Lee Da Hae Glides into Spring for Elle Magazine

I have to confess that I’m casually keeping up with IRIS 2. I can’t explain why, since I barely skimmed IRIS and I checked out of Athena: Goddess of War so fast I left skid marks. If I had to guess a reason, it’s probably my love for Jang Hyuk together with Lee Da Hae. They just make me happy seeing them onscreen as a couple. Sadly IRIS 2 is as bad if not worse than its predecessors, and really the mental twists and turns are delivered so ridiculously ham-handed I actually find genuine amusement in how silly it is. Doesn’t hurt that Lee Bum Soo is all sorts of awesome as a North Korean spy, and there is some comfort in seeing the youngsters try so hard when trying to say the most cringe-worthy dialogue. I actually think Lee Da Hae looks more comfortable onscreen then she has in years, and its probably due to how much she enjoys making the drama. She has amazing chemistry and camaraderie with Jang Hyuk and that makes the drama easier to swallow. There no way one can ever believe she is a sharpshooting government agent though – she looks way too good for an NSS agent and the drama loves making her wear super stylish clothes despite being on assignment. It just emphasizes how insanely pretty she is and what a stunning figure she has. Part of why I keep watching IRIS 2 is because I’m finding it a great source for outfit shopping, LOL. Lee Da Hae recently did a very edgy magazine shoot for Marie Claire that was really not to my taste (in one picture she looked positively anorexic). But for this month’s Elle magazine, she’s back in fine form as a print model showcasing a line of Spring bags. I love her tousled hair the most and how it just frames her slender frame, with her pose in each picture never looking directly at the camera so there is a smidge of melancholy in the mood. The pretty and bright colors are a wonderful change from her mostly all-black ensembles in IRIS 2. Right now that drama does hurt my brain but I’m willing to endure to see how it all wraps up – rocks fall down or finally a happy ending for the three-peat OTP of Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae?


Lee Da Hae Glides into Spring for Elle Magazine — 16 Comments

  1. Lovely photoshoot. Lee Da Hae looks gorgeous as always and those bags make me drool!

    I hope she will pick a good project the next time. I loved her in My Girl, but that was 7 years ago and I’ve found everything else since then quite underwhelming.

  2. I like her in Miss Ripley the most-so stunningly beautiful with psycho mentality at the same time. But in IRIS 2, hard to say, sometimes she’s so good, sometimes like robot.Even Jang Hyuk can’t carries his character sometimes, but when he delivers, we know how talented he is.

  3. I’ve. Never watched any of her work ! And I hadn’t even seen her here ! My eyes are on that second photo ( the bag and sweater ) Omg ! Hhhh nonetheless she is gorgeous !

  4. I love Lee Da Hae!! But for some reason, after that drama she filmed with Lee Ji Hoon, her dramas weren’t that great anymore. I don’t know…

  5. I have always liked her beautiful willowy figure. …..the swan neck, tiny waist and slender graceful long limbs. But what has happened to her face? It looks so frozen like a wax figure.

  6. I love the first picture so much. And those bags! I want that green one she carries. Any body knows what’s the brand and the probable cost?


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