The King 2 Hearts Episode 20 Recap

So close, but not quite there. The King 2 Hearts won’t make my top-10 favorites list, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. Ultimately enough hiccups here and there accumulated that it weighed down the story in parts and stretched credulity in others. But that is the only rub in an otherwise magnificent drama watching experienced. I laughed, I cried, I seethed, I swooned, and in the end, I smiled in sad contentment to see TK2H sign off with such satisfying sweetness. The story wasn’t about love or fairness, instead reminding us that love doesn’t conquer all and life can indeed be really (REALLY) unfair.

Its topic of national sovereignty and political divisions is built on the premise that relationships between countries isn’t fair. It’s about power, which comes from using wealth to accumulate strength, and that power isn’t based on which country is more right and more honorable. In the end, the love of a partner and the love from a family that our King Lee Jae Ha found, that doesn’t make his job easier or magically resolve the decades long separation of one ethnicity into two countries. All it does is make him stronger, and that is a strength that will help him walk each step of an always precarious journey. This drama might have been fantasy, but ultimately delivered a meaningful and sincere conclusion.

Episode 20 recap:

Hang Ah pleads with her father to let her stay, she doesn’t want to be apart from Jae Ha. Her father reminds her that the last time the Koreas were at war, families were separated and remained that way for decades. He’s getting old and he doesn’t want to be separated from his only daughter. But he lets her decide, and she chooses to leave with him.

Jae Ha calls Hang Ah, and her dad doesn’t want her to answer since the South Koreans betrayed the North by agreeing to help the US attack them. Hang Ah answers and tells Jae Ha that she is at the border but not yet crossed. What’s important is finding out what both the US and North Korea are really intending.

Jae Ha wants Hang Ah to come back, he’ll send a car to pick her up. She reluctantly tells him that she’s going back to the North. Right now communications have been cut between the two Koreas, so she’ll going back to convey to the North that the South does not want war. She will be the conduit for Jae Ha to send his message over and prevent this war.

Jae Ha worries once she goes they can’t communicate with each other. Hang Ah reminds him that their hearts are as one. Ah heck yeah. Going back to North Korea is so that she can one day see Jae Ha again. He agrees and asks her to please stop this war. She wants him to remember that their hearts are aligned, then they will meet again one day. She says “I love you” before hanging up the phone and they both cry.

The President of South Korea has agreed to allow the US to attack through the South Korean military base, with the date set for May 24th to invade Pyongyang. Bong Goo gets a call from the US official, who is clearly helping Bong Goo’s agenda, about the impending military intervention. He gets hold of the US attack order and sends it to Jae Ha to gloat.

Jae Ha gets a call from Bong Goo crowing about the news of the impending war. He blames Jae Ha for reporting him to the ICC so this is his punishment. It’s his punishment for not making the right choice when he was on the cliff. He chose himself over his country, so this is what the consequences look like. It’s Jae Ha’s fault for his citizens to die in the war. Jae Ha says that it will all be Bong Goo’s fault if anyone dies, Jae Ha merely followed the letter of the law to ensure Bong Goo was punished for his crimes. Jae Ha vows to stop this war while waiting for Bong Goo to be tried.

Jae Ha tells Secretary Eun that he got a copy of the US plans to attack Pyongyang on May 24th. He decides to raise the alert to Defcon 2 (impending war). The news of South Korea raising their battle alert status to Defcon 2 reaches Pyongyang and battleships begin readying.

The North Korean Prime Minister is trying to get information from Hang Ah about the South Korean military but she refuses to play ball and give the North any ammunition to use against the South.

The South Koreans continue to try and re-establish communications with the North until finally the North decides to respond to talks. The North Korean Prime Minister demands Jae Ha explain why the US is trying to attack the North. Jae Ha plays hardball and says that if the North attacks Seoul, then South Korea will retaliate as well and North Korea will pay the price.

Hang Ah’s dad wants to take Hang Ah overseas with him to Berlin where she can see Jae Ha again. Hang Ah doesn’t like knowing her dad is trying to run away until her dad reveals Jae Ha threatening North Korea despite knowing Hang Ah is there.

Hang Ah is sent as the representative of North Korea in a meeting with Jae Ha representing South Korea. They want her to confirm whether the US has decided to attack Pyongyang on May 24th. To use as leverage, the North wants Hang Ah to hand over contract between the two Koreas agreeing to the royal engagement so it can be torn up. Plus Hang Ah’s dad is detained until she returns from the meeting. The North will be listening in on the talk.

Hang Ah walks into the meeting with Jae Ha. He asks what she is doing on May 24th? She asks if he’s wondering if she’s going into battle perhaps? Jae Ha asks her to attend a wedding… him. Since they are planning to get married anyways, he just moved the date up. Hang Ah asks why the South is planning to attack the North, but Jae Ha says it’s not the South, it’s the US. It’s because the North carried out a terrorist attack on the US, but Hang Ah retorts that they didn’t do any such thing.

Jae Ha tells Hang Ah that their wedding is the only way to stop the impending war. It will prevent the US from attacking North Korea, and both Koreas can survive. Her father is currently convincing the North Korean Prime Minister of this plan. Jae Ha is on the phone with the North Korean Prime minister, who is reluctant, so Jae Ha presses a red alert button.

The alarm sends both North and South guards rushing into the room with their guns drawn. Jae Ha tells Young Bae to shoot him right between the eyes, since if the North doesn’t agree they might as well kill him since the war is inevitable anyway.

Hang Ah grabs the gun and walks over to point it at Jae Ha. OMG. She tells him that she will kill him herself. Because she loves him so she will kill him and follow right behind him. Young Bae looks all weepy, while Dong Ha has his gun trained on her. When she cocks her weapon, the North Korean Prime Minister folds and agrees.

Hang Ah and Jae Ha hug each other. He says that today, they used the same willingness to die to prevent a war.

A North Korean news report announces that the North and South will be holding a wedding ceremony at the DMZ, and Bong Goo watches this news report at the hospital. Bong Goo calls his contact, the horrid US official, who finally wises up and refuses to play ball anymore. He tells Bong Goo to do whatever he wants as the US guy is about to lose his job for this.

Jae Ha and Secretary Eun try to cross the DMZ but a US soldier refuses to let him pass since the army is at a Def Con 2 status right now. But the South Korean soldiers open the barricade and let his car pass through.

Hang Ah, wearing a traditional hanbok and her hair in a simple plait, is getting made up while her dad watches beaming in happiness. He worries that this isn’t lavish enough for her since it’s an once-in-a-lifetime experience. Hang Ah pulls him in for a hug and apologizes for being a bad daughter. He tells her that as long as she lives a happy life then he’s happy for her. He looks at her, wishing her mother was here, before turning around and wiping his tears away.

Jae Ha watches an announcement by the White House spokesperson, who sends the US’s congratulations to South Korea on this historic marriage and reveals the US never intended any military intervention in North Korea. The marriage begins and Jae Ha and Hang Ah walk towards each other and meet at the yellow demarcation line.

He crosses over the line and they turn to bow towards the South. Then he holds her hand and they step over the line together before turning around and bowing towards the North. Jae Ha picks Hang Ah up and twirls her around a few times.

Boong Goo faces the judgment of a three-panel judges of the ICC and is convicted of murder and terrorism and sentenced to life in prison. Jae Ha goes to visit him in maximum security prison and thanks Bong Goo for willing to see him. Bong Goo thinks Jae Ha is here to gloat, and crows that he won in the end anyways. War almost broke out and Jae Ha was frightened of that possibility. He thinks Jae Ha will always jump when there is a shadow or a spark, he will never be at peace.

Jae Ha tells him that war was averted, and there is nothing scarier in this world than a war. They managed to prevent a war, what else would they be afraid of? He thanks Bong Goo for making them stronger. As Jae is walking away, Bong Goo shouts out that Club M continues to exist even if he’s in jail, with a different name and a different leader.

It’s four years later and the North-South Korea team is assembling for the 5th WOC. Jae Ha greets the three new North Korean members, while Kang Seok, Young Bae and Dong Ha are there supervising the training. Young Bae is teased for falling in love with a South Korean military instructor during the joint training. Aww, so cute.

Princess Jae Shin is sitting on the fortress wall in Seoul where she went with Shi Kyung once. She has her bird besides her as she talks on the phone. The camera pans over and we see Shi Kyung sitting next to her. She reveals that she’s got a matchmaking date tomorrow, asking him if she should go. She heard the guy is quite handsome and wonders if Shi Kyung is angry but memory Shi Kyung smiles and tells her to go.

Jae Shin says she can’t live her entire life thinking of Shi Kyung, but he’ll always reside in a place in her heart like her shadow. The camera pulls away and we see Jae Shin sitting on her wheelchair looking at the wall. She smiles and wheels away.

Hang Ah’s dad is happily looking through pictures and video on his TV with Hang Ah and a little Crown Prince.

Hang Ah goes to a ribbon cutting ceremony and Jae Ha is late but makes it on time. They cut the ribbon and the little Crown Prince comes running out. Jae Ha picks him up and the cute tyke reaches for his mom, calling her “omani” (North Korean slang) instead of “omunim”. Hang Ah quickly covers his mouth but its too late.

The royal family gathers to watch news reports worried that the Crown Prince is speaking in North Korean slang, wondering about his royal education. The Queen Mother isn’t worried, saying he’ll grow up just fine.

The drama ends with Hang Ah and Jae Ha, standing side-by-side as they prepare to walk into a news conference. He grabs her hand and says “I love you”. She turns and smiles at him. He says “let’s go”, and they walk forward together.

Thoughts of Mine:

The final episode of TH2H disappointed me in some ways while delivering in others. I felt like the final arc – impending war between North and South Korea – was delivered in such a rushed fashion so late in the game, then resolved in a truly fairytale way. The execution and resolution was laughably silly, but then this story was never about a realistic gritty look at international politics, was it? Bong Goo pulled off so many of his maniacal schemes it was ridiculous, and he only got his piddling comeuppance at the end in such a low key way it lacks the catharsis we all need. After he shot and killed Shi Kyung (who sadly really is dead), I wanted him steamed alive and then fed to the sharks. Life in prison is too good for pond scum like him.

But then the final 15 minutes brought this drama home for me. Ultimately it’s about how life goes on even having gone through the most devastating and seemingly unfair of circumstances. Jae Shin didn’t miraculously get the use of her legs back, but she seemed happy, didn’t she? And why shouldn’t she? She’s got a loving family, she’s still a princess, and being confined to a wheelchair doesn’t mean her life is over. I loved the moment she pictured Shi Kyung beside, asking if she could go on a matchmaking date, but then confessing he’ll always have a special place in her heart. I’m already at peace with Shi Kyung’s passing, so for her to reach that point was poignant. I don’t think she got a bittersweet ending, I found Jae Shin’s strength and acceptance of her life so moving and realistic.

While the final episode was choppy and a bit like adding a final mile onto the run right as the runners could see the original finish line, ultimately it was satisfying to see Hang Ah and Jae Ha once again trust in each other to resolve even the most dire of situations. This story was about bridging things formerly seen as impossible, and everything starts with the first little step. Their marriage at the DMZ was wonderfully low key but amazingly high on the historic symbolism. The way they met at the yellow line, the way it was he who stepped across first (like Jae Kang making the first move with the joint WOC team idea), the way they made their bows to both sides of the political divide.

