Five Fingers Releases Posters and Stills as Leading Lady Eunjung is Caught up in Controversy

My first inclination is to make some sort of joke about scandals coming in pairs, but then I realized this is just so oddly timed and the allegations are quite serious that I’m in no mood to make light of the situation. Joo Ji Hoon‘s first comeback drama since his military service discharge (which was precipitated on the heels of his drug use scandal) is the weekend piano melodrama Five Fingers, co-starring Chae Si Ra, Eunjung, and Ji Chang Wook. It won’t air until the end of August when A Gentleman’s Dignity wraps up, and truth be told this drama hasn’t been getting a lot of buzz since its the typical long family-driven fare. That is, until this weekend, when K-ent blew open with a snowballing controversy surrounding leading lady Eunjung’s girl pop group T-ara. The first bit of news involved allegations that one member Hwayoung was getting bullied by the others, which turned one day later into suddenly Hwayoung being kicked out of the group based on reverse-allegations that she was mistreating the staff members. Buh? I know something smells bad even from where I’m sitting.

I think this is just such a out-of-left-field curveball for a drama starring Joo Ji Hoon, himself diligently trying to stay out of the media spotlight for anything relating to a possible scandal, and now a scandal unrelated to him sweeps up his latest project. Netizens are clamoring for Eunjung to be removed from the drama, which I doubt will happen at this stage in production. Before this happened, all I know is that the drama poster and character stills came out recently and I was going to post about how it all seems so dramatic and pretty. Now it comes on the heel of this drama getting tons of press for all the wrong reasons. Whatever is happening with Hwayoung and the rest of T-ara, I hope it all gets resolved amicably and no one gets hurt. I also hope the hurricane of bad press doesn’t spiral out of control and take this drama down with it. I actually like all the posters and stills, since a drama about concert pianists actually has the right to stick its leads in tuxes and evening gowns without looking ridiculous. Now if only someone can take a pair of scissors to Joo Ji Hoon’s hairstyle in this show….


Five Fingers Releases Posters and Stills as Leading Lady Eunjung is Caught up in Controversy — 38 Comments

  1. wish she wasn’t the leading lady. never did fancy her acting. she does not give out nice vibes on and off screen.

  2. It does seem sometimes like the Korean media is run by the same folks writing the all K-pop articles. Whether the allegations are unfounded or not is beside the point.

    Seems like a bullying press for the most part. It saddens me that a story like this about one cast memeber could sink a drama that employs hundreds if not thousands by the time you count supporting and tertiary people – the bakery that supplies craft services, the stores that sell the wardrobe, sources for set design, etc.
    I wish the audience could judge it on its own merits.

    But this is the same audience that shot MetS into high ratings, so I give up.

    • Bullying is a very big deal in SK right now and people are incensed. Like incensed, totally crazily incensed. And from the reports dribbling out, with good reason too. People will watch the drama and will not see the character EJ is playing but the person she is and right now, what they’ll see is a bully.

      • The sad thing is there is no proof that bullying occured just a whole bunch of assumptions and interpretations of ambiguous tweets which if people read the tweets without the netizens opinions they do not come off as anywhere near bullying. Its like this whole thing snowballed from the opinions of crazy netizens and is based so little on actual tangible truth and facts.

  3. Calling for her removal??? I wish the netizens would just give all of them some time to deal with this on their own — it’s not like anyone outside the group knows the entire situation…

    • Even worse, there’s even a petition going around asking for T-ara’s disbandment.

      But the PD of the drama has already made his official stance, in NOT removing Eunjung. That he casted Ham Eunjung and Ham Eunjung only, NOT T-ara.

      I don’t like CCM (T-ara’s agency) and at times find their actions extremist. (Heck, they just recently decided to add TWO NEW members to increase “competition” among the members, so the current members won’t become “complacent” and “lazy”.) Still, there’s no doubt there’s already existing tensions among the T-ara members. The members were originally discontent with the decision to add Hwayoung. And now they are taking her out, amidst all the rumors of the members bullying Hwayoung? Truly adding more fuel to fire.

  4. I was honestly upset about the bullying issue cause i am a fan but NO WAY am i skipping this drama just because of the BTS situation. I mean to miss out on this drama is like missing out on your morning coffee.

  5. It sucks for Joo Ji Hoon since Five Fingers will be his comeback drama after completing military service. The drug scandals were really damaging on his image. Even after two years, some major broadcasting companies are still blacklisting him. Just when I thought JJH might finally begin to revive his career, the T-ara situation blows up. The guy never seems to get a break…

    I don’t think the drama staff could remove Eunjung even if they wanted too. The script has been written, posters have been made, and filming might have commenced before the whole fiasco even began. Honestly, I feel that Eunjung would be removed from the cast if the scandal happened a lot sooner. With only two weeks before the air date, it’ll be difficult to find another replacement.

