The Cast of Miss Rose Attends Drama Wrap Party

Awwww, so much love. It was totally worth it for me spending so much time following Miss Rose despite all signs pointing to a drastic decline in quality right about now. This drama was always about spending time together and not in the few manufactured conflicts, except now it’s all about the manufactured conflicts and not enough time together. Puff Guo is a sweet girl but its going to take me some time before I don’t instinctively want to punch her in the face when I see her onscreen. Ugh, Vivian. Tia Li’s bad girl got a last minute redemption in Office Girls and that strangely didn’t bother me despite loathing her during the majority of the run. But here I got want Vivian gone, written off the show even if the excuse they give is that she got syphilis and is now in a nunnery in the South of France. If the last few episodes are all happy times between Si Yi and Cheng Kuan, with more funny interludes with the Luo family, then I will be thoroughly content. The drama wrapped filming a few days ago and the cast and crew gathered for the end of production party. I have no idea why Megan Lai has that odd hairstyle and is wearing a sweater muu muu, but everyone else looks relaxed and in a playful mood. Roy Qiu confessed to sleeping for two days straight after he wrapped production but joked it still wasn’t enough. I know they both worked so hard since they carried the show so I’m glad Miss Screw has finally gotten married and everyone gets a pat on the back for a job well done.


The Cast of Miss Rose Attends Drama Wrap Party — 27 Comments

    • Wow, Pearl. We really must have been separated at birth. How else could we post nearly at the same time from different time zones?

      So is this the reason why I did not see him in the pictures? My stalking the international air terminal will not be in vain then?

      • That’s right; we even have similar taste. Hehe… But we don’t fight over men. You like YC and I like Ck. It works out right.
        Hey, YC might arrive while you were asleep tonight. Hehehe…
        I swear that I’m going to miss comments on this threat when MR is over.

  1. Oh, Roy, Oh, Megan. Sigh. I am looking, but I do not see . . .Zhao Jun Ya. Starting to feel the end, people, and feeling panic even with all the flower boys around the corner and a psychiatrist in Cheongdamdong.

    So tell me, guys. I feel like we are close enough for you to be honest. Should I watch “Love Together” or “Rookies Diary” both of which have the presence of (my) Zhao Jun Ya? Or are they so bad that they will make me cry? The end of my semester is now only ten days away, and I will have time to marathon like crazy before research begins.

      • So maybe this is a drama to have on the screen while I am grading. I won’t want to pay attention to it, but when I am in despair over something my students get wrong (again) I can look up and see Zhao Jun Ya. Does this sound like a plan?

        Also, what is the official spelling of his name? I have seen both Zhao and Chao. Or is it just one of those things that the English alphabet cannot really handle?

        Wow. My mind went immediately to not being able to handle him. I really need to get my mind out of the gutter.

      • Yes, it can be a plan, Trotwood; look at Zhao Jun Ya when you’re in despair. Heheh… Whisper, I look at Roy Qiu’s photos or watch his dramas to relief stress sometimes especially when my clients drive me nut. As for Zhao or Chao, they are both correct. Zhao is pingyin and Chao in yale. Just like Roy Qiu or Chiu. In TW is Chiu and in China is Qiu.

  2. ,oh gosh, I badly want those yellow tiger(??) shoes. They look so comfortable and warm. Wear it outside is out of the question but I might wear them every time I’m inside my room…

  3. Ockoala please show excerpts to 21 different episodes MR. I love Megan sweater,and Tia shoes so cuteeee.I am start to see Go Go Go, I hope I don’t get bored . Cheongdamdong seems interested. Happy holiday for all of you .

  4. Gosh, I’m gonna miss the public awkwardness of Roy and Megan! I didn’t watch the show after episode 3, but was always amused by Roy/Megan photo calls. I have never ever seen two famous people look like they detest each other so consistently in photos. Even here, where they’re putting on smiley “relaxed” faces, Roy is always facing away from Megan, closed in on himself like he doesn’t want to catch her leprosy.

    Anyway, I hope the show shapes up and you get a satisfying ending!

  5. Megan’s boots are bringing the focus to her huge feet. I like her hair…’s fun.
    I actually like how TW stars dress…..They are really laid back. Don’t seem to care too much about sporting the latest, trendiest …..Korean stars seem under too much pressure to keep up appearance and try to fit a certain image and look and act a certain way. Too image conscious.

  6. OMG The comments on this thread are sooooo mean, and sooooo funny.
    I like Megan’s hair like that. It is so much more flattering than the odd flat way she wore it on MR.
    Tia Li’s shoes? My nieces would LOVE them to pieces!
    And Roy is cute as ever. I’m glad he seems to have lost that pained expression. On to happier times, I hope!

  7. Awww. So nice to see them having fun together. Surprisingly or not I find that Roy’s outfit and hairstyle rock. Must be the bad boy attitude/looks vibe I’ve been digging lately. Case in mind: see rawr-static avatar for more info. Enuf said.

    Agree with Pearl. One of the actors missing on that pic was missing because he could not wait to get back to the lower 48. Merry Xmas trotwood.

    Btw Mrs K in MR’s latest ep isn’t Si Yi preggers? Thought I caught a glimpse of her at Xiao Ke’s cafe holding her tummy and avoiding alcohol.

    • Wow, Denali. You really like living on the edge. You keep pointing out your avatar. It’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull. Or do you purposely wait until after Jomo has posted?

      sitting in the international terminal, holding a sign.

      • Battle of the Shexy Avatars, eh? Love it.
        Don’t be afraid of me, it’s birdscout.
        My claim is 3 threes too late compared to hers!

      • @trotwood: any sight of Yi Chun yet, Mrs Tang? 😀 Ah so you too did notice that jomo would comment before me? Must be caused by our dwelling in various time zones. Yet see how gracious she is? Btw I’m not sure I recognized the celeb on your gravatar. Who is he?

        @jomo: thank you for your understanding. He may become my “flavor of da month” thus he might be all yours again very soon.

      • I am replying to myself because for some reason I cannot reply directly to Denali. My avatar is Sung Si Kyung. Sigh. I say to my Korean teacher that I am studying to do research in Korea, but I really think my motivation is staying afloat during the semester so that I can understand the lyrics to his songs. He is also on 1 Night and 2 Days, which I cannot watch; I just read the recaps in in dramabeans. Here is the most recent MV (I think): It is a gorgeous video shot in Hong Kong.
        P.S.–I don’t know if I’d tell ANYONE if I had an actual siting of Yi Chun. I am so NOT sharing.

      • @trotwood: SSK looks sooo comfy around Cho Yeo Jeong in that MV. ^^
        *clapping hands*
        Awww I know who your music crush is because of Brian (Joo) joining the same entertainment company, Jellyfish, and 1n2d. Have you seen this Christmas MV from last year with then-newbie Seo In Gook?

        At least if or rather WHEN you get to see him for real in a variety show or elsewhere in SK, you’ll be able to sing along and he will be impressed. ♥

      • @denali. Thanks for the video link. I know what is going to be on permanent loop at my house on Christmas.

    • Roy actually looks very sharp and hip. He’s the best dressed in that group. The acid jeans with the very stylish loafers is well balanced by the layered very hip tee shirts.

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