Miss Rose Reveals Official Stills of the Happy Wedding in the Final Episode

Okay, I take back a quarter of my disappointment with Miss Rose after seeing these official stills from this weekend’s final episode 23 of the drama. One thing TW-dramas do very well is give its viewers a definitive happy ending, especially for rom-coms which by definition of its genre does not require anything more than having two characters, whose journey in love the viewers have followed and come to care for, to get hitched and make lots of cute babies. I’m not saying that a wedding makes everything perfect, but it sure as heck makes everything better. MR made no sense for its second half but its Chinese title of Miss Screw is Getting Married gave away its central conceit off the bat so I knew we were getting an OTP wedding. Which does make me so frustrated that the drama knew it was going to end happily yet still chose to throw unnecessary and increasingly ridiculous obstacles in the way during the final lap. I felt like I was playing Mario Cart and was 3 laps ahead of the next competitor but the final place racer kept tossing banana peels at me for no discernible reason. With that said, these lovely stills of Cheng Kuan and Si Yi getting hitched does make me exceedingly happy. I’m also pleased she’s not wearing the wedding gown from the opening title sequence which I wasn’t terribly fond of. Roy Qiu and Megan Lai actually look like they have chemistry in these stills and I’ll be checking out if there is a hot wedding kiss to rival Roy and Alice Ke in Office Girls. I’m looking forward to watching the final episode on FF just so I can zoom right to the wedding and the celebration afterwards. These two have earned their happy ending and with this I’ll leave this drama feeling content and satisfied. Continue reading

2012 Year End Drama Reviews: Something Fun for Everyone

Another year, another year end review. For me the year end review contextualizes the dramas watched on three levels – its own merits, how it stacks up against its compatriots, and how the year measures up against previous years. If … Continue reading