Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk are Captivating as the Parents in Gu Family Book

Lots of folks who are iffy about Suzy are perhaps hoping her starring role in the high profile Gu Family Book will change their impression of her. I adore Suzy, but its not for her acting ability as much as its for her onscreen charm and potential. I don’t think her performance in GFB will vault her over the hump and magically make her a good actress, but as long as she doesn’t ruin her role or deliver a truly jarring performance, I’ll be fine with her. In the long preview, I have to join in the observation that she delivers her lines with her usual dry inflection not to mention a very modern cadence. Which leads me to another actress I’ve always found to be lacking in the acting department – Lee Yeon Hee. She has a guest-starring role here as the mother of half-man/half-beast hero Choi Kang Chi, and her screen time is limited to the early episodes of the drama. I’ve always found her flat onscreen, she doesn’t exude any screen presence and her eyes have this dull flatness. But in the preview and stills for GFB, for the first time ever Lee Yeon Hee has piqued my interest. She actually looks alive! Not as a beautiful mannequin, but dirty and gritty and glowing. Since this was a sageuk I would have pegged her to fall flat on her face first, who knew she might just rise to the occasion. This leads me to remember what a terrible actress Hong Soo Hyun was when she first started out (Only You anyone? Temptation of an Angel whut?), only to have her emerge like a reborn phoenix in The Princess’s Man. Here’s to hoping Lee Yeon Hee hits this one out of the park. Oh, and Choi Jin Hyuk as the god of the mountains and daddy to Kang Chi looks beyond adorable and awesome here. I’m coming for the kids portion with Suzy and Lee Seung Gi, but it might be the parents story that wins my heart first. I’d call that a double win.


Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk are Captivating as the Parents in Gu Family Book — 23 Comments

  1. He kind of looks like an adorable dork, while she looks uber serious. Who wouldn’t if a mountain god was wooing them?

  2. “She actually looks alive !” – LOL. The Parents story seems interesting, wondering if they’ll pull it off well.

  3. Holy mother of god, Yee Yeoh-hee is EMOTING. And this love story looks epic and gorgeous – I badly want to watch the parents, right now! And she and Choi Jin-hyuk make a really cute pair, too.

    With Suzy, I guess what I’m really hoping for is to see her actually become the character instead of just stand there and get her lines out/make the requisite expressions. And thankfully, it at least sounds like she’s doing that in the trailer, so I hope this is good.

  4. I was waiting for someone to comment about Suzy’s sageuk speech. Tbh,as a non-korean speaker i can’t tell difference but i hope she’s not the worst. About her acting,all her roles so far kinda similar. Yeowool supposed to be very laid back and cooler than a guy (that is what her character description says) and from the trailer i can see that. I can connect with her instantly but she’s definitely has so much to improve. I’m more concern about the sad scenes later on because she’s kinda awkward when crying. I hope she improved. Oh yeah,i’m totally surprised with Lee Yeonhee. She’s better here and i’m so looking forward to the parents story.

  5. Finally a writer that actually speaks out about Suzy’s acting LOLOL! Can’t blame the others though Suzy just has a bubbly aura that makes one forget about her actin ability 🙂

  6. After watching the long GFB teaser I am less enthused abt the LSG-Suzy pairing. :/ Yet, looking fwd to his parents’ love story.

  7. Hmm, I was wondering to myself why I didn’t find Lee Yeon Hee out of place when I first saw that trailer… it turns out she was doing her job! Here’s to hoping she continues improving.

  8. I am actually more interested in the parents’ portion than the kid’s part, judging from the long preview.

    It’s funny how the “boat” scene reminds me of the scene in City Hall in which there also involved a lot of candles LOL Can I say this director really love candles for boat scene?? LOL

  9. Why do I feel like this part is going to be so good. Lee Yeon Hee, you might be turning a leaf here.

    Please pull a Hong Soo Hyun!

  10. Oh hey wasn’t expecting a kissing scene from the parents portion. Don’t know why :-0 when they produced a child.
    But that gigantic bouquet of wildflowers… gorgeous and adorable.

  11. I think the parents bit might become my favorite too. And they looks so cute and I know I’m going to cry a lot!
    Lee Yeon Hee has I think done better in movies, I thought she was adorbs in Hello schoolgirl and My love.
    Suzy seems really cute but I don’t think she’s yet just strong enough to carry a whole drama by herself. Luckily the supporting cast is awesome so that just might save it.

  12. Ugh. I still think LYH has been miscast. Good thing she only appears early and that will be all we see of her. Thank god.

  13. The only reason I won’t be watching this series is Suzy! I just can’t wrap my mind into believing her acting. It’s like watching a cute statue doing a monologue. But on a happy note, I’d choose Suzy over Yoona in a heartbeat! Hehe (Just a random thought)…..But these sets of photos are giving me hope.. Maybe i can overlook suzy.. I don’t know.. 🙂 But I still hope this series will do well for Seung gi! 🙂

  14. The parents story looks really interesting. Before I didn’t care much because it took time for Seunggi and Suzy, but wow…It looks very compelling. It might not actually turn out to be that great, but they’ve done a great job at selling it. The dad is already really endearing to me.

  15. I wish this drama was about the parents rather than the LSG/Suzy pair, I don’t find their love line interesting….

  16. WOW, absolutely fell in love with the Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk pairing in this drama. Their chemistry was epic even though it was only a short period, they left very impressive scenes and made me feel love than sorrow from one minute to the next. Already I am missing them. I am afraid to watch the rest now feeling like I am hooked on Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk’s characters, I don’t even think about Lee Seung Ri or Suzy right now, I keep thinking (more like praying now) I will be watching Wol Ryung and Seo Hwa’s continued love story next week. Darn it!

    • i agree with u the parents more adorable n fantastic . i watch the two episodes again n again.few times already.hope they continue casting.

    • I agree with u ^^
      ah.. Naneun neomu,jeongmal jjinja joah with this couple,
      ahh…. I hope there’s a special episode for Yeonhee unnie and Jinhyuk oppa couple,,
      I’m falling in love with them^^

      *haha,, and did u know? I’m just watching eps 1 & 2 from this drama,just to see LYH unnie & CJH oppa*

  17. i love the parents part.if it is possible,they can extend it or make another drama for the parents legend…lee yeon hee n choi jin hyuk hwaiting!! let thm b main….

  18. I think Lee Yeon Hee fits her role here. She was so good at acting and I cried so much in the first episode. Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk had awesome chemistry and a good storyline. So sad that they’re only in the first two episodes. I only watched this because of them too. If Lee Yeon Hee and Choi Jin Hyuk ever gets another drama together again, it should be in this time period. A storyline kind of like the Princess’ Man would be great for them.

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