Police Issue Third Interview Summons for Park Shi Hoo as Media Reports on Initial Negative Toxicology Results

The Park Shi Hoo and K rape allegation investigation continues to develop in ways that are absolutely baffling. I’m really neutral towards Park Shi Hoo as an actor and entertainer prior to this scandal breaking, so my coverage of the developments is neither motivated by liking him or disliking him. I am, however, really perturbed by everything surrounding this unfolding situation. The current situation stands at the case staying at the Seoul Seobu (Western) Police Station, with the police not granting Park Shi Hoo’s current lawyer’s request to transfer it to the Gangnam police station. After missing two interview dates, a summons to appear for an interview on March 1 has been issued to Park Shi Hoo and the police have stated that they will issue an arrest warrant if he doesn’t show up. Park Shi Hoo asked for a deferral on his first interview date of February 16 to February 24, but then less than an hour before his scheduled appearance his lawyer announced that unforeseen conditions require the interview to be postponed again. The media is reporting that the initial results of the toxicology test do not detect any drugs in the alleged victim A’s system, but this doesn’t preclude that there could have been drugs ingested that are quickly undetectable since samples were collected from A 24 hours after the alleged rape. Now the case is further complicated by an interview given by B, an unidentified bestfriend of A, providing alleged details of the rape. Park Shi Hoo’s new lawyer then released a statement blasting that interview as filled with unsubstantiated lies. What is going on with all these media interviews with random people (like the owner of the bar where the three drank that night, and now A’s so-called friend B) just providing details that just muddy up the waters when a standard police investigation ought to be the top priority?

In the interview B gave with Sunday Seoul, supposedly A has met K only once before and then was invited out to drink with him and Park Shi Hoo on the night of the 14th. She claimed to have been encouraged to keep drinking by the men, though she didn’t drink enough to get drunk. She supposedly texted her parents in the car saying she was on her way home and then lost consciousness, waking up the next morning in Park Shi Hoo’s apartment. A apparently saw Park Shi Hoo still wearing a condom and later was groped by K. B claimed that A must have been drugged because A said she felt really weird afterwards. I’m not saying that A didn’t tell B this, but whoever B is to go blab to the media all of this damning but unsubstantiated statements just creeps me out. It’s like there is a media trial going on to lynch Park Shi Hoo while on the other hand he’s dodging police interviews and changing lawyers and requesting the transfer of the police investigations. Both sides (police and A’s so-called friends versus Park Shi Hoo and K and their lawyer coterie) are shady as hell if you ask me, what with the leaked info and public statements left and right. My sympathy remain squarely with the victim of this alleged rape. I think the police need to shut up leaking info to the media and just investigate with professionalism but also do it faster than the current snail pace.


Police Issue Third Interview Summons for Park Shi Hoo as Media Reports on Initial Negative Toxicology Results — 145 Comments

  1. This is one of a weird case. More like a drama unfolding stories than police trying to investigate. Where I live, we only hear from the victim through media after the case is ceased or resolved, unlike these gossiping reports of this rape case flying out like street flyers bout grabbing a bargain from a supermarket.

    • At this point – I can absolutely wonder if there is a third party pulling the strings to this charade.

      Other than outlandish suppositions that I just prosed – I want off the merry go round. The facts are currently depicting the victim as dishonest.

      • Better late than never – PSH & A are scheduled to Appear on March 1st. Now we will be able to read the story from another point of view. If it goes anything like the toxicology report – we may be in for a twist we could of never imagined.

        HE Said, She said – THEY SAID. We will never know the absolute truth but with enough questioning we may get close to it. ::crosses fingers::

  2. Couple of things…is B really a friend of A or just someone thrown out there to disparage A? PSH, maybe he thinks if he postpones, she will recant. Is there really CCTV footage? I would think that would make him guilty, especially if she texted her parents she was on her way home. So many loose ends…no wonder most women don’t report date rape.

    • Yeah, exactly, people seem to blindly believe some newspaper that this B girl is really A’s friend. I don’t think this has to be true – there are many so called “best friends” of celebrities who leak some informations, but in most cases they just talk shit, none of these things are really true. I don’t believe in anything I read in mass media unless there is a reliable proof it’s really true – in this case this can be either the official statement made by the police or the court’s verdict.

  3. A tip for Miss A, drop B as a friend because she’s not one….

    The police in her district strike me as caring only about how not to piss off higher ups downtown.

    All of these options for some involved. PSH can NOT show up for police questioning and the police can FORGET about doing their commissioned jobs as PAID civil servants.

    • I don’t believe B is really a friend of A. Apparently A is not that unknown. She is quite hot in cyberworld, and has many fans of her own. Really good looking, big eyes, very lovely

      • It’s a shame A’s info is known to the SK public since PSH has yet to be questioned by police. This is a disgrace.

      • I am not sure who leaked it, could be anyone at the drinking place/club, etc. The boss of that club was so keen to get involved.

      • I am not sure who leaked it, could be anyone at the drinking place/club, etc. The boss of that club was so keen to get involved from the very beginning.

      • I found it is a little silly that at first some netizens claimed that he could sleep with anyone he wanted therefore no need for rape; now they are saying that PSH couldn’t help himself because A is so goodlooking.

  4. I have officially decided not to side with anyone. Not the victim, not PSH. Both of them seem equally innocent or have something up their sleeves to me. I’ll just refrain from cracking my head thinking about all this and wait for the verdict. Koala, thanks for the update! I love reading your opinion about this matter.

  5. This case is confusing! Didn’t the police say days ago that they found 2 semen samples on the lady, now it turns out PSH was wearing a condom? Who is this B and why does he/she know so many details on what happened like he/she was there. If A had told he/she why would his statement contradicts hers?

    I agree, they need to be stop releasing details to the press so that they can figure out if it was consensual sex or rape.

  6. I am a huge fan of PSH the actor, but I don’t know his personal character so its hard for me to judge him or not judge him as a chivalrous man.
    but the one thing that has me suspecting B’s she said she said comment from A, is the part where B said that A said PSH was still wearing a condom when A woke up….
    And I could be wrong because this is only in my observation but no guy keeps a condom on after he has ejaculated in it….
    So that part is some what fishy to me.

    • You can forget what everything B said. Was s/he in the room? Besides, PSH admitted to having sex with A from the very beginning. Why? I think he was not wearing a condom.

  7. I just don’t understand why the media is allowed to interview and report all manner of things related to this case. Shouldn’t there be a cap on the media already?

    • I agree. Too many people releasing “information” that IMO should be kept quiet. It’s an investigation not a circus. “Friends” should keep their mouths shut. The fact that PSH hasn’t come forward yet looks cowardly and suspicious. I am shocked the police haven’t been to his apt. Was K bought in for questioning? Does anyone know who K is? This is too much.

  8. If the message/s A sent her parents that night is still in her phone, and was indeed sent and received in her parents mobile phone that very time that night – THIS CAN ALSO BE A VALID PROOF – that she really intended to go home – because if what some here claims that she originally was vent to set up or frame up PSH – then I doubt it if she would use her own parents in something like this or subject them to any worries. Why unnecessarily involve her own parents right? Meaning she wouldn’t text them that message just to pretend. If indeed those text message (if recorded by the mobile provider)exist – THEN SHE REALLY INTENDED TO GO HOME.