It was cute to see an ending showing their little son, and how politics will continue to dog them despite making such huge strides in bringing North and South Korea together. I really loved TH2K a lot, and the love remained consistent from beginning to end. I saw all its weaknesses and flaws, but appreciated its willingness to reach for more and attempt quite a hefty story load. This drama has quite the budget and every penny was shown onscreen, with far-reaching set pieces and a camera that never lingered on any moment to milk it dry. Happiness and sadness were both fleeting, but left a strong impression behind.

I was wary of this drama from the get to, when it kept changing its named and ended with the clunky The King 2 Hearts. I was disappointed when Lee Seung Gi was cast opposite Ha Ji Won, and second leads Jo Jung Seok and Lee Yoon Ji were lovely choices but nothing that made me sit up and go “Wow, I must watch this.” But you know what? I was won over by this drama fair and square. Not by a bias for the leads or a predilection for its story, but by how much the acting, story, and directing all came together in a fantastic way to create a truly compelling 20 hours of entertainment. What a wild and thrilling ride it was. Thank you, TK2H, for making me fall in love with K-dramas all over again.


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  1. wow! an early recap.. Thank You.

    This drama won’t make my top 10 list as well, but will surely remember the story fondly.

    • I love this drama. I actually think this drama will get better on re-watch and age quite well. It has an ambitious scope and steady cadence that isn’t predicated on hooks that lose its impact once you know what to expect.

      • i do love this drama as well.. and i’ll definitely re-watch this drama… i thought this drama would be the best drama of the year..until shinkyung’s death and everything changed!!! sorry, it just failed becuz of ep.19, i felt so disappointed… but i understood why the script writer did it, s/he wanted to give a ‘unforgettable’ moment…
        well.. this drama would be on my list.. but not the number one…

        ps : i felt sad for shinkyung’s death much more than the prince in the moon that embraces the sun… 🙁

      • @ockoala,

        Thanks for wonderful recaps the end this fabulous drama. I am listing K2H as my number 1 kdrama. I am wondering ,if this did not make it to your top ten, I would like to know what is in your top ten drama list. I have watched a few kdramas by now and I am starting my top ten list with K2H, I have yet to decide which
        to put put in 2-10.

      • hi Koala unni, by your recap and comments it looked like u love this drama, so why won’t it make your top 10 list? care to share?

      • For my top-10 best list, it’s neigh impossible for any dramas to squeeze in. It would take near flawlessness to edge in there, because I would have to take another drama off, and that’s quite a feat. The most recent addition was Resurrection/Rebirth/Revenge, which was an older K-drama but I watched it last year and HOMG is it perfect perfect perfect. Anyways, the list speaks for itself, but it has to be stupendous all around.

        My top-10 faves list is different. It can suck donkey balls but if I LOVE it soooo much, then its on. Ultimately there are one too many hiccups in TK2H for me to love it that much to bump off another drama that owns my heart. But if I expanded the list to 15 dramas, then I would definitely add TK2H.

      • koala,

        I feel like I have learned something from watching K2H and I am really interested in what you rated as your top ten – i like your recaps and analysis and i trust that your list could be trusted-
        After K2H, I learned to be more discriminate and prioritize my kdrama watching- after all I don`t have all the time in the world. So if there are dramas that are worth my time – i would like to watch them, instead of wasting my hours finding a gem. Thanks

      • LOL i found your list – sorry for redundancy, but i am new to this– anyway, i realized i have a long way to catch up with kdramas. i may find time to sample your list later – but then new dramas keeps cropping up – i can`t live my life just watching dramas LOL.
        I have to read a good book once in awhile – the last good read was The Kite Runner.

    • I am really heartbroken. Yes, blah blah, story of life moving on and lah-di-dah, but Shi Kyung’s death really was the deal breaker for me. I am so, so disappointed in this ending. I am just going to crawl into a corner and sob now.

      • I know right? I’m usually a type of person who can watch one episode in 10 minutes because i skip too much. This was one drama that didnt make me do that, all cause i didnt want to miss the parts with shi kyung and jae shin. But after he died the only parts i wanted to watch in the last episode was the heartbreaking “reunion” scene. I didnt really care hang ah and jae ha got their happy ending..

      • I totally agree with you. My heart is in pieces and I wasn’t really interested after that. Gonna knock off of dramas for a while….

      • same here … i just can’t bring myself to watch the last 2 episodes right now. i’m still hurting for my cutiepuppyguard Shi Kyung *sniff*

        thanks Koala, this won’t make my top-10 favorite list either

      • me too actually I wanted the end to be sad like they can’t achieve the reunification between both korea .. maybe like that I will accept the end :/ .. I just can’t feel happy after SK died .. I’m a fan of lsg for long time and i wanted him to have a happy ending but I was disappointed in this fairytale ending :/ .. I just can’t accept it T______T

    • Kuri et al,

      but don`t you think because SK is killed in the drama – he will forever live as a HERO. This drama requires a hero – and SK fits the bill. it is not an implausible scenario given the story. He was not killed by a random stranger – so died on duty, and it was a dramatic, painful loss esp for Jae Shin and Jae Ha. Did you know even Seung Gi cried so much while filming this scene..even after the director yelled CUT….
      The reason we all ache for SK is because he is dead – therefore he will be more memorable this way. I console myself with this thought and I thank them for giving us a character as pure and noble as SK.
      (Example, why does Romeo and Juliet so well known and still remembered – every generation knows that name — because they died young! In a Shakesperean way – it evokes romanticism. )

      • Again, I watched this when it aired but am just reading these recaps and comments now. I totally agree with what you said. In fact I even feel Shi Kyung’s death was necessary for the overall meaning of the drama. What they were fighting for wasn’t easy and came at a high cost. Shi Kyung’s death was an example of this. He fought and died for what he believed in and for the greater good. He put his country and millions of others before himself. That’s what made him so admirable. People die in real life for these exact purposes and people also die for other reasons we can’t control, but that is life. Tragic, yes, but IT HAPPENS! Life is not a fairytale with happy endings for everyone. Shi Kyung’s tragic death is just an example of the consequences of people’s actions. It should not be a reason for people to stop watching this drama, when CLEARLY it is NOT just about the love-lines, but has a far greater meaning beyond them. Honestly I get so tired of drama watchers only caring about the love-lines.

        This drama IS in my top ten for the following reasons:

        1) It was different and refreshing from usual plots we get
        2) It wasn’t filled with clichés that made it all too easy to predict, in fact it was unpredictable and had me on the edge of my seat each episode
        3) It had a far deeper meaning and morals than any drama I’ve seen. It wasn’t just about some cheesy love story. The love story in this was much more complex and played a different role than the usual drama.
        4) The acting was superb (minus the foreign actors, but seriously they are never good in any dramas—> that can be attributed to language and cultural difference too)
        5) It had the ability to make you feel all sorts of emotions, ponder greater issues at hand (ex. Greed for power and how every country is shady when it comes to their own interests, therefore not necessarily doing what’s considered morally right —> yes, this does actually happen).

  2. “So close, but not quite there. The King 2 Hearts won’t make my top-10 favorites list..”

    oh noesss!! Have been restraining myself from watching until the subs are out.

    Thank you again for your wonderful recaps and tidbits!! Much appreciated!!

    • As for SK’s death what helped me get over it was BG being successful yet again in getting back at JH. Yes, it wasn’t justified to us.

      Reading this recap enabled me to understand that JH grew into a King who could make calculated decisions w/o letting his emotions play mayhem with him. JH lost SO much but yet found the strength to continue w/o having his friend & confidante. In epi 16 he was THIS close to abdicating his throne but it was SK and HA who prevented him from doing so. Again, in epi 20 we see him turn a grave situation around w/o the help of the two most important people to him in regards to him being a ruler and King! Ultimately, he emerged victorious despite facing many a hurdles.

      With the evil forces out there he will continue to forge on but now he’s earned the respect and is no longer in his view ‘trash’. What a growth and what a bumpy ride!!

      Thank you TK2H for everything….after reading this recap I will tell you…you were not everyone’s cup of tea but it was a thrilling ride!! You’ll forever be one of my faves for not taking the easy way out, trying your darned best, and for providing us with these beautiful indelible characters!! The royal family and those associated with them made me experience the myriad of emotions they were experiencing!! <3

  3. Congratulations Ms K! that was one great recap of the whole TK2H, which i’ve been reading week after week and enjoying the story immensely. will marathon watch it once the eng subs are complete. your comments and insights helped to understand all of it, and i also appreciate the leads and second leads of this drama – this is the first time i will watch them and will probably follow their next works. thanks for sharing, and good job!

  4. Well….it’s over. As much as I rabidly loved K2H, I’m suprisingly nonplussed at the finale. It’s like all the action & drama were used up in ep. 19 and this 20th episode was more like an epilogue. I’m okay with the low-key wedding, but I would have liked one more look at the romance that is Jae Ha and Hang Ah.

    Anyway, it was a good 20 hours of entertainment. On a scale of 1-10, I give it a solid 9.

    • P.S. Thank you Ms. Koala for recaping this one! Now that it’s over, I’m starting Queen In Hyun’s Man. –really looking forward to it! 😀

      • I’ll be taking a ‘lil break from K-dramas for now. The heightened love and passion that I had for this drama took a lot out of me emotionally. I have nothing to give to another drama for now.

  5. Thank you for your awesome recap inspite of your crazy busy schedule, ms Koala! I always enjoy the Kdrama ride with you!

  6. Very bittersweet ending for me. I haven’t come to terms with these two episodes….everything after Shi Kyung’s death was kind of anti-climatic. You are so right about the choppy feel of the editing which I thought would be better but I guess part of the blame lies with the writing which tried to wrap up things too fast. I guess the sticking point for me is that so many unrealistic plot devices were used, even though some excellent points were made, I still don’t understand why JS/SK couldn’t have been allowed their happy ending. Crazy BG manipulating the US and China to stupidity while possible certainly wasn’t probable and was a just too convenient plot device yet he lived after murdering five people that we witnessed.

    Loved the acting all the way across the board. Some of the most sublime moments were by supporting cast! I give the writer credit for trying to tackle such large sensitive issues and for giving us moments on the edge of our seats. But over all, this won’t be in my top 10…it fell just a little short.

    Thank you, Ms Koala for all that you do for us crazed drama fans. You have been my lifeline throughout this entire wild ride.

  7. Crap ending. I don’t care about whether or not hang ah and jae ha get a happy ending but for the love of god can’t shi kyung be alive and with jae shin. I guess i am just saying this because i am a huge jae shin and shi kyung shipper and didnt care much about the main couple as the drama progressed. I guess you can say it got sort of boring. If shi kyung and jae shin ended up together it would be the best drama ever!

    • This drama almost became a masterpiece to me, before they kill SK and I suddenly lost my interst. I still hope for the last episode, but the last episode just make me more dissapoint. The issue are really to late. Crap ending.
      But I still appreciate this drama for giving us very unpredictable storyline, keep us wondering and predicting. Good drama with bad execution.

      • I agree with u chubby cutie…i was so enthusiastic into the drama before the death of shi kyung but after he died i lost my interest..I want to see the love story between shi kyung and jae shin to be me it’s already anti climax..

  8. Thanks for the recap!!
    I loved this drama with my whole heart and now seeing it end it’s so devastating!! Can’t believe there won’t be another wednesday and thursday watching K2H/
    There are many new dramas that look promising but .. really can’t bear to begin something new right now.

