Goddess of Fire Episode 14: Tae Do Brings Jung Yi Flowers and Tells Gwanghaegun Not to Distract Her

Heeeeelp me. *weak voice* Save me from this wretched pedestrian boredom. Is there anyone out there writing about Goddess of Fire so I can stop? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? This drama’s ratings are sinking like a rock by the combination of less Tae Do and more Jung Yi-Gwanghaegun snorefest of a romance. I love that Tae Do brought Jung Yi flowers (so sweet), but she totally deserves a manure bouquet instead. I was on Baidu and the commentary for this episode is way more fascinating. When Tae Do showed up and did his usual awesome orabeoni thang, this was a three way exchange on that scene which had me in stitches. A said: “Orabeoni just needs to whack Jung Yi with a stick and sling her over his shoulder and take her home.” B then responded “But orabeoni wouldn’t have the heart to hit her over the head.” To which C replied “I’ll hit her for him, she be pissing me off Big Time.” Both Jung Yi and Gwanghaegun are THE most self-absorbed characters I’ve seen in a good long while, and made worse because the drama thinks we should like them. No fucking way. Gwanghaegun has spent 3 episodes pissy at Jung Yi (and Tae Do) for staging her death and lying to him about it and not coming clean even after she came back. Newsflash dumbass, it’s not about you. And it never was about you. She hid to be safe and to get ready to come back and continue her dad’s pottery legacy. Why don’t you take your sanctimonious hurt feelings and shove it where the sun don’t shine. And Jung Yi? She’s just as bad, everything is about her goal to do what her dad asked of her and to avenge him. She is completely clueless about other people’s feelings from Tae Do to Hwa Ryung. She sticks with this path regardless of any complication that arises, almost all of which require someone (mainly Tae Do) bailing her out. For once I’d like to see the female lead not have the two leading men around and realize “Oh shit, I can’t do this if my magic orabeoni fairies aren’t around to clean up after me, so maybe this isn’t the best idea.” I honestly don’t know if I can continue even writing about Tae Do next week, this drama is soul sucking levels of bad. Read on for the summary of what transpired.

Jung Yi passes the pottery test and Tae Do gives her flowers and says he’s also following her father’s wish that he look after her. Jung Yi claims she’s going to do it alone and doesn’t need anyone looking after her. Imhaegum shows up for his usual comic relief, this time he punks Shinsonggun and puts nudie pictures in his text book and gets him in trouble with the King. He also locks up Gwanghaegun and Jung Yi (again?!?!) thinking he’s playing cupid for them, thankfully Tae Do lets them out. The entire episode revolves around stolen items from the pottery department that have made its way outside. Gwanghaegun and Jung Yi investigate, while the Consort asks Tae Do to go steal all of it back and break it. Of course she’s been using royal ceramics to bribe the officials. Lots of Jung Yi and Gwanghaegun scenes in this episode, from walking outside to cataloguing stolen pots and cups in the pottery department warehouse. But of course, every scene of them involves Jung Yi looking like a shifty deer in headlights while Gwanghaegun is alternatively stern or schmoopy, still smarting over the whole “I mourned a dead girl who wasn’t dead” issue. Tae Do isn’t the least bit cowed by Gwanghaegun and chews him out for constantly putting Jung Yi in the center of trouble. To Tae Do, Jung Yi is his entire world. Gwanghaegun counters that Tae Do hasn’t done a good job of protecting Jung Yi (DA FUCK YOU SAY?) since she’s had to hide and take on a different name. Gwanghaegun tells Tae Do that he doesn’t have the ability to protect Jung Yi going forward. The whole other subplot revolves around Kang Chun keeping an eye on Jung Yi and his attempt to keep Hwa Ryung and Yook Do apart failing. The DC and Baidu fans are right, Tae Do was totally getting the soysauce (打酱油) for this episode with his minuscule screen time. My eyes are very very peeved right now at the relative lack of Tae Do eye candy for the last two episodes. ROAR OF RAGE!

Tae Do-Jung Yi cuts for episode 14:


Goddess of Fire Episode 14: Tae Do Brings Jung Yi Flowers and Tells Gwanghaegun Not to Distract Her — 44 Comments

  1. You did it again. Inappropriate snorting at work. “Heeelp me” *weak voice*.

    No, help ME to not to burst into loud laughter reading about suffering you had to go through for Tae Do. I am a goner for your snark.

    I am sorry you are still recapping this and I am glad it is so entertaining.

  2. OMG! What is going on? I am so sorry Ms. Koala that you are enduring this! This is so Unfair! What are they doing to my Bummie? We should whack the writers on the head and not on Moon. But still Bummie looks so adorable! I want him to give me those flowers!

  3. For purely selfish reasons, I am glad that you are still recapping this. I am worried now every time I refresh and nothing new is up that you have finally succumbed to your better tastes and left this show far behind, but it is fun reading these.