  9. but if that CCTV where K carry an unconscious Miss A is legit then I still dont get it, why carry an unconscious lady to a man’s apartment. If she needs medical help , then just bring her to the hospital or call 911. That scene alone needs an explanation.

    • Not supporting him in any way and the framing thing is ridiculous, but

      Being drunk=/= needing medical help. Her intending to go home doesn’t mean much if she was too drunk to actually make it there. Since she wasn’t drugged that does lessen the impact of him carrying her into his house. There is no way to tell on the CCTV if she was truly unconscious. No way to know if she asked him to carry her. He could simply say she drank too much and he didn’t know where to take her so he brought her into his home. None of this excuses anything he did, but it’s not that hard to explain away why he would carry her in.

      • He brought her in, AND had sex. If it is a plot in kdrama, he would use her phone to reach her family or friend to pick her up… wait, he doesn’t need to, as K is A’s friend already, should know where to take her to, instead of his home.

    • You are so right. I was just thinking about it yesterday. That CCTV footage carrying an unconscious woman (if the whole footage is true and people in the footage can be identified clearly as PSH, K and A) is a very telling evidence. If A had said yes to sex from the time of being in the bar and being in the car, she shouldn’t be unconscious and had to be piggybacked. So did she say yes to sex in the whole 13 hours of unconsciousness? PSH is sitting on a hot seat and he knows it.

      I really do wish there is a ban on any press releases by any parties right now and let the police carry on with their investigations. The police right now is starting to show their incompetence.

  10. I agree that investigations should be speeded up for the benefit of all parties considered. Dragging it out is really doing no good to anyone. Having said that, the police investigations should be thorough and impartial. Keeping in mind the nature of the incident and people involved …..unnecessary blurting out of unconfirmed news by non- witnesses is uncalled for. Defamation of anyone’s character in my eyes is one of the worst things that can happen to them irrespective of who they are. It’s a big burden to carry ones whole life. My full sympathies for the innocent party whoever it turns out to be. It must be torture for them.

  11. Well about B’s account – regarding that wearing “condom” thing…well this ofcourse was relayed and recorded in the Korean language…sometimes when words,phrases are translated into English..the exact meaning gets lost in translation…perhaps it’s like that?

  12. Okay, so I know we’re supposed to sit and wait, and honestly I can’t side with anyone anymore, but I would just like to speculate something. Let’s say she and B planned it. If the bar owner said she was conscious and I know there was CCTV footage that she was unconscious and carried back…but maybe she just was “tired” and planned it.

    Probably not a very popular speculation since we’re talking about rape, and I absolutely do not condone it, but honestly this entire thing is crazy now and I just want to wildly speculate. Also, if PSH didn’t do it, then why is he avoiding the police? Do they already have it in for him? I’d go to the police if I was innocent, after getting a new lawyer. How much evidence is there for the new lawyer to really collect.

    • Hey Katie 🙂 u posted one brave view here in contrast to so many views that already very judgmental

      Many things can be speculated & even to the fact that PSH avoided the police? “A” conscious ? Unconscious? Only unconscious to get piggy back? Condom still on? Arghhhh…. Disgusting – all of it!

      Innocent or guilty… Consensual or rape… Hmmmm…. Free sex? 🙂

      I do try to follow on the drama but for ” real life ” drama with so many people with diverse interests & motives, the truth can be seen a lie and the lie can be made and sound as if it’s the truth.

      So I am only looking fwd to keep up with more new cheesy, funny, touching k-dramas – errr…not this one though can’t help to leave a comment 🙁 lol

      • I completely agree that this is like a kdrama and I just look forward to what is going on next. I sympathize with the alleged victim because rape is just horrible but…this story is just getting more crazy.

  13. it is really weird how these other people are giving interviews about the case and so everyone are now speculating! i hope PSH speak up already. this is like watching a drama, my goodness, how long until this is going to end? what a mess this have been. really so sad.

  14. From the beginning of this case the amount of elements leaked to the public is absolutely astonishing. Normally we should not hear about the details of this case before the hearings and for now it is still an inestigation by the police, the case has not even been referred to the prosecutor s office yet, there is no indictement. Although all the requests from PSH side could be stalling tactics to settle the matter with the victim, it is clear just by reading posts on various blogs that all the leaks, unconfirmed and unclear, have turned the sympathies against him, damaging his reputation.So I do understand the requests from his lawyers to try to contain this circus. In fact, if I were the complainant, and if I wanted justice, not just damaging PSH reputation, I would be seriously concerned as well, as all this nonsense could have an impact on the recevability of the evidence and shows great unprofessionnalism on the side of the police, imagine how they are handling this whole thing from all the leaks. How we already know the lab result, some notion about cctv footage never seen in media, etc is just beyond me

    • Agree.

      I don’t understand all the uproar over requesting a change in jurisdiction because IMO whoever is handling this case in the current police department is doing an extremely unprofessional and poor job of controlling it. If PSH were my client, I’d also be trying to get it changed and would have advised him to keep a tight lip until that happened.

    • The thing is PSH and his 1st lawyer released that 1st CCTV footage of all 3 of them walking out of that bar sober. And THAT really started the whole slew of further digging by the media.
      If PSH, and under proper advice by his 1st lawyer, had kept that under wraps or go straight to the police and make all his necessary statements with his lawyer, all this fiasco that happened after the reveal of 1st CCTV would never have happened. PSH only has he himself to blame for this media ruckus.

      • It want Park out his attorneys that released that video it was the manager of the pub who provided it to a newspaper along with the account of the facts according to his employees on February 18th when the charges became known to the public.

        Park is a client of the establishment and he personally believes he did not do it. The footage itself is from the camera over the cashier.

        Park became aware of the charges on February 19th which is when he was summoned, he requested the opportunity to obtain an attorney for the proceedings and the summons was changed to the 24th.

      • So the club management took matters into their own hands and released that footage to the media without their esteemed client’s and his lawyer’s knowledge? Club manager should have the sense to hand the footage to the police first. Someone definitely manipulated the media first. It sure wasn’t A or K.

      • @Eete – Mr Joo of the pub was not on the premises on the night in question. However when news broke out that PSH was accused of rape on the 19th, a journalist arrived at the pub and requested to view the footage the manager provided the footage as well as a statement. Because he truly believed that PSH was innocent. Of course he also only knew one side – which was published in the mornings paper which was that Ms A was claiming on her report that she was drunk. Mr Joo believed he was refuting that statement with the image of the CCTV tis all.

        and I bet these are not all the details lol but at the end of the day its hard to believe that a human being would act under their own accord and intelligence especially if they believed what they were stating was a fact.

        How about MS B’s hearsay account of her bestfriends attack – most people on this board are willing to state that she is not truly Ms A’s friend and if she was wouldnt she be aware that she is hurting her bestfriends accusation.

        Everything is fishy fishy, fishy.

        But at the end of the day – Ms A has been discredited as honest with the toxicology report which tested hair, urine, and blood samples returning negative.

        Park Shi Hoo has been discredited with negligence to appear at the police station in a timely fashion to provide clarification of his point of view of the night in question.