    I know that they packed much stuff in the last two episodes but still! I loved seeing how HA and JH evolved .. ! I LOVEEEEEEEEEED the negotiation scene..! Even if it’s supposedly too fairytaly, I really liked it. I think that maybe it could seem more realistic to others if it was stretched ? But actually I didn’t find it so unrealistic.. North korea doesn’t want war with the South [talking in this drama vision, not aware enough of the real situation], they are reacting to what they see and hear from the US and the South. And when JH comes personally to show his feelings about the situation and then show them his determination.. I think it was to force the North to not jump on the war like that!

    Anyway! Just wanted to say, I found the finale satisfying enough. It’s a pity we didn’t get more scenes with the family being happy but that’s how K2H is.. Never too much sweetness.. 🙂
    I loved the final scene where HA and JH comes in hand in hand.. We see them walk away.. It made me feel like they are just going on their path and somewhere they are still living their life to the fullest, handling problems together!

  9. Thanks Koala. I can’t believe it’s over. Its like breaking up w someone who was your right kind of wrong. 🙁 tk2h was a good drama coz it always made think, laugh,cry, excited and giddy. I’m so going to miss lsg n hjw. Wish there was part 2.

    • Sad, sad, sad, coz this drama have officially ended, nevertheless happy they ended up together!!! Hoping they will also end with each other in real life!!!

  10. I knew the ending is not going to be the best or even not rushed , but i still love this drama nontheless. Heck, i planned to marathon this thing all over again. Ahha is at the very top of my list of memories of 2012. No drama this year will beat this one … Yes even queen inhyun man

  11. Although I felt the ending was rushed and Bong Goo/John Mayer did not get what was coming to him. seeing the WOC team (sans ESK) and their bromance, having Hang Ah and Jae Ha finally marry, and most of all seeing Hang Ah’s ooh and aah at the sight of his grandson brought it all home for me. Thank God the W-Th dramas had up-to-par finales.

  12. Jae Ha pushing that button and telling Young Bae to shoot.. “Man has balls of steels”

    Hang Ah taking the gun, training it on Jae Ha cocking the gun…” Woman has balls of DIAMOND”… wait that doesn’t work… XD

    Jae Shin and Shi Kyung -sobs- Forever in my heart.
    But I’m so glad the OTP at least had a happily ever after =]

  13. thanks again ms. koala for the recap. thanks everyone for your comments. truly enjoyed lurking here.

    this drama made me love lsg and of course hjw more. i hope to see them work again. so much chemistry and really great acting. what more can we ask? the story itself is one hell to tackle with having romance in it is sure a feat. in the end daebak!!! reality as usual, we need to move on and then may be find another drama we could love like the king 2 hearts.

    • My top 10 lists have been posted on top since this blog started. 🙂

      My favorite K-drama of all time remains City Hall. I doubt another drama can top it even in the next decade.

      If TK2H had made my top-10 faves list, that would have made it the 3rd Ha Ji Won drama on it. I love the girl but dang, when she brings it, she brings it!

  14. Koala dear I’m with you…I’m disappointed with ep 19 and ep 20, but that doesn’t mean it killed my love for drama. I loved this drama (now is past time) from face to toes…Acting was superb one of main reason why I enjoyed so much this past 10 weeks. I can blame writer for not deliver us better ending…I hate when they get ‘smart’ and wanna make impact. From beginning we all knew this is not gonna be romcom as others, story was different, topic off chart, emotions over board, cast who will knew, good directing, no dragged plot, high tech-kick action. But I couldn’t make myself stop for wanting more..maybe that’s just as being human.
    I wanted to see season 2 it had potential. Ep 20 is kinda forced, everybody are everywhere, but noone on the right place. Seeing JS is like seeing Izzy (GA) the same question…
    Yes I know life moves and waits for noone, but sometimes we need time, and I’m glad seeing JS well. Weeding was just symbolism, but family and boy are just to cute.
    Like dear Regi said: 24 ep would be the better answer for everything that left unsaid and everything left undone.
    For Koala, thank you dear, I wrote my first comments on your playground for this drama, moment to remember.
    I love your playground ‘kids’ are nice and love to share…and you give so much joy.
    For hearties…love you guys, without you nothing matters, and nothing would be the same. You made my days. For the ones who stay in dramaland see you in other recaps, for the one who are done, I wish only the best.
    As for you

  15. *breathe deeply*

    Finally we are here, right?
    This drama, might be not your 10 favorite drama, but I’m sure it keep on the list for being memorable, isn’t that Ms. Koala? 🙂

    I was keeping sight for the live tweet last night, and I was ranting so much, because they tied the loose end at..said.. Final 15 minutes? That was rush..I’m seriously thought this drama deserve more episode, 24 probably? But no, they don’t get the chance (I’m sure because of the rating), though I see many possibility to dig deeper for the drama, like Bong Gu’s maniac abnormality, Bon Bon’s loyalty to him, and maybe some life saving for Shi Kyung? 🙂
    And it hits me, That the wedding was held at the day US was planning to attack North Korea. And BOMB! It suddenly makes sense.

    As you Ms. Koala, I’m sick of the name changes, but what hits me the drama stick true to the name, ‘2hearts’. If they just resolve this drama with Bong Gu’s death (and I dare to say, hearties got very bloodthirsty on that account, including me) the 2hearts just don’t make sense. Thus, the writer chose that way to represent the 2hearts…and I’m glad for it..if not as far as I love this drama, I’ll mock it always with the title.

    The end is kinda fairytale, yes, I won’t deny that…but that’s what left. I agree that the marriage setting for low key, but high in historical term. And I’m happy..even after 4 years, Jae Ha and Hang Ah still true by themselves, keep bickering all and out, but also ready to face it.
    The ‘omanim’…when I deeply thought about it again…I realize this is the symbolization of the unfinished problems between them.
    The marriage, is just a start for united, but the problems before will keep trailing them, say Club-M-different-name, and there’ll be new problem arise from their unity it self (omanim).

    Shi Kyung’s death, might be unnecessary, but as this, the princess was told to train her self over and over, until her end, without depend on someone. And so she can ‘stand tall in her own feet’. As her song said, he is her first love, and he won’t forgotten.

    And to say..after analyze and read all of this I feel a burden left my heart, to say farewell with this drama, not with giggle like I usually do..but with a silent smile, like a mother who look at her children proudly to have grow so much.

    TK2H… You are a beautiful & pleasant journey… And you have hearties who made from steel to love you. I’ll always visit you to remind me, that life isn’t a fairytale, and you (I’m in tears now)…might lose somebody dear to you, but you need to stand tall, and show the world what you are.

    Thank you Ms.Koala for the awesome recap.
    Terima Kasih!!! *90 degrees bow*

    • it all comes back to the song Jae Shin sang to Shi Kyung doesn’t it? :'(
      the song was foreboding to me from the very beginning but i refused to believe it. but then again with everyone’s first loves, we all never want to believe that something sweet and special will come to an end…..

      i found your point about the OTP’s son muttering ‘omanim’, really interesting. even more so, if only we could watch the boy grow up and see how he makes use of his mixed background to resolve the SK/NK conflict! ah my fantasies, they run wild -_-

      also, i also agree with the “fairytale” bit. the tension was built so high with guns drawn from both sides and Hang Ah pointing one at Jae Ha and the declaration of war with date and time set. but it fell flat with that huggy teary resolution. hot air is all i can say about that scene. a load of hot air it was.

  16. the end…. it really is the end! thank you ms.koala for recaping this drama for us 🙂 even after watching the episodes and reading live recaps, i still have to come here to complete my “watching” of an episode.

    I loved Jae Shin’s imaginary conversation with Shi Kyung. She was back to her teasings and he with his usual pure and earnest answers. GAH! It was heart-breaking to watch, even worse than her watching of the VHS tape. When Shi Kyung died, I was in a state of complete numbness. Honestly, I didn’t really cry just tear-ed a little. But in this final episode, when he smiled and uttered those words “I won’t be angry, meet him”, the knife that was stabbed in my heart was finally twisted. It hit me that life had to go on, without him being there as a pillar of support for her. In my opinion, it will be so hard to obtain closure for something that has never even officially begun. That scene was heart-breaking but was a necessary closure for Jae Shin and all of us.

    my heart will take time to heal from the passing of dear Eun Shi Kyung. I was and maybe still am angry with the decision to kill him off. But I can’t and won’t say that I have completely disavow this kdrama. Can I say that TK2H was just like a passionate relationship? I may be badly bruised from the resolution of the drama but I must admit that just like relationships in life, not everything ends in a rosy picture. It brought me lots of highs and lows. But it gave me something to look forward to in the midst of the bleak middle work week. I laughed, smiled and cried alot, more so for episode 19 and 20. The drama didn’t give me the happy ending that I wanted badly and thought it owed me. But it managed to break my rusty tear ducts and dead heart; reminding me that I am alive with feelings and emotions which does not happen to me while watching other kdramas.

    Lastly, I am glad for this drama because it introduced Jo Jung Suk to me. He truly is talented. I think I’m gonna catch What’s Up to kick start the healing process. Here’s to hoping he wins an award in MBC 2012 awards AND get a leading role in an awesome drama soon.

    Cheers to The King 2 Hearts! *Lifts glass and wipes tears and snot*

    • I’d love to say…
      Watching this drama is like falling in love, you are ready to laugh and loved, but you should ready for all the sadness and angst. That’s it.

      I’ll back to Jae Ha’s hand made cosmetic, Mianhae, Gomawo, and Saranghae… All of them is essential for love, you can’t just hoping for Gomawo and Saranghae, but there should be mianhae beyond.

      And for me this is that drama is.
      If it was ended happily ever after, Is hould bid farewell easier, but not..I’ll happily remember this drama as one of the most memorable drama I watch, and I thought about

      • “If it was ended happily ever after, I should bid farewell easier, but not..I’ll happily remember this drama as one of the most memorable drama I watch, and I thought about”

        yes, exactly me too :’)

  17. I cannot say this enough:
    CRAPPY ENDING..anyone else agree?

    I just wanted Jae Shin and Shi Kyung together. I wanted him to magically appear in episode 20 but sadly that didnt happen. I think people would more enjoy the ending if this whole death was a hoax or even a dream.

    I was to depressed over his death that in episode 19 and 20 i could only watch the parts with shi kyung and jae shin in it. What made me more disappointed in the last episode was that shi kyung and jae shin were only in it for a minute (less for shi kyung). I didnt care about the sweet parts of jae ha and hang ah.

    It killed me when i watched that short one minute part with jae shin and shi kyung in her imagination. It made me cry buckets. I keep saying “it is just a drama. it is just a drama” but it still made my heart break.

    Overall, from episode 1 – 18 it was great, but i feel the last 2 episodes killed its “greatness streak” by killing off a beloved character.

    Anybody agree?

    • AYE! *raises hand really high*

      “I keep saying “it is just a drama. it is just a drama” but it still made my heart break.”
      same here, i can’t stop my tears from falling. even my family members laughed at me T_T

      when i went to rewatch episode 19 with english subs, i skipped to the Shi Kyung and Jae Shin parts. especially the VHS tape part. Shi Kyung was so cute. so sweet. he looked so giddy with love and excited to tell her that he loved her! ah, i think what would have made it less painful is if he had done so BEFORE he left. wait no, i’m kidding myself, if he and Jae Shin were happy togetherrrrrr.

      all i ask was for him to be hospitalised with jae shin by his side, holding his hand, them smiling at each other. just that scene would have sealed the deal for me

      • AMEN SISTER….

