Goddess of Fire Episode 12: Gwanghaegun Gets Mad at Tae Do and Jung Yi for His Own Lameness

Brain. Hurt. God, if I had under my control a cinematic zombie horde capable of traveling through time, I would sic them on the entire lot of Goddess of Fire characters because everyone (minus Tae Do) has no functioning brain tissue in that drama hence it must be super delicious and fatty. My zombie horde would approve of this massacre because episode 12 was low on the Tae Do meter but high on the “da fuck is this shit” meter. Tae Do and Gwanghaegun storm the Ming dynasty envoy’s residence and rescues Jung Yi by conveniently discovering evidence that the Ming envoy was bribing Joseon officials and stealing state secrets. Because that stuff is always just laying around for the discovery. Tae Do takes Jung Yi home and she promises to keep her distance from Gwanghaegun once she returns to the pottery department and never tell him her real identity. Gwanghaegun is told that he made an enemy of the Ming dynasty and he’ll never become Crown Prince, which makes Imhaegun all happy. Gwanghaegun learns from Shinsonggun that his trusty bodyguard is named Kim Tae Do, and he angrily confronts Tae Do about the deception that Jung Yi died and that she’s back disguised as Tae Pyung. Whatever, how dare you get screamy at my Tae Do, blame your own blindness for not recognizing her since she’s about as subtle as a rhino bowling through a flock of lumbering llamas. He notes that Tae Do is still devoted life and soul to Jung Yi. Yeah, he’s perfect like that, the back of the Jung Yi line starts in the next life for you, m’kay? Gwangaegun picks on Jung Yi while waiting for her to come clean with him, and asks her to make a bowl with him. Cue super lame pottery making sequence cribbed from a billion other more romantic couples – the Ghost pottery sequence, the Jang Ok Jung dressing sequence – plus a totally random and kinda icky fan service sequence when Gwanghaegun goes to a waterfall to shower off and makes Jung Yi keep watch for him. Huh? Also, not cool douchebag, she’s an unmarried girl and you know who she really is. The episode ends with that bowl finally getting baked and when it comes out Gwanghaeghun confronts Jung Yi about knowing who she really is. This episode sucked donkey balls even more than this drama usually does, because less Tae Do equals more suck.

Okay, I take back a little bit of the suckage commentary, the scene of the two guys sword fighting was hot, especially the moment when they simultaneously press a sword against each other’s neck. I wouldn’t be adverse to a little A Frozen Flower twist to this drama. Because Moon Geun Young and Lee Sang Yoon has ZERO chemistry with each other and look like uncle-niece when together thereby grossing me out, but both rock fantastic chemistry with Kim Bum. Actually, Gwanghaegun is a leeeeetle bit smarter than Jung Yi, hence Tae Do should pick him because who wouldn’t want the smarter person.

Tae Do-Gwanghaegun cut:


Goddess of Fire Episode 12: Gwanghaegun Gets Mad at Tae Do and Jung Yi for His Own Lameness — 39 Comments

  1. I am at work laughing inappropriately. Snorting, actually. When it comes to Jung, it’s like this saying, “I would invite you to a battle of wits but I see you came unarmed.”

  2. Thank you for suffering through this drama so we don’t have to 🙂

    (and also for cherry-picking Bummie’s parts out of the Gwagnhaegun faff)

  3. This is surely a case where the recaps are much more entertaining than the actual show. I love the super delicious and fatty delicacy awaiting your zombie horde (I want one of those) and the subtlety of a rhino bowling through a flock of lumbering llamas (I want to see that). I like Kim Bum, I think he is a promising actor, but this story is ten shades of whack and I hate stupid heroines above all else.
    Moon Geun Young looks like a cartoon here, crossed eyes and goofy expression of dismay. I keep trying to like her, she is supposed to be so fabulous and the Nation’s Little Sister and all, but I just can’t get on the bandwagon. I tried Cinderella’s Sister, I tried Alice, and I can’t get beyond her eyes and this continual aura of petulance. I think she is getting worse, rather than better, or she is just picking roles that are unflattering and annoying.

    • I think she’s in perpetual ‘child actress’ mode at this point. She’s a fine actress technically speaking but there’s something seriously off about her screen presence in adult roles.

  4. Well, hello???? G is so effing dumb. Doesn’t he know it’s all his fault that J and her dad got embroiled in his shiz in the first place, causing J’s dad to get murdered???