        Mr K is discredited after providing statement supporting PSH however not clarifying the reasons as to why he had to carry Ms A into PSH residence..

        At the end will we ever really know the truth.

  15. I totally agree with you Ms Koala, that both sides are shady and questionable. I’ll just sit back, wait and see. For now, I stick to my initial impression/assumption that the incident was an act of boneheadedness. And again, thank you very much for your objective view, for your professionsl input, and for your efforts in keeping us updated.

  16. Can’t they just issued or request a
    “Gag order” and I can see why he’s postponing the police interview. Toxicology results!! And I would look to change venue if the current police station handling my case can’t keep any statements from being leek out!!

  17. Curiouser and Curiouser.

    Lets timeline this ish shall we:

    February 14 – they met had drinks at the pub ordered three drinks- however only drank two along with some other food & refreshments

    February 15 – the three leave the pub walking fine and purposely to the vehicle as per CCTV. Ten minutes later as per timestamp of CCTV A is piggybacked from the vehicle to the residence however it has not been officially stated that she was unconscious since the feed does not clearly show there faces

    February 15 – A leaves the premises at 2PM as per CCTV timestamp

    February 15 – A in the evening enters a “rape center/clinic” whom informs the police of the situation. As per the police station they have summoned Park Shi Hoo for question.

    February 19 – Park Shi Hoo releases statement that sex did occur and it was consensual. CCTV from the Bar is provided depicting that all parties had left from the pub in sober status. K is named as a character witness who reports that all is consensual. PSH states that he will sue for defamation of character.

    Then all HELL Broke loose and I couldn’t decide what was fact or fiction anymore.

    Shit just got real that the toxicology report came back negative. It was taken within 24 hours – less than since it was basically the same day.

    The only true people that know what is going on is A, PSH & K. Everyone else has their detective hat and trying to understand motive and assume stalling tactics. When at the end of the day people are trying to defend their point of view the best they know how.

    All I know is that it will resolve itself.

    • A went to pub at 11pm 14th Feb, and went to police at 11pm 15th Feb, it was almost over 24h – I think they must take her statement first, and it’s too late for lab still opening.

      • I think the popular consensus was GHB however that was debunked somewhere on this thread. She entered PSH apartment at 2A on the 15th according to her statement she felt woozy in the vehicle which is within the 10 minute ride. She left PSH apartment 2PM on the 15th. The Police were brought in at 11P however she was at the Clinic at 8P where all the samples were collected for the Police. Still within time frame – also since hair samples were taken we can pretty much assume that she hasn’t taken narcotics herself within the past 6-9 months.

        With the toxicology report we can safely assume she was not under the influence of narcotics. Nonetheless it does not prove that she was not raped. Since the rape kit did pull semen samples from the vagina. PSH has admitted to consensual relationship – she is stating otherwise. There is no damning evidence of foul play just a grainy CCTV footage (which does not show faces) of her being carried to PSH apartment by K which can be easily refuted that she asked to be carried.

        Its a mess if you ask me

  18. A rumor just flying around everywhere, that PSH offered a settlement compensation but A refused to settle.
    Not sure about the credibility of this rumor

  19. On the 26th, TV Chosun had an exclusive segment where they reported that Park Si Hoo had attempted to reach an mutual monetary agreement with ‘A’, but the negotiations had fallen apart…. Park Si H Park Si Hoo has delayed his police summon three times. The police has reported that they would issue an arrest warrant for him if he did not attend on the 1st.oo had offered ‘A’ 100,000,000 KRW (approximately $92,000 USD)….as i said previously power,money and influence work wonders in the industry….both in the past and present there were many examples for it for now the prime example is PSH…….this news is not new news to me becoz it was reported and had been confirmed previously he and the accomplice met victim after the incident for an outside settlement….So are people trying to say that just because she wasn’t drugged, it was okay for her to have gotten rapped……he is trying now everything in the book doesn’t matter by hook or crook to get out of this… he is trying his best in getting her to retract her statement ….this why women goes in hiding rather than showing at police station……lot of water has flown under the bridge for him to be innocent….. Innocent people don’t hide for 10+ days manipulating and doing media play instead of presenting their side of story to the police………. hoping law doesn’t get crubed by power,money or influence and justice be severely and rightfully served which i doubt though…………

    • I agree with you 100%!!!! Park Shi Hoo is hanging on by the the skin of his teeth and his whole “I will cooperate with the investigation” has been complete BS thus far. His media play + threats to start the attacks on the girl are absolutely disgusting and I feel extremely bad for the victim who has to go through this. I understand he is a celebrity so of course he will do anything to save his ass, but I truly hope justice gets served.

    • Gosh, if this is true, how I wished A had taken the money, go to the police and tell them about the bribe. Then donate the money to some rape victim center.

  20. Hopefully this scandal goes away soon and by go away I mean resolved in a just manner. I wonder why PSH kept postponing his appearance for questioning. Whoever, advised him (I presume the lawyer) must be crazy because this delay makes it look more like PSH is guilty as hell. I mean, if you’re not guilty you’ve got nothing to hide right?!! Unless, PSH isn’t guilty, but the girl is blackmailing him altogether for another reason that doesn’t have anything to do with the rape case??? I think my imagination is making me think of some weird scenarios (too much drama-watching). BTW, is it only me? Suddenly I feel like re-watching Prosecutor Princess.

  21. This is a clusterfuck. I don’t understand how criminal investigations work in Korea, but I hope this isn’t normal. More talking to the media than the accused and leaking things left and right. Lawyers making statements to everyone BUT the police. The fact that they have yet to actually see the person accused of the crime or the scene of the crime is really baffling to me. There is no evidence left, if there ever really was any to start with.

    This is truly a case of he said/she said and I can’t really see it ending in any way other than him paying her off.

  22. Now everybody who is remotly relative to A is going to have a say in this , I’m not saying that I’m not with the victim but , If A texte her parents that she was going home , and she didnt why didn’t they call back being the preserve parents they are, why didnt they seek her, why not even report her missing OR if that was a common thing for her to do ! Why let ur so-called best friends releas such intimate info for the whole nation to hear! I don’t think any rape victim would want that ! Only if …!?!
    That stays my personal op it’s only based o. Facts not that I m on PSH side ! I hope this gets settle fast for everybody’s sake !!

    • I think we can just ignore the “friend” and her story. Her story didn’t seem to be put out for any reason other than to discredit the victim in the end.

      • Yes. I don’t believe anything said by this “friend”, full of BS. Just ignore it entirely.

  23. So it’s now 12 days and the PSH still hasn’t shown up at the police station.
    Not detecting drugs doesn’t mean anything. The fact is a 36 year old man had his pimp carry a 20 year old into his apartment after having her inebriated. Speaks volume about what kind man PSH is.

    • The charges were enacted February 18th, He was summoned February 19th since he did not have counsel – he requested for time to obtain counsel- He obtained final counsel on the eve of February 24th who then requested transfer.

      The facts are that PSH 37, A 22, K 24 met together and all parties drank a total of two bottles of soju (whilst leaving one unopened third bottle – as per Mr Joo the manager of pub).

