New Stills and Video Preview for Episode 11 of Missing You

Awww, poor Jung Woo, why so depressed dude? Oh right, you got tasered by your number one ahjumma fan who turns out to be a homicidal rapist killer. One thing that just really stands out about MY is that the emotions can be justified but the events that create the emotions continue to feel so ridiculously extreme. It could happen, but not all of them so coincidentally and all happening to the same group of people. I could only be mollified if killer ahjumma turns out to be in cahoots with someone, say Han Tae Joon or even Hyung Joon, because otherwise she’s just some random woman who happens to have the same grudge on the rapist and takes him out on the same day he got run over by Hyung Joon and Soo Yeon in their car. I feel like poor Jung Woo is written so bipolar by the writer depending on her needs – he’s either a dogged and observant detective, or else he’s a buffoon who gets himself tasered by an old lady. Same with his wild emotional fluctuations. Now that Hyung Joon is thisclose to going off the deep end (and I want Soo Yeon away from him when he does because no good will come of her being around a guy about to lose his marbles), I need Jung Woo as a character to step up and become totally rootable for me. Otherwise I’m going to be rooting for Soo Yeon to give both guys the finger and leave for happier pastures. The drama is really pulling out the child actor heavy artillery – after Yeo Jin Gu and Kim So Hyun‘s brilliant performances in the first few episodes, Kim Sae Ron will be making a cameo appearance playing Bora, the daughter of the cleaning ahjumma. Dayum, MY means business, though I’m sure child actor extraordinaire Kim Sae Ron is just back to lend a hand to her Can You Hear My Heart writer. She is the undisputed biggest name in child K-actors since she busted out of the gate with Man From Nowhere. I would watch Kim Sae Ron read me the phone book, she is that good. Can’t wait for episode 11 now!

Preview for episode 11:


New Stills and Video Preview for Episode 11 of Missing You — 14 Comments

  1. Thanks for this.. a good relief from my MY addiction. Judging by the money transfer that involving the ahjumma prior to (or after?) Sang Deuk murder I think she is indeed in cahoots with someone.

  2. I have to say MY is losing me… I felt really detached from the main leads and the only person which pulled my heartstrings was SY’s mum… until Ep 10, which I thought provided some gravitas to the characters, except for HJ whom is clearly turning dark.

    Ep 11’s preview looks good, I hope the drama is finally getting its footing.

  3. Oh, god bless her.
    Let’s NOT have a flashback to another like crime, shall we?
    I choose sunshine and sundaes and puppies, please.

  4. Yeah, I am with you about LSY giving THE FINGER to both men and going off on her own! Jeez,they should be a sane man out there who will loved to be with her! LOL

  5. i would tase him too for just being so emotionally unbalanced.Its like he has tears quota he has to achieve on a daily basis, he cries like the rest of his ahjumma fans…^^

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