Jung So Min Joins SM C&C and Rumored to Join Jang Geun Seok in Beautiful Man

Don’t worry, Jung So Min is not getting married. At least not that anyone’s aware of. I just love her bridal photo spread for a wedding magazine earlier this year and thought this would be the perfect post to use it. Even though she’s not getting hitched, she is getting a new professional home and hopefully with it her career will get the kick start it needs. SM C&C Entertainment (yes, it is the same SM that dominates the idol pop scene) announced this morning that Jung So Min had just signed with them. She was formerly with a very tiny agency called Bloom Entertainment and I’ve always wondered why her career had really odd spikes and valleys and perhaps her agency’s lack of clout might be the reason. She had one of the most impactful acting rookie debuts when she held her own in the revenge melodrama Bad Guy, which immediately segued into the high profile but lowly rated Playful Kiss. Then she disappeared from the limelight for over a year, ostensibly to resume her studies. She then emerged last year with two back-to-back dramas, first came the ensemble sitcom Standby followed by the cable marriage drama Can We Get Married. Then came another six month hiatus with nary a word until now with this agency move. Is this agency change to give her the heavyweight support she needs to land the big roles? I don’t know, but I sure hope that happens because I really like her and want to see her acting regularly rather than in spurts. SM C&C, which is the dedicated agency for actors and comedians/MCs, reps a lot of really big actors in Korea such as Jang Dong Gun, Han Ji Min, Kim Ha Neul, and Kim Soo Ro. Since this post is about her acting career and future roles, I think it’s time to reveal that insiders at MBC are saying that Jung So Min may be joining Jang Geun Seok in his upcoming manhwa-adaptation of Beautiful Man. There was once a time this potential pairing would have sent me shrieking with glee, but Jang Geun Seok’s entire persona nowadays strikes confusion and dismay in me so I’m not exactly jonesing for this rumor to come true. It’s unconfirmed so take it with a grain of salt, and she could always turn it down and avoid a potential hot mess.

Jang Geun Seok circa 2011 would have made a fantabulous co-star for Jung So Min. Sigh, he could still clean up his act and return to being a professional actor rather than a sideshow with his so-called music career. But I won’t hold my breath. Though on a random note, if Jung So Min accepts Beautiful Man and it does air on MBC in December, then she would be going up against her Playful Kiss co-star Kim Hyun Joong whose upcoming drama Age of Feeling will air on KBS around the same time. Hope there are no hard feelings for the former Baek husband-and-wifey.


Jung So Min Joins SM C&C and Rumored to Join Jang Geun Seok in Beautiful Man — 126 Comments

  1. I wish her the best, I think she is awesome and made a nice move signing with SMC&C. I wished she would co-star with Kim Hyun Joong again if only it happened πŸ˜€

      • full kiss and love rain were my favorites k-dramas!..for me FULLS KISS & LVOE RAIN ARE THE BEST K-DRAMAS!
        i loved β™₯ Kim Hyung Joong & Jung so Min…and … Im Yoona & Jang Keun Suk. β™₯
        now, i’m happy for jung so min and jang keun suk.
        i hope this drama may be a hit for both actors.

        congratulations guys!.

        * Jung so Min is a good actress, She is adorable and nice girl.
        * Jang Keun Suk’s acting in You’re beautiful wasn’t his best, He acted better in Love Rain & Mary stayed out all Night.

        good day guys!!

      • i think Jung so min is TERRIBLE actress, and Kim hyun joong is the worst actor-idol.
        finish fans doramaddicts!!

      • Jang keun suk is a good actor!. Jang keun suk is better than “Kim hyun joong and Jung So min together”
        but, Jang keun suk is the most hated actor in korea.

      • Jang keun suk is the most hated in all korea, woow! it must be so hard, to be the most hated in Korea since 2009.
        poor guy!.
        Jang keun suk needs to learn to be more humble and modest……..and …….stop drinking and smoking!!!!!!! please!. his hair style is so cool!. i love his hair style!

        i don’t like Jung so min’s acting, is so fake!.