    G is like an airborne plague and anyone who comes within 10 feet of him end up dying or in trouble and that’s why Tae Do won’t let Jung reveal her identity because stupid G won’t be able to protect her.

    G and J deserve each other.

    Please do not touch and sully my Tae Do, because he’s in a league of his own, the cute-cool-smart league.

  5. Er yep. Thought to myself, maybe I should watch live as to help with the ratings for the first time today….dude! fail move! So far eppie 12 is the lamest of them all. Will have to see if it gets worse. Betting it does.

  6. Waaa!!!!! Tae Do saves Jung Yi and she only thanks Gwanhae! Ugghhh! Yes I agree this was the lamest ep. so far. Less Gwanhae and more Tae Do please!!!! And in the next ep. Preview there’s no Tae Do u.u! Please a miracle here! Grow Jung Yi a brain for the rest of re show! I LOVE MGY ❤❤❤❤

  7. I love MGY and I hate what the show is doing with her. As a matter of fact, the whole cast is awesome and hold so much promise with half a decent writer. Maybe Koala should volunteer part-time and rewrite the script.

    My heart is bleeding for the hard working casts with only medicore ratings to show for it.

  8. I will be honest and admit that I look for KB in the drama as well. Ms K. mentioned it in a previous weecap, and I agree: I too love KB’s outfits and their colors in this sageuk. The drama feels slow paced, however I like it that way. I have only seen 1/2 of ep. 12. It is not fully subbed yet on viki, and I would like to see it fully subbed, so I stopped. Based on Ms K.’s comments however, it seems that there might not be much more TD scenes in the last 30mns or so :-(. Hopefully, we will have more TD scenes next week…

  9. You all are so hard on Moonie. She is playing the role, and that is her character. IT IS NOT HER CHOICE! Gosh! She has play roles with older Male leads and people ship all of them. I have no problem with the drama though. I think its okay. Not as great as Painter of the wind. But the story is developing. I do think Moonie and Bummie is perfect for each other. Their chemistry makes me wish they hook up foreal. LOL but in every drama they need some rival in love. or the story would be over already. Thank you for the recap. lol though you are not enjoying this drama.

  10. Woah Koala, even when you rant you sure do know how to keep us laughing. It’s sad that your minicaps are more interesting than the script of this drama; not that I’m complaining (about your recaps). Watching a drama coupled with your recaps makes it complete for me. Unfortunately, it seems such a waste to produce a drama with stellar cast but less than half a brain for characters (Tae Do excluded). Writer-nim you are wasting your cast’s abilities, could you please step it up a notch and make your characters astute and discerning. Aaah, this is like Terry/Ouyang Tai all over again except Korean style. 😀

  11. thank u for ur updates. Saves me tym n energy. Thank u 4 sticking on dis even when d story is nearing the depths of the sea. Thank u for not failing to keep us posted that our otp’s ship is strongly sailing. I LOVE U MRS. K!

  12. Once again, a stellar post. Zombie reference. Snark level high. And now I have visions of a Tao Do/Gwanghaegun bromance. Now THAT is a show I would watch. Since we are rewriting history by making the most famous female potter in the history of Korea also the most stupid, why not make these two the OTP?

  13. BTW, why is MGY letting the younger actress that played the young Jung, out act her? The only flash of fire in older Jung was when she b*tching out the Ming Envoy. Otherwise older Jung has just been a one note characterization with her incessant whining whereas young Jung in-your-face character was a pleasure to watch. Poor MGY! I really hope it gets better for you in this drama.

  14. Everyone gained some wisdom and experience with time; Tae Do became a formidable martial arts master, prince learned to walk to impress, the most independent and mature is Hwa Ruyng, the Ceramist learned to make his own decisions and not listen to daddy, only Jung retains stupidity masked as innocence of a three-year old.

    No, wait, she actually excels in bringing stupidity to new, unknown before heights.

  15. I laughed so much while reading this.
    no, seriously, i ship tae do and jung yi, but if it came down to level of intelligence then jung yi and gwang hae could get together and have stupid children, thus ensuring the end of the evolution of humankind. Actually, that’s great evidence for why she wont end up with the prince- because their collective stupidity would mean the downfall of Korea.