        Seriously, him being in the hospital all wounded with jae shin next to him would have made a much happier ending.

        Ok so you guys may not think this way but it would be cute if shi kyung was paralyzed at the leg somehow even if the shot was fired at his chest lol. The jae shin and shi kyung could be the cute paralyzed couple in the wheelchair…haha no? Ok. =p

      • @crystal that made me laugh! needed that. but p.s. i had the same wild thought too!!!!! gosh great minds do think alike don’t they ;D

        is it safe to assume that you’re also a huge SK/JS shipper too??? if you are have you listened to the one of TK2H’s OST, Hyunseong’s “Only You”? it was released as a OST to represent the SK/JS love line but i’ve never heard it ANYWHERE in the drama for them. the song was less foreboding that Jae Shin’s “First Love”. it led me to believe that SK/JS would have a happy ending with that song playing in the background. *SIGH* can i film my own version of the ending? i’ve got the digital camera and editting software, just need Lee Yoon Ji and Jo Jung Suk to comply.

      • Ok so i just wrote a bunch of stuff responding to you and i dont know if it got deleted or whatever…ugh THIS IS NOT HELPING MY DEPRESSION!!! =P so ill basically write it again

        Nope i havent heard that song yet.

        Ok so i searched it up now. I find it hard to listen to since it is a sad melody and the lyrics are pretty sad as well. But even if first love is a little more uplifting than this song, i find it harder to listen to first love. I guess since i love the song first love.

        I used to feel all tingly listening to it. I found this weeks ago:

        one of the best put together mv that always made me smile since it was freakishly adorable and sweet.

        However, after shi kyungs death when i watched it yesterday, i cried so much. I guess its not all that sweet now.

        Btw, have you heard like a couple of weeks back the article that said Shi kyung and jae shin were going to have a tragic love story? I refused to believe it and since it was only one article that said that i was like watever..”This is a korean has to end happily.”

        Wow i was way off….not a happy ending at all. I think im in denial now =p I was in denial when i read the article, in denial of the rumors, in denial when i saw him die, in denial during the funeral scene, and somehow in denial in this last episode. It is just not sinking in how he really died.

        The writers said it would be like romeo and juliet. WELL JULIET DIED ALONGSIDE ROMEO!! Lol this may be wrong to say again like eun shi kyung being paralyzed but it would been a happier ending if jae shin died as and a scene to show them in heaven together. lol. Like writers, if you cant bring eun shi kyung to life, bring jae shin to him in heaven =p

      • ah… discussing about the last 2 episodes is helping me keep calm~~

        in reference to your youtube video link: me too, i was all for searching for sweet MVs or scene cuts of those 2 but now I can’t bear to watch any. it just makes me think of what could have been but never will be T_T

        and yes, i read that article too! it was published a while back right, around the time of the episode where Shi Kyung carried Jae Shin bridal style to her bed. the writers and production team were warning us from the very beginning. but i too denied it all the way till today…. like you, i denied his death scene, i denied his funeral, i denied his “farewell VHS tape”, i denied the drama’s genre of “DARK COMEDY”.

        i guess what makes it worse for us SK/JS shippers was the hope we held onto for them till the very end. That hope was taken away from us in Jae Shin’s closure scene.

      • And if you think about it i guess it was foreshadowing… (kinda) when jae shin sang first love for the first time.

        The lyrics was like i thought it would last forever and now only memories are left. =(

      • Btw, sorry i keep writing. =p I really want to talk about it to someone and all my friends like rooftop prince better, what idiots =p..I really like talking about it with you, even if you are a complete stranger..hopefully that sentence didnt come off as pedo like =p haha dont worry i am a 17 year old girl…or am i? lol im kidding. i am 17 =p

        Anyways, i feel in the ending where she said to the shi kyung of her imagination she cannot keep thinking about him until she grows old and dies. I think the next part where she said he will always be with her like a shadow was sweet and touching, but seriously, did she have to say she cannot keep thinking of him. I think it would be sweeter saying something like oh i cannot forget you even if i try..ill grow old and die thinking of you only =p. that would have been better ….

        Seriously, i cannot let go of the feeling that after 18 episodes of anticipation that jae shin and shi kyung will get all freaking comes to and end. Plus i dont get why he had to die. I mean i get why jae kang had to die, so jae ha could be king, but shi kyung did not have to die..=p

        ok feel a little, like a little little, better =p but not really.

      • @crystal exactly :'( damn them and their foreshadowing.

        heard that the script for episode 19 and 20 was revised last minute. the wedding scene between Jae Ha and Hang Ah felt like it was purely out of fan service from the writers (Lee Seung Gi has a lot of fans doesn’t he). so perhaps they maintained the killing off of Shi Kyung to try and stay true to their original script or it would have been an ending manipulated by the fans/viewers and not what the writers really wanted (even as early as episode 3-6, there was a rumour going around that Shi Kyung would die in episode 19)

      • Did you hear in the original script was like shi kyung dying, but a lot of people were saying the writers revised the script? So that was why i was hoping he would live. Because on tumblr they were like oh shi kyung was SUPPOSED to die, but the writers revised it.

        I kinda think shi kyung was more popular than jae ha. Just because of his cute earnestness. I dont know about you but i think shi kyung and jae shin had way more chemistry than jae ha and hang ah (even if they also were cute together)

      • @crystal HAHA! it’s okay, we’re in this tgt (spamming the comment section of ms koala’s playground ;D)

        i too have ALOT of feelings that i want to share and no one else around me was as invested in the drama as i am. GOSH i’m scaring myself.

        what Jae Shin said was really sweet. i guess it is implied that she will never forget him until the day she dies?
        Shi Kyung is such a good man, rare gem, perhaps unrealistic to find. It was wonderful to watch him grow in terms of characterization with the princess and Jae Ha. We got to see other sides to him different from his frustrating earnestness. Him admitting his insecurities regarding having his own identity separate from his father and his self-worth compared to the princess was big. I think it was huge leap for his character and I appreciated the writers for giving me that.

        such a special man to give the princess such a precious first love. their relationship was so pure and sweet with no rubbish love obstacles and drama. i think i want that for myself and that’s why it hurts so bad.

        i’m coming up with my own closure with each comment i post LOL.

        OH NO, i need to get going to school T_T it’s 7.30 am where i’m at now.

      • LOL..what are you doing at 7:30 in the morning. It is 7:30 pm now =p

        Wow…i could never do anything before school, especially that early in the morning since im like brain dead.

      • haha! which part of the world are you at? i’m from Singapore 🙂 my timezone is merely 1hr away from korea!
        i couldnt sleep after watching the episode 🙁

      • I live in America…New York to be exact =p

        Ach im trying to forget about this drama and move onto other dramas like city hall but i cant..

        I think this was my 2nd favorite would have been my first but shi kyung poop.

        1st is Smile you
        2nd is King 2 hearts
        and 3rd is secret garden

        how bout u ?

      • oh dear my england failed me. i meant 1hr “behind” korea. *blushes*

        anyways, despite all the disappointment, i still have to admit that TK2H has got me hook line and sinker. looking beyond SK’s death, Jo Jung Suk’s acting was a pleasure to watch. I’ve also been a fan of Lee Yoon Ji since her Pure 19/Hearts of 19 days, so yet another reason to bump it up my list. yes, even if everyone says that the drama is more than the secondary lead couple’s relationship. (SK/NK war conflict schmonflict, aint no skin off my nose) , the 2nd OTP meant much more to me than anything else in the drama.
        i fell in love with them, period. just like ms koala said in one of her comment replies, “It was lovely. She is lovely. And he is lovely. Their story will stay with me for a long time.” :’) the writers did give me many amazing moments between them and for that the drama remains #1 for me after my long kdrama drought 🙂

        no. 1: The King 2 Hearts
        no. 2: What’s Up Fox
        no. 3: Scent of a Woman

      • hmmm..never heard of whats up fox. Maybe i should try it, just to forget the depressing ending for king 2 hearts. Hope king 2 hearts would make a second part where we learn shi kyung is not dead but was in hiding for 4 years =p

      • Me ? lol well i just started commenting this week so idk what you are talking about =p

    • I wouldn`t say it was crappy!
      this drama was never just a romantic drama – if measured in that standard maybe the ending is lacking.
      To be fair to the writers and production, this is a very ambitious drama crammed in just 20 episodes. If you look at the big picture and get the message – it really is a strong drama and was presented beautifully.
      I cannot complain.

  18. Thanks Koala! You sum this drama up so well.

    The finale was kinda anticlimactic and rushed compared to the intensity of the first 18 episodes but it was a good conclusion nonetheless. I’m fine with BG apprehended under the law and not killed, but I also wonder why in the world was he released by ICC in the first place. Then I recall that he was only released on bail and not acquitted.

    I harboured a tiny hope for the conspiracy theory and that SK will be alive, but truth be told, I never really thought it could happen, cos it would really stretch credulity quite a bit if not done well. Would it make the drama better if SK were to be alive in the end? Maybe, maybe not. I kinda think there is symbolism in SK’s death, everything that happens makes JH stronger, sure it is at the expense of some people but this show is about the King and his growth from a brat to a worthy man, not just a King.

    I accepted SK’s death (doesn’t mean I like it and still wish he could have stayed alive) even as it happened. Hit me hard, cried like mad, but still I accepted and moved on. The OTP date scene was fine, sweet and it did not feel out of place for me. This show was never about dwelling and mourning, it’s about moving on. I think to miss this point is like harping on one tree and missing the forest.

    I had doubts about this drama in the beginning, cos i do not know any of the actors and actresses (except HJW) and not impressed with the writer who wrote Beethoven Virus. Never intebded to watch it till Koala’s fanrastic recaps for the 1st few episodes convinceD me otherwise and I’m so glad that i hop onto this thrilling roller-coaster ride.
    Characterizations are fantastic and acting was top notch. I will forever be a fan of LSG, HJW and JJS because of TK2H.

    This is one drama that stirred all sorts of emotions and made me obsessed with it. For this alone, it will make my favorites list.

    • “This is one drama that stirred all sorts of emotions and made me obsessed with it.”

      that one sentence says it all, perfectly 🙂 also agree with you that the casting/characterizations and acting were excellent

  19. I actually thought the ending was pretty good.. I kinda figured it was heading into somewhat of a Romeo and Juliet type love when all guns were pointed at each other ( I know the scene was very serious and all but I couldnt help but notice how everyone was feeling soo “warm” after Hang ah and Jae Ha were hugging.. I had to laugh a bit.. SORRY!)

    But otherwise..It went well, Bong Gu was captured, North and South were somewhat on good terms.. Jae Ha and Hang Ah got married and had a little boy.. so it was very sweet ending! 🙂

  20. Oh Captain, my Captain. I know how super busy you are (seriously, did you do this 30,000 feet high?), so this is truly unexpected. For going above and beyond once again… I salute you and thank you sincerely. You spoil us soooo.

    Like you, I was really, really hoping this drama would topple one off my top k-drama list, which has been static for so long and is ready for an update. Alas, after episode 19, I guess it will still be status quo for now. Perhaps, after I have finished grieving over the loss of Shi-kyung and truly accepted that Jae Shin can still be happy after moving on, then maybe, I can be more objective and see this drama with fresh eyes. Right now, I am just so, so sad… Jeez, I know it’s just a drama and a fantasy one at that, but hey, isn’t that why we watch dramas? To escape, to create a wonderful dream? To believe that love sometimes is all that is needed, that loyalty and dedication can triumph over impossible odds?

