The Master’s Sun Releases Stills of Guest Star L and Second Lead Kim Yoo Ri

I noticed the Hong sisters have a hot streak of finding some really gorgeous pretty boys that are relative newbies to the small screen and then giving them good characters to build their buzz. There was Jung Yong Hwa in You’re Beautiful as the perfect oppa, No Min Woo in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho as the hunter turned mentor, my baby boy Shin Won Ho in Big stealing the entire drama in one episode alone, and now the Hong sisters appear to have found Shin’s doppelganger to make a guest appearance in The Master’s Sun. An idol boy from the group Infinite with the stage name of L (real name Kim Myung Soo) will be playing So Ji Sub’s younger self in TMS. The role was initially offered to Park Hyung Sik of ZE:A but he ended up taking part in Heirs instead. It’s alright, at least the pretty boys are being kept in the same SBS family. L was apparently the second male lead in Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, which is a drama I still plan to watch if I had more time in my life. These new stills of L show a teenage Jo Joong Won getting kidnapped and tied to chair. I’m sure his kidnapping will be used to explain why Joogun is the way he is as an adult (greedy and an asshole). I’m more curious about how the kidnapping will tie into why Taeyang can stop seeing ghosts whenever she touches him. Other than that being a totally contrived plot device to give the OTP lots of skinship opportunities. SBS also released new stills showing second female lead Kim Yoo Ri (known as Little Taeyang to Tae Gong Shil’s Big Taeyang in high school) in various chic and out-there fashion outfits. I like Kim Yoo Ri in Cheongdamdong Alice but here she might have a chance to do what So Yi Hyun did in CA and make her second female lead strong and understandable character. I think its a nice change of pace for Gong Hyo Jin to play a character that is quirky and the one with the “affliction” since she is usually the normal re-active one in her recent dramas where her leading men all had strong personalities and major issues, ranging from Jang Hyuk in Thank You to Lee Seon Kyun in Pasta to Cha Seung Won in Best Love. Time to let this girl shine on her own. TMS premieres in less than a day and I’m so excited it’s not even funny.


The Master’s Sun Releases Stills of Guest Star L and Second Lead Kim Yoo Ri — 16 Comments

  1. I’m sooo excited too! Finally get to see So Ji Sub in a rom com! I’ve waited yeeeeeeears. I watched Road no. 1 for this man, so I definitely deserve this! I adore Gong Hyo Jin as well, and I just can’t wait. I’m worried tho that it’ll be too spooky to watch during the night.

    P.S Not a big fan of that L guy…. all I see is an idol doing fan service (sorry, not sorry). He was Flower Boy Band’s weakest link. If only he just lets himself loose, and stop with the smolders.

    • I actually thought he did a good job in SUFBB. He was supposed to be moody and closed-in and dealing with a huge inferiority complex, and he showed all of these things quite well. I am notoriously hard on idols in dramas – for me, no amount of cuteness makes up for sucky acting – but I think L has some possibility as an actor.

  2. I can’t wait too! hope drama will be good. I love gong hyo jin and maybe so ji sub will dilute my junhyung obsession a little :p

  3. I loved L in Shut Up!! But younger So Ji Sub doesn’t suit him… If they had gotten someone like Yoo Seung Ho, it would’ve been more similar.

    • But Yoo is in the army, no? Also, this might be a very small role, that’s why even if Yoo is available, maybe he won’t do it?

      I like L in Shut Up. He is far from a good actor but quite serviceable. And not cringeworthy at all.

  4. Can’t wait! I think GHJ shines more in movies, in dramas they tend to cast her with male actors who are have huge personalities as you said. (In Thank you she had zero chemistry with JH)But this seems to be her time to shine. And also SJS in something lighthearted, I never expected it from him. He strikes me as someone really serious so very curious.

    I loved SUFBB! I don’t think L was the best actor out of the bunch, Sung Joon was absolutely fantastic and Lee Min Ki’s cameo was just perfection. I bawled so bad when Mun Ki’s character left. But the bromance was adorbs.

  5. L is not a bad actor. He improved from greatly from his first role in the Japanese series Jiu. But on another note, you should really check out SUFBB. It is not only one of the best high school dramas around, it is simply one of the best Korean dramas period. It is, to this day, my favorite installation of the Flower Boy series.
    From beginning to end it was an amazing watch. The acting was raw and poignant with a truly epic bromance that wasn’t composed of just two guys, but a whole group of them. When they had a problem they fought, sometimes with fists, but there was always a resolution to be had. Sure there was some romance, but it never got in the way of the friendship, because the friendship bound the boys together in ways even the music couldn’t. Sorry for rambling, but instead of wasting energy on really bad shows ***cough, cough GOF*** it might be worth your time to check out this truly great show.

  6. He was actually fantastic in SUFBB, – Koala you should try it, it’s high school drama done right (it’s got a lot in common with Monstar, which I know you like – slightly low-key feel and great soundtrack, plus a really good young cast).

    And Sung Joon is so great in the lead it actually made me want to howl when I saw how Gu Family Book wasted him. As for L, like I said earlier he was fantastic in his supporting role – if you like friendship-based dramas, you SHOULD check this out.

  7. Cant agree more L has goo acting skill in SUFBB. And his handsome “manga” look face is a bonus. I love all his variety show appearances.. a man of few words.. if only he receives many offers in drama land.. i guess he will be the male version of miss A Suzy.

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