MBC Releases Adorable Official Stills from the OTP Date in Episode 19

A balm for the teary soul is always a little bit of cheer. MBC released a veritable treasure trove of BTS pictures from episode 19 of The King 2 Hearts, Jae Ha and Hang Ah’s night out at the amusement park. The OTP was at times cheesy, at times strangely fast-paced, but almost always there was a palatable energy, chemistry, and emotion connection between them. I bought into their relationship hook, line and sinker. Now that the final episode is almost upon us, I can finally assess where Lee Seung Gi stands in terms of one of Ha Ji Won‘s collection of A-list leading men. His chemistry with her was as good, if not better in its own different way, then what she had with Jo In Sung in What Happened in Bali, still an undisputed pairing of two actors that almost reverted back to their id and ignited the screen in the most elemental of ways. Seung Gi and Ji Won were in a class of their own, making a 9-year age gap completely nonexistent, and then turning viewers giddy with chemistry that seemed just as real as it did reel. Bravo to them, for bringing the King and his North Korean official love to life.


MBC Releases Adorable Official Stills from the OTP Date in Episode 19 — 8 Comments

  1. i actually didn’t realize that Ha Ji Won was 9 years older that Seung Gi until i researched it one day and realized that she was born late 70’s and not early 80’s. haha. i thought she was like 4-5 years older than him. she certainly don’t look it. 😀

  2. ughhh….do not want to let them go!! :”(

    Despite this OTP spending a lot of air-time apart one has to commend the writing of these two characters and the solid acting that we loved them as much as we did! Ah-Ha you’ll be sorely missed!! You’ll be my fave OTP since you were so sublime and multi-faceted!

    ps: The PD praised both HJW and Seung-gi’s acting skills.


  3. Ugh too upset over shi kyung to enjoy the date scene. I thought he would magically reappear in episode 20..and he did. for 10 seconds in jae shins imagination. And then we find out she will be going on a freaking blind date!!!! Ugh crappy ending

  4. i’m totally agree…u couldn’t tell the 9-year age gap between LSG and HJW. this one the best OTP so far….though this drama still couldn’t replace my favorite drama “Secret Garden”.

  5. sigh…now that the drama has ended..im having a well known withdrawal symptom of a drama..that is “shipping” haha..although judging from the interaction of seeunggi and ha jiwon, im sensing that there’s a certain restraint between the two. maybe its the age difference. is it just me but i felt that the everland date was soo cute yet i could feel some sort of awkwardness in some scenes. Yet in the dream sequence of jaeha in ep17 that scene was so damn natural, i cant even. i cant fathom the fact that onscreen, how can two people have heart stopping mad chemistry, and offscreen, such a tepid one. Im sad but I gotta be realistic and just keep loving fictional Hang Ah and Jae Ha instead.

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