    Now, it’s time to close this book. It’s done. Two things made the greatest impact on me… the breakthrough performances of Lee Seung Gi and Jo Jeung Seok. LSG has now gained my utmost respect for his soulful, throughtful acting without being OTT. Now, he DID went staright up my top list of k-drama actors. JJS on the other hand, has come from nowhere and is now standing side by side with my all time favourites. I checked out his performances in What’s Up and his stage plays. This is truly one talented kid and I’m looking forward to more of him until he becomes leading man.

    To all my fellow shippers on this blog… thanks for the ride. It has been fun and eventful. Cap, I bow and salute you once more. Annyeong and see you on the other side, folks!

  21. Thank you for the recap Ms. Koala. I love this drama so much. What a roller coaster ride it is. It’s a fantasy drama but so close to reality. Thank you TK2H, you have a special place in my heart.

  22. Love reading your recaps, Ms Koala. I must confess that I watch this drama only because LSG is in it. I am so glad the royal couple had a happy ending although it would have been better if JS-JK also live happily after.

  23. After reading recaps for both 19 & 20, now I don’t even want to finish it. So much time invested for that? *sigh* I think this is what the PD’s were talking about. We would be surprised. Yeah, at the wtf -ness of the ending. Man, I am disappoint

    • ahhhhh, if a drama can evoke such strong emotion from a viewer, then the drama is a success.
      watch the drama again from an intellectual point of view, with no expectations whatsoever, and no prejudices – you will appreciate it if seen from that viewpoint.

      –sometimes we watch a drama with certain built in expectations and when we don`t see it, we feel disappointed. But you might be missing the main point when you do that. we might also be influenced by other`s opinions about it .
      …but then this is just my opinion.

  24. Dear Ms Koala, thank u sooo much for all ur hard work in recapping The King 2Hearts.

    Now, for the ending.. well it might did not give us that BANG ending but I must praise the writers for sticking to the main essence of the story, the NK and SK relationship. Come to think of it, that’s the main reason why we have our OTP and STP. So OTP has established their love and their trust, the main problem now how to handle problem inflicted by others to their countries. If you look at what happened, it was Club M that used everything that they have to gain control over the king. But today’s episode show us that with our King wittiness and prolly intelligence (like hello, who can think about wedding at the edge of war? at DMZ? but our King can. why? coz he’s LJH. the person who always think outside the box. haha)

    So with that, they concluded or somehow show us the life after four years of almost war event. Everyone goes on with their normal life.. but with hope and trust.

    So was it a bang? It is up to everyone’s liking. But in POV, this drama is not about only our love birds but it is about NK and SK. And how would this 2 countries work together if SK has a king. All in all, I love this drama in everyway! It gives me this roller coaster ride for the past 10 weeks and I’ve been enjoying the ride more than I did with any other kdramas. 😀

  25. On Shi Kyung .. i thought it was sad but acceptable since his father betrayal must have cost him something “as expensive as” the King’s life. Shi Kyung’s love story with Jae Shin has made us forgot that it wasn’t his fault.

    Less happy ending, well I’ve watched drama finale that’s much worse than this. At the very minimum, they get together.

  26. I seriously love in-flight WiFi.

    The more I think about the ending, the more I love it. My issues were with the execution, not the premise. I like that there remains conflict, remains disappointment, remains things not fully resolved cleanly.

    I don’t like Shi Kyung’s death because I LOVE him, and so I hurt because he’s gone. But I don’t think he and Jae Shin somehow “deserved” some sort of happy ending. Why? They liked each other, I liked them together, but this drama never promised any forever afters. I was actually gearing up for Hang Ah to get offed by the end, TBH, ending with Jae Ha as the King with 2 Hearts, his and what he shared with Hang Ah. It was cruel, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the drama went there.

    I found it heartwarming with Jae Shin reminiscing about her memories with Shi Kyung, and asking him if she can meet someone else. It was lovely. She is lovely. And he is lovely. Their story will stay with me for a long time. But this drama was ultimately about Hang Ah and Jae Ha, and their journey to bring two Koreas closer. I’m glad the drama delivered in the end. Even more glad they didn’t pretend it was all going to be rainbows and unicorns afterwards. Sigh, if only TK2H was just one step better in smoothing out its clunky edges, this drama really would be an all time favorite of mine.

    It’s like a bigger bolder TBDAW, but ultimately TBDAW was overall a tighter ride.

    • Love how you said so Ms. Koala..

      I haven’t watched this episode yet, so I need to see how the execution really done.
      It just near the end to be your favorite but the end dismissed it all. I don’t know..I’ve said the drama deserve more episodes to tie the loose end, I see many potential conflict but left out, well, but it’s too much wishes probably.

      For now…I’m happy to watch this
      I’m happy to meet all hearties
      And Ms. Koala..I’m happy and very grateful to read your recap and your insight, truthfully, your insight shed light to give better understanding of the drama. Again, thank you very much 🙂

    • Very well said, Koala. The more I think about the ending, the more at peace I am with it. Yesterday I wanted to hurl something against the wall and curse the writers for killing off our earnest soldier but I’ve come to terms with it now. I still don’t see the reason why they had to do it but at least I’m not angry anymore.

      Like you said, the last 15 minutes really brought it home for me. Seeing the WOC gang making fun of Young Bae, Jae Shin “talking” to Shi Kyung, the cheeky little prince, Queen Mom..all of them, especially Jae Ha and Hang Ah in love as ever, I was tearing up again.

      My only wish is that they could have given us a scene of Jae Ha remembering Shi Kyung or visiting his grave. But I guess life goes on and the best way to honor Shi Kyung is by being the best King that he can possibly be.

    • It’s not just that SK died, but the entire anti-climax that resulted. From that point on, all the exposition that had been steadily building the tension sort of petered out. A few minutes later, JH and HA were flirting on the phone. And that sort of additional crime, the murder of SK, on BG’s record ended up serving no purpose. In the end, he was arrested, as he would have been anyway. There was just no point to SK’s death–it was sort of left hanging there. And all the ugliness of BD’s actions that had been built up throughout the drama never really got resolved because he just ended up in jail. There wasn’t much justice meted out–particularly since BG killed SK in front of witnesses from the ICC.

    • koala,
      i think the problem is time, this an ambitious epic drama crammed into only 20 episodes and all of the characters and different plots -given their own screentime – so the time is not enough.
      The SK-JS love story suffered as a result. Even JH and HA love story line is lacking – we did not see a proper courtship time, even their wedding was not properly shown –
      so yeah -it should have been extended to 24 episodes to give time for these story lines and satisfy all of us LOL.
      If anything this drama never dragged for one moment.
      I have seen dramas that dragged for so long —it drive me crazy.

      • @k2heartie:
        Yes, this is my first time to say: please extend it more. I usually hate the extension since the story usually become quite lame and draggy, but TK2H, I think it deserves it to explore more, and satisfying our desire

  27. I don’t understand why they couldn’t allow JaeShin a bit of happiness. We **their fans** invested so much in them that it will sadly forever hurt me. I feel its a bit selfish to like take all of her being away. I don’t know how you come back from that in truth. Do you guys how limited and annoying paralysis is. :'( This is truthfully a terrible ending. It’s not exactly easy to watch your brother become married and have a kid when you can not do any of that or have any of that. Jaeshin was scared the most thoroughout the drama. Ahhh I’m just sad, pissed, and exhausted from how much she had to cry and yearn for happiness and in the end she didn’t get any happiness. She couldn’t even walk was the sad part. >.>

    • I know right? She had to put of with most of the crap that happened in the drama. She “killed” her brother, Lost the use of her legs, and then lost the one person she fell in love with.

      Stupid writers. Shi kyung did not need to die. I was like stop torturing Jae shin =p

      • I was thinking the same stop torturing her already.

        I also think because they had put all these burdens on her throughout the show that she became a huge part of the plot. She had that terrible memory. She had that terrible outcome. She had a huge story line in this drama that you can’t over see. I think that was why everyone was so disappointed as well. We needed to see that things can become okay with help of course but family isn’t enough sometimes.

    • Ok call me cruel or tell me off, but i wish that if someone HAD to die, like absolutely HAD to, i would rather have jae ha die (out of the 4 main leads) just cause that is how much i absolutely love and ship jae shin and shi kyung couple.

      • lol Watch out Crystal don’t want the others 😉 to get to you. NO REALLY…. They hate differences in opinion.

        No you know what I wish is that they had a simpler story line to follow. It was like drama after drama after drama. I just wanted them all to survive and find happiness in this unforgivable mess of a world. And how you give a good storyline to JaeShin **cause her storyline was incredible in truth** and then in the end make her end up with nothing and to feel like nothing. I would personally throw myself off that wall she sits on. They want to go dark then fine suicide of JaeShin. **Thats just my opinion.**

    • True. I guess i just wish shi kyung and jae shin ended up together. I know it is just a drama, but my heart was breaking for jae shin in the last episode when she was in the wheelchair. It made me think about everything she had to suffer through, and in the end, she couldnt even be with shi kyung

      • I know its just a drama sooo since its just a drama. Let’s hope they are going out for real. ^_^ Hopefully netizens capture a picture of them dating. Awww…. That would totally make up for my saddened heart.

    • I was crying but smiling. Her closure was so poignant, so thoughtful, so hopeful. Time heals scars, and she’s long since grown stronger from her trials and tribulations. I doubt she would have gotten here without Shi Kyung giving her that push before he left, but she was well on her way. It would have been wonderful if he survived and came home to her. But he didn’t. And she grieved for him, she misses him, and she’ll always have him beside her. I was absolutely misty-eyed. I cried way more for Shi Kyung and Jae Shin in the last two episodes than I did for the OTP. Amazing secondary love story.

      • I totally understand what your saying but dam the amount of stuff they have put her thorough that still hurts when I think about it. There acting was incredible. It was so believable I’m still pissed off about there outcome.

      • This! Everything you said, chingu!

        However, I do think his death wasn’t necessary -neither for the plot nor for characters’ growth (Jae-ha was already a King who knew a lot about sacrifices, pain and politics and Jae Shin was already healing in every possible way even before Shi Kyung went on his mission)- and while I don’t hate the drama for going there (how Jae Shin coped with his death was a good hopeful ending in many ways), I’m not going to lie: every now and then I’ll pretend Shi Kyung came back and got his happily ever after with Jae Shin.

        [dude, what I wouldn’t do to see a scene where the whole family is gathered around the table for dinner and Jae Ha and Jae Shin tease Shi Kyung cos he’s still super formal, even if they’re family now. And he’d nod but kept addressing everyone with their titles because, you know, the Queen dowager is there, ha! But then when he’s alone with Jae Ha, sometimes he’d slip and they’d talk in banmal cos they’re BFF now and also brothers in law (ohmygod, I just typed “brothers in love” *facepalm* Freudian slip, omg!)]

        But yeah, sometimes I’ll allow myself to pretend. And I’ll think how Shi Kyung is still Jae Ha’s right hand man. It would have been better if he’d made it back, but I’m okay with how TPTB dealt with the aftermath of his death.

        I really, really wish there were more kdramas that had secondary characters as rich and wonderful as these and wow, what a GREAT OTP! I’ll miss them for a looong time.

