18 Again is the Feel Good K-drama of 2020 with Breakout Star Lee Do Hyun and Heartfelt Performances by Leads Kim Ha Neul and Yoon Sang Hyun

I haven’t written about jTBC drama 18 Again since it premiered but I’ve been watching weekly, addicted and totally won over by this underrated gem. The feels it delivers is similar to the second chances sincerity in Thirty But Seventeen and the catharsis of Knowing Wife, with the entire cast giving it their all and bringing to life this complete story with no weak link in acting, directing, and writing. Lee Do Hyun was the transformative heart of the series, as young again Da Young, and he’s fulfilled the promise I glimpsed when he stole the male lead thunder in Hotel Del Luna. It’s not taking away from adult leads Kim Ha Neul and Yoon Sang Hyun as older but not yet wiser Da Young, at least until he has a chance to be 18 again and realize that he wouldn’t change anything and in fact appreciated his hard knock life that was filled with more joy than sorrow, more satisfaction than resentment.

The high school kiddos were excellent as well, this was like a mini-School series where the kids got lots of character development and even their own arcs, I’m looking forward to seeing Hwang In Yeop flourish as the next It Boy to come and the others including Noh Jeong Eui, Choi Bo Min, and Ryeo Un are all quite promosing. The supporting cast was phenomenal, funny without too much slapstick, with their own quirky personalities to add color to the central family dynamic of a man and a woman forced to grow up too early but actually doing a great job of it but for feeling like they didn’t. I love dramas that allow a what-if do-ver because its like a nice reminder that we should all pause and appreciate the things we have. 18 Again = HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

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