Hong Sang Soo Premieres at Berlin Film Festival New Movie The Woman Who Ran Starring Girlfriend and Muse Kim Min Hee

Time really does lessen any scandal and none more notable that the relationship of award winning South Korean director Hong Sang Soo and his muse and girlfriend K-actress Kim Min Hee. When their cheating scandal erupted three years ago, all the attention and castigating was against him for being a husband who cheated on his long suffering wife and her as the ingenue who seduced him to stray from his vows. He’s since tried to divorce his wife MANY times and each time it was denied by the court, consider it weird South Korean law because most countries have no fault divorces where one party can keep another in a marriage. Regardless Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee have kept on dating and this week the frequent movie collaborators were in Germany for the Berlin Film Festival where their new movie The Woman Who Ran was premiered to really positive reviews. Art and life continues to go on. Continue reading

South Korean Court Rejects Director Hong Sang Soo’s Divorce Petition as He Continues to Date Actress Kim Min Hee

This is such a frustrating story to cover, I almost wish the threesome in question would reach a practical settlement and move forward. This week the South Korean court handling award winning director Hong Sang Soo‘s divorce petition rejected it, … Continue reading

Black and White Dominate the Red Carpet at the 2017 Asia Artist Awards

The 2017 Asia Artist Awards went off without a hitch, other than the usual fashion boredom that is now part and parcel with every Korean red carpet. It’s like the ladies make no effort to be creative or challenging, or … Continue reading

Jo In Sung and Kim Min Hee Break Up as Dispatch Releases Pictures of Him with Gong Hyo Jin

Looks like Korea’s getting on the potentially messy love quadrangle action that’s been dominating the headlines over in Greater China last week with the reunion romance of two of Hong Kong’s biggest stars. It’s been an ongoing saga of innuendo … Continue reading