    P.S.–It is official. I have decided that Jung Yi is even stupider than Da Hua (from King Flower). Now that is saying something, especially since I often liked that character’s face cleaner better than I liked her.

    • I still don’t get the hate on how stupid King Flower was. Yes, it was stupid. But so is the majority of rom-coms. But at least in KF, Da Hua had the good sense to spend ALL her time with Terry! In fact, that drama had the good sense to go with the flow and let Terry be the male lead in screen time and interaction with the girl.

      Here? Everytime Gwanghaegun’s face pops up I just want to deck him. This really is nothing against Lee Sang Yoon, but he’s so miscast as GH and his character is as douchey and annoying as James Wen was as Guang Jun. Ugh.

      • I don’t know if it was Da Hua’s doing. More like PD and writer accidentally dug a hole it could not get out of…like, oh no ratings death spiral need more DH/Terry time. Before long Chris completely ran with it; took the “candy” from the candy shop and never came back.

      • I did NOT think King Flower was stupid. King Flower became one of the smartest dramas I have ever watched because someone realized that Chris Wu as Terry was practically the second coming even though they needed to give James Wen something for making his character so lame. I do, however, still stick to my Da Hua as the second dumbest female (now after Jung Yi) lead for not getting and understanding the beautiful gift that was Terry and mooning over her old childhood stupid love for . . . what seemed like forever. Really? Running out on Terry in a tux should be a capital offense in every time zone on the planet.

        I do love Lee Sang Yoon, but the dialogue they give him. He spends most of time doing something with his eyebrows and/or looking as though he has indegestion. The actors seem to be trying so hard to save this thing. It is painful to watch for that alone.

  4. I was so hoping that Moonie finally picked a great project. Sigh…..

    Thank you for continuing to recap, for better or worse I shall continue to watch GOF and support Moon & Bummie. Honestly if they weren’t in this show, I would’ve abandon it long ago.

    • i feel the same way. why do bad projects happen to such a good actress/person?
      on a good note, mgy looks to be enjoying herself in bts videos.

  5. this is me watching the drama:
    *fast forward*
    *fast forward*
    Go jump off a cliff, Gwanghaegun.
    *fast forward*
    *fast forward*
    *watches preview to figure out how much to fast forward next time*

    • Hahhahhahaha! I’m the same! *fast forward* Tae Do/Jung Yi *fast forward* Another Tae Do/Jung Yi scene *fast forward* Yuummii Tae Do. Hahaha from now on that will be my dinamic ’cause watching all the story and GH/JY scenes gives me stomachache.

  6. Yes the episodes are pretty boring except when KB shows up. I couldn’t watch after episode 7. That’s why I come here every week to check on the recaps. 🙂
    Makes me want to write my own story on how I was expecting things to go.
    Thanks for the recaps.

  7. Thank you for weecapping this drama again. I have two questions: 1-what does “schmoopy” mean here (or is meant to mean here)? and 2–what does the expression “getting the soysauce” mean here as well?
    I did look both terms up, and schmoopy seems to have a connection to the US TV show Seinfield, however I am at work so I can’t watch the clips and I don’t remember watching those or that episode, so I thought I would ask here. One of the links (on google) about “getting the soysauce” mentioned a scandal involving someone taking nude pictures of celebrities, and that apparently happened in Hong Kong. Again, because I am at work, I can’t investigate too much. I would like to understand the expressions however, and I would appreciate any explanations offered/suggested to me. Thank you!

  8. Although we all appreciate you recapping the episodes with only tae do, but I feel awful that ur sacrificing so much of ur time watching this god awful drama. Maybe we should just skip a few eps cause I have a feeling their stupidity isn’t going anywhere. Maybe if people don’t watch as much, they will cut down the number of episodes. I’ve seen it done before( hopeful).

  9. I love you Koala for still writing things about GoF, ermmm, Tae Do. But I know you’ll run out of patience? I’m not sure how long you can still endure this sinking show. I expected you’ll write about that flower scene from Tae Do, its the only thing that still made me watch it (FF button raped). But my love for Moonie and Bummie cannot sustain my will to keep on watching. So I’ll just wait for your rants and lurk around soompi for eye candy. and wait for BTS, they should just show the BTS and their rating might just go up again. sigh… I feel sorry for Ms. Moon for even considering this show. Such a waste of talent. Maybe another movie with Kim Rae Won would compensate no?

  10. I just saddened that yet another drama really bites the dust for me. Why is it so boring? I was a supporter of LSY’s character but even now I am having trouble liking him at all. 🙁 I really wanted this to be good for Moonie.

    All I have to say is if the followup Hwatu is this bad, that will just totally suck.

  11. I only come on to your website to check if its ended yet. Nothing is bringing me back to this series. It is so boring…

    I want my time back! Even Tae Do & Jung Yi does not cut it!

    As much as I love all the actors and actresses, the writer deserves to die, sigh…

  12. Ms. Koala,
    Thanks for the highlight(s) and love your commentary. @momosan, thank you for the clarification of the lingo, like @Ivoire I also did not know what schmoopy and getting the soysauce meant.