    • Analysis, without biased:

      ♦ JUNG SO MIN:

      Jung so Min does not have much work experience as an actress, has only 4 dramas. Jung So mins’s acting is a descente actress, her more famous drama is “Playful Kiss” with the famous Actor-idol “Kim Hyun Joong”, where Jung So Min won a award as the Best New Actress for TV, this drama had low ratings in the nation of Korea but is very popular and famous in other countries, According all Critics Professionals of dramas: “Kim Hyun Joong is not a good actor-idol (the best actors-male idols are Lee Seung gi, Yoochun, Top and Seo in guk)”. Kim Hyun Joong obtained much popularity with his famous k-drama Boys Before Flowers. KHJ is currently one of the most famous idols.

      ♦ JANG KEUN SUK:

      Jang Keun Suk has a lot of work experience as an Actor, Jang Keun suk’s acting was always good, but during his last drama “Love Rain” proved to be one of the best male actors. His more famous dramas are: “Love Rain in All the world (Asia, Europe, America, etc) and You’re Beautiful in Asia”. You’re Beautiful with the actress Park shin hye, this drama was very famous in Asia. Park shin hye is a one of the best actresses. Now, His drama Love Rain with famous actress-idol Yoona, this drama quickly reached fame around of All the world, not just Asia, Love Rain was the internationally best-selling Korean drama, According all Critics Professionals of dramas: “Yoona is one of the best actresses-idols”, Actually her Group SNSD is the most famous bandgirl idol of kpop and Yoona also is the most famous kpop-idol (gallup ranking-2012) and Yoona even is one of the most beautiful women in the world. We all know that Jang Keun suk had low ratings in all his dramas since 2009, his dramas as: You Are Beautiful, Mary stayed out all night and Love Rain had low ratings only in the nation of Korea, his movie “You are my pet(2011)” had the lowest ticket sales of all time in the nation of Korea. We all know also that Jang keun suk is the most HATED actor in Korea (by his personality and comments). Now Jang Keun suk is not only an actor, he is also an new famous idol, his music is good, his singing is regular and his dancing is terrible. Currently Jang Keun suk idol reaching much popularity as Idol, too.

      Completing: I wish them good luck in their new drama.

      • Jang Keun suk is also a successful businessman, his company is Tree J and his famous brand is “Zikzin”, He also founded the duo “Team H” with his friend “Big brother”, since 2012 this duo had a great acceptance by the public Asia and even the public abroad (America, Europe, etc).

      • Jung So Min is not good actress, she is regular actress. is cute and not pretty .
        Jang keun suk is a good actor, and lately He’s one of the best actors, also is hadsome, idiot, cold, stupid and arrogant!

        it’s true! …All korea hate Jang keun suk. 100% sure.

    • Sad!!!!! JGS is looking like a 40 year old pop star trying to look and act like a 20 something trendy, hot, new thing. And the sad part is, he is 25 but doesn’t look the part!!!!!!!

      Hope JSM gets to have more opportunities with her new powerful agency.

    • Why it would be a mess? BM is not PK – Jang Geun Suk is excellent as an actor. Kim Hyun Joong its too early for him to be a lead in a drama given his experience in acting. And if you think JGS is looking bad, eels never think so, with his previous dramas all succesful internationally, STILL MILLIONS OF FANS are waiting for his next drama, and please don’t say third graders only will like him, i heard this from lot of haters lol… can’t help but be amused am I a third grader ha ha ha – definitely am not. I’m one of the noonas who will never give up on him.

      • OMG… I can’t stand them talking like this about my precious Prince… i dont wish her to be in the same drama with JKS. A Long way to go to reach JKS’s standard. OMG

      • Girl, you seem too protective.

        JGS looking bad, I mean not on money/popularity mind you, I meant in looks.

