The Best Part of Love Actually was Joe Cheng and Lee Da Hae Kissing

Once I finally got around to watching the C-drama Love Actually with Joe Cheng, Lee Da Hae, Li Yi Feng, and Anna Fang, I wished the heck I didn’t even bother and could continue to daydream about how cute and wonderful it was. Sometimes getting a bubble burst just compounds the disappointment, and in this case, the drama ought to be renamed Stupid Actually. I don’t think its terrible and dreadful and a blight on the earth, for it certain has its moments, but the plot was cobbled together by an elementary school kid cherry picking story lines from dramas she’s seen her mother watch before. It was strung together in ways that just felt so random, and ultimately the story even went all makjang in the second half, thereby killing the element of peppy cuteness it at least had in the beginning. But overall I’ve seen way worse from C-dramas, and LA simply let me down because I thought it had such potential with a cast I loved and a bright effervescent aura about it. One thing that did deliver in LA was the pairing of Joe and Da Hae was as amazing as it could be. The chemistry was all there, and visually they made a stunning couple. They also kissed a lot in the drama, and that pretty much saved me from wanting to spork my eyes out from the rest of the stupidity happening onscreen. Sadly my baby Feng Feng didn’t fare as well in terms of his story line or OTP, but watching him onscreen was a pleasure as always. Check out the pretty Joe and Da Hae kissing stills from the drama and perhaps consider skipping the actual thing. You won’t be missing out on much.


The Best Part of Love Actually was Joe Cheng and Lee Da Hae Kissing — 37 Comments

  1. I might just watch it.. not for the kissing per se but for the fact that the leads actually get together before the final episode unlike what’s happening in the ones I am watching.

    And yeah, they do look good together.

    • I might just watch it.. only for the kissing! lol Actually i did try watching it but gave up in d 1st ep itself…her dubbing was horrid!

  2. Ms Koala which episode was that last scene from? I had to fast fw so much I must have missed it. I looked forward to it so much. Halfway through I had to fast fw because it was just plain terrible. The 2nd girl with the younger brother- man, did you see her straining neck tendons every time she talked/ screeched? Ergh.
    However since I actually downloaded the whole series- I would make a sacrifice and scan for some kissing. Because frankly, even the kissing wasn’t up to standard I thought I wandered into K drama land.

      • Ms Koala, which episode is the last scene from? I have fast forwarded it too.. I have ‘watched’ until episode 34 online. And for a non-mandarin speaking person, i find that i can hardly watch past episode 13.. Watched it for Joe Cheng and LDH.

    • me too, im done watching this drama without subs (and im patiently waiting for the subs)
      same question, i dont seem to recall what episode the last 3 picture are in…

  3. *spoilers *

    I did not appreciate how chaste they were. Then to bring in the plot point of the ex having his child? So he has sex with her but with LDH all he did was back hug her and offer romantic words? Ergh some more 🙁

    • I have been following this C-drama coz of Joe Cheng pairing with Korean actress! and its Lee Da Hae! so I watched it. Having to rely on subs – so far I watched till ep12 and found out it is till ep34 / 35?! Even now I already feel certain parts being dragged and Hao Feng has a child with Xiao Hui her ex-GF? geeez!!!

      Yes ockoala and others who have watched this c-drama till the end, if you can highlighted interesting parts worth watching in which episode? LOL… I am terrible to continue if its longer than 16 episodes.

      cheerio 😉

    • This is one of the reasons why I don’t like spoilers. It changes my mind from wanting to watch a drama into not going to ever. I can tolerate mean ex trying to sabotage and destroy OTP’s romance but I hate it when the male lead is having a child with his ex. HATE it. It was why I couldn’t stomach Lovers (one of the Lover trilogy). The fact that the the male lead’s girl friend was having his baby while he’s falling for the female lead was repulsive to me. And the ex was such a nice a girl to. Not the meany type at all.

      But I really love Joe Cheng and want to see his kissing scences. Arrgh!

    • Actually he didn’t have sex and not having a child from his Ex. She pretended this when he is drunk and lied about that to make him marry her.

      • Oh, thanks God. I’m watching this then. Love him enough to overcome anything else I might find not up to my expexctations in this drama. Thank you for clarifying this apqaria

  4. I finished the whole drama, it’s bad. I watched it because of Lee Da Hae. It’s my 1st time seeing Joe Cheng. After all Joe Cheng is a very good actor and he looks good too of course. I love the OTP and yeah, their kisses too. :o)

  5. I wonder is that Joe Cheng real voice? or is it dubbing? anyone? because it sound weird, a bit stiff.. feel like he is not native speaker

    • I dont think it is Joe’s real voice. His voice is not as deep as that. 🙂 This series is mainland, so probably they had both main leads voice dubbed.