  13. Your recaps never leave me without a smile…or have me in stitches! Love it! All I can say is “Thank you!” for suffering for us!!! I have now just resorted to reading your recaps as I find them more entertaining than actually watching the episodes.

  14. i do agree with u!!! seems tthat mbc is teasing on us with taejung bts n couple pic but they didnt give many scene for this couple on ep 13-14.its all about how GH mumbling bout the dead jung. ishhhhh really annoyed me. i know that GH n JY are the lead actor n actress but most of mbc promotion is using gunbum …they wanted to attract the viewer by using gunbum but they didnt give them many scene..aigooooo…(murmur)

  15. I love coming onto your blog to read the your reactions to how sh*tty GoF is, so please, don’t give up on this drama! Lol!

  16. This week was very enjoyable and the plot thickens. There were so many characters to follow and could not be ignored. Your favorite, Kim Bum upped his acting.

    • Hola recien lo dsagerco, lo provare para luego decir como me fue, pero les adelanto que esto de los softwares es muy importante para el desarrollo de los universitarios y no la porqueria de esos ingenieros que ensef1an a lo antiguo, es decir solo teoria

  17. I wouldn’t touch this drama with a 10-foot pole. I have no idea what the story is or who the actors are, but I read EVERY recap, they’re hysterical! Sorry you’re in pain, Koala, but your readers are loving it.

    Does 1-800-FLOWERS deliver manure bouquets? I can think of a couple people to send one to…

  18. I’m glad your still recaping the drama. I understand why you are annoyed of the king. I’m 100% with Tae Do and Jung yi as a couple, but this drama have along way to go. I think the director is just making some difficulties for the couple to be together because they will end up getting married in the end. Well i have read they do. Yeah its a little boring right now. I’ll admit I’m skipping most of the episode because i rather see her with Tae do. LOL but then again if there wasn’t someone in the way *the prince* The drama would have to end quickly. I’m sure there is more cute screen to come between Kim bum and Moonie. I guess everyone feels there isn’t much chemistry between prince and Jung yi. I want to melt every time TaeJung are even looking at each other. <3 LOL

    Thanks for suffering for the sake of the baby-faced couple.

  19. Thanks for still recapping this drama Koala, I was very disappointed when you dropped JOJ midway,but I guess no point recapping something you don’t like .(I check your site everyday till I realised that JOJ is dropped :O ) Haha, recap this purely for Bummie and Moonie then!

    And, and, you really have a way of words which I deeply admire!

  20. Wow so many dislike for GOF…I have watched Ep 14..and I liked it..so I don’t have any complain. But of course, its because I didn’t think much. MGY was good here, so was LSY. I mean..I won’t watch it for another actors. If I have problem with it..funnily its not the KH/JY relationship although I am rooting for KT/JY. I have problem with Kang Chun character..I have never warmed up to JKR playing as a villain. It felt soo…fake/a miscast maybe..huhu. Just an opinion. Peace!!!

  21. I’m sorry we put you through watching this drama :/ Reading these recaps add some much needed relief to this drama. I’ve stopped watching because Jung Yi and Gwanghaegun are just not appealing. And they insist on pushing them together and leaving poor Tae Do on the side. I’ll chime in with the last episode when she ends up with Tae Do. I just hope the separation between Jung Yi and Gwanghaegun won’t be as dramatic as JOJ’s Sukjong and Ok Jung. Or maybe that was so dramatic because she died. Oh well, Yoo Ah In’s crying made me tear up but I doubt that’d be the case here. Fist-pumping for Tae Do getting the girl even if said girl is dumber than the pottery she makes most times.

  22. Really disappointed with this drama. It is becoming predictable. First Jung and Tae Do says Prince cannot know she is a girl and within the same eps, she is exposed. Then, her identity as Jung cannot be known and in the next eps, she is exposed. Now they say The Head Ceramist of Bunwon cannot know TP is Jung. And in the next eps, she is exposed. Everything they say cannot happen happens in the next eps. I sincerely hope they consider making chances to the script and make the drama more interesting otherwise, I am certain it will be hard to sit thru all 36 chapters. Their rating will just drop. I like Moon but I am not sure she is suitable to act as Jung?

  23. Thanks to this drama for a little bit of Korean ceramic history. Ebay market shows the value of Korean jars by selling them at pricey, five-figure prices.

  24. (What’s wrong with Kim Beom’s right eye ?)

    I feel like this drama won’t end the way I want it to end. I’m afraid that Tae Do will die somehow.. probably ’cause he’ll sacrifice himself to save Jung.
    Also, I start to have some doubts… Don’t you think he may be Jung’s half brother (from her father … ='( )
    Plus, things are going to be messed up from now on. Tae Do will get in trouble since he’ll have to investigate about Gwanghae (that means betraying Jung in a way ?)

    Please don’t know what to think ’bout this anymore =( =(

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