First Teaser of Panda and Hedgehog with Donghae and Yoon Seung Ah

Cute! And….that might be all there is to it, the upcoming cable drama Panda and Hedgehog starring Super Junior’s Donghae as a prickly patissier and Yoon Seung Ah as a laid back café owner. The drama released more stills and the first teaser which is really a BTS look at the filming of the drama rather than showing actual footage. It still gives a good sense of what to expect, and my initial impression is decidedly unaffected. I’ll admit that the only reason I’m even interested in this drama is because Donghae is in it, and when one of my biases is in something, I feel compelled to check it out. I think Donghae does well when he’s not being asked to do too much, I’ve seen his acting improve with each successive project so that is always reassuring. I think Yoon Seung Ah deserves a shot as a leading lady and I’m curious to see how she fares when not being asked to play wallpaper (like in The Moon that Embraces the Sun or Playful Kiss). Rounding out the cast is Choi Jin Hyuk, who everyone loved in I Need Romance but strangely he didn’t affect me one bit though he’s looking quite yummy here, and Yoo So Young. Panda and Hedgehog premieres on August 18th on Channel A.

First teaser for Panda & Hedgehog:


First Teaser of Panda and Hedgehog with Donghae and Yoon Seung Ah — 10 Comments

    • I did get a flashback of Fondant Garden as well cauz it looked so peppy, but since this is a Korean Drama, I doubt they’re gonna make it all exaggerated like Fondant Garden (But I still loved Fondant Garden a lot as well =D )

  1. Doesn’t Donghae look great in plaid? I heard he took baking lessons for this role and, frankly speaking, he can frost my cupcake any time.

  2. I loved Donghae in Skip Beat. He gets that “Tony Leung” look in his eyes sometimes and that is a winning look. He was so much better than bland and vanilla Siwon in SB.

  3. This drama really does look cute, I’m loving how both of Donghae’s past two female lead co-stars have all donned on animal costumes. First Ivy with her chicken costume and now Seung Ah with her panda costume.

    I’m looking forward to this drama. I’ve enjoyed Donghae’s mini acting career so far with It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl and Skip Beat, so I’m anticipating how he’ll do as the main lead this time. Yes, I loved Donghae’s badboy Shang in Skip Beat. He was the highlight for me in Skip Beat (mediocre drama unfortunately with bad pacing and bad special effects), his interactions with Ivy were perfection. It’s a pity they didn’t utilize his Shang more and break away from the manga/anime. It would have been a lot more interesting to see Shang wreck havoc between Lian and Gongxi.

    But enough about Skip Beat, I can’t wait to see Miss Panda and Hedgehog! Anyone mind giving me a general translation of what Hae is muttering in the opening? I really hope this drama gives me an overload of cute and baking, instead of melodrama. I’m ultra afraid that it’ll be the latter because the writer is the same writer as It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl and we all know that drama was a mess, despite Choi Jin Hyuk and Donghae desperately trying to save that drama.

    And I think I might have a girlcrush or crush on you ockoala! Hae’s my bias too, so I’m giving this drama a chance like I did with all of Hae’s other dramas. I actually made it through with all his other dramas so, I’m hoping it’ll be the same for this one. I’ve found that Hae’s acting has improved with each drama too.

  4. Wait isn’t Choi Jin Hyuk dating Eun So (?) who was with Donghae in We Got Married? CJH was also DH’s hyung in It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl. Hehe.

    • Yup. Donghae gave them his blessing. He and Choi Jinhyuk became close during the filming of It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl. He said jokingly he was surprised they were dating, but gave them his blessing and said they looked good together and hope they’d get married soon.

  5. I’m also checking it our for Donghae only… I’ve neve seen his leading lady anywhere and don’t really like her from the pictures so far. I hope I can watch it for time pass if anything… a fluffy rom com does no harm.

  6. Donghae has more chemistry with Choi Jin Hyuk than Yoon Seung Ah. She is totally miscast in this drama. She only pouts and whines or looks totally unbelievable. Donghae deserves better! Thank god he has Choi Jin Hyuk!!!

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