The Fugitive of Joseon Holds Sartorially Challenged Drama Press Conference

When I do posts about press conferences I normally top it with a picture of the pretty OTP, or the fashionable four leads, or even the entire sprawling cast. I have yet to lead with a picture of the two males leads, and I thought I would reserve that honor for the day Korea did a drama about the love story between two gay guys presented in its usually addictive way of romance. I dunno, it could happen, right? Sadly before that epic day arrives I have to give the honor of showcasing what might be called Two Dorky Guys of Joseon on the Run. Yes, the drama has an English title of The Fugitive of Joseon (with a Korean title of Heaven’s Mandate), and is about a royal physician with a sick daughter and has to go on the lam when he’s falsely implicated in a poisonous murder scheme while pursued by the greatest hunter in Joseon. Ergo, it’s really Two Guys on the Run, set in Joseon, except when those two guys travel through time and end up in the modern world, they had no clue how to dress and showed up as a press conference looking like THAT (see above). Normally good looking hunky specimens of fine Korean male form Lee Dong Wook and Song Jong Ho donned what might be the least fitting suits in the history of haberdashery and paraded before the media for their upcoming sageuk press conference. Also present were leading ladies Song Ji Hyo and Yoon Jin Yi, both of whom wore white dresses of varying degrees of shortness, and both exhibited zero chemistry with their leading man Lee Dong Wook. None. Zilch. Nada. Little adorable Kim Yoo Bin playing the daughter of Lee Dong Wook is the cutest thing ever and is also the most eye-pleasing visage at the press conference. Everyone else was varying degrees of fail, and she knocked it out of the park. KBS should have ordered everyone to show up in their sageuk outfits. I still think this drama looks potentially awesome, but I’ll need a few days to erase so much fail from my eyes before checking it out next week when it premieres.


The Fugitive of Joseon Holds Sartorially Challenged Drama Press Conference — 40 Comments

    • Crotch Fail.

      I find it hard to believe that there’s not ONE woman….in ALL of Joseon/South Korea… who would have been willing to place a tape measure to Lee Dong Wook’s in-seam — in order to accurately ….ermmm…facilitate… uh…fabric-compliance-to-anatomy.
      O.o ~

      • p.s. I do actually think the stylists *tried* to make some things work — next to last photo of Seulong, JiHyo & DongWook:

        Seulong’s hair is flattened and he’s practically wearing slippers
        JiHyo’s sporting platforms
        …and so is Dong Wook — plus 3 inches of nouveaux-pompadour ~
        some small attempt at making the OTP look taller/stand out.

        (pats the stylist’s back…pat, pat)

      • At least seulong is wearing pants that actually fit him AND socks. Because those other two are missing 5 cm each of pants and are barefeet. For me they just look goofy and the whole point of looking elegant in a suit is defetead by that ridiculous detail. What is wrong with their stylists?

  1. Yay!! Ace jihyo is really pretty πŸ™‚ maybe they can ask running man member to be cameo as the chaser πŸ˜› #justkidding

  2. what happened to ldw?

    I will just focus on the little girl… such a cutie, she might just steal this show from the adults.

    • I know! That was my reaction too: “bad, bad… omigod, she’s so cute!!… bad, bad, really bad, ba… omigod, she’s really really cute!”

    • I couldn’t help but flash back to Steve Martin on Saturday Night Live in the 70’s – “we’re two wild and crazy guys!”
      This whole thing about the too-short pants and no socks and too-short jackets and pants hitched up high on the waist – it makes them all look like grandpas. Stylist fail all over the place. And LDW should never wear brown, especially that horrid slimy shade of brown. Just…I want to scrub my eyes now.

  3. What is it about going socks-less and pants that barely skim the ankles that appeal to these k-actors so much?

    Song ji Hyo and Yoon Jin Yi must have called each other the night begore to coordinate their dresdes which are both mid-riff revealing and white.

  4. The child has nicer shoes than the girls .Something is so wrong with the shoots.How come they look so stiff with each other.