    I’m still undecided on whether I would give the drama a chance. I’ve been looking forward to JJH’s comeback ever since he left for the military. Compared to other idol actors, Eunjung’s acting is mediocre at best. She couldn’t seem to portray her characters very well. I would hate to see another Big where the male lead was carrying the entire drama.

  6. All in all I just hope Five Fingers won’t suffer / recieve bad reviews because of Eunjung. I’ve waited too too too long for Joo Ji Hoon. And no one shall stop me. =___=.

    The whole T-ara thing is just BS. Tho I do feel bad for Hwayoung as I did read/watch/look at articles with evidence that clearly did contain bitchyness from the other members towards her. BUT. Cannot help but think this was all planned from the start. This is why I no longer follow the kpop scene (Shinhwa/TeenTop are my only biases)…It’s full of lies, fake tears, and schemes to earn more money.

    • Hyomin had began by writing, “The differences in levels of determination^^, Let us all have more determination. Fighting!!!”

      Member Jiyeon then resonded, “The differences in levels of determination ^^, Always be humble ^^ and sensible ^^ I applaud you, acting genius ^^”

      Eunjung added, “A position can make or break a person, but determination can make a person too. Sigh, it’s unfortunate. You have to know to take care of the people around you.”

      There is absolutely no evidence here that they were bullying her though. Jiyeon looks like she is possibly bullying someone but Eunjung’s tweet seemed to be encouraging her not bullying her and Hyomin’s tweets don’t even seem aimed at anyone. How the heck did tweets like those come off as bitchy. Lets be real if you remove the netizens only Jiyeon’s tweet comes off as even slightly bitchy. Its sad that tweets like that snowballed to this whole mess. Its funny just how much people believe assumptions and interpretations.

      • You need to take it into consideration that the tweets happened the same day she couldn’t perform with them the whole set because she was on crutches/wheelchair.

      • Don’t forget, Hwayoung’s follow-up tweet also mentioned about “determination”, about how sometimes having just determination isn’t enough.

        Hwayoung had tweeted, “Sometimes, even determination alone is not enough. At times like these, I feel upset but I trust that it’s a blessing in disguise from the heavens. God, you know everything right?”

  7. i’m only worried about this for JJH’s sake because he deserves a proper comeback and this is just not fair to him….as for the rest of the kpop aspect of this, i dont’t give a rat’s ass….most of these kpop management are snide, deceptive monkeys anyways

    • I agree. I have been waiting for JJH’c comeback and issues arising related to the other cast of the drama makes me worry about him.

      As for T-Ara’s issue, what I just don’t understand is Kwang Soo of CCM. I don’t like how he said to keep quiet to Hwayoung. He aired his side but he doesn’t want Hwayoung to speak for herself amidst of these controversies? Freedom of speech please!

      • I agree with both of you.. JJH’s return to tv is crucial to his career and this drama is a great chance for him.. however it sucks that T-ara’s controversy is blowing over and possibly affect the airing of this drama.. let’s hope everything works out for him!

    • Completely and utterly agree. I just hope all these scandals don’t hurt Five Fingers and JJH too much. Because JJH is daebak and seriously deserves his chance to shine.

  8. howdy Captain! 🙂

    im not really into any K-Pop idol groups so this issue will not affect me watching the drama.

    my only interest is JJH and his hair! you are so right! someone give him a proper haircut!!! grrrrr!!!!

  9. The kpop world seems to be one fight and one scandal after another. Gosh, some people are really really into it. In any case, I know nothing about T-ara so it won’t affect my viewing of the drama either. I just feel bad for the rest of the cast & crew. I am sure there will be some affects on the show. 🙁

  10. I will be watching this drama regardless of all of the drama surrounding it, I have waited far too long to see Joon Ji Hoon on the small screen. Plus I have about as much faith in netizens opinions as I have in pigs being able to fly so I will just enjoy this drama and hope for the best for the cast and crew.

  11. I really don’t get it. is it part of the korean culture to judge someone only base by a gossip that even not true.

    can they really proof that hwayoung being abuse?
    and demand eun jung, hyo min to remove from their drama????

    be reasonable please.

  12. Aww, Korea, land of gossips that burn up the Net a mile a minute without one ounce of proof, and, let’s not forget, the complete leaving of all sensible and logical thinking. Spock himself could not adapt to S. Korea. He’d beam himself right out of there and count himself lucky that his pointy ears kept him in his Vulcan mind.