  16. Really looking forward the love story between Jung and Gwanghae. Never thought the outcome is so disappointed. No jokes, the younger Jung and Gwanghae have better chemistry.

  17. I like your take as alway, Koala. I love Tae Do and Jung chemistry too, but it sadden me she only sees him as brother . Sigh, I think tae do deserves some great lead girl than Jung.
    Super agree that the plot is ridiculous how Prince Hwang Hee acts. i think that’s just stereotypical of K-drama for the lead to overact on a small matter. But I like the Prince too with Jung. He is so just because he cares and doesnt have a appropriate method as Tae Do oppa does (well that’s a given, because he is a prince) .

    Anyhow, I just read the script on wiki that Jung and tae do leave together for Japan. i am a little confused, because I thought the prince was the main lead. But if that is too, there is still hope for the lovely tae do oraeboni to have a happy ending with Jung (super squeeeze) . I dont know what you Koala and the fan of this series think . I am sorry if that is considered as a spoiler alert , because I dont know if that is even true.

  18. Jung Yi supposed to be a historical figure in the Josean era. For a girl to be the first cheramist and survived in that era which dominated by men are not easy. Why must the writer/scripter give Jung Yi with 3 years old of brain? I hope the story will give a twist in the later episodes. Both actors for being Jung and Gwanghae are great actors, I’m sure they can bring out the sparks if given a better romantic scene. I read the spoiler alert for the ending too, if its true as written, I feel sad for Gwanghae’s ending.

  19. Now this is completely irrelevant – anyone else fascinated by the way Baby Boy’s eye brow rises and falls as he speaks? I get completely distracted.

    • I noticed that too. Kim Bum is a good actor = his emotions, good body language, and he’s into his character. Kim Bum is such a BEAUTIFUL actor and PERFECT from head to toe…gorgeous! Also, he grew out of his baby face. Even though he’s still boyish, he is “GETTING MANLY-ER”…Wait until he reaches his early 30s.

      • one more thing..compared to Boys Over Flowers back then, NOW Kim Bum’s face looks older and more mature (He’s growing into a man). His acting skills improved, too. This year, he’s got 2 big hit dramas…That winter the wind blows and goddess of fire. Go Kim Bum!

  20. I wish Bummie can come and rescue me! Their acting is sooooo good for both Bummie and Moon. The chemistry is just perfect. I want to see more Bummie!

  21. Koala so i do have to disagree, lee sang yoon and moon geun young do have chemistry. however i do ship more of kim bum and moon geun young <3 this episode was really good. can't wait for me 🙂

  22. I’m also baffled at why gwanghaegun is angry at Jung Yi and Tae Do for keeping their identity a secret……It’s none of his business >.<;;; but I've stopped trying to make sense of the whole plot…….that said, I actually like Lee Sang Yoon, although I have to agree with you that Kim Bum suits Moon Geun Young much better….It's a pity MGY never seems to be able to break away from her child actress image….maybe she should do something much riskier over at Chungmuro like Kim Ok Bin did with "Bat/Thirst"……
    Despite this, I'm actually not a big fan of Kim Tae Do as a character (nothing to do with Kim Bum at all)….I feel like TaeDo doesn't really get Jung and tries to coddle her in ways that impedes her own progress as a ceramist and as a maturing person in general……His attitude is sometimes suffocating and he is unable to see the world behind Jung….it's almost as if he's just a plot device…..but then again that is really the least of this show's problem…..*sigh*

  23. Holy crackers, I’m not even watching this drama, but I just started reading the recap as “sucks donkey balls” caught my eye. Lol! I’ve only read your Monstar recaps and I thought you were such a sweet girl, but you’re FIERCE! Hahahaha, laughed so hard at the rhinoceros line.

  24. I’d like to offer a different side of Jung-Yi…

    Jung-Yi’s character is one of a single-minded person. She has one driving purpose: to become the best Joseon ceramist, in order to keep her promise to her deceased father and to make Lee Kang-Chun (Chief of Bunwon)apologize for calling her deceased father a criminal.

