Additional Lovely Pictures of Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won for The King 2 Hearts Japan Promotion

Guh, every time I see Lee Seung Gi with Ha Ji Won my heart gets stuck in my throat and I have this urge to start babbling like an idiot. I still love The King 2 Hearts so so much, far and away my favoritest drama of 2012. I thought I’d seen and found all there was involving this drama but lo and behold, I came across some more pictures from Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won’s interview for a Japanese magazine when they were promoting TK2H in Japan last year. I have never been happier to shout out a mea culpa from the top of the roof when it comes to doubting that Lee Seung Gi would have chemistry with Ha Ji Won, or that he would have the acting chops to keep up with her. I was wrong and wrong. Their chemistry is explosive – sweet, funny, sexy, tender, passionate, and real. Very few drama OTPs have left this strong and indelible impression on me, and this pairing is even more unique in that they keep this chemistry onscreen with a lot of great offscreen camaraderie but I never got the feeling like they were secretly making reel into real. I guess my point is – when I sense co-stars are really into each other/falling for each other in real life when filming a drama, that becomes easy for the onscreen pairing to work since its just transferring natural attraction onscreen. Even harder is for two stars to simply make magic onscreen purely by acting, yet make me believe wholeheartedly its not acting and there are two such characters in this world who love each other this much. These two did that in TK2H. Seeing these new pictures spurred me into watching MVs which lead me to watching episode 1 of the drama and I had to force myself to stop at that before I relapsed and spent the night marathoning this baby again. Nothing wrong with that, I simply can’t afford a sleepless night even if its spent on something utterly satisfying. For those of you who never checked out TK2H, perhaps seeing pictures of this beautiful OTP and watching this amazing MV below might interest you to check out this gem of a drama. It’s not perfect, but there is a high chance it’ll win your heart.

As much as Jae Ha and Hang Ah’s love story was my central love in this drama, TK2H was about so much more than that. This MV made me cry seconds in because it starts with the brotherly love between Jae Ha and Jae Kang, before touching upon every single amazing story line and connection formed in this drama. Absolutely brilliant MV, capturing the journey of a dissolute Prince into becoming a confident King anchored by the courage learned from loving a fearless woman.

The King 2 Hearts MV “Echo”:


Additional Lovely Pictures of Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won for The King 2 Hearts Japan Promotion — 46 Comments

  1. aww, king2hearts is my favorite drama this year, too! it had everything. was really on the fence with HJW because i never really connected with secret garden. but i loved her in K2H! didn’t even mind the age gap. i also watched what happened in bali because i read about it here (ratings page), and i have a newfound respect for her. that’s also the reason why i’m looking forward to jo in sung in that winter the wind blows. 🙂

    • Me too. Our earnest – bot! His toally unnecessary death is my ONLY gripe against this drama. Otherwise, it would have made into my all time favourite list. *sigh

      • Ikr, I recently marathoner this show but stopped halfway through ep 18 because I knew what was going to happen next. I was even crying when he was convincing jae ha if this plan!
        Hopefully we can see Jo Jung Seok in a drama soon (the one with IU?) so we can get over his death here…

    • one of the most refreshing and rare dramas very different from the conventional K-drama type which we counter in dramaland…..all the cast from north to soth korean officers to royal gaurd to the the antagonist to king ,the queen etc seem to be in perfect sync with the charecters……all i can say it was box office stuff…….

  2. I miss them! Between this, a recent rewatch and the dvd BTS pictures/vids coming I’m not sure I’m mentally prepared to watch Seunggi with another leading lady in a few months.

  3. Awwww, perfect timing Koala Unni….I have been missing and rewatching this show a lot in the last few days….I don’t know what my 2012 drama year would’ve been like if this show weren’t around…I realize now that this was my first real crack drama since YAB

  4. I will believe whatever you say from now on. Within seconds of this video, I was in tears. So many “true pairings” in this drama. I did love the relationship between the brothers. Sigh. No time to marathon this now. Oh dear. I sooo want to!

  5. Okay, now that I have stopped crying I am going to make another comment. All those writers who seem to be fizzling out on their dramas even when they have a perfectly winning OTP, supporting characters, and interesting set up conflict (Yeah, I’m talking to you Miss Rose and Cheondgdamdong Alice writers!) should be forced to watch this show without break and with very few snacks. No, this show was not perfect, but what it did do was work to its strengths. You want to make us believe that two people belong together? Well, have them work together against a common enemy–perhaps the ones you actually set up in the earlier scripts? Enough with the obvious noble idiocy and boring/annoying second leads. Why do we even need them when there is plenty of other conflict abounding between characters and within themselves? Oh, K2H. How you make me know that we all deserve (and can get) better as drama viewers. This is what makes us all crazy.

  6. I have this MV on iPod to watch each time I feel a pull towards this show! Aah, the nostalgia… I really hope we have dramas in 2013 that are just as good but at the moment this show tops my current favourite list 😉

  7. I first saw Ha Ji Won in “What Happened in Bali”. I didn’t like the heroine there, so it somehow rubbed on my perception of the actress, of whom I thought as “а goose of a girl” that cannot make a proper choice between the two guys. Maybe after watching K2H I’ll start seeing her differently…

  8. Thanks so much Koala. Seeing Seung-gi and Ha Ji Won together always cheers me up.:)2012 was a good year for dramas, yet nothing topped King 2 Hearts.

  9. Omg that mv just made me like burst out into tears. I didn’t even remember how obsessed I was with this drama and then it just all came rushing back… NOW I WANT TO RE-WATCH IT. I’ll resist the temptation… unil spring break hopefully D;<

  10. Oh what TK2H had done to me… while I had moved on to watch 3 other k-dramas, I would still think about rewatching TK2H (even though i have watched it 3 times already!) while watching those dramas. The MV just made feel like watching it again for the 4th time. Am I obsessed or what!

