The Fierce Wife Movie Provides Closure for the Drama Open Ending

What the hell? Xie An Zhen still hasn’t made a decision between her cheating loser of an ex-husband and her cute rich boy toy of a new boyfriend? And we need an entire movie to deal with what should have been dealt with at the end of The Fierce Wife? Le sigh. Quite possibly the most talked about TW-drama in 2011 was TFW, a honest look at a seemingly functional happy marriage torn apart by the insertion of a third party, and how a wife who based her entire existence on being a wife could create a new life for herself after a devastating betrayal and divorce.

The drama ended as a ratings blockbuster, but the story didn’t have a definitive ending on the romantic front. Heroine Xie An Zhen looked like she was giving the new guy played by Chris Wang a chance, but there was always this feeling that she didn’t fully move on from her ex-husband played by James Wen. TFW the movie is opening next week in Taiwan and will finally provide a conclusion to that open question, so check out the pretty trailer and stills below. This story has always tried hard, so hopefully the ending will provide a satisfactory closure for fans.

I watched only a few episodes of TFW and loved the acting by lead Sonia Sui (and I’m no fan of Sonia before this), the evocative cinematography and directorial touches, plus the wonderful soundtrack. But overall I was not a fan of the story despite seeing that it tried hard be give everyone a voice and not paint everything in black and white. I really hated that An Zhen couldn’t move on from Rui Fan, even if I’m not a fan of anger and hate even when faced with a douchebag who cheated on and then dumped her. I’m a fan of “you reap what you sow” and I know that Rui Fan will suffer for his own misdeeds, and I prefer An Zhen just move on. She can still co-parent their daughter peacefully with Rui Fan, but why even consider getting back together with him is beyond me. Sigh, some women just can’t let go even when its beyond the expiration date. Judging from the trailer, An Zhen still can’t decide between the old and the new even four years later, but things aren’t exactly easy with the new boyfriend or letting go of old angers with the ex.

Trailer for The Fierce Wife movie:


The Fierce Wife Movie Provides Closure for the Drama Open Ending — 28 Comments

  1. This is NOT Fierce. I am not sure why and how she is not over Rui Fan either as much as I want James Wen to finally get a/the girl in the end. Is this the end? Were they planning this when the series aired–to build a movie. What happened to the lecture she gave on tv about being the best she could be by herself. Is this really a good role model for her daughter? Besides, I was loving that the new boyfriend did all the “second lead type” things that I love and had the possibility of actually winning the “new, improved” girl at the end rather than helping her get a backbone only to return to the old love. Sigh.

  2. I wish they didn’t didn’t this movie, the drama ending was fine as it is, I interpreted it as the new guy got a chance and she moved on.

    But the acting was stellar all around in the drama so I”ll still check it out when it’s up online.

  3. Wow – I had no idea that a movie was planned. I too thought the ending meant that she had moved on and was willing to give the new guy a chance. I really did like TFW. I was quite captivated and I also did not like Sonia as an actress before this.

    I have a feeling that Chris gets the girl too at the end. I just wouldn’t make sense any other way. I always feel like once a cheater always a cheater. But I suppose there could be those few incidences where there could be true change and reconciliation. Still I routing for Chris 🙂

  4. I loved TFW, but I agree that the drama’s ending should have been the closure. The movie just feels like a rehash of the decision that was already made in the drama. An Zhen already made it clear that she couldn’t turn back with Rui Fan in the drama (one of the classic scenes!) and ended it with what looked like Chris’s character getting his chance.

    The movie just feels like an excuse to make money off the popularity of the series. Sigh, but it all looks so pretty that I will watch this 🙁 Everybody looks so good and Amanda looks really pretty without that mushroom cut.

  5. ^ I agree, the scenes with him seem stronger.
    Four years is sufficient time for her to grow into a role model for her daughter, and I’m assuming she’s ready to pursue another chance at love. Though I would prefer not showing us the ending, I have a hunch that Chris will be her choice, and support his character getting the girl as opposed to the man who turned her world upside down. But being biased towards James Wen, I want to see his redemption and reuniting with his family.

    Xie An Zhen looks like Sonia, and her husband looks like he aged backwards. They’ve really upgraded the styling for a movie.

  6. I haven’t watched TFW coz I I’m not a fan of open ending. But if the movie will let Sonia end up finally with Chris Wang, I’ll definitely watch it.

  7. The usage of the word “boytoy” kind of rubs me the wrong way even though I known it isn’t meant pejoratively… besides, is Chris Wang’s character actually younger than Sonia’s in the drama? I don’t really remember if that was ever made clear.

    On a side note, does anyone think that a ton of Asian dramas are showing divorced women marrying men who hadn’t married before in order to prep society for shifting demographic trends? The shortage of girls in newer age cohorts is predicted to relax social norms and standards for suitable marriage partners in the future… or it could end up like Korea, where most of the surplus men never get married at all. Interesting stuff to read up on if you ever get the chance.

