The Assassins with Chow Yun Fat, Tamaki Hiroshi, and Crystal Liu Releases Trailer

I used to watch a lot more HK and C-movies, but the quality has decreased across the board in terms of script and the productions these days tend to use flashy cinematography, special effects, and big stars to try mask its horrid or nonexistent story. I still think the foundation is there to make stellar movies, so I continue to follow along in hopes of finding the needle in the haystack. The trailer for the upcoming Three Kingsdom’s era movie The Assassins (Chinese title Tong Que Tai – which is the location where famed general Cao Cao was buried) was just released as it gears up for an end of September premiere. Starring Chow Yun-Fat, Tamaki Hiroshi, Crystal Liu (in a role that Yoon Eun Hye considered), Alec Su, and Annie Yi, the movie focuses on Cao Cao during his old age years and deals with political intrigue, assassination attempts, and the difficulties of a son having a powerful father. The trailer looks great, but almost all big-budget period C-movies have great trailers. What interests me is the story dealing with an aging Cao Cao and having Tamaki Hiroshi and Crystal Liu playing a pair of lovers who are trained assassins. Check out the pretty stills and trailer below.

Trailer for The Assassins (Tong Que Tai):


The Assassins with Chow Yun Fat, Tamaki Hiroshi, and Crystal Liu Releases Trailer — 16 Comments

  1. Liu Yifei… I’m out. Her ‘acting’ is beyond horrid. I wonder if Hiroshi was brought on to help promote in Japan since they (and the rest of Asia) are pretty crazy about Three Kingdoms fare over there.

    • YEH would have looked out of place. I think she suits modern dramas better. Let Liu Yi Fei handle all the historical epic.

      • Maybe for Chinese period pieces, but she actually looks amazing in Korean period pieces….. Have you seen her Ryeo pictures??? It’s not exactly the same but still…… Especially in the cf…

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