    Scandal is a freakin’ industry in Korea, as it is elsewhere, and I’ve yet to meet a single Korean anywhere who wasn’t a willing and eager malicious gossip-speculator. It’s all the rage to destroy one’s life with pure conjecture and inflammatory nonsense made up from thin air. Between the gossip and the pride, there’s no need to require PROOF that anyone has done anything wrong, the WHISPER of a hint of “might-maybe-could-I-heard” on some useless liars lips is enough to WRECK a life.

    Now, don’t all crowd at once to be come SK citizens. There’s a queue. Spock and any sane person isn’t in it.

  13. I find the korean netizens scary but ridiculous at the same time.
    Ok sure bullying is totally unacceptable. But aren’t they doing the same thing? They’re completely cyber bullying the other members as well.
    Why can’t they just chill until the truth and evidence come out?
    They’re being really rash thrashing the other members when there is no solid proof yet.
    They act like they’re saints or something but it’s totally otherwise. They’re all bullies too even if they try to deny it.
    Sheesh humans. I’d rather be an alien. Lol.

    Anyways back to the drama. I’m watching this for Ji Changwook. At first I don’t really want to watch this because of the length. Sheesh 30 eps. I can’t even get past some 16eps dramas. Lol! But since he’s in this, I guess I’ll give it a try. Plus it’s Joo Jihoon ‘s comeback drama. Been a fan of him since goong days and loved his acting in The Devil despite his prev scandal.

  14. It’s strange that I never paid attention to the leading lady of this drama… I had no clue who it was.. I’m surprised that Eunjung is doing a melo..

    As for the scandal, was Eunjung’s name explicitly mentioned? I’m not familiar with T-ara members.. Poor JJH.. negative press at this point can hurt this career pretty badly..

  15. ROFL! I agree with JJH’s hairstyle. It doesn’t suit him :p Unless the setting for this drama is from the late 90’s

  16. I am not into kpop, so it doesn’t bother me at all .. i will still watch the drama. I just hope that most of the netizens that bashing her right now are not living in Korea, coz’ ratings is really very important for a 50+ series … it can make or break an actor’s career.

  17. That haircut is so tragic…WHY ARE PEOPLE WEARING PARTS THERE?!

    There is no way the drama was dropping Eunjung over some netizen drama at this point in production.

    As I mentioned in the relevant forums Hwayoung was barely accepted by the fandom and now all these people are outpouring “love” for her? Please…it’s all bandwagon and cyber bullying. It is crazy how into these scandals people get. It has actually more intense focus than the Robsten drama online LOL

    My first big kpop scandal was Jay Park and when he just got on his plane after 2 days and went back to Seattle, like the netizens said to do, they reversed their position so fast my head started spinning.

    • i am in total agreement with you!! dont knw abt other members but eunjung being the most loved .. became a bigger threat to this scandal.. as its didnt take even seconds for netizrns jealous of her to destroy her image….nevertheless i wil still watch this drama.. as i see soo much potential in her .. during the time she was in crutches.. she did WGM and shoot drama’s .. why cudnt hwayoung????? determination is exactly wat is needed here to do so!!its a show biz .. god damnit .. u snooze u loose!!

  18. woa. I love Eun Jung since Coffee House. And Joo Ji Hoon is superfine too. But what i watch is for plot and characters so if those departments are good, it’s good.

  19. I saw the pictures of Eunjung stuffing the rice cake into Hwayoung’s mouth. Hwayoung could have choked. I don’t think it’s funny at all.
    Anyway,whatever determination they are talking about,I wish these ladies have respect for each other.
    Can’t wait to see Joo Ji Hoon again.

  20. Chae Si Ra is talented and gorgeous – after spending 60 hours watching the brilliant “Queen Insoo”, I am looking forward to seeing her in a modern role (have to admit that I did not know her before watching it).

    As for family dramas, I do like them but nothing has come anywhere near as close as “Life is Beautiful”.

  21. I hope everybody’s keeping up with the tiara drama on allkpop

    to me it seems pretty clear that they made a wangtta out of the poor girl

    Eunjung has lost CF contracts and this shit storm only seems to be getting stronger

    I’ve waited for Joo Ji Hoons comeback for so long 🙁
    i would hate for it to be ruined by the tiara drama
    I hope they can keep EJ’s scenes to a bare minimum

    KPOP fandoms also scare me; its scary that so many people will condone bullying just because their idol was a perp.
    I’m really disappointed in her; she was one of the brighter idol prospects

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