Thrilling Preview Snippet from Volume 2 of Yun Zhong Ge

When I read novels sometimes I get so impatient I want to flip ahead and see what’s going to happen. It’s a bad habit I really need to break. But sometimes a nice spoiler really juices me up to keep going because I’m excited and curious how something is going to happen. Yun Zhong Ge is headed into a heart pumping end to volume 1 soon, so I thought I’d share an exciting snippet from the middle of volume 2 for anyone eager for a sneak peek. The set pieces coming up in this novel are pretty spectacular, and in particular, a massive dragon slide made from ice is the scene for one of the most exciting and emotional moments in this story.

Snippet from the middle of volume 2 of Yun Zhong Ge:

“Xu jiejie!”

Yun Ge screamed and didn’t even think before she was flying towards Xu Ping Jun to grab her. She twirled, then leaped, and finally flipped right before her. This was the first time in Yun Ge’s life she used her paltry martial arts that well.

She wasn’t late and got there just in time to grab onto Xu Ping Jun’s hands. Yun Ge’s used her feet to clip onto the railing of the ice slide. The railing was just a few thick ice beams, and when one of the men had earlier smashed the ice railing on the left side, it caused a few cracks in the ice railing on the right side to form.

At this time, with Yun Ge’s body on it and having crashed into it earlier, the sound of ice cracking could be heard. On the top of the ice slide there were enemies, on the bottom of the ice slide it meant falling to their deaths. There was no way out, and Yun Ge cursed herself at that moment for ever having this thing constructed in the first place.

The man heard the sound of ice cracking and knew the girls were in his grasp. He wasn’t in a rush and laughed “For sure you are a rose with thorns. If you call me big brother, I’ll pull you up.”

Yun Ge’s body was hanging upside down at that time, so she could clearly see the bottom of the ice slide. She saw the slide and the base was filled with cracks and holes, and it was getting bigger and bigger. The ladder next to the slide was also missing.

This meant that when Yun Ge was fighting with those men on top of the side earlier, someone had been hacking at the base of the ice slide below, thoroughly trying to destroy it. Yun Ge laughed coldly “You’re about to see your maker soon, you might want to shove your lecherous ways. You might be brave but you sure are stupid!”

Yun Ge glanced at the slide which was cracked so badly it was about to disintegrate. She thought about throwing Xu Ping Jun on there and letting her slide down on it. Even if the slide disintegrated, she would slide down first and at least she would have a chance to live.

But right now, all of Yun Ge’s strength was on her feet, using it to hang upside down on the railing. To toss Xu Ping Jun over to the side, she would need to exert more strength to her feet, and it would likely cause the railing to immediately shatter.

Yun Ge stared at the ice far below her, her eyes growing dizzy. She wondered what it must feel like to fall to one’s death. It must surely hurt! But……

She didn’t want to die. She wanted to live, there was so much she wanted to do………….

She heard the loud sound of the ice cracking and she made up her mind. If one of them could live, that is better than none! What happened right now was directed at her, and Xu Ping Jun was an innocent party that got involved.

Right when she was about to exert force, she noticed a familiar figure rushing towards her across the icy lake surface. Behind him there was tens of Imperial guards chasing him to capture him. Normally his clothes was impeccable, but right now it was stained with blood.

Yun Ge was in a daze. Was the last person she was going to see in this lifetime going to be him? She couldn’t figure out if she was feeling happy or sad.

Meng Jue saw Xu Ping Jun and Yun Ge dangling on top of the tall ice slide, wobbly and ready to fall at any moment. His heart burned and he called out “Yun Ge, wait for me, I’ll be right there.”

Wait for him?

What use is it to wait for him to arrive?

Right now it was at the brink of the end, and no one could possible save them.

Yun Ge felt the ice railing under her feet cracking. She looked at Meng Jue in the distance and then used all her strength to swing her body outward and send Xu Ping Jun flying towards the ice slide. When Xu Ping Jun’s body left her hands, the railing under Yun Ge’s feet shattered completely and her body plummeted to earth.

Meng Jue, who had been staring at her, shook and his face was stark white as he screamed “Yun Ge!” The sword in his hand swung out and a flash of blood sprayed in the white ice. Meng Jue continued to fly towards the ice slide like an arrow.

Yun Ge’s voluminous skirt flew up and caught in the jagged edges of some protruding ice, stopping her fall for a second. But the protruding ice was jagged and Yun Ge’s skirt continued to rip little by little. In the sound of ripping silk, Yun Ge’s body continue to drop little by little.

At that very moment, from the distance came the sound of another person’s cry “Yun Ge———-“

Yun Ge sighed. Ling gege, you shouldn’t have come! I don’t want you to see me like this.

Meng Jue was standing right below Yun Ge and his face was calm, but inside his dark eyes was a storm of emotions. He smiled up at Yun Ge and loudly called out “I will not let you die.”

At that moment, Yun Ge realized that she shouldn’t hate Meng Jue anymore. Meng Jue may have given her a lot of pain, but he also gave her a lot of happiness. The happiness she experienced in her life should not be discounted or wiped away because of the pain that came later. He did once make her life glorious and brilliant.

Yun Ge stared at Meng Jue, and then smiled at him. Her smile was open and sincere, just like the first time they met each other.

Meng Jue cried out “Yun Ge!”

But Yun Ge never looked at him again. She only looked into the distance, at the figure running towards her. Her entire heart was filled with ache and longing.

At this very second, she finally saw her heart clearly. When her life was at its end, she only wanted to look at him. All her regrets for leaving this world was also only for him.

