Sexy Kim Jae Wook Soon to be Discharged from Military Service

Kim Jae Wook! Woo hoo, what a sight for sore eyes. This edgy and talented actor-rocker has been dutifully serving his mandatory military service for nearly two years now and is scheduled to be released in less than two months. He enlisted shortly after finishing Mary Stayed Out All Night and releasing a short mini-album with his indie rock band Walrus, way back in the Spring of 2011. It feels like eons ago and he’s dropped off the radar with the majority of drama viewers since he hadn’t yet made it to leading man status before his enlistment. Nevertheless, prior to enlisting he dropped two fantastic performance IMO, first in Bad Guy nearly stealing the show and the girl from Kim Nam Gil. Then in M3, where he also nearly stole the show and the girl from Jang Geun Seok. I was on the OTP ship all the way in M3 (their chemistry was electrifying), but Kim Jae Wook has this uncanny ability to pull more out of shallowly constructed second male leads than I thought possible. I came across these pictures from his recent Japanese photobook (he’s very very popular over there) and thought it would be perfect to share and remind folks he’s coming back soon. I’m not sure he’ll get offered any leading roles initially, or whether he might pursue his burgeoning movie or indie music career over returning to television playing stock drama second male leads. Whatever he picks after he gets back, I’ll totally be excited to check out. He can turn on a dime from broken-hearted woobie to cold asshole depending on the moment. I love him!


Sexy Kim Jae Wook Soon to be Discharged from Military Service — 31 Comments

  1. I like him since coffee prince and antique. hee~ I don’t mind if he still cast as second lead as long he stand there and that’s enough to make me watch the drama or movie. ^^

    • I agree. He is so sexy and he may not have the lead roles, but he will always be noticed and loved. Since so far what I have seen that he never gets the girl, well that’s great because I can have him all to myself. (A girl can dream can she lol.)

      I’m sure he will be in a great drama with a lead role soon when he comes back.

    • Me too!
      I’m taking interest in him since Coffee prince and dalja’s spring but Antique is deal sealing for me (∞¯⌣¯∞)
      I loooove his interpretation and how he act as gay. So natural, swift, sexy and yet elegant. I know some gay in real life, and not all of th
      em are drama queens.

  2. You made my daughter’s day. She has been in love with him since we watched Coffee Prince together. I am “working” on the computer, so she does not have access to internet. I called her into the room, and she came all 15-year-old bored like, “Mom, I’m doing my chemistry homework. why are you calling me?” and then literally gasped and pushed me out of the chair when she saw the picture. She tries to be all cool and grown up, but she turned into teen fangirl right before my eyes. I love him, too, but I have to say her reaction was priceless. Thanks, Koala.

    • aww!

      He’s just SO gorgeous! I remember when watching Coffee Prince I’d wait for his scenes. Even watched a bit of Bad Guy for him.

  3. Thank goodness for us the Korean military giveth back what it taketh. I detect (or at least imagine I do) a faint hint of his inner rapscallion coming through in that last shot– moar of that, please!

    btw~ I can’t believe they decided to romanize 욱 as “Uck” for the book.

  4. I’ve liked him since I saw him the first time with Lee Min Ki in Dal Ja’s spring and then hot waffle guy in Coffee prince.
    One reason for his popularity (I think) is the fact that he lived in Japan, speaks in fluently like a native speaker and is a nice guy.
    Looking forward to post military abs!!

  5. Unabashedly and unashamedly Joong-ki oppa is my ILU, but Jae-wook oppa is a close second. I can’t wait for Walrus to release more music! And for him to be in a new drama, preferably something sexy and smoldering. ^___^

  6. I cannot wait!!! <3 I am so excited for his discharge~ I totally agree that he has this ability to steal the spotlight and overshadow his counterparts. I know Song Joong Ki will be leaving soon (and Lee Je Hoon is already away), so I am excited to see who will be returning from service. He doesn't seem the type to jump right into a project though, so I hope he takes some time for photoshoots. Can he please take on a lead role on cable, please? 😉

  7. i want him and Moon Geun Young in a sageuk like now. But i highly doubt he will act with her anytime soon since he acted with her right befor enlistment.

    on another note, man is he gorgeous.

  8. He is SO talented! I thought he was cute & mysterious in Coffee Prince, & I loved him in M3 and I thought he was brilliant in Bad Guy – would love to see him onscreen again! 😀

  9. Loved him in bad boy, almost got mixed up with nice guy. He’s very handsome and different. Hope to see him in other dramas other than the mess he left from Mary stayed out all night …

  10. He’s about as beautiful as they get… and I liked his humble attitude when he enlisted.

    I hope he’ll be able to pick up some good projects once he’s out, films or dramas, I don’t mind. And he can do plenty of photoshoots too, he can pull of any look really!

  11. Wondering why most of pictorial book of k actors have the bathtub scene… from wonbin, jaewook, and keunsuk, if its the way to depict sexiness then they got it wrong.

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