        His hair is horrible and his skin is not like it used to be. I like him and tried to watch all his recent dramas and Mvs, but no.

        His last dramas didn’t do well because it had good plot but because he is popular… plus don’t get hurt when I say the drama is a mess. Because JGS did acted good, however his recent roles are all the same and nothing changes. I would like to see him playing a Thug, a bad guy or something like this for once.

        JGS is so young however his skin is getting bad, you can see in the lotte he has too much make up on…. I’m not hating I’m just talking about something you can see.

        Btw, don’t take it to heart, I for example love MGY but her lasts dramas are all a mess and I hope she picks better roles like JGS needs to.

        BM seems like a mess, the plot, go read the manhwa. I hope both JGS and JSM don’t pick it.

      • superficial girls!!JKS has talent,It’s the most important!! It’s a thing what other actors or singers don’t have!!

      • @cindy & ^^ are you the same person?

        Did I say you’re talking about money or popularity? You want to compare BM to PK because you said in the end you don’t want JSM included in the cast because it will be a mess and she supposed to know it after what happened in Playful Kiss am I right?

        First the plot, BM’s plot cannot be exactly the same as PK – I really don’t remember PK’ plot coz just watched few episodes(maybe 4) then I jumped to the last ep.But I know that there is a difference. Group 8 production I heard is not that loyal to the manhwa meaning they don’t need to follow the plot as it was originally written.

        Second the lead is Jang Keun Suk that even most of the haters admit is a very talented actor that is why they dislike him for choosing his roles and that he is wasting his talent blah blah blah, that he should challenge himself & get rid of his love for flower boy role which you yourself alluded. JKS is not KHJ. I trust JKS a lot especially as an actor I’m also not worried about his looks because I’m sure he’ll match his look to the character he will play.

        Third PK was a drama filmed 3 years ago, JKS & JSM are both younger at that time, now both of them have gained more experience for the last three years.

        And don’t worry about eels getting hurt, we are used to it and that what make us love Jang Keun Suk more!

      • JKS is a man very handsome and talented, his latest drama LOVE RAIN was his best drama, LoveRain really so epic, artistic, romantic, great and very good korean drama. his acting in love rain was the best.
        JKs and Yoona were the most beautiful couple. Yoona is so beautiful, smart and talented girl, Yoona looks like a Doll.
        Now i support this new couple JKS and Jun so min, she is cute girl.

  2. Even if it’s a mess, she could at least promote herself in Japan.

    Still smh at the drama premise, though. I have no interest in seeing JGS expertly seducing ajhummas for business secrets while stringing along a country bumpkin with no self esteem.

      • I miss JGS circa 2005-2008 thats was where he was awesome in Lovers in Prague, Hwang Jini, Beethoven Virus and HongGilDong, after those drama he just went downhill for me.
        When i first saw him in Lovers in Prague, man He really slayed my heart but now all i wanna say is “Ahjusshi, ahjusshi, what happened?”
        I don’t think its the hair, I think it’s the persona and lifestyle he is pursuing that just makes him unbearable right now.

        I want to scream, “JSG wake up!!! Ahjusshi!!!”
        “I know he is still there. Where are you? You are still there…”

        I hope Somin doesnt accept the project, the plot device leaves none to be desired and with JGS, aish I am becoming anxious and anxiouser..

      • Really?!!! Unbearable? Are you okay? There is nothing wrong with JKS. You all need to stop all this stereotyping and sticking to status quo! It is the 21st century people! let him be!

  3. I really liked her in Can We Get Married and I hope that moving to a big agency can get her roles and good ones. For her acting sake, I really hope she’s not in Beautiful Man. I can see that one being a very hot mess. As for jgs… I hope after he goes to the army, he will do more serious acting roles. I would even take him playing a really hot headed mean chabol that is cookie cutter in kdrama world but at least he’d sport short hair and be in decent looking suits, instead of the awful flower boy roles that he has been taking on. Alas this post is about JSM so I look forward to her next project.

