F4 Delivers Poignant and Sincere Performance at Jiang Su Lunar New Year Celebration

The boys are back! Though they aren’t boys anymore, are they? Thirteen years after they singlehandedly started the idol drama craze in Taiwan, F4 reunited at the Jiang Su STV Lunar New Year Eve extravaganza and performed two signature songs from their oeuvre “Meteor Rain” and ‘The First Time”. Between the audience sobbing in joy and myself watching with a smile and a sniffle, Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Ken Zhu, and Vanness Wu took us all back to the halcyon days of yore. The performance was really nicely staged, with them appearing like a meteor shower before their first song, then a very candid interview with the hosts, and finally a return to the MG school room where they sang about being there for each other as friendship is always the first to arrive in time. In the interview, the guys said some things that aren’t surprising but it felt like they truly were happy to be reunited at last. Jerry says he’s the oldest but emotionally the youngest so he was hard to deal with. Everyone agreed Vanness has changed the least, remaining the one who is most certain of his goal in life and goes for it and doesn’t give up. Ken says Vic keeps so much inside him that the perfect girl would be someone like a mom or younger sister at times and is able to deal with his emotional extremes. At times the guys got misty-eyed, but there was tons of laughter such as when they were asked to deliver a line of dialogue as their character in Meteor Garden. As for the singing, they actually sang live and it was awesome – not because they are the best singers but because you can totally hear the imperfections and that adds to how real it is. They still can harmonize amazingly well, and my only gripe was wishing they performed more songs. Check out the performances and interview below and be prepared to smile from cheek-to-cheek. I also got a kick out of how many verklempt fangirls in the audience were sobbing and gasping from glee. 

Meteor Rain:

The First Time:

The Interview:



F4 Delivers Poignant and Sincere Performance at Jiang Su Lunar New Year Celebration — 44 Comments

  1. After you posted about their performance last week, I’ve listened to their songs non-stop and rewatched Meteor Garden (the best out of all the versions IMO). Brings back so many childhood memories! They looked so happy on stage =)F4 forever! =) Thx for reigniting my love for them.

  2. Okay. I culd only watch one video, go away, and come back and watch the next, go away (rest, wipe away the tears of laughter) and then come back and watch the third. I was actually waving my hands in the air as if I had an F4 sign. I even watched the interview even though I did not understand anything they were saying! This is the reason why my family thinks I am crazy. (At least that is what I keep telling myself:).

  3. THE FEELS. I’ll just go sob in my fangirl corner now. I loved the interview, it’s like the interviewer said, they seem really close like best friends / brothers. They better make good on their promise to get together and perform more as F4 this year!!!!!!

  4. New Year, I cried from happiness because of them.
    I want them to sing more songs huhuhu
    They’re truly the only F4 for me.
    Happy New Year everyone

  5. I haven’t watched it yet as I am still at work but my goodness!!
    Yes!! Yes!!! Yes!! MG is THE BEST out of all version BY FAR!!
    I watched that drama soooo many times – it’s not funny …
    DAO MING TSE ………………strangely – I liked Barbie back then but afterward – meh … so I was kinda glad she’s not there …oppsssss….
    big sorry for her fans 🙁

  6. Got into TW entertainment too late to be a big fan of them as a whole, but this was really really really cute. I loved the interview — I almost want to watch Meteor Garden now, just to hear them say those lines, hehe.

    And LOL at Jerry saying that Zai Zai doesn’t wash his underpants! xD

  7. the office was empty and it’s lunch time so I watched it …
    I had tiny tears in my eyes !!!
    I’m goose bumped alllllll the waaayyyyy ……
    My Jerry ……… hiks..hiks..hiks….