      I read someone claiming GHB as the narcotic that effed her up and claiming that its untraceable….

      The effects of GHB can be screened within 24 hours of ingesting through blood and urine analysis though the heaviest trace will be available within 4-6 hours of ingestion. (the toxicology screening happened w/in 20 hours of ingestion)

      It takes 10-20 minutes for the effects of the narcotic to come into effect. GHB on its own can result in a coma like sleep however mixing GHB with Alcohol is lethal and can result in a coma not before suffering some serious side effects: nausea, dizziness, confusion, vomiting, disorientation, and seizures — (A reportedly drank one bottle of Soju) The effects of the narcotic will last 3-6 hours.

      We can safely presume that she did not ingest GHB

      I know people want to play the age gap as a sign of disgust on behalf of PSH. They are all adults – who all made some stupid decisions. Age only means that you got older it doesn’t mean that you have grown wiser.

      Stupid is as Stupid does folks.

      • Another more realistic view 🙂

        Age doesn’t mean anything. If anyone has read the book “all about Kevin” which can happen in real life, shows at any age one can be creative criminal – in many different ways. So the age difference is no big deal.

        Wonder if the parties involved is not a celebrity would this escalated to this? 🙁

        I have to stop blethering now or else….

      • From observation on kdramas and variety shows like 1n2d, Korea is ageist society. So reason maybe why age is viewed important and always mentioned for emphasis. They have some expected behavior if you’re viewed as older.

  24. Hmm, I don’t know why, reading about all of this scandal makes me wonder about this scenario: what if Park is gay, and K is/was his lover, and A was just supposed to be a cover up? The two men actually had sex together, and then with A to make it look like it was she they were interested in… Maybe that’s how they get to cover up their relationship, with some random girls…so maybe there is more at stake for Park…
    The truth needs to come out soon else my mind is imagining all these rather disturbing thoughts!

    • OMG! That’s along the lines of what I was thinking what if PSH was gay and A was blackmailing him and K to pay up but they don’t want to, so A ends up making up some rape issue coz either way PSH gets to settle (pay up). It’s like choosing the lesser evil (or lesser scandal in this case) Be gay for all of Korea to know or be branded a rapist (Eoow, that doesn’t sound right at all)? Again, too much drama watching tends to make speculate more unbelievable scenarios. This scandal has makjang written all over it.

    • lol. Come on girls, he had a girlfriend for four years. But again, it was many years ago. What do I know!

      Adding plots to this already complex situation would make it totally untangled. Let’s focus… or just sit back and watch.

  25. seriously can this be over already

    i am tired of not doing anything else but hear the updates

    I feel sorry for noone now , its like watching a bad bad drama

    i am sick of miss A and her friends , who is the dummy at the policr station who keeps leaking info does that not provide grounds for dismal in court

    PHS needs to go and get interviewd already so this can go away

  26. Agree with you bafflement.

    IT seems that the press is willing to print whatever they feel like for this story – which doesn’t help anyone’s side, really.
    They can report all day long what Friend B says, but neither the judge nor the lawyers will allow heresay as evidence in a trial.
    Let’s wait to see IF it makes it to court, and WHAT evidence gets presented before we speculate.

    I think that jury trials are relatively recent for SK. This may be decided by judges rather than a jury of peers.
    Otherwise as the lawyer for the defendent, I would be screaming in protest against all the unsubstantiated claims.

    Not sure if you would find anyone who hasn’t read all the gossip and who could be neutral.

    • ^^^^This has nothing to do with the topic of the comment above^^^^
      Hello Jomo,
      I hope you’re having a wonderful day. I had the time and courage to Google my screenname. So I found lots of my comments for the past few months and I found an unanswered question from you, from about 6 months ago, regarding my name. It doesn’t have a deep meaning, I combined the prudish statement, “how forward” because I enjoy the reactions of matronly characters in comedy of manners and “sale” because this was to be attached to my Etsy and Ebay accounts. Well seeing as I am not on either site much anymore, I now use it for commenting around the internet.
      I found the latest comment from you to tell you I am sorry for being such an inattentive commenter, buttinski, off the topic person. I will check the “notify me of follow-up comments by email” box from now on.

      • Wow! It’s like you have a time machine.
        Thanks for the reply.
        HOw are you doing?

        I have been reading your name wrong.
        I thought it was Howard’sforSale.

      • I’ve been great. I’m down to one drama and I plan to keep it that way! TWTWB is my only drug now that FBND is over. I check in on Ad Genius now and again. But I finally have time to read, its like a whole new world.

  27. I am a journalist, not in Korea or any other Asian country. However, there are certain ethical calls a journalist and a news outlet should make that are international, and have not been made here. That is to say, the media coverage of this entire thing is beyond unethical and sensationalist, it is mediocre and lawsuit hazard. They could easily be obstructing the investigation with all this nonsense they are publishing, there has been no official source confirming their statement that the drug test came out negative. Moreover, this so called ‘B’ can be someone that barely knows ‘A’ and is making all this up. In any case both PSH, A or K could easily sue the newspaper that published an interview with an unidentified source whose information cannot be corroborated of libel.

    That said PSH should have already appeared to testify or at the very least a warrant for his arrest should have been issued. To make it all worse now there are rumors that K is nowhere to be found.

  28. Whether or not he is guilty or innocent, PSH has shown a remarkable lack of judgement, maturity, and restraint:
    – You don’t go out for casual drinks with people young enough to be your children and far removed in both position and stature in your profession unless you are taking some sort of leadership/tutorial role. That’s the mature thing to do.
    – You take a drunk person to their home, not yours. That shows kindness and restraint.
    – You don’t have sex with someone you just met, unless it is their profession to provide same. No matter how enthusiastic they may seem. And as far as I’m concerned, this is absolute rock-bottom on the relationship morality meter, as it is.
    – If you are not sure if someone wants to be “with” you, the mature and legally prudent thing is to assume ‘no,’ not ‘yes’. If someone is any less than fully lucid, then the answer is always no. If you don’t want whatever you are doing described in someone’s blog the next day, then the answer is ‘no’ for whatever the activity may be. Sorry, but this is something most people grasp by their mid-twenties at the hopelessly latest – and this guy is 36/38?
    – If you have done something stupid, own up to it. Don’t try and polish it, don’t try and buy it away, and don’t try and run away. Be an adult. No matter what has happened, PSH has been full of nothing but avoidance and childish prevarication.
    Like Koala, I am neither a fan nor anti-fan of PSH; I’ve enjoyed some of his shows. But I look at him now and see dangerous levels of hubris and immaturity, regardless of whether or not he is a criminal. And given the world he lives in, I very much doubt he will be a criminal no matter what he has done.

    • Out of curiosity, how are any of these maxims different from saying “don’t wear short skirts if you don’t want to get raped”? I find it funny (and sad) that people are actually pointing to the age gap as something questionable. I’ve seen enough out of the norm relationships in my time to say that as long as everyone’s legal, people should meet and be with whomever they want without having to be called ‘immature’ or ‘desperate’. If he did rape that girl, he should get the book thrown at him – but not for being ‘stupid’ enough to go drinking with someone a lot younger.