  8. Dear An Zhen,

    Deciding to get back together with your ex-husband who cheated on you with your cousin is a complicated and difficult decision. Just remember that the person you are getting back together with is the same person who, not long before, look you in your beautiful face, took full stock of you and all your qualities, and told you that he was no longer in need of your company. All he is doing is sniffing around for something better and when he doesn’t find it, he gets lonely and comes “home.” It’s not that he’s so into you. It’s that he’s so not into being alone.

    credit advice goes to greg behrendt and liz tuccillo

  9. I would like to watch this movie to see how it all sums up in the end.
    @Storm Gray 3,I always read and hear this advice everywhere. I’m still with the guy who cheated on me and hurted me badly before. When he couldn’t afford her,she left and she cheated on him too.
    I waited for him to grow up and this is the lesson he needed to wake him up. Now,he’s behaving but I’m slowly losing my feelings for him. We know each other for more than 30years now and I’m still trying to make up my mind about our relationship. I’m feeling good about myself now after the few years of depression. I take each day as it comes,whether we will be together or not in the future,I just have to wait out and see how we progress in this relationship now.
    I feel it’s not easy to throw away a friend just because of his betrayal. We can always be good friends only.

  10. Agree with all the people who said that they should’ve left it at what they had at the end of the drama but I loved TFW so much that I’ll probably watch this! I admit that the first 10 episodes were extremely boring but I loved watching her transition into that independent woman and how she dealt with the pain of a cheating husband and then eventually divorce. I remember watching the scene when Rui Fan forced An Zhen to sign the divorce papers while she was lying in that hospital bed. It was heart wrenching and unforgivable. She deserves better so I hope she chooses Tian Wei at the end!

  11. Am I the only one who doesn’t wish Tian Wei ending up with Ah Zhen because of my addiction to Inborn Pair?

    But on the other had I agree with a lot of you guys, they relaly should’nt have made a movie for closwure, the ending to The Fierce Wife was done really well and very realistic in my opinion. No movie needed.

  12. I guess I’m the only one hyped about this movie. I think on the contrary this is the perfect disclosure for the drama… As for why she’s considering returning to her ex unless you understand what it means to give your all to one man for so many years you can’t judge her…

  13. It seems like An Zhen’s wavering comes from her lack of confidence in her new relationship. It was easier for her to fall in love the first time around with her ex-husband, and finding out that with new boyfriend, things aren’t that easy – is making her second guess her choice. I wouldn’t say that the movie is all about An Zhen not being sure of who to pick, but moreso of her being afraid of chasing love again. As far as I can tell from the trailer, she’s not really considering taking back her ex as much as she is finding comfort in the familiarity of his presence.

    Anyhow, I’m definitely intrigued by the movie, the directing and editing seems impressive and definitely a notch up in quality.

  14. If the finale movie is about An Zhen going back to her ex- don’t shoot she should move forward after the ex went to the hospital to force her to sign the divorce document is he human and yet LTWei watched her visited her nurse her at the hospital – Everyone wants a good ending – isn’t it the trailer shows Wei Ern returns and with a son An Zhen ex should be responsible and unit with the son whereas An Zhen should go forward to LTWei who sacrifice one whole year to learn how to be a better person and learn what is love and look at the last episode An Zhen went to look for LTWei during the signing isn’t it the purpose of pursing him not the ex – and if the finale of the movie is going against the happy ending of An Zhen n LTWei I will be very sad and may not want to see the movie

  15. trust me. . . the movie is awesome.
    I watched it when I was in Taiwan.
    It’s really nice plot and good and unpredictable ending.
    I want to watch it again when it is available.

  16. I’ve been waiting to watch this for such a long time ! Does anyone have any idea of where I can look online?

    Thanks so much :3

  17. love the series, as must of oriental dramas, not nice ending, of course she must move along with the other man, not the cheating husband, what a proud of the woman, move on and put the final in netflix, do not like the woman with low self steem, since the beggining, chose the nicest guide,

  18. ONce you establish a bond of love, it seems more so for women than men, over a long period of time, with child, that bond can be forever. THere are no explanation for what her husband did but forgiveness is part of that bond. The boyfriend was smarmy, and lacked depth. He was narcissistic and he thought he loved her he praying on the vulnerable. She attempted to love him but I think she saw his true charter. If she really loved the boyfriend then there would have been little hesitation on her part. She knew her Hearst desire and that was her ex husband. She needed time and proof to reconcile his infidelity and regain trust. When she told her ex husband she could not go back, even though it hurt, this decision was to prove to herself she could no longer be obsequious to any man. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Once innocence is lost we’re never the same nor are our relationships. Painful series!

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