  8. I never felt the full force of the F4 power when it was at its highest peak and honestly, in the last few years I was super into the korean idol/drama scene. But this made me tear up none-the-less and … all these feelings. omg. they are definitely the best F4 and thank you for these videos 🙂

  9. Only F4 can get me to ‘delurk’ after over two years of being a daily visitor to this site, albeit a silent one. having barbie there as well would have completed the trip down memory lane but I guess it would’ve been too awkward (for them, awesomesauce for me :))

  10. Awww…*tears*. So.many.memories. I can honestly say that watching Meteor Garden and F4 really helped me get through some tough times in my young life. Oh, the feels…

    Thank you, Koala for sharing this. <3

  11. Nostalgia!!! This brings back memories of high school and the level of fangirling I did back then.. waah. I’m not going to pretend that I didn’t cry, I did!!! The feels. oh my feels!!! and the bromance between Jerry and Vic killed me. T______T *floating away to heaven*

  12. Thanks for sharing… I didn’t realize i was crying while watching the clips… hehe… i wanna marathon MG now!!! I think i’ve watched it more than ten times… And will rewatch it again and again… And i agree, MG is a classic! 🙂 the best of all the version for me…

  13. Wow, this really brought back memories of when they were at their peak. I was grinning ear to ear, and teared up a little during the interview but I loved that Ken really know his brothers and was able to describe them.

    I loved during the performance whenever they look at each other and smile or put their hands on each others backs. Now I have to go back and watch Meteor Garden.

  14. OMG! I need to watch this NOW! Meteor Garden definitely holds such a special place in my heart. It was the first asian drama that I downloaded and got into back when the world was just coming out of dial up and I had to wait a day just to dl an episode. Didn’t have space in my laptop back then so I had to transfer the episodes into cds. But definitely worth the wait!

    ah, good times 🙂 Happy Lunar New Year to everyone!

    definitely wish barbie would have come out but like caro says, probably awkward for some people on that stage

  15. I was watching this with a silly smile on my face and tears in my eyes….I cant believe that they did it again ….the original F4(Flower Boys) made my heart flutter and reminisce my teenage years…Its official I still love them. Thanks Koala-shii for sharing this…and lets scream altogether——- F4 FOREVER!!!!

  16. i can’t thank you enough for posting this!
    my chinese is really bad and i have been dying to see the videos ever since i knew they were making a concert together!
    thanks a million again! and keep those articles coming! (“,)

  17. Koala.,.can’t thank you enough for sharing their performance. Love seeing them together after all these years and my Zai Zai gets more handsome each day….

  18. Even though I didn’t exactly hear of them growing up because I was a little thing then, but I still know who the original F4 are, sorry Korean Flower Boys, but my heart goes to these guys. I’m so happy they’re together again as is all of us. Now all that needs to come next is F4 to do a movie or drama together, life finish and I admit I got teary eyed and wish I was there, singing and waving my sign with the other fans but I’ll keep that to myself.There couldn’t have been another or better way to start off this year.

  19. I love them to death and my love for them never fade away. This is the F4 that cast a spell over Asia back then and I know those people who used to love them, still love them today. Thank you for posting up these video for us. My new year is better because of their reunion 🙂

  20. omo…i’m truly grateful for you,Koala, for bringing this quartet back into our hearts…
    Meteor Garden was my very first exposure to TW dramas and made me into a drama addict…now i’m so into K-dramas…
    this sure brought back the good old days…how many years has it been…
    DaoMingzu….back then i was more in love with Ken and Rainie Yang ke ke ke…
    i wish there was a sub of the clip, sure would love to know what was said during the interview…
    now i have to dig out my Meteor Garden I and II and the Meteor Rain and reminisce…
    Thank you so much!!!
    Will they be doing a larger scale reunion concert by chance? hmmmm….

  21. Count me in. Deep in my heart I really pray that they will have more projects to share. It’s just really phenomenal…the chemistry between all of them when they perform!!! they’re so special and blessed!

  22. I’m searching news about them and so happy to find it here… too bad, delayed reaction.. I super loved them. I think I’m gonna dig my collection and watch meteor garden all over again. 🙂

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