  28. Agreed. From beginning to end on all your recaps, especially this last one, I fully agree with your feelings for this show. I loved it from beginning to end because it brought back the obsessiveness for a drama which I have been missing since LTM.

  29. i guess they need to kill SK so that we will remember this drama for the rest of our lives 😀 it scars me deep man.. but if SK didnt die, we wont have that sweet loving VHS moments and the wall scene. those 2 scenes.. i was bawling. hiks hiks..

  30. Love this drama a lot.. So sad that it has to be end.. Miss Lee Seung Gi already.. Really great and smart actor.. Love Han Ji Won as well.. Addorable and tough act she did..Really really miss them so muchhhh…. Love you guys…

  31. Koala, a huge thank you and a big hug for recapping and filling us with TK2H for the past 10 weeks.

    It’s been a roller-coaster journey, we went through so many different emotions, but overall I’m satisfied with the ending. It’s not flawless, it’s a bit rough but it’s sweet. I wished they spent a bit more time to tell us how Jae Shin’s coping with her life and her interaction with her nephew; but I found it so touching that she went to the same spot where she sang First Love song to Shi Kyung. Shi Kyung will always be her first love and will remain in her heart forever.

    Ah-Ha couple got the happiness they truly deserved and together, they are the strongest King & Queen.

    TK2H is a daring drama, I’m glad that I was in this journey together with all the Hearties. It raised up issues that people are scared to talk about and it opened my eyes about so many real issues in this world.

    I’m pleased that the writer wrote such a deep and rich characters for Lee Yoon Ji and Jo Jung Suk. Lee Seung Gi’s acting has grown by leaps and bounds. Ha Ji Won’s fantastic as usual. Everyone’s acting is solid (if only they casted better foreign actors, I would be really happy with this drama – but it’s just a minor flaw). I’m looking forward for the next career move for everyone who’s involved in this drama.

    This drama has truly owned my heart and soul.

    • better foreign actors probably too expensive. they probably just grab any tourists they can find on the street 😀

      • But is it really that hard to find actually English speaking actors? My biggest problem wasn’t even their lack of acting skills, but they couldn’t even speak English properly.

      • As a foreign extra (the Swedish UN peacekeeper) explained on the comment threads on DB, it is indeed hard to find foreign actors with the time and willingness to appear on dramas, let alone know how to act.

  32. thank you Ms.Koala for the super fast recap.. it brightened up my Wed-Thu at work for the past few months.

  33. Thank you!!! For me, I love this drama from beginning to end, shortcomings included…. what really is important to me is that the story ended in a happy note, with hopes up… I totally bought HA and JH’s love story… It’s not perfect but they keep on standing up for the challenges that come their way… For me, that’s real love…. am a bit sad for saying good bye to our OTP…

    As for JS and SK… I was at first very sad when SK died but after some thought I realized his death is important not only in the story but also the the princess growth… Who said they did not have their happy ending? Death does not mean an end to a love story? JS was definitely happy looking into the future knowing that SK is there to cheer and support her…. She’s in a much better predicament than most of the married people I know…hahaha 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Thank you madam K for all the recaps and thank you chingus for the fun ride as well… Until the next project… MUWAHHHHHHHHHH

  34. It was a wonderful journey and i really wanna say Thank You for all ur hard work sharing with us this beautiful drama! I really loved K2H!!!! (but not the death of our adorable soldier so unnecessary to me) . Again, THANK YOU!!!

  35. I was impressed by the last part when JH visited BG in the prison. The conversation between them reflect the reality that the evil force will still be around, the name
    may change, the ownership may change but the intend is still the same – to stop the union of the 2 sides. The writer convey the message well. And JH ‘s answers was good – we have done it once, we can do it again. Well done TK2H. Thanks koala for diligently updating us for the past 10 weeks.

  36. The ending is about Jea Ha as a person and about Korea as a country.
    Jea Ha was a very ensecure person,always willing to escape,always trying to find the easy path.His growth in a confident,loving and communicative king is at the cost of much suffering and loss (his brother,his unborn child,his loyal friend).He became stronger with every loss,he has found out that the power is in himself.Now nobody manipulates him but HE,through love and communication (drama emphasizes very much this aspect of communication between people and implicit countries),can dictate the direction for himself and his people.He is no manneqin,no scarecrow,no puppet,he a person with love and power,he is the KING.
    The same way goes for Korea.The Nord and South must comunicate and find the best solution for themselves
    I think this is the message of the drama
    I think this is a very good drama,a legend drama perhaps.This drama can make history if its message is emphasised

    • Beautifully put!

      Don’t kill me: I almost feel the writers shouldn’t have made SK’s character so memorable that his death robbed us of the very objective of the story this show set out to tell! I cried buckets of tears at his death but now that I’ve composed myself I see the reason why the writers went that way and don’t hate them in hindsight! Every factor played into the maturation and evolution of Prince Jae-ha to formidable King Jae-ha!!

      • We can see it that way.Now the king is Lee Jae Kang,Eun Shi Kyung,in his soul they are alive,they continue to live through the new Lee Jae Ha.

    • Very well put. I hated that SK died, but in the end this drama wasn’t about him or about him and JS. It was about the growth of JH as a King and as a person.

  37. I loved the drama! I will even go as far as saying that it’s my ALL TIME FAVOURITE DRAMA. All the awesomeness in the earlier episodes out-staged this last episode. Although I might be a bit biased because of the OTP. ;P

    I do agree that this episode felt rushed with the entire war plot, but ultimately we got our happy ending.

    As for Shi Kyung’s death, that will always be in my mind and in my heart, but ultimately in a way his death mattered. Bong Goo was caught, and it showed that not everything is always an happy ending all around. It showed that everyone will go on with their lives, including the princess, but that in a special place he will always be in everyone’s heart. If they would have let him live this drama would have been WAY too perfect, of course there had to be a sacrifice.

    Still, I adored it!! And I adored the ending with their son!!! So CUUUUUUTTTEEEEE!!!!

    • I loved the ending too ^^ It was really satisfying for me hehe
      I have to say TK2H is top #1 drama of all time for me too! There’s just something about it that draws me in so much (love the wonderfully written characters~ and for me the Ah-Ha couple <3 I doubt any couple will ever replace their spot in my heart) This drama is such a unforgettable experience for me. I'm so sad it's over, I forsee deep withdrawal symptoms for me for the upcoming weeks… Think I'm going to start re-watching the whole thing today ^^

      • YAY!! I am happy to know that I am not the only one who had TK2H on the #1 all time favourite list.

        Same for me, I really doubt a couple will ever be able to replace Jae Ha and Hang Ah in my heart.

      • Completely and totally agree with you on this. I absolutely love the Ah -Ha couple.

    • 217 SHI KYUNG May 26th, 2012 at 8:34 am

      An Open Letter to all Hearties and K2H dramatizens:

      Hello everyone, Anyeong!

      It’s only been two days since I was walking, breathing, soldiering on earth, but now I’m in limbo-land and I shall be here 49 days.
      As you know, I am not a good writer but I will my hardest to convey my thoughts and share with you some things, secrets, that you haven’t heard about, to ease your minds and heart. I hope that after reading this, you’d share it with your friends , so they too, will feel better and will not sorrow as much.

      But first of all, I want to thank you for your love and support you have shown me and all my friends during the last three months that we have known each other. I would like to mention specially, the fans who came to the filming site and brought us gifts and food – I can still remember the taste in my mouth.
      To all the bloggers in the nets – now I have the time to visit all the sites and read what you all wrote.

      I know you all have cried buckets and liters of tears than can equal the Niagara Falls so I am really thankful. I worry that you are sorrowing too much so let me tell you this…

      You know that I am a soldier, right? And for a soldier like me, to die in the line of duty is the highest honor. To die serving my king and my country is a life well lived. I am thankful I went away like that. A soldier is only important when there is a threat of war or there is an actual war. Without that, a soldier goes home and lives an ordinary life and most often forgotten. Soldiers die everyday, and sometimes for no reason at all because soldiers are human beings too. In this, we are all the same.

      I am honored that you all gave me your heart and I am glad to see that even in the net, people from different countries are sharing their minds and hearts. I am truly amazed and it is awesome for me to behold.

      Ah, I heard King Jae Ha and comrade Hang Ah finally got married and I give them my blessings. You know I have served Jae Ha for awhile and I admire him so much. I have watched him change from a brat into a cool guy and a wise King. I will never be like him, and I am thankful that I could serve him. Don’t blame him for sending me to BG. It was my idea after all.

      Please continue loving our Jae Ha and Hang Ah, they will need your love and support nationally and internationally. Thank you.

      And the other day, my comrades at WOC came by and drank with me. I love those guys! I truly enjoyed our WOC training and competition days. I will reminisce those times for eternity.

      ANd Jae Shin, my princess, you know I love her to death. But now, I hope she will find a better man for her. I am happy I got the courage to confess my love for her and even if I only kissed her once, it is enough of a memory to last me eternally.
      I am glad she is moving on, and Princess said she put me in a safe corner in her heart. That’s enough for me. Actually being dead has its advantages, I could watch over her and over Jae Ha, HA and over my Dad and this will occupy my time – (we have no concept of time where I am – or night and day, but I keep using it since I am still on earth so I speak as an earthling for now). My fear with princess, even though I love her, is that she will be bored with me if she will be with me for a long time – coz I am really boring… Now I fear no more.:) Of course, I shall be watching when she has concerts in the future….

      I am very thankful that Jae Ha has “adopted” my Dad to be his father. Now at least my Dad now has a bright, smart son. 🙂 I will continue to watch over him. When he goes fishing, I’ll be there beside him. He’ll know –shhhhh- I will bring some fish to his bait.

      Ah, you know who I met yesterday? Bonbon!
      Yes Bonbon – we had a long talk. She asked me for forgiveness and she said she had a secret crush on me. We had time, so I asked her how BG recruited her and how could she work with a lunatic like BG.
      Well she said that she got recruited when she was young and it was more like a coercion rather than a recruitment. At that time, Bonbon was a British soldier in training – and like a WOC game, they were doing a mock exercise – bombing exercise, so they were supposed to “bomb” a factory. Anyway, it wasn’t a “mock” bombing but a real bombing. BG was there at the sight and gave Bonbon the trigger and told Bonbon to click the trigger, BOOOOM! there was a huge explosion and all the people inside the building were – no one survived. Later on, Bonbon found out that her mother is in that building! and BG knew about it. BG told Bonbon she killed her own mother because she knew that her mother is working there ( although at that time Bonbon left her mother at home because she was sick – she did not know that BG sent someone to bring her mother to work that day).
      So BG laid a heavy guilt trip to Bonbon and offered to “adopt” her and take of her. Bonbon was so grieved that that she went along. She liked chocolates, and BG started giving her drug-laced chocolates (the kind of drug that makes one pliable and unquestioning) – and used her as an assassin. So that’s how it was.

      Bonbon is very angry and now that she knows that BongGu is in a prison cell, she promised to visit BG in his prison cell and do to him everything that BG made her do to others … So for those of you who think that a prison cell for BG is too easy – worry no more. Bonbon will take care of him, and all of his magic tricks will be ineffective.

      And oh, I also met Tara. You know I have read that some of you are a little bit upset because you think that in a way Jae Ha had a part in the death of Tara. Well, I assure you Jae Ha is innocent 100%.

