Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee are the Latest High Profile K-star Couple

There have been some big big name Korean entertainment dating reveals this past twelve months, and today we add another newly minted power couple to the mix. Jo In Sung, fresh off his well-received turn as a fake brother con artist in That Winter, the Wind Blows, is dating actress Kim Min Hee. Say what? If anyone claims to have shipped those two in real life, I challenge you to take a leap of faith to verify that you are not telling a fib. This seriously came as far out of left field as when news first leaked that Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung were secretly dating or when earlier this year Kim Tae Hee and Rain were caught out on a date and had to come clean. Poor Rain even got in trouble for leaving the base to go woo his girl, heh. This couple went public without any denials though a variety of factors played into it. Korean tabloid Dispatch snapped pictures of them out on a date so they clearly wanted to own up to the relationship without being outed. I also think they are older and more established actors so its probably expected by even their craziest fans that they should be pursuing long term relationship possibilities. Turns out Kim Min Hee and Jo In Sung did a clothing photoshoot over a decade ago when they both started out, so I posted a picture of young and fresh-faced them below for comparison. This is the first time in Jo In Sung’s career that he’s gone public with a girlfriend, but Kim Min Hee is no stranger to high profile relationships since she famously dated notorious bachelor Lee Jung Jae. Back then he was the A-list actor and she was a newbie model-actress, but I actually enjoy watching Kim Min Hee onscreen quite a lot. She’s in two dramas that I love (Goodbye Solo and Love, Marriage) but these last few years she’s been enjoying a very successful and diverse movie career. The relationship is in its early stages as they started dating at the start of this year and are taking it slow since both are so busy with work. Congrats to this very pretty new couple and I for one wouldn’t mind seeing them star in something together because this really is an unexpected pairing in real and reel life.

Kim Min Hee with her ex-boyfriend Lee Jung Jae.


Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee are the Latest High Profile K-star Couple — 35 Comments

  1. Beside lee jung jae.. there is another ex boy friend.. i forgot the nama but he is a model turn actor who plays as bodyguard in the tree with deep root and play in vampire idol.. if im not mistaken he also play in vampire idol and is a close frien of g-ddragon. Aah forgot the name. So kim min hee got high profile ex boy friends too..before i have this shipping radar on hkm and hye gyo but fortunately this news surface.. now..i wonder who will be song hye gyo’s next lover.. since she dated lee byung hun and hyun bin before..

  2. Or it could be (just to play devil’s advicate) that she is a well liked Korean beard.

    (Quickly runs away from flying objects!)

    • Like a Korean Nina Dobrev? lol . This girl seriously must have something special. In Sung and Lee Jung Jae! . I was surprise when I heard the news I have no Idea who the girl is. It would have been less surprising if the news was In Sung’s new gf is…..hye kyeo or song ji hyo or ha ji min ..or In Sung in a relationship with song jong ki or lee kwang soo. hahaha kidding. I wish them well they look good together.

  3. This is obviously a ploy to cover up the real relationship between Jis and SHK. SHK is too big A lister to be slammed in media so they chose her best friend to help cover it. You should not belie everything the media says as the fans know better and have solid proofs.

    • LOL!!! I knew there would be shipping fans in complete denial. I say, good for both of them, real companionship is hard to find in dramaland, especially when there are whacko fans who think they own your life, and want you to live out their life story for you regardless of how things may be in real life.
      Another way this is playing out is by fans comparing SHK to KMH and saying that KMH is not “beautiful” enough for JIS…as if that really mattered. Sheesh.

      • So obvious many of the denial, the oxygen shipper are still below dating age, they never date before, so they never know what some men are looking at women. Beautiful women always boring, but attractive women like KMH are more fun to be with.

      • In Sung never dated song ji hyo despite making all that intense kissing and bed scene. If that didn’t make the cut I don’t see why him not dating song hye kyo impossible. I don’t think In Sung is the type to fall for his co-stars. We see him overflowing with chemistry on screen sometimes people there are people who delude themselves its impossible there is nothing going on in real life. But that only makes him a very good actor.

  4. Not as far out as Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung…that couple wins in that department.

    But congrats to the lovely couple. She is definitely one lucky gal. What can I do so that in my next life, I can date both JIS and LJJ?!

  5. Yeah… Lbh and Lmj is pretty out there as well as kth and rain. But I guess that’s the beauty of it. Love knows no bounds 🙂

    I hope it works out for those two – jis and kmh!! 🙂 it might be the ones that are out in left field that end up working out. Who knows 🙂 wishing them all the best. He is after all over 30 so I can’t imagine fans raising any stink (even so who cares hehe).

  6. I like this pairing. I think she’s really impressive on screen. I recently watched her in Helpless (All she was worth based on the novel by Miabe Miyuki)
    And to all those crazy SHK and JIS shippers, I don’t think he would ever date a friends ex.

  7. Thumbs up to JIS for being attracted to gorgeous women such as Go Hyun Jung & Kim Min Hee. Both ladies aren’t necessarily barbie pretty at first sight like Song Hye Gyo or Kim Tae Hee, but GHJ & KMH definitely have that special beauty that radiates with time.

  8. I saw love,marriage before and while not completely in love with her, I find to be extremely attractive. Not beautiful but attractive, does that make sense? She just look better the more you look at her, and she look so uniquely good looking even in wacky clothes. Her acting though not the best, is quite refreshing. She must be a very attractive and charming person in real life to have that list of ex-bf

    • That show did a good job playing with her image, too.
      They made her drop dead gorgeous in some scenes, and kinda ordinary in others.
      I lean towards thinking she is gorgeous because she has her own style and exudes confidence and has a great smile.

      JIS and KMH – Good for you, two!!

  9. She looks high fashion for one thing. I am not familiar with her array of work so I can’t judge her as an actress. But as a cover girl/ model, she’s nailing her poses. She looks intelligent as well.

  10. i thought jo in sung has a crush on song hye kyo……hehehe…well maybe jo in sung prefers a tall n thin woman……..

  11. big big surprise! she’s not that conventional k actress beauty if you will but maybe he fell for her nice slim figure plus a nice pair of legs but her face nahhhh song hye koo is a beauty & i was hoping seeing jo in seong in that winter drama dating song hye in real life but now feeling disappointed wahhhhh (crying).

  12. song hye kyo is prettier than her. i love jo in sung because of that winter, the wind blows. but this girl is really lucky in my next life i want to be destine with JO IN SUNG.

  13. But if u really love her..
    Just go..
    Im one of ur fan her in philippines
    Every night im watching that winter the wind blows..saranghae

  14. i love song hye kyo and jo in sung,they are cute together….maybe someday…who know…wish u both a happy life…

  15. JIS & KMH….not bad !!!! Naughty boy & naughty girl…good, that leaves SHK chance wide open with Kang Dong Won

    KMH is not exactly beautiful but she’s a real adorkable & I bet JIS & her will get along well, better than her past relationship

  16. i was kinda disappointed too. i was hoping that Jo in Sung and Song Gye Kyo will end up together after making “That winter the blow”. they both look together and will make a perfect couple. 🙁

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