Roy Qiu and Tang Yan Return to San Ya Where They Filmed Waking Up Love

The are two things I am absolutely certain about when I saw the pictures from Roy Qiu and Tang Yan‘s most recent ad campaign fan event held in touristy beach town San Ya, China – Roy needs to get some sleep and Tang Yan needs to eat about 3 sandwiches a meal for one month straight. Despite fanning the flames a few months ago with his confession of having on crush on Tang Yan, Roy hasn’t confirmed a relationship between them while Tang Yan remains even more coy with comments like she’s really hard to pursue and romance isn’t her priority. Since I’m not a TangZhe shipper (Roy’s Chinese name being Qiu Zhe), I could care less if they dated, but no one can deny how adorable they are together. They totally have husband/wife face! They reunited in San Ya last week, the location where they filmed their break out drama Waking Up Love (the C-drama remake of Prince Turned into Frog – disclosure, I loved the original TW-version but hated the C-remake), for Chinese Valentine’s Day (lunar calendar July 7th) as part of a Pond’s fan event since they are the new face of Pond’s skincare products in China and Taiwan. I am very indifferent to Tang Tang but she looks so skeletal here I fear for her health, whereas Roy apparently filmed Miss Rose until dawn and then hopped a plane for San Ya and looks about to keel over. Nevertheless, the cuteness still radiates from them.

Here’s a peek at their cute and casual Pond’s campaign.

Tang Tang and Roy have done three dramas together in the last two years, though they played OTP in only two of them. They were the secondary set of OTP in The Daughters (where Baron Chen and Zhou Meng were the main OTP) and the main OTP in Waking Up Love. In Invincible, Tang Tang was paired with Hu Ge as the leads, whereas Roy was the second male lead and romanced a chick I heartily can’t stand so refuse to even remember her name. I’m sure its only a matter of time before they do another drama together, though Roy is so red hot in Taiwan right now I don’t know if he needs to go back to making C-dramas. Maybe Tang Tang can move to Taiwan? 😀


Roy Qiu and Tang Yan Return to San Ya Where They Filmed Waking Up Love — 13 Comments

  1. “Roy is so red hot in Taiwan right now I don’t know if he needs to go back to making C-dramas” –> China is the place to be right now. Lots of dramas with huge production budgets are being made and a lot of Taiwanese and Hong Kong actors are cashing in right now. I don’t know whether I should be happy to see some of my favorite actors in much higher quality stuff than inane idol dramas and TVB drivel or sad that they’re taking opportunities away from Chinese actors and actresses who have at least received some training in the profession.

  2. Don’t like her mouth shape……Roy looks exhausted. I am disappointed he didn’t persue music as a hobby……I thought he loved music but instead ended up car racing… bad for the environment. His choice of gfs makes me think he’s not that deep.

    • Do’t like her mouth shape,he’s not that deep?who is the one that is shallow and superficial,looking at peoples’ face and determining peoples’ taste?

  3. Not a fan of QiWei but rather curious why you dislike “chick I heartily can’t stand so refuse to even remember her name”? What did she do to tick you off so? Was it her characters? I think I hate her characters in all 3 drama.

    • I was wondering this too. I didn’t like Qi Wei’s character at all in My Daughter, but compared to Baron and Zhang Meng’s characters, she was at least…idk… interesting.

  4. Roy is sooo hot and wanted in Taiwan, would love to see him and Rainie in a Drama. I’m sure if it does happen…I’ll be in cloud 9 coz LOVE LOVE LOVE them both!!!

  5. They really give off that couple vibe! (is that a thing?) IF they did decide to date/are dating, I’m sure they’d go together quite well.

  6. @selli

    roy has her picture pasted in his racecar saying its a good luck charm
    maybe its just a one sided crush, but they might be dating

  7. I would love to see another Tang Yan and Roy Qiu collaboration.
    I’m not sure about the whole HUGE production in China right now. Especially after SAFT haven’t confirm anything about banning drama series that related to novel, remake, orthe palace backstabbing from national channels..
    TT^TT those are the only series i looked forward to see.. -.-

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