      • Not sure how anything I said has to do with wearing short skirts. What does the assumption of “no” have to do with what anyone is wearing? I’m talking about basic behavior, male or female.
        And as for the age thing, it’s just based on observation of over 30 years in business situations. And in terms of social interaction, someone whose decades older nearly always has the upper hand, and sometimes it is so subtle those younger are unaware. And I did not say it was ‘stupid’ for PSH to go out with the younger pair – again, you are putting words in my mouth – I just said he wasn’t being very mature about the situation.

      • Because every word of what skelly is saying places the onus of proper behaviour on the would-be rapist, NOT the victim.

        It makes all the difference in the world, and I don’t understand how you take away a ‘don’t wear short skirts’ message from that.

      • So would it be ok for your daughter who is “legal’, to go drinking with someone 15 years older and end up hauled into this much older man’s apartment by his underling who set up the date and wakes up to the realization that the man had sex with her? I won’t say assault because I don’t know what happened. But wouldn’t you expect the much older man to behave more responsibly? OK…..I will accept that ….he took her home because she was drunk and he didn’t know what to do. So put her in your spare room and maybe see in the morning when she’s sober …..if she’s interested in playing and having a good time. He admitted to having sex with her ….so that means he was not above taking advantage of a much younger inebriated girl. A girl who who had stars in her eyes, wanted to make it in his world and was just starting out. PSH knew exactly what he was doing when he had his underling set up the date …..he was taking advantage of his situation. I am not saying he raped her because I don’t know what happened……..But he sure did use her to have some fun. Maybe she woke up and found out she was just a one night stand….and got mad.
        But PSH was wrong to exploit someone young and vulnerable. He is not a decent human being.

  29. Let’s all remember that an accused remains innocent unless guilt is proven beyond resonable doubt.

    Unfortunately, in cases like this, it’s very much he days she says. Now that the toxicology report comes back negative, it’s even more difficult for A to prove rape. It’s a case based on circumstantial rather than hard evidence.

    About the news that PSH tried to settle out of court with money. This is not surprising, in such a case which can go either way, PSH being a well known actor, would feel that monetary settlement may seem like a logical way to resolve this quickly and quietly. Offer to settle out of court does not necessary mean he is guilty of rape.

    I’m not trying defend PSH here. I’m not a fan and have only watched him on CDDA. Just trying to present an objective view here as I feel that a lot of viewers here have already decided that he is guilty, understandable as everyone has his/her own moral compass which prompts one to form judgements.

    I just feel sad for A and PSH that the media circus, interviews with unrelated people and the perplexing details of the police investigstion are not doing either A or PSH any good.

  30. Honestly if I were PSH’s lawyer I would be asking for a change in jurisdiction because the court he’s at obviously can’t keep their mouths shut.

    Everything is just super sketchy at this point.

    • PSH’S lawyer has demand the case be transferred to Gangnam Police but Western Police refused it and A has filed a complaint about this. So, i heard PSH’s lawyer asked the court to decide about where investigation will be conducted. That’s why PSH don’t come to police because waiting for this result

  31. I wonder if all this convoluted, and contradicting information was released as a means of getting this entire case thrown out the window?

  32. I would have thought that PSH is someone who is wise and intelligent (or is that just the actor persona he wants to project, but it seems he’s not that observant of how the times are now. Considering how aggressive, vicious, and hyper-reactive and vigilant the online social connectivity/activities of people nowadays, not just in Korea but globally (that’s why there are so called “netizens” a word born out of this phenomenon)not to exclude how CCTV is one of the favorite gadgets now everywhere- he should have been more wary, hesitant, thinking first before giving in to what he needs with such abandon and such carefree attitude, thinking if-i-do-this-what-will-happen-next kind of brain processing. Did he forget he’s a public figure and that recently his popularity has risen considerably. It seems that at that moment – for him his needs and what he wants is “first” and “foremost” THE HECK WITH THE RISKS AND CONSEQUENCES. Now look where he’s at.

    • If you follow his interactions with the media and with his fans, and forget the characters he portrayed on the screen, you would find he is not wise and intelligent. I have been always amazed that such a shallow person could convey emotion and depth so well on screen. And knowing he is superficial, I admire his acting skills even more. The scandal doesn’t change my view about him as an actor. I’m still watching his drama. He is a good actor. It is a shame that this happened at the peak of his career.

      • As the saying goes, one can’t judge a book by its cover. Likewise, one can’t judge a man/woman by his/her acting. As a viewer, I have to keep reminding myself that actors and actresses are first and foremost human beings. They can be top-notched actors/actresses but suck at human beings, I, for sure, will not continue to support him/her.

      • OK. This is still based on my assumption that it is an act of stupidity. I think I would feel disgusted too if he is proven guilty as a rapist with intention and a plan. I watch Four Funeral And A Wedding and Notting Hill with the knowledge of Hugh Grant’s scandal. Of course that was not a rape case but still telling you that he is low as a human being.

  33. Heavy snow here, car accidents on the street. A sudden melancholy crept into my head. I was thinking of Miss A and PSH.

    I feel very sorry for A that she had to go through this experience (who knows how long it will drag) and, disappointment in the police and the media and so-called “friend” … I hope she can get good counselling treatment/advice, and encouragement from family and friends to keep her strong.

    I also feel for PSH. As an actor/celebrity, ha had to live in multiple layers of lives – the characters he portrayed, a public figure, and the idolized image… while as for his real life, not much going on to keep him grouded. No wonder he lost his mind. He must be feeling terrible too.

    Just like that car accident, both cars got damaged, no one benefits from it. Only if it’s a scene in a drama,… so we roll the camera back … Cut! my wishful thinking

  34. It was reported that he wants an out-of-court settlement? to give quite an amount of money to A.
    If ever that “one night stand” will be a most EXPENSIVE one.
    Well for someone who’s rich like him (and his family) that’s no so much?
    A night of lust cost that much LOL.
    An amount if would be used for humanitarian purposes could help a lot of people who are in need, feed the hungry and help the indigents. An amount that could be intended for relevant causes and uses…not for covering up for a senseless and irresponsible act.

  35. Intriguing.
    Viki just tweeted this:


    I believe Shi-Hoo’s attorneys just called the police handing the initial evidence… inept.

    Nicely played, Mr. Expensive Attorney.

    ~ Your move …A’s Lawyer.

    I’m going to presume that A has acquired a public defender. Based soley on the media-applied nickname of *aspiring actress*.

    …doesn’t ‘sound’like a person with financial connections to experienced representation. (could be wrong) …and also — there may a few publicDef’s that are stunningly good at doing battle with rival, High Dollar attorneys, so it could get epic.

    ** note: I am not insensitive to the victim/s in this case…I am just noting that the onset of the legal battle has begun.
    Shi Hoo’s lawyers, in my opinion, have just tossed the “you guys are idiots” guantlet at the feet of the Police.

    ….things should heat up ~

    • Ok, now this is the go-to when I need a laugh.

      If that lawyer really said that, they are really trying to buy more time. More time for the police to probe further and find more coffin nails, I’d say.

      There are lawyers and there are lawyers. Lawyers interested in lining their own pockets and lawyers who serve with integrity. Honest to God, I hope the latter wins.