      Tara told me that it was actually her idea to approach Jae Ha and “stage” the date to be given to BG. At that time Tara really wanted to leave BG becasue he was increasingly violent with her and she knew that she will never make it alive. What BG cannot acccept is people leaving his side. He thinks he can buy friendship and loyalty with his money. Tara was deceived in going to BG in the first place, she thought it was only a one night date, because at that time Tara badly needed some cash to pay her debts – she was a shopaholic- but then like Bonbon – she could not get away because she was watched 24/7. Tara was at the end of her ropes when she met Jae Ha so planned that their “date” will be recorded and sent to BG. Tara expected she will die anyway sooner or later. Tara contemplated suicide but she cannot even do that because she is always guarded. So that’s the story, blame Jae Ha no more.

      I am happy that there is some semblance of peace with N and S K. I hope things work out for real peace.

      So there, I hope I cleared things up for you.

      When you wake up each day, be grateful for each breath you take. Soak up the sunshine on a sunny day. Or sing in the rain on a rainy day. Have a snow fight on a winter day. And smell the flowers on a spring day. Live and eat and love.

      When the wind blows, think of me, but live your life. There is nothing better than doing your best in everything. We are all different, do not compare with others. We each have our own spot in the world and if you bloom where you are planted, that’s the best you can be.

      Saranghe, Kumawo, Anyeong!!!

      SK forever.
      (P.S. I asked luvs to type these for me)
      217.1 luvs May 26th, 2012 at 8:42 am

      As you know SK visited me in my dream and told me to write these things…
      please pardon the typo errors and grammar – I could never write a perfect paragraph without errors. I will try my best in the future. bows…

  38. I’m not sure what I think of the ending yet. Both this drama and Rooftop Prince left me feeling conflicted. I think I was expecting more from both of them. Overall, both series were great and the acting from both almost makes up for any of the spotty plotty bits that irk on reflection.

    It does have a slightly cobbled together feeling. And, for the epicness of what John Mayer did, I suppose his worst punishment might be to rot in jail, but I would have liked something different. It is almost too bad that toupee man or Bon Bon didn’t live to the end to successfuly turn on him after he lost his power. Really kill him with how isolated he is.

    It is true to the narrative that it isn’t a total ribbon tied ending (but could we have gotten a smooch??)

    I’m almost okay with them making Americans slimeballs (’cause lets face it 80% of our politicians are), I just wish they could have gotten a different actor. If I pay for a plane ticket over there and knock on a talent agent’s door, with my ability to read and speak English, can I get a job in kdrama land?? I have nooooo acting skills, but I know I could do better than these guys. (Specifically the WOC head guy who got reused as the American politician, double case *me*)

    I think Hang Ah’s dad might be my favorite Kdrama parent, to date. I was weeping when he was touching her wedding hanbok. And when he turned away to the window and wiped his tears? Oh man. AND THEN when he was playing happy grandpa!!! <3

    • Though this drama made me very bloodthirsty for a horrific end to our crazy villain, I’m glad that cooler heads prevailed. What could be worse for a power crazed exhibitionist like BG than being forgoten in a cell for the rest of his miserable days? Making him irrelevant is the best revenge.

      This drama isn’t the first one to break my heart, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. But I love it anyway. Since I don’t actually have a top 10 list, my best compliment is that K2H is a keeper. Worth the space on my hard drive. I only save the ones I love. 🙂

      Thank you Koala for all your time and efforts.

  39. It’s really over!!! (sob) This drama is wonderfully made that there is so much more that I wanted to say but I couldn’t compose it that it will make sense. The story yet its flawed (what drama story is not flawed anyway) but it was amazing how can a drama set in a fantasy world be so realistic in all or every aspect of life. The director every one who is working behind the scene did a wonderful and exceptional job. The actors oh the actors I LOVE all the actors in this drama they all deliver all worth it to be in it and I don’t see Ha Ji Won as Ji Won in this drama or any of her drama I see her as her character in her every portrayal in all her drama and movies I totally love this girl she’s AWESOME. LSK I love him in Gumiho now I love him even more and more and more!!! The guy who played SK I really hope you will get a lead role soon because you sweetie your adorable I bet you can do romcom too you can act silly and all. All the things that I want to say in this episode has been said by our dedicated Capt. K for me to say anything will be redundant. My oh my the only drama that triggers all the emotions that I have in my body and the unpredictability of every episode… wow! I just HEART KING 2 HEARTS so much!!!! I wonder what is next for Ha Ji Won and LSK??? This 2 actors need to have a drama yearly hopefully they will pick the best one. In korean drama they hardly to never let an OTP work together again but I do hope that HJW and LSK will work together again same with YEH and KJH.

    This is totally unrelated but I keep on wondering what top stars like HJW YEH etc.. do when they are not shooting a drama? and do they audition? or they pick their own drama? I really hope to see HJW and Hyun Bin working together too. I feel like you can partner any leading man or even not yet a leading man material (then he will turn into a leading man material) with HJW.

    Thank you Ms. K! I will re watched this drama over and over again. Ko map sum ni da Ms. K!
    Thank you once again for this experience!!!! I’ll see you next spring!(I’m a lurker in your site)
    (I’m thinking of buying rossetta stone Korean) LOL

  40. Thank you for your love and recap and spoilers. I really enjoyed this time time.
    K2H is certainly going to be in my heart. I don’t know about the top 10 favourite or all that. All I know is that it will stay in my heart forever- it had too many emotionally written scenes with great acting/ editing. The cluncky political plot – no comments.

    This morning, actually since Wed night, is all Jaeshin and Shi Kyung. Him- he gets a spot in my top 3 memorable drama character whom I loved. Love his character to death. I wish I could have had him have his happy ending. But when they wrote him out, he went out with pride, integrity, honour and he lived his life true to his character. For that, I salute the writer. It’s made me cry again though. The what- ifs in life.

    See? That’s why I can’t think about the ending of the drama. Every time I see his or Jaeshin’s scenes I tear up all over again. This is ridiculous.

  41. Wow, impressive Ms. Koala! I honestly don’t know how you or any recappers do this at all, let alone do it so fast.

    I, too was feeling iffy about this drama. I wasn’t going to watch it all because the premise frankly sounded boring. Then hearing that LSG with his baby face was playing against HJW who’s 10 years older and an already proven actress… I thought no way is their relationship going to sound or look convincing.

    Well, I saw the long preview and I was hooked. Not once did I ever doubt that LSG wasn’t the 30ish old prince (it took me way more episodes to get over YSY’s baby face in M2F), but now I can’t imagine anyone else could have played this role as well.

    There were definitely clunky moments throughout the drama and the last two episodes were too much too late in the game. I wouldn’t have had as much a problem with the final arc had it been done over 4 or even 3 episodes, with some more time to absorb all the actions and drama and with more detailed build up of the story arc. The way it was done, honestly I laughed at some of the “tense” scene on ep. 20. It was like one extreme after another all crammed together that none of it felt real and actually felt more ridiculous.

    All except the meeting scene between HA and JH when both of them were willing to lay down their lives. I truly felt the tension there and the uncertainty, but all the credit goes to all the actors involved.

    I guess because the drama was so good in so many ways, the well written characters, the directing, the overall story that I am even more disappointed that the final episode was “eh”. I didn’t hate it or anything, but it left me overall a bit dissatisfied. Like at ep. 18, I thought this is going to be a 5 star drama and now I can only give it a 4 or 4.5.

    Stiil, it was a thrilling ride, so thrilling that this drama inspired me to help sub on viki. Crazy! So thrilling that I truly felt like I was on a roller coaster ride, especially from ep. 10 onwards.

    It was also fun reading the recaps and all the comments. Thank you again for taking the time to recap this drama and giving us all a venue to talk about it.

  42. thank you for all the recaps 🙂

    I have followed it closely and this is my first post in your recap which I saved it to the last.

  43. Dear Ms. Koala,
    I really enjoyed reading your recaps but I must say I am really pissed off about having our earnest boy killed off. There are several things that I felt unhappy about and that the writers failed to address in the drama.

    The first issue is that the writers never told us what it is that makes Boong Gu hate the royal family so much. From episode 1, why does Boong Gu write on the window that he will be King. Having Club M alone gives him more power than South Korea will ever have so why is it that Boong Gu wants to be king of South Korea so bad. What is the cause of this grudge against the royal family?

    Second issue is that seeing Bon Bon getting killed in episode 19 gave me so much satisfaction but the writers had to go and put Boong Gu in life imprisonment instead of having him killed or executed. After all the crap that Boong Gu put the royal family through, putting him in jail is like giving him a slap on the wrist. The writers should have just put Boong Gu to death. I probably wouldn’t be this angry if they just kill Boong Gu. At least this way I wouldn’t feel too angry with Eun Shi Kyung’s death.

    Third issue is that how can the fucking ICC just let Boong Gu off on bail with the excuse “his health was deteriorating”. When they arrested him on the cliff, there were many witnesses that saw Boong Gu take out a gun from under his sleeves and shot our earnest boy. He obviously murdered someone. How can the ICC just let him go on bail like that???!!!!!!

    • First issue: Bong-gu has an exhibitionist complex. He wants to be an all-controlling ‘King’ with a lot of power, and by the term ‘King’ it doesn’t necessarily a throne. He probably thought he was the most powerful man on Earth, and killed Jae-kang just because he dared ban his entry to S. Korea. Then Jae-ha mocked him with his name, Kim Bong-gu, a common name he clearly does not like being called with. Thus, his evil plan hatched from that motivation. Then Club M was losing trillions because of the impending North-South reunification, so there you go: motivations. Correct me if I’m wrong. I think there are more insightful opinions regarding this at one of DB’s threads.

      Second issue: I was initially furious because it seemed that Bong-gu got a VERY light sentence. I would personally prefer it if he spend the rest of his life raving about his delusion to be king in an asylum. However the more I think about it, life imprisonment is a better way to torture Bong-gu than a quick death, IMO.

      Third: Dare I say ICC is corrupted? Sometimes in this world power triumphs over justice. They have stated that about 200+ politicians (backed by Club M) from all over the world signed his petition for bail, so if ICC is not corrupted, then their hands are tied by the powerful and rich politicians. I was pissed at first but when I thought through it (however pissed I still am because Shi-kyung kinda died in vain when he got released on bail.) it kinda makes sense. KINDA.

  44. yesterday i was crying because our shi kyung died.
    still hoping that he still alive in this last episode but T______T
    well, i love TK2H. yes i have to confess that when the first time i know LSG will be the main lead i just dont like it. But hey that was all history coz now i’m one of his fans 😀
    I hope someday HJW and LSG will work together again.
    For koalaplayground author, Kamsahamnida….
    I’ve been your loyal reader since Secret Garden (again, it’s HJW)
    After SeGa i never find any drama that interesting, until i found TK2H.
    well, maybe it’s time for me and all of us (hearties) to say goodbye to this amazing drama.
    i hope we meet again in another great drama 😀

  45. Sigh, I am starting to think I need to back off of drama’s. I am way too sad about Shi Kyung’s death. I keep telling myself, he’s fictional, fictional! In the scene where she was having the imaginary conversation with him I was crying and feeling angry and unsatisfied. Bring him back! Isn’t this a little to extreme I mean I am grieving a fictional character like he’s real. So I think I might just have to come back to the land of reality again for a while. Must seperate fiction from reality lol.

  46. And to quote Robert Kiyosaki’s latest FB post:

    Life isn’t fair. It never will be. Quit trying to make it fair. You don’t need it to be fair. Go make life unfair to your advantages.

    I think this is what I learned from TK2H.