      • That is Joe’s real voice. Both Joe and Li Yi Feng did their own voice dubbing for this drama. Joe enunciates really stiffly when he speaks, plus he speaks Mandarin with the Taiwanese speaker’s inflection. He’s native, but just has his own unique tone and tenor when he speaks.

  6. I love this cdrama not bad at all. Joe and lee da hae surprisingly so good together, one of the most attractive couple. I love the setting of the restaurant, the food, yummy, and the song from songbird of Singpore Olivia Ong ‘ Ready for Love’ just beautiful and use it appropriately during Joe and ldh scene.

  7. Ahh…
    Good drama kissing is the best. Bad drama kissing is the worst.
    It’s not like that sex/pizza thing because you think “I’ve invested all of my heart and soul into this OTP and they barely touch lips and her eyes are wide open and she doesn’t hug back?!”
    Up against the wall kissing is the best of all good drama kissing.

    Oooh. I went into the archives and found this fanvid.
    Quiet and not so quiet moments with M2F – Bong-su and Jae-hee – one of my fav OTP’s. They still get to me.–YShe2I

    • I totally get your point of view. When the OTP gets really close emotionally, it’s also expect to see this closeness reflected physically and it’s kind of an incoherence when the OTP barely has skinship.

    • This OTP still gets to me too. I watched M2F totally expecting to dislike the show, but I still gave it a chance. Thank goodness I did.

      The kiss scenes in the screenshots look pretty good. But they aren’t deceiving me into watch Love Actually. Nope, not at all. I think Joe Cheng can really sell a kiss, not only to the audience but also to his co-star. He brings an authentic feel that allows the co-star to relax and enjoy. He always seems to get caught up in the kiss but after careful study *ahem* I see he’s in total control of the situation. Case in point the kiss on the wall. The camera isn’t up on them, Joe has built a mini safety zone for LDH with his left arm. It’s almost as if the camera isn’t there. This is Joe’s magic, I think. Plus look at Joe’s open mouth! Look at it!!!! He makes it look a lot hotter than it actually is.

      Joe could serve his country better by teaching his fellow actors how to make their love scenes better. That should be an alternative service is all I’m saying.

      • lmao! I literally laughed reading this post. Amen to “joe’s magic”. Very true, the guy knows how to kiss well. Those last two pictures look legit.

      • LOL. But totally agree with you. I LOVE Joe Cheng a lot. Though he’s not my greatest love among T actors (Jerry Yan still win by a few points) but I LOVE him a lot. Even more than my love for Mike He. And I totally agree with you that Joe could serve his country better by teaching his fellow actors how to kiss. Personally I think he’s the best kisser amongst T actors. No, make that into Kdrama, Tdrama and Jdrama. Still couldn’t forget his wedding night scene with Ariel Lin!

        *fan oneself*

    • Thanks for this! I was just thinking about MTF and this was great to see! A very sincere relationship of two hurt people becoming more together than they ever could be apart; and yes,the kissing was great and real!

  8. Joe is one of the more convincing tw actor kissers after mike and blue. I definitely think blue is the best cause he’s the real deal (although I haven’t seen any cdramas of his yet only tw ones).

    Most cdramas modern ones drive me so crazy and I have to fast forward it half the time. I have yet to see this one but judging from the whole kid with the ex thing reminds me of the random episodes in AGD with the kid with the ex thing means that I will not like that part. I will just look at the pretty stills. Lovely joe and feng feng and ldh. Thanks for the heads up

  9. Everytime I see a big c-male star paired with a K-female star, I wondered why? Were they not able to find a C-female to play the part with the same
    quiet sweetness?

  10. This dorama is definitely a remake of Japanese drama “Lunch no Joou” (I love that dorama) this is really cute and great chemistry between lider actors.

    • I think I have watched this J-dorama too. Was it the one with Takeuchi Yuko as Netsumi? But there were 4 brothers there? As for this Love Actually, not too bad but when I discovered its gonna be more than 30 episodes, oh no… I think most likely I will fast forward.

      So if anyone can help which episodes NOT to be missed after the 13th episode, please let me know 🙂 cheers.

  11. I am watching this drama raw and re-watch with the sub..I am watching is due to the OTP..they are really good in convincing me they are in love..the 17 episodes I’ve watched getting very tiring because less screen for both of the main lead together.I don’t like the 2nd lead girl she is very most of the Taiwanese actress.I am not really the kissing scene fan but even tender looks can interest me..and Lee Da hae kissing was never that good accept maybe the last scene with Lee Dong wook in My girl,but here with Joe Cheng I just can have enough..I guess Joe Cheng can really convince me he can kiss.Thanks Ms.Koala.

  12. I’m sorry but, did anyone here saw Joe Cheng’s facial expression of “I hate you, you dumb BB**” in the first episode? When he first shows his face, as he turns and gives a low scowl…I swear I felt my skin heating up.
    His eyes are enough for me to watch this drama. Can’t care on the other details. Call me shallow. It just is the best thing so far.

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