Park Shin Hye is Sexy in Skin Tight Jeans for Jambangee

When I saw these new pictures of Park Shin Hye for the Spring collection of jeans and denim for Jambangee (hilarious name, BTW), I actually gasped out loud. Who else got flashbacks to baby Brooke Shields and her “Nothing gets between me and my Calvins” ad campaign? Or did I date myself? Or not, since I could just be very well versed in pop culture lore. Anyways, Brooke and her Calvins were so long ago I won’t take Jambangee to task for lifting the same pose and styling and using it on Park Shin Hye. It stills works – nothing quite has that visceral raw sexiness quite like a girl poured into her skin tight jeans. I love me my skinny jeans but the ones Park Shin Hye are wearing pretty much defy nature to put on unless one has a perfect body. Which she does. These pictures are a perfect juxtaposition with her current image as frumpy low key Go Dok Mi in Flower Boy Next Door. I think Enrique might just pop a blood vessel if he saw Dok Mi dressed like this. Also joining Park Shin Hye in this ad campaign is Lee Jong Seok, who I find so plastic looking for some reason. Maybe it’s the face that his face is so stiff and shiny all the time. Plus his acting is very limited. But he looks good next to Shin Hye and she continues her industry dominance of working with every single hot guy in her age group out there. I hope FBND has some seriously long overdue hot kissing scenes to end the drama because it would be a terrible waste of Yoon Si Yoon’s talents not to have him use it on her.


Park Shin Hye is Sexy in Skin Tight Jeans for Jambangee — 19 Comments

  1. hahah I so agree with you about Yoon Si Yoon’s kissing skills! But I feel like PSH wouldn’t be able to handle that for so reason because I have yet to see her in a passionate hot sexy kiss scene lol. It’s always just a small peck.. But if it really doesn’t happen.. it really is a waste because YSY can kiss SO WELL. *fingers crossed* ><

    • really? i seem to recall an old tvc with jang guen suk for a cosmetic company with some seriously long, hot smooch… check it out on YT.

      i don’t think its PSH, i’m thinking its her characters and the director’s instructions. if the story calls for some serious liplock, i’m pretty sure she can deliver as much as YSY…. let’s hope it happens on the last episode.

      • Agree with Sami. 😀 PSH and JGS had a really long kissing scene in an Etude House ad. Suspended on wires. O___O

        The girl can kiss. Drama gods, please let her do it!

      • Naw. I maintain that the Etude kiss was 90% JGS, she just…turns her head with him and lets him do most of the work.

        The closest she got to a proactive kiss was in Goong S but that one was so forced and unwilling on Seven’s character’s part that it was negative sexy.

    • Add me to the list of those who don’t want to see YSY’s talents go to waste. I’ve only seen him use them in Me To! Flower, but he left quite the impression. 😉

  2. I’m with you about waste of YSY talent of kissing.
    I wonder why tvn even care to put this show at 11pm at all. There is no hot scene whatsoever. It should be put at 7 or 8pm show time so the kids can watch it too. The conflict match with teenager problematic situation anyway.
    Bad move from tvn. Other than this minor mistake, I found FBND is one perfect drama. Absolutely top on my list of fav drama at the moment. I love when drama serve us with good dialogue and moral message. And when the OTP not stupid when they making decision.

    I love YSY before FBND, so its not surprising if my love even deeper for him rite now. Before this series even air, I keep busy promoting about YSY when everybody rooting for KJH. I’m satisfied my effort paid up now.
    I know I can trust this guy talent 😀

  3. She is a grown up young lady now ,all her baby fats melts away..But I believe all this pictures are touched up to make its perfect..She is so very prim and proper because we practically see her growing up in dramas and movies.I just hope the last episode they will leave us with a good kiss from the OTP of FBND…to keep us entertained to lessen our withdrawal.Thank Ockoala, I love this memorable journey with you in your blog for FBND,PSH,YSY and KJH…

  4. She does have a perfect figure. The jeans look great on her. This is the first time that I am looking at LJS but they make a good pair.

    • Just when I was considering watching school 2013, you decided it for me. 🙂
      Just following Shinhye as an admirer of hers, I have really been introduced to Korea in different areas. It’s a beautiful country with a great culture and some extremely talented and beautiful people. Personally, I consider her an excellent ambassador of her country.

  5. She just….WHOA. I think I nearly popped a blood vessel, and I’m a straight girl!

    I like her pairing with Lee Jong Suk, but she just dominates this shoot – but of all the School 2013 cast, I’d love to see her work with Kim Woo Bin someday, somehow his vibe makes me feel he’d match her better.

  6. She may get work with all those hot actors but she sure does let her kiss scenes go to waste. All I ever see in her dramas are the typical lip-touching-while standing-still kisses. Ok in all seriousness it’s most likely ’cause of the directors or writers for wanting the kiss scenes that way so I hope she gets a hot one in her next work.

  7. god, she looks amazing. you would’ve never ged from her caracter in flower boy haha.

    lee jongseok, limited acting? oh man, i have never disagreed so strongly to a statement. I actually think he’s a really great actor with tons of potential.

  8. i remember in an interview she said that she doesn’t go full out on the kissing scenes because she doesn’t want to receive hate male from her co-star’s fans cause apparently she got a lot of those after she kissed seven in Goong S…but trust me she can kiss

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