  47. I’m going to take a few days break and start rewatching from Ep 1 again.
    I think this is the kind drama which we’ll be able to better appreciate the message that the writer and PD are trying to convey upon rewatch, when all the strong emotions which are invoked after the first watching wanes.

  48. the time this drama end i really burst into tears.i could hardly breathe and it torn my heart into pieces.its exactly the same thing i felt when secret garden ends. i just cant easily accept the fact that it’s all over now.that the excitement i feel for wed- thur eve to come literally comes to an end. i love this drama all the way even in its lowest moment from other point of view. im badly hurt that some of u almost cursed this drama. i, too was hopeful that shi kyung will be alive in the last part but we have to accept that in every happiest moment sadness follow.the reason i came to love him is for him being loyal and supportive to our king but the real reason was he became the key to uncover jae ha’s feelings for hang ah.

    honestly i watch this drama because of ha ji won since her last tv drama aired last year. i already miss her and im also looking forward her chemistry with lee seung gi.and in the process,this couple never fails me in terms of their chemistry most importantly in their intimate moments. i can really feel the love for each whether its in real life or in character only from the way they hugged and kiss each other. i so love their character for being all tough especially hang ah’s. jae ha show of love for hang ah always brought me into tears. i can vision mysefl for this following month watching tk2h all over again just like what i become after sega.this 2 drama really did sucessfully enter my heart.i just hope that all the cast relationship especially haji won and lee seung gi will not end.

  49. I also loved this drama even though SK died . The actors portrayed their part very well. I will always remember this drama for it’s plot was so different .Not the usual comedy,romance and tear jerker k-drama.It’s unique and extraordinary.One that makes you think and this was also the first time that I wrote and read other comments. I don’t think that I will do these again.Thank you everyone for a wonderful journey especially for those comments that made me laugh.It was one rollercoaster ride.Thank you K2H

  50. Dear Ms Koala,

    Thank you for the recaps. Love your insights and views.
    This drama is on one for my hearts, the final episodes may not have the high qualtiy levels the previous 18 had given us, but this is a drama of my heart.

  51. Despite deaths of JK and his wife, and SK, for me, I was shocked at SK’s death but his death was not worthless and did brought BG to ICC…
    And because of all the unresolved issues and impending war, SK’s death did not brought me down…
    I rewatched the raw last episode again and I love it more than the first time I watched it! This drama is one that will linger for long and impact even greater during rewatches!

    I love the marriage scene at the DMZ!!! It just feels so right and grand even though it was on a much smaller scale than the everland one… but WOW~!

    I really wish there were more sweet moments between the aha couple cause I love them!!! (I like the aha couple better the JS and SK~ :P)

  52. Ah..what a ride it was! Thank you, Koala for leading the TK2H ship for the past 10 weeks. I must confess, a part of me died when Shi Kyung died. I know, he’s a fictional character. I keep telling myself that he’s too good to be true. And that in real life, even if a guy like him do exist, I’d probably steer clear of him anyway because I’m just crazy like that. But its really a testament to how much this show has touched me that I am mourning the death of a fictional character who doesn’t even have anything to do with me.

    And its not just Shi Kyung. Like I said before, if there’s anything that this drama has excelled at, its really in their characterization. I feel like we’ve come to know and care for each and every character that when they cry, we also cry. When they are happy, we are also happy. Even though my mind is telling me that its a make-believe world, I just can’t help but think of them as real people, with real problems and real loves.

    Yes, the execution is clunky in some places, their portrayal of internal politics (and foreign actors with weird accents!) was laughable, but what’s really important for me is that I felt that I was a part of the character’s journey, all their highs and especially, all of their lows. And for that, it will always have a very special place in my heart.

  53. wow the end of this drama ..the actors…the journey.
    i just cannot say good bye .koala unnie i will miss every word of your recap to this drama.
    thank you alllllllllllllllllllllllllll.

  54. Finally, TK2H ended in happy tears and joys 🙂 Though Shi Kyung’s death made my heart break repeating “It’s just a film! It’s just a film!!!! They acted really good” but the happy ending of Jae Ha and Hang Ah did consoled me somehow. I wish this film lasted for some more episodes, really :(( waiting, watching for those eps and recaps became my daily routine, just like I eat, I drink everyday 🙁

    Anw, thanks to our wonderful producers giving me such a great film that I have ever seen, miss koala did played very well to bring me as well as everyone every detailed description of each episode, fans who shared interest and supported the project from the beginning :p. Love Seung Gi and Ji Won so much !!!!! This is definitely one of the very best movies touched my heart like any others else :))

  55. I totally agree with all of your point!
    Like you said, “…to say farewell with this drama, not with giggle like i usually do, but with a silent smile, like a mother who looked at her children proudly to have grow so much”.
    There’s no doubt that i really did that at ending..hehe.
    A Golden smile really came out of my face and then fell like how satisfied i am with all of that greats episodes :))
    I’m starting to rewatch now! 😀

  56. Miss Koala, I am counting on you to get me hooked on a new show as TK2H has wrapped up. Meanwhile i am having a marathon run through your top 10 list 🙂

  57. I hope Ha Ji-won and Seung-Gi will date for real. They look good together. And they’re oozing with chemistry that my computer screen combusted!

  58. hi koala unni! did you hear about what recently happened in n. korea? 30 officials were brutally publically executed because they were in talks of reuniting n and s. korea. *shudders* it’s so scary. if only the story of our otp existed in real life. *sigh*

  59. Dear Ms Koala – Just want to say thank you so much for your recap – it was an amazing journey watching TK2H for the past 2 months or so and I must say the more I think about this drama the more I love it and satisfy with the ending. It’s not the ending I wanted, but it was an ending that was better in every way – more genuine and more true to what TK2H stands for all along.

    I’m so glad TK2H made you fell in love with k-dramas all over again, because it did same for me, too. It’s been a while that I found a drama that I truly love not just because of the OTP themselves but to the whole story as a whole. There were a lot of great things to be said about this drama that for me really covered all the flaws in the drama. In the end I remembered very little about the downside of TK2H and only remembered some of the most epic scenes/dialogues. For example, like Shi Kyung declaring his allegiance to Jae Ha at a time where he lost his confidence or even the time when he pointed his gun at Jae Ha at the cliff.

    Thanks Ms Koala!

  60. i really love this drama.. the kind of drama that always fails my intuition for the next episodes. The drama which gives me so much heartaches and tingling moments. I am sad with SK ending dead (his character is so straight/perfect that we love him and we don’t want to lose this one of a kind man) but he doesn’t left the screen from first to last ep,.. he die believing and giving hope to the king.. and his happy afterlife image just satisfies me.. I am super hooked with the OTP ^^, specially adore Lee Jae Ha for his growth in the later episodes, he just nailed being an amazing king.. plus he’s so cute!! kekeke

  61. Thanks koala unnie,,, maybe its too late for comment now,I wanna comment early,,but I have a lot of emotion,and can’t say anything just read your recap,,so I watching Tk2h all over again,and the journay of king 2 heart its so amazing,,, I can say this drama is about lee jae ha “the king” see jae ha in the beginning episode, and now,,so many changes and in the first I never believe that jae ha can be Awesome king like now,mature and hot daddy,hee,, and his deep love for hang ah now,make me remember one quotes from him in beginning episode ” I never see u as a woman” but now we can see hang ah is only woman for him,, wow, I love him
    For hang ah,,I think she is consistent from beginning until now,,not so much changes, and I love her badass.watching this drama make me as AhHa shipper or maybe seungi-jiwon shipper 😉 heeee but I know its too hard to be true,,,*just imagine
    Eun shi kyung,,,a lovely caracter,, one of the most consistent caracter in a drama, I love when he smile so cute,epi 19 is so sad (-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩__-̩̩̩-̩̩̩-̩̩̩) when I watching he die I scream no,,no and why?? but now I can accept everything,, this drama not usual drama,its different,I think shi kyung is the journay for jae shin,,I’m glad that the writer don’t make jae shin suddenly can walk its more believeable.I hope I can see eun shi kyung in new drama.
    The gun point,wow why this drama like gun point: from shi kyung to jae ha in epi 1 and last hang to jae ha (everybody love jae ha head heee)
    Love scene AhHa couple and their lovely son,,OMG so cute,the crown prince say Omani and make it big trouble hehehe,,,watching they are together make me hope its real *fantasy again*
    *sorry for my bad english
    Last,,, I love TK2H its awesome

  62. In the very beginning, I had this wavering hope that the story will not have a bittersweet ending, for JS & SK, JH & HA. I’ve held on tight onto the last episode just to see a happy JS with her SK. Their moment in episode 16 made my heart start to break as if the rumors about a tragic thingie between them was true and it will happen anytime. I think that time (ep16), Jae Shin was amazed that Shi Kyung did remember the first song she sang with him at the fortress. “How could he….” Wow. That great expression on her face… Shi Kyung endured a lot of pain in my opinion. Be still on Jae Ha’s side, his father’s doings, dealing with Bong Gu and his struggle to fulfill the broken promise that he’ll come back alive. What happened in the next 2 last episodes was an overkill, too much, but necessary to the storyline. Still, they killed my much favorited character. I AM SO PISSED that it deeply burned my eyes.

    Thanks Ms. Koala for the efforts to make the recaps. 🙂
    King2Hearts fighting! <3

    • @crayson “Shi Kyung endured a lot of pain in my opinion. Be still on Jae Ha’s side, his father’s doings, dealing with Bong Gu and his struggle to fulfill the broken promise that he’ll come back alive. What happened in the next 2 last episodes was an overkill, too much, but necessary to the storyline.”

      yes, after thinking back to the episode (15?) from where he and his father had to apologize to Bong Gu. his sufferings just kept on coming on like an avalanche. and then he had to die. from a cheap shot from Bong Gu. from a gun that should not have been there if the ICC idiots had patted him down before handcuffing him (i mean what the hell happened to standard handcuffing procedures????!!). the poor guy T_T. i think the only one good thing that happened to him before he went on his suicide mission (even if he claimed it wasn’t in his VHS tape to Jae Shin…) was that he went on a sweet date with Jae Shin in the palace gardens :’)

      after having him suffer all that, all i wanted for him was to have a happy ending with his princess. so i guess that’s why it hurts so much for us viewers? or at least to me.

  63. Hi everyone…..I am new here at koala…glad that I found this site and I can read different way of recapping than JB….

    I love this drama too much eventhough initially I refused to watch this since I was on Sega Crazy and shipped HJW and HB. For some reason I watched this drama after watching youtube of LSG singing WHIB OST My Love. And really I regreted that I didnt watch it earlier. I FALL in love with this couple.

    Like everyone else I was so sad when SK died unnecessariy. But then again if you look at the title is all about King, is all about Jea Hae manevour himself and turn to be capable king even without SK supported him. And further more maybe the PD realised that good role and much attention has been given to SK that might overshadow the King as in LSG lead popularity. It is the King thaf everyone should turn to instead of SK. I love LSG so much after watching this show and I had never fall in love in the male lead like I love LSG…after this drama I really follow his other activities esp his singinv and variety activities..DAEBAK….THE GREAT DRAMA IN 2012. DEFINATELY MY 1ST LIST!!!!!

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  65. Shi Kyuuuuung!
    I am not gonna watch the last episode anymore!
    I hate the writer and the director.
    Why didn’t they bring him back to life. They could have made it that the king hid him away so that he will not be a target anymore.

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