To the Beautiful You Holds Press Conference and Releases Long Trailer

It’s looking more and more like my gut instinct about To the Beautiful You is right. Sulli and Min Ho are likely the closest live-action actors to their manga counterparts in Hana Kimi. She looks feminine but has the masculine swagger and attitude down right, and Min Ho is aloof without coming across as half asleep or robotic. Of course it needs to be said that the talented Lee Hyun Woo is definitely doing his predecessors proud in making Natsuki completely loveable and hilarious. Beautiful You is the last of the soon-to-air August dramas to hold its press conference, but being last doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a fighting chance to win some niche fans of its own. I really liked the long nine-minute trailer, which doesn’t show anything I wasn’t already familiar with having read and watched countless Hana Kimi remakes. But this version has its own flavor and attitude, not copying either the J or TW-versions but actually seeming to capture the manga’s essence. I think this will be a fun drama to watch alongside Arang and the Magistrate.

9-minute long trailer for To the Beautiful You:


To the Beautiful You Holds Press Conference and Releases Long Trailer — 26 Comments

  1. I will totally love this. I totally admit that.
    I love Lee Ah Hyun who was in MNIKSS and MSOAN. I hope we see a lot of her, too.

  2. I’m not even gonna lie, lol.
    I’m shipping sulli & lee hyun woo.
    I mean just look at their picture (4th one down) together, their smiles
    aah, already prepared for my ship to sink but I will get a lot of cute moments for it to be worth it.

  3. After watching this trailer I think I will watch at least the 1st episode… but I kind of think I will not finish it. 🙂

  4. The preview looks okay but I will wait until this is completed and marathon this drama instead.

    Arang had me at hello as well as some other dramas on my long list so unless I discover a way to clone myself or control space and time this is on my back burner.

  5. There are no more words to describe just how “teasing” all these teasers are.. Luckily we’re almost there and I’m ready to lose my sanity with the show.

  6. loving this already… i’m a die-hard fan of all hana kimi versions. tho so far, ella had stuck a bit in my head for being soooo uberly funny.

    thanks koala sis.

  7. Show looks cute, but what is UP with those suitshorts that some of the guys appear to be wearing (including one that seems to be paired with kneepads?!)?

  8. Wow! The trailer actually has got me super excited!

    I’m a great fan of the original Japanese Hana Kimi drama – it was the very first time I watched an Asian drama (besides those weepy old age Korean dramas like Winter Sonata and Stairway to Heaven, ugh I sure don’t miss those days), and I absolutely loved it!

    I was actually very doubtful of this remake, since I’m not a fan of remakes, and Korean remakes always makes the story even more wacko crazy. But this trailer totally changed things! It reminds me of the youthful summer vibe, excitement and thrill I got from watching the first one, just that the korean version has a slightly different feel to it – not in a bad way – which is perfect for keeping it not to similar to the original.

    Can’t wait to watch it!

  9. Interesting that she chose to dress in a boyish/gender neutral way for the press conference—back when Coffee Prince came out, YEH wore a super sort dress, rather than staying in character as Eun Chan.

  10. Love, love, love it!

    Has this drama been finished already? Some of the clips seem to be of stuff that happens quite a way into the manga.

  11. I am keeping my expectations for this way down. I didn’t really like either the TW version or the 1st Japanese version, both of which I watched while they were airing. I didn’t see the 2nd Japanese remake. I am curious about the show, but this manga just didn’t capture me like some of the others did.

  12. aaaah, I think Im going to die from squealing and flailing all over the place. i really can’t wait to see this now!! soooo excited for Sulli bc I’m a big fan of her acting. can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait!!!

  13. I’m now super excited! Just what I need right now, FLUFFFFFF!!

    I agree that TTBY has that perfect balance between angst and silliness that is Hana Kimi. I just hope they don’t get bogged down by the extraneous stuff they’re adding.

    ALSO WHERE IS THE DRUNK KISSY SANO?!?!?!?! They better include that. Haha! That is a MUST!!!! :))

  14. Looks pretty and gives a new vibe… I watched the japanese version and the remake. It’s nice to see the koreans bring a fresh feeling to it…

  15. Hana Kimi is my all time favourite story, my heart is pumping fast in anticipation.

    I will check out Arang and the Magistrate too! simply becos I am curious whether the writer to write a love line between Lee Jun Ki (magistrate) and Shin Min Ah (Ghost) XD

  16. surprisingly, after i’ve watched the 9-mins trailer, i’m kinda like it. i love the Japanese version so much til i’m scared the Korean version will ruin it. but i think i’ll like it…

    Sulli looks so fine in here, but still early to judge, and Lee Hyun Woo, agkjdbdkdbskjd…

  17. Love Hana Kimi period, so sure to follow up the Korean version..Love the Japanese actress Horikita Maki and Ella Chen the Sulli this actress is got to see her acting..but the guys are all cute..Thanks for the teaser..looking forward to it.

  18. everyoneeeeeeeeeeeee… had to share, I’m teaming up with v3sia to do live recaps and previews and to upload subbed videos for To The Beautiful You!!! keke we’re posting our stuff on Vingle COME SUPPORT US! let us know we are not alone in our obsession 🙂

    ooh and ep 2 LIVE RECAPS starting in…. 15 minutes! Link here —

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