Megan Lai and Roy Qiu Celebrate as Miss Rose Hits New Ratings High

Wahhhh, supreme daebak! Episode 5 of Miss Rose easily jumped over a point in ratings and broke 4 to land on 4.35 for the night. This puts MR on track with Office Girls, and with the drama being much more romance focused and less office politics than OG, I think the Taiwan audience is fully onboard this train and can push the ratings even higher in the coming weeks. Some folks have noticed, and even the TW-media is twittering about it, that in real life Roy Qiu and Megan Lai are pretty cool with each other and have no chemistry. I have to agree, and I thought so from the very get go when I saw the first press conference stills from MR. But you know what? Who cares since onscreen Cheng Kuan and Si Yi have mad, rad, mondo chemistry with each other. Though this does cut down on the cute behind-the-scenes pictures and cast antics, which punctuated OG with Roy and Patrick Li being insane hams during lulls in shooting and Roy and Alice Ke getting along so well despite being so different in personality.

Alice and Roy complemented each other in real life, her easygoing laid back ways meshing with his more intense and fun loving nature. Not sure what the issue is with Megan and Roy, but the two of them met the media this morning to celebrate MR hitting a new ratings high and both went out of their way to goof around together and dispel the rumors they didn’t get along. Megan said she had very “indescribable” chemistry working with Roy, and he complimented her as direct nature as requiring time to figure out and he’s happy doing it. Hahaha, you two are totally not helping convince me, but really it doesn’t matter since everything is firing on all cylinders onscreen. Congrats to MR, and let the good times keep rolling. I wish the cast of MR would start promising to do ridiculous things should the ratings break 5, because I want to see Roy do something as adorable as drive a go cart in a dinosaur costume, which is what he did when OG ratings broke 5.

Roy’s not making the “loser” gesture below, since Mandarin sign doesn’t equate that with the letter L. I think he’s just trying (and adorably failing) to be cool.

Looks like Si Yi’s ex-boyfriend Tang Yi Jun is finally making his entrance in this drama, with second male lead Chao Chun Ya‘s picture being posted on weibo yesterday by the PD. I can only imagine the sparks that will fly once Cheng Kuan has to deal with keeping Vivian from flipping out and potentially having a rival for Si Yi’s affections. Bring on the love square! Btw, I totally think Si Yi’s broken watch was a gift from Yi Jun, but we’ll have to wait to find out.


Megan Lai and Roy Qiu Celebrate as Miss Rose Hits New Ratings High — 26 Comments

  1. D on said:


    That’s pretty much the only coherent word that comes to mind upon reading your post. ^^

  2. No chemistry bts but plenty enough on-screen, which matters much more. Except in their 1st kissing scene. Hope that Megan will feel much more confortable around Roy to give it a real go next time.

    I agree with the watch: had the same hunch!!

    As for the cast to promise to do things if the ratings hit higher marks, I could very well picture Roy Qiu wearing his yellow “cool” T and his red boxers before splashing into the swimming pool; or Megan doing likewise with her pink négligé or would that be R-rated (my question is in fact serious)?

  3. I don’t think Roy Qiu was all that chummy with the girls of the OG cast either. I remember noticing back in the OG days that he followed Patrick Li on weibo but not the girls like Alice Ke and Yao Yao. They, however, are following him and when they were filming, @ him several times.
    In other case, Megan Lai has always strike me as a pretty down to earth person that makes friends easily with her cast members.
    I am pretty sure that we wont see ex boyfriend for at least until maybe episode 7, which makes me squirm in anticipation!

    • Yup, Roy does seem to be rather “distant” when he’s not in the mood. During OG, I think Patrick got him going with all the funny antics. He also seems to keep his hands in his pockets a lot when he’s with his female co-stars. But who cares, he is just so eye candy and funny onscreen I can’t seem to get enough of his screen time. :p

  4. BTW, the BTS at the end of ep 5 where Roy was speaking in front of the fridge, he eerily looks like Mike He. They’ve always been known to resemble each other, but that one particular segment was so mind boggling for me just HOW similar they are.

    • and their voices are REALLY similar too!! this is my first roy qiu drama, and the very first episode, i kept staring intently at the screen b/c i was so certain it was just mike he skinnying down a bit.

  5. It’s possible they don’t want to be too close offscreen so they dont offend any real life BF/GF since many rumors are started by ‘talking co-stars’ on break. I’ve noticed that Roy doesn’t really follow any of his female co stars except Tiffany Tang (she’s the 1st person he followed on weibo)

  6. Huh.. I was trying to think of why the watch was important to her, and I can’t believe I didn’t think about her ex! I can’t wait for him to come into the picture 😀

  7. well maybe he just wants to have offscreen chemistry with his real gf
    but if she was in it, i dont think she’d fit the storyline…

    • I could see Tang Yan playing Megan’s character quite easily. But mainland dramas are just so lucrative that there’s really no point in doing Taiwanese dramas unless you’re part of the idol scene there. Hence why Taiwanese stars and Hong Kong stars flock to China in droves once they get the chance.

  8. I have to agree – I thought a lot of the promo photos were cringe worthy at best. I seriously would not have pegged this pairing together in a million years. But I am very happy that they have quite good chemistry onscreen. I guess I don’t really care if they have any off screen or not. Go ratings!!

  9. Yeah I agree, the most important aspect is that Megan & Roy have onscreen chemistry. And they do, I love the stares/looks at each other in Ep 5! But I do wonder though if it’s more Roy being a bit more stand-offish? Megan does seem more friendly and easy going…

  10. I don’t bother about their real life chemistry.Their chemistry in Ep 5 was just dandy.Especially when they went from emotional to deadpan delivery.Oh my they were so good.Plus there were tension fraught scenes in Ep 5 which I just loved.Trying not to give out spoilers but yeah Ep 5 was fantastic.

  11. I think their first kiss was supposed to be awkward because she just grabs him and he wasn’t expecting it, plus his hand was scrunching her dress making me cringe like everyone else. The kiss wasn’t supposed to be romantic at all. Can’t wait to see more interaction between all the characters

  12. Hi miss Koala you’re so adorable.I dont need to watch viki for english sub so long as you kept up the good works, keeping us posted whats the buzz and news about miss rose per episode

  13. Just found this drama amd had to stop after episode 2. Roy Qiu was hot and great to watch but Megan Lai…those ugly expressions she makes all the time makes it so hard to like her. Her laugh is hideous and her teeth needs to be whitened. Shes vulgar and sounds like a dude sometimes. I wouldve preferred a pretty leading lady. Her friend is super cute and much nicer to watch. Also, with all the English they like to slip in, only the fortune teller could speak it decently. I have to avoid films with Megan Lai now, shouldnt be hard since she’s not exactly that famous.

    • Well i guess megan has done a pretty good job then since her character is supposed to be, in your words, “vulgar”. The media and the public seem to think she’s quite elegant and poised in real life, though.

  14. I really wish they would do a Mrs. Rose 2 about their family life. Love this movie. It had me crying, laughing, angry, sad, and in love. All of the cast was outstanding. LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT……….

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