Written Preview for Episode 3 of Nice Guy

Nice Guy is off like the start of a roller coaster ride, currently taking all the viewers on the slow but steady upward climb with everyone knowing and anticipating the drop sure to come. I liked that the drama started so quickly without doing a linear recitation of the events which led up to characters making tough decisions, like how Maru was willing to take the fall for Jae Hee, and why Eun Gi hates her dad and new young step-mom so much. We can all guess why, but I’m game for the drama showing us later when the time is right. Lee Kyung Hee likes doing this for her stories where the characters have a lot of backstory, and she’s quite good at toggling between the present and the past. After letting the first two episodes sit for a few days, I’ve come to appreciate its great balance of style and substance even more, with characters that are understandable albeit hard to relate to. Eun Gi is as hard as a diamond, Jae Hee is the easy-to-hate weak-willed first love, and Maru is so complicated and brought on so much pain himself I’m not all for his revenge plot because he could have avoided it all but for his desire to sacrifice himself for Jae Hee. I would much rather watch Eun Gi and Maru play the cat-and-mouse game and see where that leads.

Episode 3 written preview:

Maru has been hurt and betrayed by the changed Jae He, and for that Maru seeks revenge on Jae Hee by purposely getting close to Eun Gi and saving her from danger. Jae Hee becomes more and more ambitious, doing everything she can to seek the approval of the Chairman and to become a member of the Tae San Group. Eun Gi isn’t sure about how she feels towards the Maru who risked his life to save hers, but gradually her suspicion of Maru turns into curiosity……..


Written Preview for Episode 3 of Nice Guy — 9 Comments

  1. So that whole random motorcycle scene did serve a purpose. I bet we’re gonna have flashback of Maru starting to stalk Eun-Gi and that whole motorcycle save was planned all along.
    Sly, maru. sly…

    • i believe it was.. i mean it was too obvious.. boy plans to use the girl by saving her then try to get close to/date her? girl falls inlove only to find out that she was just a bait. girl is heartbroken…. etc…etc…..

  2. i guess one day Maru will do anything so save Eun gi life from her illness, her illness it quite serious..hope not..:),but already feel the melo auro just now..

  3. Ahmmm. Just based on live recap, not the actual video (I haven’t seen it)…not my favorite episode. Don’t know why I didn’t like it that much. I’s not hitting home. So..I’ll wait for the video.

    • Okkkaaaayyy. Just saw the video (raw), couldn’t understand a single word they’re saying except for what has been mentioned on recaps. The chemistry’s exploding on scream. Though I don’t understand anything, EG’s temper and growing interest in M is funny… in a good way. MCW’s expressions is making me laugh.

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