Glowing Yoon Eun Hye Walks the Red Carpet at JIMFF

When one of my favorite actresses attends an event like a film festival red carpet, I’m always thrilled to check out the pictures and see what she wears. Love it or hate it, critiquing fashion is lots of fun because its so subjective and ultimately a frothy way to pass time. Yoon Eun Hye was at JIMFF last week (Jecheon International Music & Film Festival) as a guest and I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what I think about her look. She’s still sporting the orangey-red hair, which looks great on her and is suitably lively for the Summer season. On the red carpet, she’s wearing a strapless column gown that looks like a two piece top and bottom ensemble but is really one connected dress. The top is a ruched strapless silver satin while the bottom is a black straight satin with a high side slit. It’s honestly a dress I wouldn’t pick out to wear, on myself or her, because it bisects the torso usually makes one look squat. But for some reason it’s eye-catching on her so I guess I like it? I can safely say that I love her peep-toe Louboutins. What do you think?

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Glowing Yoon Eun Hye Walks the Red Carpet at JIMFF — 30 Comments

  1. she has so much class, though a’m not sure of the dress, but no matter what she always wear stylish, I’m waiting anxiously his next drama

  2. She looks gorgeous as usual! No matter what she wears, she looks good. Love how h make up is so natural and glowing. She one of the very very few actresses who makes my heart go flip flop when I see her pix.:D

  3. I love to get my hand on her dress..the cut pattern more liked art/trendy for my taste..She looks gorgeous plus the

    • Im kinda on the fence on this one… I can see what the final result was supposed to be but somehow the execution of the top slightly misses the mark. The color combination is lovely though.

  4. I love her, so I wish she’d stop being a (photo)model and goes back to work on a drama or else asap. She is beautiful, her body is gorgeous and she looks wonderful in both Queen or Whore style dresses, but all I can see a while is a sad, heartbroken(?) faced woman. I hope she is happy.

  5. I think she looks absolutely stunning. 🙂 I do not like the dress but YEH totally pulls it off so that it looks great. She looks so natural and fresh in the photos that it’s just perfect.

    Well, I agree with the person who posted earlier. At first glance, I do look at her impressions and wonder if she’s happy. 🙂 I hope she returns to dramaland some time. I loved the crazy LTM and I miss seeing her onscreen. I actually rewatched Goong through ep 7 last week for her. I think I will watch ep 8 right now.

  6. I think that she looks very elegant and stylish here 🙂
    I miss her very much and I was very glad when I saw she posted 3 new pictures on her twitter account (@1003grace) yesterday ^^

    I read today that there was a rumor on dcmbc 4 days ago about a drama that she may be in…does anyone know what drama it is?

  7. Yes she looks sad and lonely or melancholy especially in pics 4 and 5. Does anyone know if she is dating?

    Like all YEH fans, am tired of just getting glimpses of her at promotional events and photo shoots (gorgeous as they may be) – wish she would pick a good drama or movie project just based on the merits rather than loyalty considerations alone.

    Miss YEH – we are all rooting for you!!

  8. Hahah Koala I know what you mean when you said “But for some reason it’s eye-catching on her so I guess I like it?” Hehe it is so true! When I first saw it, I was like WTH and then as I kept looking at it, I just said Yoon Eun Hye is totes rocking this Jetsons dress.

  9. Looks like our vote is unanimous. 🙂

    I dug her outfit right away cuz this is like totally the kind I’d wear in formal events: classy, chic, yet unusual so basically eye-catching in a good way. Her hair color is not my fave but indeed she can pull it off.

  10. First of all, I really love her and admire her but I don’t like her outfit, at all. Grey is a really difficult color to pull off. You can either look old or washed out. There’s this thing with Korean actress. They always opted for pastel colors and always play it safe.You can see the same look, the same styles over and over again at various events. Don’t you think it’s getting boring? What happen to bold colors like purple or royal blue? Why can’t they just take some risk? Plus, if you wear a plain dress why can’t spice it up with some statement earrings or some bold rings? And if you want to wear jewellery, why chose the same color of your dress? How can it stands out? If Angelina Jolie can pulled off by wearing emerald earrings with a simple black dress, why can’t she? I thought she’s a Cartier ambassador, she could get far better jewelleries than this one.

  11. all i cud see is the length of her hair!! i was soo upset with her short hair.. some reason made her loook a lot less feminine than she is … now she is back to being the lady !! *wink* hope she has a new drama/movie up for graps!! miss her !!

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