Written Preview for Episode 11 of Big

My day is complete, because the written preview for episode 11 of Big is here. Thank you, KBS! One thing I like about Big (and there are plenty of things I like) is how the drama never takes steps backward. It might move ahead slowly, but the progression is linear rather than spinning in circles. Kyung Joon is working hard to live as Yoon Jae for the possibility there is no going back, and Da Ran is figuring out her feelings for Kyung Joon which took a long time because she’s dense but not because she’s in denial. Judging from the preview, Da Ran finally figured out her heart and isn’t going to look back on the Yoon Jae ship that sailed. I want to rail at the Hong Sisters for tossing in the donor-brothers bit because the OTP is having a hard enough time as it is with all the complications between them, but then again, sometimes a love that crosses obstacle after obstacle only makes it so much more satisfying when they finally earn their happily ever after. Which means if I don’t get my OTP happily ever after, a pair of sisters better go into hiding with the Korean FBI.

Written preview for episode 11:

Da Ran is working hard to hold in her heart that likes Kyung Joon. Mari takes the lead to look for Kyung Joon’s father. On the other hand, Yoon Jae’s father is back in Korea to look for Kyung Joon and meets up with Kyung Jae (Yoon Jae’s body with Kyung Joon’s soul)………


Written Preview for Episode 11 of Big — 37 Comments

  1. Thanks so much for the writing preview… i hope daran can tell kyunjoon that she likea him next ep. since it hurt me so much seeing kj like that aftee thinking that daran was sad because YJ don’t came back

  2. “Which means if I don’t get my OTP happily ever after, a pair of sisters better go into hiding with the Korean FBI.”

    Unnie, wouldn’t you rather get into trouble for, say, kidnapping Kang Ji Hwan?

  3. You are hilarious and a GEM! I can just imagine thousands of visitors reading your comments and laughing out loud. Thank you so much for the written preview…it’s made my Friday:) Here’s wishing for sweet moments for our OTP in Ep 11! I really want a confession from DR – whether directly or indirectly – I guess the latter would be sweeter. Maybe he can catch her doodling hearts while talking to him on the phone. Bring it girl – puffy pink marshmallow hearts shooting out of your eyes in the RIGHT direction!

    • BIGaddict says: [quote] puffy pink marshmallow hearts shooting out of your eyes in the RIGHT direction![/quote]

      Mhahahahhaahahhahahhahhahahahhahahahahahha*breath*Mhahahhahahahahhahahahhahhaahahhaahah*nose bleed* Mhahahhaahhahahhaha

      And I thought I was cheesy!!!

  4. Thanks for this time to spazzzzzzz….

    No matter what happens in Ep 11, it should end with a happy couple moment.

    What QIHM did better than most all the other shows is end the episodes on an up.
    Those guys showed that you can keep the OTP apart for 90% of an episode, get that plot plate spinning up there on the sticks, we will even help spin them, if you just give us 30 seconds of OTP smiling at each other to finish off.

    Cliffhanger? Don’t care!!! Happy ending? CARE!

  5. Miss K Unnie!!

    First of all congratulations for your theory being real, about a child created with the only purpose to save the life of another child! A lo “My Sister’s Keeper”… a very touching & emotional movie!!!

    Second I knew it, Da Ran’s love for Yoon Jae would fade away, and the fire of love for Kyung Joon would start burning with their (Da Ran & Kyung Jae’s) daily interactions, misadventures and everything that happen between them!!!

    As I said it before, to me, when Yoon Jae, tried to grab Da Ran (who is falling down the stairs) their hands never touch…I mean, Yoon Jae, was “letting go” Da Ran… But, Kyung Joon, grab Da Ran’s hand under the umbrella… IMHO Kyung Joon is the man who will get the girl!! Besides, if we see the character’s chart, we see Da Ran & Kyung Joon’s soul (in Yoon Jae’s body) in the “same” kind of photo frame…. That is interesting!!

    As always Miss K, you make me laugh!!! And if the sisters write that Da Ran end up with Yoon Jae, I’m gonna fly to SK, hunt them down…and drag them to the Han River… Seriously!!! I’m an ajhumma on the edge!!!!!!!!!!!! Mhahahahhahhahha

  6. I’ll also be an accomplice. I’m way to invested at this point for the ending to be sad. I can just see myself now, sitting around or days wondering what went wrong…

    Jokes aside, I really hope they make this a happy ending. It’s going to be a good week for our OTP, I can feel it!

  7. It doesn’t look like this show is ever going to finish solving the mysteries surrounding Yoon Jae. And it just seems so odd that the mood can be so happy when there is a possibility that KJ may never return to his body and YJ is either dead or in a coma. All the while, they’re fooling everyone including YJ’s parents and friends who don’t even know they lost YJ. I love Gong Yoo but this story doesn’t make enough sense. It’s no wonder this show has such low ratings. I feel bad for him and LMJ.

  8. Gil Da Ran better confess!! Usually in ep 12 good stuff happens e.g a kiss but then in ep 13 something really bad happens

  9. Skinship is not a priority thing when a boy falls in love with noona. He’s rather seeking for inspiration from her.

  10. ms. koala~~ just to add on the the theories and guesses… may I just throw in a random one too? I was rewatching the Davichi Big OST MV and it popped into my head. I haven’t been very good at verbalizing my thoughts lately so please excuse the messiness and perhaps the idea’s been proposed elsewhere with similar arguments but o well~ I’ll put it here anyway =P :

    — what if YJ decided to give up his body to save KJ (why switch happened)
    — reason for that thought: remember way at the beginning when KJ tried explaining the switch with D with the cups? He said that YJ’s soul saw that his body was dead so he snatched KJ’s body instead. We do see that YJ’s body flat-lines first… what if YJ realized that something was going to be wrong with KJ’s body (why KJ’s body ends up in a coma) and so he relinquishes his own (body flat-lines) so KJ’s soul can go in?

    there, I had my random outburst lol I don’t know how the Hongs are going to wrap this up when we don’t have that many episodes left (and considering the pace of the overarching storyline in the latest episodes) but the above hypothesis certainly gives more angst/tension hahaha (sorry, we may have our fill of angst already right?) Hongs~~ please pick up the speed a bit if we’re not looking to have extensions~ so that we can be shared of the messy, rushed endings that we see way too often

    on the side note: after rewatching that MV, I’m reassured of Shin and LMJ’s crazy chemistry. He looks insanely young but hey, D’s not all that mature herself… if the actor can pull off the maturity growth KJ has experienced so far when KJ returns to his own body, I think we can happily ship D-KJ OTP without any eye-brow twitching =P

  11. I just wanted to say thank you for the written preview and keeping us constantly update, I really appreciate it~!!

    Also, thank you for that Shin banner. It makes me happy~ ^^

  12. I rewatched episode 1 again,just couldnt let of the image of kyung joon and da ran together.
    Please dont it end like 49Days,that drama is sad.
    I wish Shin would,at least return a little while,to act with min jung.
    If this drama doesnt ends happily,i definitely be depressed!

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