    While I think the probability of LSG and HJW of bring together in real life is remote, I kinda feel that LSG had a little crush on HJW while filming…see how he looks at her in those BTS videos. Maybe that’s why the OTP love in reel feels so real?

  11. I’m so with you. I loved this drama soooo much. I was a Ha Ji Won fan before I saw King 2 Hearts, but I really doubted Lee Seung Gi. I did not like him in Brilliant Inheritance. I didn’t think his acting was very good at all in that. However he was flat out brilliant in K2H. The difference was night and day. I saw hints of what he could do in Gumiho but wasn’t sure until K2H and now I believe he can do anything. While I’d still say Queen In Hyun’s Man was my favorite drama of 2012, King 2 Hearts was definitely right there. It truly was great! Glad some others appreciate it as much as I did!

  12. aawwww. Lee Jae Ha Dongji and member of the special forces of NK, Kim Hang Ah. I miss these two sooo much! The pictures truly show the natural camaraderie of the two brilliant actors. The MV? It’s just perfect. Thanks for a good dose of K2H once in a while Ms. Koala.

  13. This drama from last year was one of the few that I could enjoy and complete. It kept me glued. Has to be LSG’s best acting performance. Loved the story, music, cinematography, bro romances, and eventually even HJW-LSG pairing. I know I must be among the very few to feel this way about the main lead casting. Love both of them separately as actors and people but not together. It goes to show how good they acted that I could put it behind me and go on to enjoy the drama.

  14. I admit I got suckered into watching their drama after seeing koala’s post about their BTS kiss scene. I didn’t like HJW before, and LSG only a little. But after seeing their fridge kiss BTS, BAM I was sold.Then I googled to find out more about them, only to be dissapointed to see their age difference LOL cause I’m always the type to ship OTPs in real life too haha.
    Anyway these two have amazing insane chemistry, I know HJW always has with her male leads, but with Seunggi it was like wow.

  15. Ah.. King 2Hearts. It’s a rare, weird kind of a drama which makes it such a little gem among others.

    It’s not perfect, it got it’s flaws. But if you are able to see past the flaws, you’ll feel how precious this drama is.

    The beginning of the mv alone captured one of the great moments in this drama. When Jaeha first heard about the death of his dear brother, he got no time to digest the news and break down as at the very moment was also when people all suddenly bowed down to him treating him as the new King. I don’t know how to say this, but you really need to watch the drama to be able to feel the moment of that scene.

    The drama may be ridiculous with their political situations and English speaking actors, but the characters, the emotions we feel towards them and every scene with them, are the reason why some viewers like me are still not able to get over this drama till now.

  16. Ah, bringing back the memories. I loved this drama. Def one of my top 5 from 2012. I have never felt so frenzied over a drama before this one. We were getting into essay long debates over on Dramabeans. That was one intense KDrama viewing session for me.

    Part of me wants them to do another project together but part of me fears they’ll never come across the same well written level of story/character combination to make their chemistry pop quite as well as K2H. Le sigh…

  17. This drama is my favourite drama of 2012! There was even a TK2H virus going on while the drama was screening. It was really fun watching this drama with my fellow hearties friends at dramabeans.

  18. My favouritest drama in 2012! Best drama ever! Watching the MV made me tear – LSG’s acting was that good for me. I’m gonna use his acting to teach my students about expressing feelings!!!
    Really makes me want to watch it again!

  19. King 2 Hearts is indeed the best drama i’ve watched, the story-line is unique plus all the actors are great especially Ha Ji won she is superb. This K2H is so addictive i keep re-watching this since 2mos ago until now. This drama deserves all the awards, but i truly wonder why didn’t, i may sound biased but their award-giving body can’t recognize what and who truly deserves. However, its not about the awards but the impact to the audience/viewers. This drama got it all, will make you fall in love, will make you cry, get you goose-bumps in almost every scene and will keep you watching until it gets finished, will keep you glued to the screen till its end. I am high praises to the actress Ha Ji won, she is phenomenal in her acting. Since this drama i keep searching everything about her and hooray i was awed by this amazing young lady, she’s beautiful inside out, plus that multi-talents wow! who can’t fall for this charming, sweet woman.

  20. I am busy person but i see to it that i gave time to watch movies/soaps of ha ji won online..I am not really fan of Lee seung gi..but after i watched k2h..omg…i fell in love with him for Ha Ji Won… K2H is on my top 1 list (2. Secret Garden)…I watch LSG on Shining inheritance even in Gumiho but it never had stricken me in to like him..I don’t like his boy-next door style, his hair-cut, even his hi-lighted hair…but ohhh when I saw his new looks in K2H..whew…it makes my heart’s out..he’s now my favorite..i love his “king” looks..clean cut..bedimpled smile..King 2 Hearts is best drama ever..different plot..outstanding casts…commendable for more awards…It’s been late for me to say this…but i thank as well that i have decided to spare sometime to watch this drama..and it’s worth of my time…

  21. Yess….i think among allthe drama even gfb….tk2h was one drama you cannot forget or pass off…the cemistry betweem the leads is sp real that you feel its like.. not acting..their acting skill were so balamce witj each other…its lke the character exist….and This drama is not favourable of any awards. ..i guessed due to the north/south storyline…but i doesnt matter…but still it hook us to watch it time n time again….enjoy every scene ….tq

  22. i truly cannot remember how i started watching TK2H and i cannot count now how many times i went over watching when i needed to have a break from work…praying another of this kind be produced again

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