Kim Jae Won Out, Yoon Sang Hyun and Lee Jong Seok Courted for Fantasy Legal Drama I Hear Your Voice

Alert, alert, K-drama casting change up alert! This is getting so weird I don’t even know where to start. Initially SBS wanted to put teen phenom actor Yeo Jin Gu‘s first headlining drama Can We Love with Yoon Sang Hyun playing the second male lead on its line up. Then it pulled out, probably because the story called for him to fall for a older woman and that’s all sorts of squicky since he really is under-aged in real life. It swapped out Can We Love for I Hear Your Voice, inviting near-aged established leads Lee Bo Young and Kim Jae Won onboard. Word was both said yes and it was a go. Now comes yet another shake up – apparently Kim Jae Won has declined the role and its most likely going to Yoon Sang Hyun. Okay, is SBS just talking with the same few actors here? This would make it a Yoon Sang Hyun and Lee Bo Young drama, which strangely really appeals to me. Here’s the oddity with my feeling towards both actors – I like them and don’t have a good reason why. Lee Bo Young is just residual goodwill from Seodongyeo, while when Yoon Sang Hyun stole the drama in Queen of Housewives, he stole my goodwill for him forever as well. I was probably one of a handful of people who actually really loved his pairing with Yoon Eun Hye in My Fair Lady. Also likely joining the cast is Lee Jong Seok, fresh off a well-received turn in School 2013 after getting some exposure in Secret Garden, where he coincidentally had a man crush on Yoon Sang Hyun’s Oksa. Ahahaha, this is going to be an epic reunion of alterna-OTPs. Read on for more spoilers on the story of I Hear Your Voice, and it’s a doozy. This one involves the fantasy-superpowers element.

The drama centers around government lawyers appointed to defend the indigent and those who “have not even 1% chance of being found innocent.” Yoon Sang Hyun will play a lawyer again after he did it in Can’t Lose with Choi Ji Woo, while Lee Bo Young also plays a lawyer and his colleague in the same agency. He’s fiery and full of righteousness, she doesn’t have a single righteous urge in her body and just does her job because she’s paid to do it. Lee Jong Seok plays a 19 year old young man with the ability to hear what people are thinking. Ah, so this is the “I Hear Your Voice” literal part of the story, as opposed to Can You Hear My Heart‘s symbolic angle. His arrival shakes up the government public defender’s office and changes Lee Bo Young’s approach to her work. There will be love lines going with both leading men, but apparently Lee Bo Young and Yoon Sang Hyun’s characters will be dating at the outset of the drama. This drama is being called a fantasy thoughtful story, whatever that means. It’s slated to follow All About My Love on Wed-Thurs, which will pit it against the Go Hyun Jung school drama Queen’s Classroom on MBC and Sword and Flower with Uhm Tae Woong on KBS. I do want to watch this drama, but my gut tells me SBS is going to be rock bottom in this time slot for the near future. Go Hyun Jung is going to wipe the competition. Speaking of which, if Kim Nam Gil‘s Shark had gotten a Wed-Thurs time slot, it could be a head-to-head-to-head ratings competition between all three Queen Seon Deok alum! That would be neat.


Kim Jae Won Out, Yoon Sang Hyun and Lee Jong Seok Courted for Fantasy Legal Drama I Hear Your Voice — 28 Comments

  1. When this drama airs, I’ll only watch it for Lee Jong Seok. Not much of a fan of the leads. I wonder who else will make it to the second lead. But thanks for sharing. =)

  2. So basically SBS benched a drama and stole 2 of its leads to put in another drama. I feel bad for the guys who were behind the ‘Can I Love You’ drama. They got screwed!

    • I’m not too bothered about how they feel given that they tried to show a romance between a full adult and a minor… surely they would know that no culture on earth tolerates such stories?

      • Then SBS should have never given them the greenlight in the first place and allowed them to go into pre-production. Its like they broke a contract. If they are able to do this now, what about other future shows which have the rug pulled under their feet so to speak.

    • You don’t have to HATE it because Kim Jae Won oppa was the one who declined , for the reason that he is already considering other drama offers. On earlier news prior to this, it was said that he was offered to take the male lead for this drama, although his agency announce that he will positively consider it, but Jaewon final decision was “NO”. He may have a new drama soon, i don’t think he will reject the offer if he don’t have other options. But since his agency said that he receive several offers, that only means he prefer other projects than this one. Most probably he will make a new drama on MBC again.