Ling gege, please don’t stand alone by the railing late at night, looking up at the stars. Please never think of me again………

She couldn’t have known this was how much she didn’t want to leave him. The tears from her heart came out from her eyes.

One drop, another drop, another drop…….

Missing him, longing for him, regret for him, sadness for him.

She couldn’t believe it was she who never allowed the time they spent together to be even more poignant.

Was it true that a person could be reincarnated and have another chance at life? If she had another chance at life, she would not care so much about other considerations and go with her heart.

The skirt hanging on the ice ripped completely and Yun Ge fell towards the ground like a shooting star falling to earth.

At that moment, with a resounding roar, the entire ice dragon slide collapsed from the top on down. Shards of ice ranging from the size of plates to the size of hail drops went flying out. It was like an avalanche that tore apart the former stillness.

Yun Ge stared at Liu Fu Ling and slowly closed her eyes, her tears falling as she allowed what was the most beautiful dream of flying instead take her away from this life.



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  1. Waaaaah!!!! I shouldn’t have clicked on the page and begin reading ! Im already refreshing your blog every minute as it is to hope for a new chapter and now this ? haha! Im gonna pull my hair til we get there and I know what’s gonna happen to Yun Ge!! How she met her ling gege, what happened btw her and Meng Jue!!

    THANK YOU so much for the hard work! I cant even imagine how time consumming that must be !! 🙂 Thanks again!

      • But.. Meng Jue is right below her so… but one can’t help but hope that Third brother will surface!

        I wonder if Liu Fu Ling built this ice slide for Yun Ge when she told him about how her daddy built an ice slide for her before. I can’t help thinking — this is one big ice slide if she can’t just jump off from the top and run before it falls.

  2. Haha, Mz. Koala, that is a problem I have as well. It can even run to the end of the book to see if it’ll be a happy or sad ending so I could prepare myself. And you have already prepared my heart for the ending. Thanks for this little teaser and treat for this happy Monday! (=

  3. Thanks! Now I am in agony while waiting for the next few chapters! The drama will be great when depicted on the screen!

  4. OMG.
    Ms Koala you know I love you 🙂

    But I am already antsy and going nuts enough waiting for K2H and RP on Thurs.
    You’ve added this… and to this day, I have no idea what’s happening with YZG.
    You’ve just… * speechless shock *

  5. “Ling gege, please don’t stand alone by the railing late at night, looking up at the stars. Please never think of me again………”

    Oh…the irony of this sentence! Easier said than done….and by the very person who uttered the same words. It’s even more heartbreaking reading this the second time and deciphering the meanings from another point of view.

    TQ Koala.
    I’ve already started reading…Secrets hidden in Time…and I must say Tong Hua is pretty formulaic when it comes to her novels. LOL. But I still squealed. Lol.

    • ok I’ve finished the book…and gawd no she is not formulaic. I think she’s plain sadistic. I actually hate the ending…it hurts so bad. Poor Eliott – he’s created for pure torture. Wtf!! I think I didn’t like any of the characters. Sorry I dunno where to rant…would love to hear what you think of the book since you mentioned you’d be reading it…

  6. Ms K, please don’t make us can’t sleep LOL, this novel driving me crazy and my husband start join me enjoy this novel. Thanks for your hard work n love you!

  7. MANY, MANY thank you’s for this exciting preview!!! This will help me get through the upcoming chapters knowing the excitement that lies ahead.

  8. What a doozy of a teaser this is . . .thank you Ms. K. I too am guilty of reading/skimming ahead. ‘Til the next YZG chapter . . . have a great day.

  9. O Koala D i want more n more of YZG. . .this teaser O God when volum 2 is arriving? How many chapter are left? O how much i wish DMY YZG novel to be in english! But i’m happy wot i’m gettin frm u. Even waitin 4 new recap totally worth it when i get to read it. Thank you . . . Plz send new YZG recap S00N!!!

  10. Lovely translation. It is sad how Yun Ge dismissed Meng Jue for Liu Fu Ling, but I think Ling Ge Ge is always the only person for her…”Yun Ge, I accept! You must remember! I accept.”

    Can you translate the wushu competition at the banquet? The 3 contestants were hilarious and Meng Jue was at his best.

    • I don’t think Yun Ge dismissed Meng Jue for Liu Fu Ling. It was like she made her peace with Meng Jue, and he knows she loved him. The split second at the competition when she unconsciously rushed over to scream “No” when she thought Meng Jue was about to die was telling. No? But Yun Ge also loves Liu Fu Ling, and when she thought she was about to die, that was the moment her heart knew which man she loved more. When I read and re-read YZG, I get such a startling clarity about the discussion of soul mates. It easy to use to describe a couple, but rarely do I feel that couple deserves it. I sincerely believe LFL and YG are soul mates, and what happened to intervene was just fate toying with everyone in this novel.

  11. that was such an EVIIIIL teaser, koala!!! ><

    But i'll still just wait patiently until we get there in the second novel.

  12. I’m going crazy visiting the site everyday to check new updates,,, and this just made me crazier…craving for new chapters like every minute.. Sometimes I wish I discovered this site later when all the chapters are done because knowing that it exist here I can’t stop myself to lurk around and that’s why I watch dramas after it aired… because its just so painful to wait… BUT THANK YOU so much for the translation,, you’re a savior.. its easier to wait and feel the pain of waiting knowing something is coming than to ….what??..wait and learn Chinese by myself not knowing when I’ll learn enough to understand a novel… lol hahah.. Thanks alot

  13. I know I was going to hate reading this novel after I get to know Ling gege. I want him to be happy so much.

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