Official Movie Stills and English-subbed Trailer for Rurouni Kenshin

The upcoming Rurouni Kenshin live-action movie has the potential to be the holy grail for manga lovers. We have one qualitatively incredible manga, both in terms of storytelling and illustration, that has now been cast perfectly for the live-action adaptation. I won’t say nothing can go wrong because that might jinx it, but everything I see points to awesomesauce in the making. Starring Sato Takeru as the titular wandering swordsman named Kenshin and Takei Emi as the girl that takes him in, the story deals with Japan during the turbulent growing pains between the end of the Edo period where samurai culture ruled into the beginning of the Meiji period where Western and civic culture was governing the country as it pushed the warrior ways aside. The manga had multiple arcs and the movie will only cover the first main story line. Check out the gorgeous official stills from the movie, and watch the English subbed long trailer and teasers of the main character descriptions. The movie premieres on August 25th in Japan, so if you live there or are visiting at that time, I’m sending you baleful jealous stares right now.

Trailer for Rurouni Kenshin (English-subbed):

Character profile for Kenshin:

Character profile for Sano:

Character profile for Kaoru:

Character profile for Saito:

Character profile for Megumi:


Official Movie Stills and English-subbed Trailer for Rurouni Kenshin — 27 Comments

  1. I cannot wait for this movie to come since Rurouni Kenshin manga and anime has been my all-time favorite … and looks like this movie will be one that will not fail my expectation unlike so many other manga turn live-action movie … I’m sooo excited for it!!

  2. never read the manga nor watched the anime but strangely REALLY want to see the movie. damn now i might have to give the mangas a try again…..

  3. I’m gonna watch this!!! nevermind that I’ll probably just be gaping there half of the time but it’s okay cause I know the story very well 🙂 everybody just looks so fanstastic and yes, it’s gonna be awesome!!

  4. Thank you for showing us this preview. This movie look really cool. I too will have to look up the manga and follow it. You are the best source of all things hip and fun!

  5. U made my day Koala. I will join you in sending ‘baleful jealous stares’ at the ones in Japan. Sigh, I wish it would release internationally!

  6. I sooo want to see this movie like NOW! I’m so envious of those living ot visiting Japan when it opens, that I had a knee-jerk reaction to just un-friend everyone from Japan off my FB friends’ list just because I didn’t want to see them mention they enjoyed it. BUT, I stopped myself. I want to KEEP those friends.

  7. The more I keep watching these trailers, the more impatient I get for it to come out….Wish we could somehow teleport ourselves to Japan to watch!!

  8. Every time I read anything about this movie, my first reaction is a huge smile. I still can’t believe that this movie is coming out!!!

  9. Going to be a good movie for sure. I’ve seen the anime and dang… glad they are just going with the main story line. 😀

  10. I watched ‘Legend of the eight samurai’ and Henry Sanada was great in it. I will certainly check this manga out. Japaneses are extremely good with this type of movie.

  11. Wow, how long is the movie going to be? There seems to be a lot of story to cover especially if they include all the fights along the way :O

  12. This makes me want to read the manga all over again now. But not the anime, still pissed over how they ruined the ending.

  13. *passing out from too much excitement* . . . i’m so envious of those who are able to watch this movie on the 25th!!!

  14. Action sequence looks awesome, however I’m a bit disappointed at the choice of leads, or maybe I’m bias for I love the anime and manga too much. Plus, I love the male lead in roles like BECK way more.

  15. Oh gosh! I just watched this yesterday..and now I hate how the bluray will only come out on the 26th! It was awesome!!!!! My eyeballs were plastered onto the screen with every little rurouni kenshin detail played to life! My life is complete!

  16. I’ve seen this last Sunday. Its a great movie. Takeru Sato is perfect as Kenshin Himura. Even if you’ve never seen or read the anime or manga you will appreciate the movie. The fight scenes were so cool. It made me think if its inbedded in their genes to be able to weild a sword like that, because seeing them with swords in their hands just feels right. I feel so lucky because I didnt even know that this was showing in my country. I havnt seen any trailer on TV. It ws jst by chance that my sister saw the ad on a free newsprint.

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