      I feel so much for the victim right now. If I were her, I’d be a nervous wreck by now. I’m so glad that she or her legal representatives have not issued any press releases. Praying all those who are advising her are looking after her best interest. I’m zapping a mega doze of fighting spirit across right now. Hwaiting, A-aghassi!

    • So the lawyer releases a statement to the press about the evidence because he is doing everything he can to prejudice the jury? judge? panel of judges?

      While his opinion of the police ablity is almost interesting, it has no bearing on the legality or admissability of the evidence presented in court.

      Why there is no gag order on this case I don’t understand.

  36. Oh, WOW, just WOW!!! PSH “did” what???
    I have so many work and other things to do and finish so I had left the korean world for a while, I still can’t believe what I am just reading here!!

    Well, I am a fan of PSH, but it really doesn’t matter here if there is a crime he might have done! The truth must need to come out, whether I am going to like it or not! But of course he deserves the innocent-construction rule here!

    In my opinion, the suspects are about to make a deal with the victim, this is why they are trying to get more time and evidence.
    If miss A is dropping the rape claim then there is no case, right?

  37. Not looks good if PSH keep avoiding the police.. should i say its the end of PSH’s career?? Who else top star in k-ent that faced similar case as him? I only know that joo ji hoon and g dragon accused for drugs. But it didnt seem affect their career…

    • Drug abuse is not looked upon at the same crime level as rape. For drug abuse, you’re abusing your own body. As for rape, you’re abusing someone else’s body.
      The last, high profiled rape case I can recall in SKorea is Jang Jin Young’s and she committed suicide. But the accused were big wigs in mighty-high places and they were not actors. So that case kinda disappeared into thin air against all my hopes.

  38. From reading the reports/comments the police handling the case right now seem inept and have it in for PSH. I’m not sure if he can get a transfer but maybe he should just because his name is the only one out there, regardless of being a celebrity or not.

    • What I mean is, I think we need fresh eyes on this matter from a more objective investigator and less devulging to the media that they’ve requested 3 times for PSH to be interviewed.

      • Kangnam area is the area of the rich and famous and where a lot of times, money and/or power does the talking. If I were A, I would kick up a big stink too. Like what ockoala said, I wish they would just transfer the case to whichever precinct besides the 2 cited and move on. At this point, I don’t know which investigator in SKorea has not heard any of the rumors out there. And if an investigator is so swayed by rumors, then should s/he be an investigator in the first place. Which is why I think PSH and his lawyers are just throwing childish tantrums. I’m trying so hard to hang on to these last vestiges of faith in the SKorean’s legal system.

  39. A misunderstanding about “sex”. This is timeless….


    Actor tries to seek compromise on sexual abuse charges

    It was probably more of a confrontation than simple confirmation of facts when popular actor Park Si-hoo met with an aspiring entertainer who has accused him of raping her.

    The meeting between the two, mediated by a neutral participant acting as a witness took place Wednesday.

    Park’s lawyer also attended the meeting, raising the possibility that the case is picking up speed.

    In a telephone conversation with Sports Hankook, a sister paper of The Korea Times, a source intimately involved in the case said Park is continuing to insist that there is no ground for the aspirant to file charges against him because what occurred between them was consensual.

    Those present at the meeting said it was designed to settle the case in a mutually-acceptable manner and to offer explanations if there had been a misunderstanding.

    While the contents of the meeting remain under veil, it appears that Park will have to face questioning by the police since formal charges have been filed and not rescinded.

    On Park’s part, he has denied that he met with the aspirant again, repeating his testimony that they had a drink together and proceeded to engage in a physical relationship which was consensual.

  40. This is insanity….


    Actor, police trade blows in rape investigation

    Police investigating a rape case filed by an aspiring actress against movie and television star Park Si-hoo are increasingly frustrated over what they see as feet-dragging by the actor who has been unavailable for questioning.

    After Park postponed a scheduled appearance for the second time on Sunday, an angered Seoul Western District (Seobu) Police Office official said they will consider seeking an arrest warrant for the 35-year-old if he refuses to show up on the next date set for March 1.

    Park’s legal representatives balked at the threat and accused investigators at the Seobu office for criticizing the actor publically and sharing unconfirmed suspicions with reporters. They requested the case to be transferred to the Gangam district police office in southern Seoul, only to be rejected by Seobu officials in a millisecond.

    The alleged victim, a 22-year-old woman, claimed that Park raped her after sharing a late-night drink earlier this month. Park admitted that he had sex with the woman but claimed it was consensual.

    Police say that the testimony of Park and another actor who drank with them at the night of the incident would be critical to the case. Police had investigated the possibility that the woman was drugged, as CCTV footage showed the woman leaving the bar on her own strength, but carried on the back of the other actor when they entered Park’s apartment.

    However, the National Forensic Service appears to have found no traces of drugs after it tested the woman’s blood and hair samples.

    Park gained popularity for his role in television shows such as “Iljimae” and “The Princess Man’’ and starred in last year’s thriller “Confession of a Murderer.”

  41. Although unrelated to the allegation, Korean media today accuses PSK for taking money from his fans.

    Here is a dirty laundry list, so far
    >7.8 million won in an account under PSH’s original name Park Pyung Ho, all withdrawn
    >PSH’s mother required his fans to get him birthday presents each year including a massage chair, large television, oxygen concentrator, as well as a white gold necklace from Tiffany
    >$10 million won worth of home theatre
    >a Jaguar car worth 150 million won ( two years ago by a fan)
    >american fan was asked to provide accommodations when his mother took a trip to NYC
    >his brother selling insurance through his fans’ network

    Who are the fans told the media about these and why?
    This is a result of quarrels among his fans a couple of years ago. The fan who managed his fanclub at the time got kicked out by his brother and was replaced by another fan who donated a large sum of money. So the previous fan/manager and her supporters got pissed but couldn’t do much at the time. Now they came out (or approached by the media, I don’t know) and revealed whole bunches of stuff.

    Last year, Chinese media widely reported two similar incidents
    >PSH required an IMac instead of the Christmas gifts prepared by his Chinese fans
    >He asked his fans to pay a fee (somewhere around $40 usd) to join a gathering with him in Shanghai

    Is it wrong to take money from fans?
    It is not illigal nor there is any set rules against it. Other Korean stars in the similar situations would
    >send back expensive items
    >asked fans to donate that money to a charity, some stars even matched up the amount

    The role of his mother
    It seems that his mother is widely disliked by his fans and also people worked with him. Netizens criticized her for being money hungry and pushing people around. I read a major fan who said loving him uncinditionally on one message and on another comment she wrote something like: I really want to see his mother’s face now, the bitch who thinks her son being on top of the world and bullies other people …

    Is PSH wealthy?
    Generally speaking, he is not as rich as many people assumed to be. Korean drama actors/actresses don’t earn as much as their american peers, way less. In early 2009, the Association set a ceiling of 15mil won (less than $15000 usd) per episode. Mega stars like Bae Yong Jun or Lee Byung Hun could get 100 milliom won under the name of overseas income or so. Lee Min Ho, one of the leading actors in Boys Over Flowers only got paid 2.5 million won per episode which is less than $2500 usd and that is before taxes and other expenses. I don’t know how much PSH’s paycheque but it should be under the ceiling.
    His apartment is quite average, but the location makes it worthy.

