Lee Seung Gi Holds First Ever Taiwan Fan Meeting

Seung Gi, baby boy of mine, you do know you’re not supposed to visit Taiwan without giving your noona (ME!) a heads up and coordinating times with me, right? It was to my utter horror and despair to learn that my beautiful Lee Seung Gi hied himself off to Taipei this weekend for a fan meeting with his Taiwanese fans held at ATT Show Box. The event was attended by thousands of Taiwanese and other nation’s fans, and was such a success that Seung Gi mentioned holding a concert in Taiwan next time. The King 2 Hearts hasn’t been broadcast in Taiwan yet, so Seung Gi’s fans are mostly from his My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and Brilliant Legacy days, though as a solo singer he’s also got fans there who love his soulful ballads. At the fan meeting interview section, Seung Gi confessed to loving the food in Taiwan (he ate 7 steamers of xiaolongbao), finding Taiwan has many beautiful women, and teased that he was currently in love……..with his Taiwanese fans. Ha! Better yet, Seung Gi followed that up with “I’m just a playboy.” Oh my dear boy, I heart you so. Off I go now to stew in my bitterness some more at missing out on seeing him in Taipei.

Lee Seung Gi Taiwan Fan Meeting:


Lee Seung Gi Holds First Ever Taiwan Fan Meeting — 16 Comments

  1. Oh Koala, you should have timed your Taipei vacation later!

    He was in Singapore for an open press conference and fanmeet last Friday and I saw him in person. He is sooooooo much more good looking in person!
    He sure showed his “flirty” side of him in Taiwan… in Singapore, he was witty and humourous and so utterly swoon-worthy!

    • I always hear/read people saying that Seung Gi is soooooooooooo much more good looking in person!
      Here I am praying for him to come to my country and see him in person.

      • Why didnt you come to Spore Osi? Reglest and I went to Singapore and experienced a wonderful night seeing Seunggi in person. It’s such a dream!! He’s indeed adorable ^^ Hope to see him again anytime soon in near future 😀

    • So despairing to read “he’s so much better-looking in person”. *sniffles* I believe he even mentioned the same to his SG fans. HA!!

  2. The fanmeet in Singapore was a great success! Seung gi is so gooood looooking, funny and warm. It was worth every single penny of the ticket!

  3. Oh noes that you missed his fan meet by a frickin’ week!! I read that his schedule was leaked or something during his stay in Taiwan that he was mobbed where ever he went. Although going by his smiles he loves it. hahaaaa Saw the Singapore fan meet vids and he’s a charmer for sure!! <3

  4. wow such a handsome guy…I also love his voice. he’s going to MC some event in japan with Parkshinhye .. though I wish that they would pair for drama together.

  5. Oppa, you came to our small but beautiful country, eventhough I wasn’t there in your fan meeting, my heart is with you. I’m a fan and i love your works. if only hoi hoi can know this, anyway, thank you Koala for this piece of news. mwah*

  6. Yes, and yes..he’s sooooo..freakingly handsome and HOT in real person!! I went to Singapore FM and…OMG, I can’t even believe myself look at the screen & REAL him back and forth, to make sure it’s not recorded and it’s the same person (Girls, I’m sorry I say this for like thousand times, but that’s true), because it’s so different!! I just wonder how a camera can’t capture his whole handsomeness, and aura, and hotness!!

    *silent a little to take a breath*
    And oh my…he’s just so witty, and smart and adorably cute- I know when I throw praise for him I can’t stop, and now I can’t!- There is moment when the fans quarrel for the gift, like the two girls want the same thing. Girl 1 says: But I say it 1st, and Seung Gi so wittily answer: But this is mine *doe blinks* Me: Dies of happiness for xxx times
    And he is just heodang as he seem in 1n2d, there are moment he taught fans how to dance “Losing my mind” and heodangly miss the beat, LOL, which he admitted sheepishly: I’m not used to this slow beat, LOL!
    I really want to see you again Seung Gi!! *kiss*

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