind where mouths that actually move, maybe some tongue, but definitely both sides are into it. Former child actor extraordinaire Yoo Seung Ho has officially hit that milestone, with the coming episode 11 of Operation Proposal already getting press over the fact that Yoo Seung Ho and Park Eun Bin will be making out. One the ground, no less. Talk about making the first time memorable. I’m woefully behind on OP, but having seen the entire J-dorama with my Yamapi it’s not exactly something I need to revisit to figure out the story. The K-remake remains as trifle and repetitive as the original, but somehow just that little bit better overall. Part of me wishes that Yoo Seung Ho got a better romance J-dorama to remake (such as….oh…..Buzzer Beat, or even Zenkai Girl), but then again, beggars can’t be chosers, and at least this one is better than none at all.

I’ve seen this gif of the kiss scene floating around EVERYWHERE in Yoo Seung Ho-related forums. I don’t blame his fans, this is a real kiss that shows us the boy is not a boy anymore. He’s a man-boy now! A man-boy who apparently knows how to kiss.


Yoo Seung Ho Goes From Boy to Man with Upcoming Kiss in Operation Proposal — 25 Comments

  1. have been thinking of giving this drama a chance. I have never seen the original japanese version. I think I will wait till its complete and subbed to watch it.

    • I went and watched the Japanese version and it is the same, but different. I like the K-version much better. There is more character development, relationship development and growth in the hero. I like that the Chanwook character isn’t a slimey guy like in the J-version. The inclusion of Jinju is really sweet as well. It is about at this point that it is obvious that the two versions really start to diverge. I think I am going to like the K-version ending much better (hopefully). I worry a little too because there are 5 more episodes after this one and it makes me wonder what else will go wrong. But I like that it makes Baekho fight for his girl, which can only make their relationship stronger. I thought the J-version Ken was a little pathetic.

  2. Yeah, I saw that preview last week and the producers better not cut it out or show a more PG-13 version of it tomorrow. I am sick of kdrama’s lousy kisses. :p

  3. That’s what I like about dramas which are NOT broadcasted on KBS, MBC or SBS… there we can see real kisses and more mature scenes… I mean it’s not about me wanting to see EVERYthing BUT I’m always getting crazy when I see there is something between a man and a woman and in a KBS/MBC/SBS drama I see nothing but hugs, kisses-which are more lips barely touching kiss but nothing else, even when I know there is more.

    I do not watch Operation Proposal BUT this is really worth watching… almost like a revolution in K-Dramaland!XDD

    • If you want a k-drama revolution on kissing (and other such activities), watch I Need Romance. All three of the women are shown getting some good action from guys.

      • My favorite kiss of 2011 will forever be in Me, Too, Flower.
        Yoon Shi-yoon and Lee Ji-ah making it look so good!
        Both attacking, both participating, and it lasted like two minutes!
        I also liked the dialog that happened because of it.
        OK, I liked everything about that show….

  4. Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that a 19 year old rookie actor upstages all the older, mature established actors in k-drama land with this kiss? It’s almost like he’s “schooling” them on how to perform a proper kiss. AHAHAHAHA! Good for him.
    And for all the fuss about Seung-ho doing this type of kiss, I also have to say his female partner is … very willingly participating. (which is something you don’t see much either) I can list on one hand the female actress’s who would do this type of kiss. So kudos to both of them. These youngsters hit it out of the park. (OMG, pun on this show’s story)
    Take THAT, k-drama land. *hee*

    • He’s not a rookie actor. He’s been an A-Lister for quite some time now; earning awards, etc. He focuses on his craft rather than his popularity. His first movie, when he was only 7, won the equivalent of an Oscar in SK – released by Paramount w/ Eng. subs. He has upstaged many actors in the child-version roles of the leads. He’s been leading movies and dramas for some time now. He is currently one of the most saught-after actors by SK PDs and directors.

      – & what makes them have such great chemistry is that they’ve been working together since he was 6 (she 7). You’re right, though, he could definitely ‘school’ others in the art of kissing onscreen – see the whole ep. 11.

  5. The manboy can kiss, watched his movie Fourth Period Murder Mystery and he has a kissing scene with Kang Sora so I’m not surprise. It’s funny how K-drama does kiss scenes, for Ojakgyo Brothers (which I love by the way) the kissing scene between Jowon and UEE was so pathetic and the funny thing is the director insist on getting a shot of the kiss from every imaginable angle. Hate the way UEE would give the deer caught in headlight stare before closing her eyes. If people are talking about this kiss and saying stupid things like its inappropriate then they must not have done a whole lot of kissing when they were 19 such a pity.

  6. On your comments re Buzzer Beat … it is my favourite Yamapi drama. He has chemistry with Keiko and they have a few good kissing scenes in that drama.

    I would like to see it re-made by the Koreans.

    I also watched PD and I agree that it was so repetitive, but I warmed up to the song that they play at the end. I wonder if they would finish the Korean remake just like they’ve done in the PD special. I will watch this after it’s all over so I can marathon thru it.

  7. I really really do believe that this is better than the j-version. I love YSH’s acting than Yamapi’s and I cried more with this one than the Jap. But this episode preview really caught me surprise. 🙂 Have to watch it many times. Now this OTP have been moved to my second next to Yoon Eun Hye and Joo Ji Hoon! :* I love,love,love Operation Proposal!!!!

    • I know. How could this be at ep 11?
      If he kisses her like that, and says “I, Kang Baek-ho, love Ham Yi-seul,” It’s geim obeo for Jin-won, right?

  8. I am in love with this show.
    It makes me cry every week with its earnestness and longing. YSH knows how to do earnestness and longing like nobody’s business. It is why the very silent Una was a memorable character in the sleepy-at-times ginseng soaked WBDS.

    He has so far not incensed my ICOAMMMMYM-nads because we have seen so much sweetness. I am afraid, very afraid that thing you showed up there will change that!

  9. lol its hot!! it was getting boring until i saw the preview!! shoot its about time theres some action going on! where did that boy learn how to kiss like that! lol

  10. I like this K-version, and I didn’t watch the dorama version so there’s no comparison. It gets a bit repetitive and there are some logical flaws in the story; but I am genuinely touched by this show and have grown attached to the characters. I love their interactions, OST is cute and well-matched with the story, and cinematography is great. Plus YSH for the win! I was screaming when I watched the Ep 11 preview last week. Oh well. Can’t wait for YSH’s next project.

  11. well done to YSH [SJS Jr.] most natural looking kissing scene that I have seen in a while. brownie points to his willing accomplice too!… He’s growing up fine looking good if not a little cuter than SJS [one of my fav K-actors].

  12. i haven’t seen this drama before…but isn’t he the spoiled city boy in the movie – The Way Home? Time really flies fast. It feels like I have seen that movie just a couple of years ago.

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