    Many people/fans have questioned why he doesn’t have any famous stars as his friend. The speculation is that they witnessed his behaviors and shy away from him.

    • Wow, maybe they were not originally from an old rich family, thus the countryside accent. Could have just acquired their recent lifestyle now, so they tend to hold-grab this found wealth. They’re more snooty & snobbish than the real old rich families. Insecure much?
      Gifts, contributions must be voluntary from fans, not imposed or made compulsory.

  42. PSH case: Text messages between A and K Posted

    2013.02.28 17:00 News report

    Text messages between A and K released

    Some of the text messages exchanged between A and K the day after the alleged rape have become public.

    This is revealed in an exclusive Y-Star “Live Star News” that the junior actor K is at the heart of the matter.

    The text messages exchanged between K and the complainant A on Kakao Talk have been released by Star News. On February 15 at 15:41 the woman sent a text message to the man to say “I’m home”, and the man texted back: “Does your stomach feel OK?”

    Continuous conversation between the man and the woman, stamped on the phone at 15:58:36 p.m. and 16:26, leading to the man texting: “Let’s go to the club later” and the woman replying: “F*** (club). You going?” These are the contents of one of the text messages. [ED: *** is not swearing, just blanking out name of club, as is the custom in Korean media.]

    This junior actor K said in an interview after the incident: “I am very shocked. I don’t understand how the situation has come to this. The atmosphere was good that night and our telephone messages the next day were very friendly.”

    He also said he lived on the outskirts of Seoul and his home was quite far from Cheongdam-dong. Since his car had broken down, he could only use public transportation. So he asked to sleep at Park Si Hoo’s home that night. He would submit the entire text messages with Miss A to the police.

    These text messages were broadcast on Live Star News on February 27 at 5 p.m.

    (source: parkshihoo4u.com)

    We are sitting back and watching. But, do you see this one coming?

    1. Is it a rightful thing to do – revealing an important evidence to the public on TV?
    2. Are all the text messages being revealed or just parts of them?
    3. Why has he held on to such important evidence favorable PSH for this long?
    4. Police should also be able to retrieve the text message and they should have done that by now. Or did they?
    5. Is this evidence even valid?

    Once again, the media is running the show. Don’t know what to believe. As it’s approaching March 1 in Seoul, PSH’s attorneys haven’t confirmed yet if he would go for the interview in police station. On the police side, no information nor reaction. The whole thing turned around like both sides switched roles.

    One more piece on the sideway: someone reported to the National Tax of Korea about PSH hiding income.

  43. Just minutes ago, PSH’s attorney confirmed that PSH will go for the interview in Western Police Station as scheduled. (March 1 at 10am)

  44. if the text messages between A and K are true , then I really have to say there’s definitely something between A and K .. besides that , I was not wrong at all when I said K is the main key of this case. and I still remember how someone even labelled me as a low person just because I lay out some of the possibilities that could have happened that night regarding K. ahaks!

      • yerp , someone who’s raped wouldn’t send messages like that. what’s more to know that the messages were sent to the one that she claimed had groped and molested her. ahaks! K already said that he would send the entire text to the police . then he totally cannot lie about the message coz telco can clarify whether the message is genuine or not.

  45. After have posted the above reports, I couldn’t help myself thinking … what the hell is going on? Nothing makes any sense … from the very beginning. Every single move, from both sides, making no logical sense. they are disconnecting and confusing. Now rumors (I have to use this word because nothing seems true) flying around saying the CCTV footage presented previously is not a complete version, somehow they could see A got off the car by herself. Now the only things being confirmed are:
    *Three of them went for drinks that night and drove to PHS’s apartment building afterwards,
    *When entering the elevator, PSH was oh his own feet while A was being piggybacked in by K
    *Three of them spent the night there, and PSH and A had sex

    I have to erase everything else off my mind and wait for tomorrow’s interviews – A and K both with the police – or maybe more confusing stuff will come out from the interviews … my head hurts

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if a whatever settlement reached five minutes before the interviews … and leave a open ending for the public to activate the imagination and … it would be the worst as no justice being served and nobody could learn a real lesson from it. I am disturbed by the thought.

    I pray for the truth.

    • I’m going to throw this out there. Is A just a woman scorned? After a night of pleasure, she wanted more from the older gentleman that he was not willing to provide. Lied to save face and the lie has escalated to such an extent that there was no turning back. Even if they reach settlement without PSH providing testimony what’s already been stated and provided to the masses will allow us to jump to two conclusions. (1) He’s Guilty as sin, why didn’t he go to the police and clear it up or (2) she’s a liar and was finding herself to get caught in her Web of deceit ours better to settle and later state that the agreement of the settlement is to never talk about this situation again.

      We may have to live with the fact that we will never know the truth.

      • I don’t know what is true but my gut feeling tells me not to believe any of those. Think again, the text message on K’s phone, they knew and had the easy access to it all along but only use it to fight back after so many bad publicity … why wait this long? And, the police, although incompetent, still shouldn’t miss a part of the footage, it would be ridiculous. I also heard that A is not a nobody, she has her own fans for years since when she was a teen. She doesn’t actually need to approach PSH to seek chance to be famous. I don’t know. The whole thing is a mess. I’ve never seen the media running the investigation and making it such a high profile. The two sides refused to communicate. Instead, they went on TV to present sensitive evidence. How weird is this?!

  46. that’s why I said clearly in my post before this it seems like there’s some sort of conspiracy in this case and it seems that there’s someone or “something” out there who is really targeting PSH based on the way how more and more news being leaked smearing his name …I’ve already let out my suspicious on how all things happened too sudden. PSH definitely left a message for his Japanese fans saying that he was going to meet them for CDDA promotion and that very day the first news broke out just after a few hours he left the message. and with the news about him being rumored to pay A to close this case and also about the bank account which was opened under his real name to scam the fans’ money..where does this information came from ? which party that did all this ?? how come suddenly there are so many unconfirmed rumours which tarnish his name more and more come out . it seems that whoever did this really want PSH to be out of the industry. and what makes it worse , K was said to be one of the assault too. but then his name was not exposed from the beginning like what happened to PSH. I’ve just got to know his name was only exposed just yesterday or the day before yesterday , but then it was not reported widely. I just know that his name is Kim Hee Joon , and it was revealed in one Korean news report. however his name was not mentioned in any other international news. now the thing is , who’s the one that really lied right here ? K ,A or PSH ?? only God and the 3 of them know the truth.

  47. PSH case: Telephone interview of K
    Posted on 2013/02/28 11:55 pm by H.A.T.
    2013.02.28 18:44 News report

    (We can only summarise this report.)

    Star News Live interviewed Mr. K by telephone today and he said:

    1. He will attend the investigation at Western Police Station tomorrow (March 1).

    2. The CCTV footage released by the police only showed Miss A being carried on K’s back, but actually she walked out of the bar and out of the car by herself. She asked K to carry her at PSH’s carpark. This can be seen in the full CCTV footage.

