Joe Cheng and Michelle Chen Hit Up Cannes to Unveil Trailer for Ripples of Desire

Cannes is always a truly international film festival and this year the upcoming Taiwanese period movie Ripples of Desire (Chinese title Hua Yang) premiered its trailer there while two of its four leads showed up to promote the movie. It’s too bad Ivy Chen and Jerry Yan are busy elsewhere because I would have loved to see the entire cast present. Alas, it was only Joe Cheng and Michelle Chen who hit up the Southern coast of France (though Joseph Chang was also at Cannes promoting his Taiwanese movie Boyfriend Girlfriend). This isn’t Joe and Michelle’s first collaboration, and they previously worked together on Channel X and showed palpable chemistry playing a couple. The trailer below looks pretty enough but lacks the oomph I was looking for. I’m not the biggest fan of Michelle (I think she’s vastly overrated), but I’m more interested in watching RoD for Ivy, who steals the trailer IMO.

The trailer for Ripples of Desire interests me but doesn’t captivate the imagination. I think it should be cut to explain more of what’s happening storywise rather than a series of scenes with no exposition. The opening song is sung in Taiwanese, so now I’m wondering if the dialogue will be a combination of Mandarin and Taiwanese. Joe looks so wooden it’s not even funny, but Ivy is bringing it. Michelle and Jerry are harder to pin down, but I’ll go with looks promising.

Trailer for Ripples of Desire:

Joe and Michelle shot a Piaget CF while in Cannes, and below are the gorgeous ads.


Joe Cheng and Michelle Chen Hit Up Cannes to Unveil Trailer for Ripples of Desire — 13 Comments

  1. Yes yes yes!!! Joe is aging like fine wine, getting better and better. You and Ethan will always be my Tai biases ^.^
    RoD Cast Hwaiing!!!

  2. very interesting trailer…movie looks very pretty and especially the leads…I love Joe and Ivy so I’ll definitiely watch for them…I’ve been saying Joe needs to up his game for a while now, so doing a period movie is very promising

    • Exactly, we’re thinking the same thing. Dont like this Michelle Chen for Joe. Saw their love scene in Channel-X, just hate it, she’s got fat all over her body. Joe Cheng cant date anyone in Taiwan other than Ariel Lin; his only option is to find girl outside of Taiwan, like Yoon Eun Hye!

  3. OMG Joe Cheng is one Guy who just always looks so darn hot to me, even when he’s not in the best outfit. I love him with short hair and that sexy intense look. He’s a nice relief after doing so much homework!!

  4. Joe Cheung is sporting a shorter hair every time I see that guy
    but in the last pic (black white one) doesn’t look like him even! Ivy is very pretty too

  5. Anticipationg Ivy’s performance. Love her after since Skip Beat!! I believe she can potray a lot of different characters…very versatile.. 😀 Ivy, jia you!!

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