    To Jung-Yi, who is orphaned by her mother and who grew up knowing only the love of an adoptive father, this single goal of becoming the best Joseon ceramist must be achieved no matter what. Her resolve has guided her thus far in her choices and decisions. For example, after her father’s death, Jung-Yi, still a child, decided to fake her death and go into hiding, in order to study ceramics under her father’s Teacher. Then as an adult, she disguised herself as a man in order to work in Bunwon where no woman was recognized as a full-fledged ceramist. At Bunwon, she endures doing menial tasks such as chopping trees, carrying loads of firewood, and digging for white clay. Then in a recent episode, she agreed to go with the Ming’s envoy and receive the “award”, because she saw the opportunity to study ceramics while at Ming and that she can re-enter Bunwon.

    A person with such resolve, Jung-Yi is also assertive. When Lee Kang-Chun insulted her deceased father, she demanded him to apologize. As a child, she stood up for her father and for her belief in her father’s innocence. Also, when her father’s Teacher at first would not accept her as his student, she cited compelling reasons and stood her ground (figuratively and literally too :)) until the good Teacher finally yielded. Then, as an adult, when she was falsely accused of cutting a Royal Tree and then imprisoned, she pleaded her case and sought the intervention of the Prince she didn’t recognize then. And in a recent episode where the Ming’s envoy demanded her to kneel and beg forgiveness, she answered back why would she kneel for a wrongdoing she didn’t commit.

    Seeing her innocent father falsely accused and get killed has instilled in Jung-Yi a strong sense of justice. That is why she risked being imprisoned in order to tell the truth and spare the Prince from being falsely accused of stealing a vase to bribe the Ming’s envoy. That is why she revealed her being a woman who participated in the making of the tea cup for the Ming’s envoy, and risked of being kicked out of Bunwon, in order to save the other woman worker who was falsely accused.

    Why does Jung-Yi see Tae Do only as a brother (at least in the 12 episodes thus far)? I think it is because all during her childhood, people around her kept mentioning the fact she and Tae Do had the same Mother’s milk and that she should look up to Tae Do as her Oraeboni. Tae Do’s constant aid and protection of her only reaffirms that fact. And perhaps Jung-Yi’s focus on becoming the best Joseon ceramist, delays her from seeing Tae Do’s romantic advances. It was only after the good Teacher cautioned Jung-Yi against Tae-Do’s killer smile (or something to that effect :)) that Jung-Yi started showing signs of treating Tae Do as one who is not that all-familiar Oraeboni.

    So, I think, in Jung-Yi’s character who loves and respects her father, who has a single purpose on which she acts, take risks and endures to achieve it, while maintaining a strong sense of justice, there’s much to be admired.

    • Nice analysis of Jung Yi’s character! For the first time, I read a comment that really see the whole viewpoint of why the story goes as it is, so far. The characters here are not that idiot, given the fact that they have a formal education. I think Jung Yi is a very courageous woman to really make a go of her dreams no matter the danger it will take her plus being so principled that she will not allow anyone to be harmed unfairly if she can do something about it.

  25. I absolutely LOVE your recap. It is so much more everything than this stupid drama…in fact I stopped watching it and am only reading your recap now. The recap is just too funny. Ms K you are the best.

  26. Entertaining review! Chuckled a lot while reading it.

    This drama is littered with acting moments from the main stars to the bit players. I even looked forward to the Ep 12 scene between master teacher and student Jung. The director promised enjoyable acting and the drama is delivering on that (Plus enjoyable cinematography that brings out the best in all the characters).

    What has never been promised was a heart-stopping plot. The story was laid out from the get go. A book was even released. So what is left is to ask why. Why the royalty fuss over a tea cup? (It turns out that pottery was really big in that era. Politics and pottery were intertwined.) Why the upsetting immaturity from characters like Jung, Imhae, Gwanghae? (Sometimes, not having a mother figure does stunt maturation) How plausible is it really not to recognize people after five year absence? ( ‘Just realized that a lot of high school seniors undergo transformation in college. One could not recognize even the ones you see all the time in high school events).

    There are many scenes that are fun to replay for the sake of enjoying the moments more. Even the bit players’ scenes are in the running for most memorable and enjoyable scenes! May this drama not run out of steam despite a scriptwriting that seem to always pay a price under Korea’s notorious drama production system.

  27. What the hell ??!!!! Why doing this to poor Kim Tae Do. He’s the best of them all ='(
    Clearly Jung Yi upsets me because she only sees what the Prince does and still hasn’t thought of all Tae Do’s sacrifices. (or maybe she feels it but doesn’t want to admit it).

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