      • Woooaahhh you hit the spot… i just read the latest news related to Kim Jae Won. It was said that the confirmed follow up drama after 100 Years of Inheritance on MBC is “SCANDAL” and they are courting Kim Jae Won to take the role as lead. Casting hasn’t been confirmed yet but most probably he will accept the offer, considering he is quite close to MBC.

      • Im just gonna pick a few words from both of your comments … Lee Jong Suk <3 Kim Woo Bin 😀

  3. i would have watched this drama for sure if it was Kim Jae Won, he’s a must watch for me. even watched all of May Queen for him…
    now i’m not sure. I love Yoon Sang Hyun’s Oska so much, his pairing with Lee Jong Seok was delightful!!!! so if it turns out to be a good drama i’m on board. it sounds interesting so far…
    but please i need a KJW drama soon, pretty pleaseee

      • are you refering to Kim Jae Won or other actors??? …i heard a rumor that plenty of drama offers are given to him after May Queen but his is a bit careful on choosing new projects and he want to finish CF and other activities first before focusing in a new drama.

      • “The Green Knife” will air in which network? koalasplayground doesn’t have any news regarding that drama yet. Im aniticipating Kim Jae Won new drama so much. All his work is also a must watch for me. I hope to hear new updates soon. Jaewon already rejected two offers this year, last March he was also offered to lead a Hongkong movie but he decline, now he also reject I Hear Your Voice.. 😀

      • You mean “The Green Surgical Knife” on KBS?… that drama doesn’t have confirm cast yet. The schedule also is tentative.

  4. I don’t quite get the Lee Jong Suk love but he’s relatively inoffensive. I’m more interested in who will be cast as his love interest – no idols please! Almost no new actresses have debuted this year.

  5. Interesting story! I wasn’t interested before because I thought lawyer dramas may be boring but with this supernatural twist, it seems fun.
    This pairing works for me because I like both YSH and LBY individually.

  6. I like this caating…sure Kim Jae Won worked for me but Yoon Sang Hyun works even better now…I can see him do the righteous lawyer thing well, funny that this sounds like the character his rival (Jung Il Woo) played in My Fair Lady….also funny that its udually the woman that gets this role with the men typically playing the uptight snobs so I’m liking the role reversal here…..I’m not completely sure about the fantasy angle but I like the meta of Lee Jong Seok’ involvement in another love triangle with YSH

  7. Hmm… I don’t know. Maybe it will be good? Is this enough to drag SBS out of the ratings dump that they are in for both time slots? Are legal dramas popular? In any case, I still wish the actors well.

  8. I too was probably one of the few who liked his chemistry with yoon eun hye in take care of the young lady. Who would have thought? If you would have told me in advance that they’d be paired up and have the cutest servant/butler ahjussi make his “princess” fall for him I would have laughed. But it was cute.
    Anyways, i’m kind of sad but excited at the same time. Sad because i was excited for yeo jin goo to finally play lead rule, but excited because i always loved Yoon Sang Hyun — he has a very sexy ahjussi appeal to him.

  9. you dont know why you liked lee bo young its because you actually never saw any of her brilliant roles her acting is out of this place try harvest villa or my daughter seo young and you will be blown
    only I am so sorry her agency made her take this its a flop in the making because of the other shows and because of the story ( fantasy ? ) why did she accept

  10. if kim jae won and lee jong suk act together, i will be confiusing becase they really look a like. haha.. its sad that kim jae won didnt accpet the offer. i really wan to see him act again. watched the 1st ep and im totally in love with this drama. i wonder how the storyline would be. and i dont know y people dont want jong suk to be with bo young.i wanna see them together till the end. i think they make a good couple, eventhough the woman is a little bit older that jong hyuk. but, yeah. we never know what the ending will be like. its like what im hoping for wont come true. anyways, gonna support this drama till the end. fighting!!

  11. I love the chemistry of lee jong suk and lee bo young. They look so good together 🙂 I wish they will end up together in this drama! I don’t care if they have 9 years gap. Age is doesn’t matter 🙂

  12. I just found out this thread. The rating for this drama is actually the top in its competition. Queen’s classroom is below 10..and I hear your voice is almost 20 on today’s episode. Winner! Yeayy

  13. The prediction about the ratings for IHYV and SBS position on the Wed-Thurs ratings tables is freaking hilarious, in hindsight.

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