    • Cropped trousers showing off ankles is a trend for men from previous year. They are called ‘mankles’ and considered sexy, as they sometimes show a glimpse of masculine calf.

      • Have they asked actual women if they thought these were sexy? I volunteered to by a truckload of socks for Kim Ji Hoon after his sockless appearnace at the Flwoer Boy Next Door Press Conference. And since Denali had already sent a him a boatload, I have some left over to donate here.

        Please stop witht he sockless bit and the short pants. The pants look horrid, and I can’t get the image of smeely feet out of my mind.

        I am looking forward to this show, however, and I just want to put Kim Yoo Bin in my pocket. They can’t have her die, right? Are you listening, drama gods?!?!

  5. I’ll never understand the sock-less too short pants trend. It’s not attractive and I can’t wait for it to die out.
    Funny how the best dressed person there was a child. Let your parents dress you guys! She looks adorable πŸ™‚

    • I think this is because she is always using not tight clothes on RM so we don’t really notice how thin/fit she is?lool

  6. These pictures are so awkward. Everyone looks so uncomfortable. :/ Tho I love both of the white dresses and the two actresses look pretty

  7. Suits doesn’t suit him but LDW is simply georgeous.

    I think the actors in this drama (or their stylists more like) thought if they followed the fashion trends then all will be fine. Well short thin legged trousers, fitting suits, crop tops, white bangade all showed up but alas there is a thing called fashion mathematics. You need to figure out the trend which will suit your body type best, you need to actually think about this. Having a slim body doesn’t automatically make one stylish. Oh well, at least drama looks interesting and LDW is one of my faves.

  8. Kim Yoo Bin is ADORABLE!! <3 Make me want to pinch her lil cheeks! πŸ˜€ And yes, they should've just shown up in their sageuk garb. Fail-safe AND relevant. πŸ˜‰

  9. Last pic is weird, Song Jong Ho (6’2,188cm) should towered everyone but how it is that Seulong from 2 A.M is this tall?lol Might be the way how the pic was taken.
    Anyway, I can’t wait to watch this drama…

  10. I love Ji Hyo’s dress. Sexy yet not revealing too much skin. She looks so darn tired though. I guess joggling Running Man and a series is catching up on her. She still looks pretty though.

  11. Song Ji Hyu looks gorgeous. Poor LDW. Who put him in that suit? And why does he looks so smarmy? Is it the facial hair?

  12. LDW’s posture looks slouchy with his pelvis tilting forward, reminds me of Erkel from Family Matters. Maybe it’s the suit. The short pants have been around for quite a awhile. I remember Lee Minh Ho in Personal Taste. Didn’t like it then, don’t like it now. I am looking forward to the drama and seeing LDW play a father.

  13. Maybe they’re trying to prsent LDW as an ahjusshi because the drama’s about a father/daughter relationship, not the romance. Otherwise, why the fuddy look?

    The female actresses just look like they’re interchangeable eye candy for the arm.

  14. Oh gosh! What the hell is wrong with both actors’ pants??? What is it with this obsession with ill fitting pants? Is this ‘pants for rainy days’ the equivalent of Wellington Boots? LDW is one of my fave actor but I don’t like his style here. His clothes are ill fitting and his slouching frame does not help either. To top it off, the no socks trend??? Really, some stylists are too overzealous when it comes to fashion. If they’re wearing loafer, I might be inclined to press the OK button but that no socks looks? Gotta hit the “miss” button!

  15. How sad that the publicity stills percolate the conversation towards their sad-sack wardrobe selection. Honestly, I think it’s the “product placement” syndrome. Isn’t is obvious that some “avant garde trendy designer wanna-be” is paying for the actors to wear those ridiculous clothes. That’s probably why no one is smiling and are grimacing on stage as if someone is poking their back with a hot iron. No wonder my Lee Dong Wook looks so sad. He is so much better than that. Don’t worry Dong Wook, I am still your number one fan.

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