Lovely Shots of Rainie Yang for her Upcoming New Album

It might appear Rainie Yang has been MIA for the past year since finishing Drunken to Love You, with no acting projects aside from the short tourism Australia web drama she did with Show Luo. I’m a late-comer in liking Rainie’s acting, which does have a tendency to be just a smidge too expressive, but she’s learned to rein it in over the years and when she hit the emotional notes she nails it. Turns out Rainie’s still in a singing mood these days, as her solo album last Summer was a best seller and she’s about to release another album next month called “A Person Wanting Happiness”. I really loved her last album, her singing isn’t terribly strong but its very evocative and she picks songs that are perfect for her. Her agency released the pictures from her album jacket and it’s too gorgeous not to share. I thought Rainie would grow her hair out after she cut her long locks purely for DTLY, yet who knew she would not only keep her short bob, she’s now gone even shorter for this album. I’m almost forgetting the long-haired Rainie of yore if she keeps this up. I love the look on her, she is truly versatile enough to pull off a myriad of cuts and colors.


Lovely Shots of Rainie Yang for her Upcoming New Album — 11 Comments

  1. Lovely. I’ve truly grown to appreciate her and absolutely love that she’s gone shorter. It looks wonderful!! I’m so surprised, but oh so pleasantly.

  2. althought she looks great in short hair, but i would love to see her in a long hair again and starring in a new drama soon, pleassseeeee Rainie I want to see you in a new drama with Joe Cheng or with Mike He or with Shawn Yue.

  3. miss my fab her and waiting for her next drama..she simply stunning I guess I love that the fourth picture with the lace veil…Thank you Ms Koala

  4. I am glad to see you showed these photos. She is a strong actress and any one of the male leads she has worked in a drama with, in my opinion, comes away with more recognition, under their belt, then they had before.

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