    3. PSH postponed his investigation because he was getting legal representation and changing his lawyer. He is innocent of the rape charges. The police just want to draw attention.

    4. About PSH offering A 100 million won, it is totally unfounded. Many news articles are defamatory.


  48. ok , I’ve just read this news and this one has more messages exchange between K and A …. seriously when I read those messages why I feel like A and K really have something up their sleeves. the message sound really fishy.

    We have another shocking update on the Park Shi Hoo case. The text messages exchanged between rookie actor “K” and victim “A” were finally revealed to the public, which sheds a new light.

    The text messages (exchanged through the instant messaging application, KakaoTalk) were aired on Y-Star’s “Live Star News.” The conversation goes as follow:

    A: I’m home
    K: Are you feeling okay?
    A: I can’t sober up…
    K: Well you didn’t make any mistakes
    A: Whatever, as long as I had fun, it’s fine
    K: Let’s go clubbing later
    A: Sigh kk you said you’re going to Club Ellui, right?

    Sources from actor “K” spoke in an interview, “He doesn’t know what to do since this is such a shocking thing to happen so it came to this,” and “On the night of the incident, he received a text from another woman. The texts show that she and ‘K’ are very close.”

    They continued, “Since ‘K’ lives on the outskirts of Seoul, his home from Cheongdamdong is pretty far. Since he didn’t have a car and public transportation was cut off, he just crashed at Park Shi Hoo’s home. So he’s so bewildered that this sort of thing happened. We will be handing over the full conversation between ‘K’ and ‘A’ to the police.”

    KakaoTalk status messages for both “K” and “A” were revealed as well. For his status message, “K” posted, “Fine, let’s go till the end and see.” On the other hand, “A” posted, “A wise one knows how to be humble when the enemy strikes. An eye for an eye may be the right way but it will make others think of me as the same level as the enemy and it will not earn the hearts of those around me.”

    Meanwhile, Park Shi Hoo is set to show up to the police station on March 1.

    • Ha! So are A & K in cahoots. Well they didn’t execute a well thought out plan here. I mean basically K threw A under the bus with this “evidence” actually he threw her under the bus when he got on PSH camp. I understand Devils Advocate but this is plain ridiculous. What was the meaning of all this.

      Is this one long drawn out PSA so that South Korea can see what a bumbling mess there legal system is lmao – Id believe it

      • if those messages are truly genuine , yes , I can say that maybe K and A plotted together to trap PSH. if just by reading those messages alone , I really have this thinking that maybe A and K plotted together to trap PSH , but then somehow A changed her mind , turned the table around and even accused K as one of the assault too so that her story sound more credible ? then K have no choice but to actually reveal the message to clear out his name and PSH’s as well ?? . again , what I said is just purely my speculation just based on this latest news . but then if those messages are truly genuine , A might be in trouble with all her accusations and allegation towards PSH . PSH’s named is already badly tarnished whether he’s guilty or not. I really hope the truth would be revealed.

      • It has been mentioned that PSH legal team as well as the Police have asked the Service Provider for the records spanning a couple days before, during and after the event. This definitely debunks Ms A.

      • then I really hope the truth would be revealed with all the messages been exposed. those messages really seem suspicious. now , if it’s true that PSH is all along been framed , I seriously feel so bad for him . thinking of how the netizens had really slammed him badly even when not all the truth yet to be revealed.

    • so she had fun , but then she claimed that “fun” as rape ? and why would she even send messages to someone whom she claimed had molested and groped her ?? where’s the logic in this ??if I’m A’s shoes , I wouldn’t even want to think about K if what K had really done is true. but then A actually texted him and even asked for the other club that he wanted to go and hang out ??? who’s the one that lied right here ??

    • that is what really made me puzzled why the need to still protect K when he is also involved in this news ?? PSH lost his weight . it’s visible. that he’s been crying…I just can’t help but feels bad for him.

  49. if the girl are real innocent,why she go out alone in the middle of night and meet some guys for drink,,OMG!!! think about it girls…unless she have a other motive…hmf!!!

    • Even if a girl goes out at night with two male friends is not an issue. It’s that her story cannot be corroborated with evidence.

      O what a tangled Web of lies we weave when we first practice to deceive… Is hitting out on the target.

      With the toxicology report and the text message history, plus the additional cctv footage showing her get out of the car fine and then get on K’s back. She’s a Liar.

  50. @Michelle , yes his name is Kim Hee Joon. and his name and picture profile is only exposed on one korean news site. seriously , why won’t the media reveal his profile ? is it because he’s not a well known actor ?? that’s why I smell some conspiracy behind all this.

  51. whether psh is guilty or not, i still find him yucky and gross. call me a prude, or naive, or whatever, but sex for me is the most intimate thing 2 people can engage in. to do it with someone you just met is such a big turn off. i know that men has needs, but to do it just to relieve that need is just like the way of animals. if i am an actress i would not want to work with him. he just grosses me out.

    • I don’t know if it’s prudish or whatever, there’s something about one night stands which degrade lovemaking. Period. Why can’t he just woo a girl like a real gentleman? If he’s truly innocent, it still doesn’t explain why he changed his first lawyer (supposedly specializing in libel cases) and dodged 2 police interviews. Yeah, if I do watch his past/future projects, all I see now is dirty laundry. Sigh.

      • One night stands are for people who want one night stands, not the general majority. Some guys and girls just “want to have fun” without being tied down to a fixed partner. It is unfortunate, but this is the real world, where singles clubs/bars exist where guys pick up like-minded girls and vice versa.

        If a girl flirts with a guy and indicates that she is willing to sleep around (I’m not saying that this is what happened in this case), then it is unlikely a guy would woo her like a gentleman.

        Whether he is truly innocent or not, we should wait for the results of the investigation, and not participate in this irresponsible and ridiculous media circus, with our own wild accusations, finger-pointing and “blaming” of A or K or P.

        Imo, it makes total sense why he would change his lawyer from one specialising in libel or defamation cases, which are civil suits, to a lawyer specialising in criminal cases. After all, a sex assault accusation is a criminal case, not a civil suit. It’s like if you have cancer, you don’t consult a doctor who specialises in heart attacks. And if a person has never had the same type of trouble with the law before, it is unlikely he knows which lawyer to engage, and would have to rely on recommendations/referrals, which take time.

        And if you had read all the comments properly, he did not “dodge” 2 police interviews. The first interview was postponed so that he could engage a lawyer, which is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. The second interview was postponed on his lawyer’s advice, and don’t you agree that he should listen to his lawyer’s advice?

  52. PSH came out. Tne interview lasted for 10 hours.

    PSH said that he told told everything and believed the truth will be coming out.
    The police said that the interview went quite complete, that they would study all the details and then decide id any need for further interviews.

    • PSH came out. Tne interview lasted for 10 hours.

      PSH said that he told everything and believed the truth will be coming out.
      The police said that the interview went quite complete, that they would study all the details then decide if any need for further interviews.

      Police said that both PSH and K denied the rape allegation, but refused giving any further details.

  53. PSH said to the reporters:” although I have a lot that I want to say to you, but I believe things will get explained fully through the police’s investigation. The truth will be coming out.”

    The police refused to give any details, only confirmed that both PSH and K denied the allegations.

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