  4. Ms. Koala, have you totally given up on our boy JGS?

    YB introduced me to KDramaland and I’ve been here since… therefore I have a special regard for all stars of that drama. I’m still rooting for JGS to get over this weird phase he is in coz I know he’s a talented actor. I just feel so bad that a lot of people seem to have given up on him. ==sigh==

  5. She is seriously cute but her acting to me is average (only seen playful kiss and can we get married) and jks is a seriously amazing actor with looks that went totally down the drain … So maybe it will work since they each have what the other needs

  6. I like her and I hope this move brings her more opportunities and (positive) exposure.
    Oh he is looking like a hot mess. He needs to cut his hair and hire a new stylist. Maybe a new look for him will be something positive to come from the drama.

  7. Jung So Min! Min min <3

    I like her since Bad guy, such a great debut, then she did PK, and I really liked her kotoko, not that annoying imo. After this I saw her on Can we get married and I was happy she is getting different kind of roles.

    So I hope she doesn't do beautiful man… she deserves better roles tbh.

  8. Hmm, I’ve loved Jung So Min since Bad Guy, so if this leads to her landing more roles, I’m all for it. Beautiful Man sounds sooooooo bad though, really hope JSM doesn’t take the role so I can gladly skip it.

  9. So if she accept she will eventually follow the main lead guy like in playful kiss. I think she shouldn’t sign but it just my opinion

  10. Jang Geun Suk is an amazing actor, i love him, and many fans love him too, so please stop the bashing. I just read an article that he is the highest paid actor among his peers.

    Jung So Min being paired with him not really against it, I prefer her over an idol/actress.

  11. I heard ….yes she will follow the main lead around but she will also abuse the lead because she got a temper. It would be great. And the lead character will be very cunning because he has to seduce all those professional and different personality ladies. Young ladies, nonaas and ahjuma. He also searching for his family in the process so his emotion will be a roller coaster feeling….It would be a great story. Jang Keun Suk will base his appearance with this character which is very very interesting to see. Btw I love all his drama.

    • yup..i do agree..even i dont understand the manhwa coz i cant read hangul..but i try to understand the story by looking at the pictures..the character just look like what u told..i think keun suk has depth in acting which may help him to potray the character successfully..i just can hope for a good plot..i dont really care about the actress..it should be the job for the production. cant wait for keun suk new drama!! btw..since i know him frm MSOAN..i only watch his drama. im a true eel.

  12. Wow! I was just thinking about her yesterday! I love this actress and I’ve been wishing for some news about her!

    Koala, I agree with you. 2011 JGS would have been the perfect co-star for Jung So Min… but now the thought makes me cringe. Please PLEASE oh drama gods, make JGS clean up his act OR let Jung So Min reject this role!

    She really is one the best actresses of her age group, so I’m wishing her a very successful career.

    Any news on Lee Ji Ah?

  13. I love JUNG So Min very much…and i want her a new project this year.
    But, i don’t want her to be pair with JGS…why MBC can’t find another actor to be pair with Minmin.. we HyunMin fans wants her to be together again, but it’s impossible to be happen. I’m hoping another leading man can be pair with Minmin… thanks very much Koala for this news..

  14. While I find JGS entered bizarro world off-screen, I still like him in dramas (I was one of 5 people who adored Love Rain with mad passion), so my problem is not with JGS being her costar but the fact that the plot of Beautiful Man sounds like to call it a hot mess would be a compliment. I cannot picture anyone starring in it, even two actors I genuinely like the way I do JGS and JSM, that could make me excited about THAT premise.

    • These are just comments from some people. He still has millions of viewers rooting up for him. He is still as awesome as ever. You should watch love rain, hong gil dong, hwang jin yi and etc. You will notice how multitalented he is. πŸ™‚

      But different people have different opinions. =D

      • i really liked JKS in LOVE RAIN, i think his acting in love rain was so natural and real. even Yoona and JKK looked like a real couple, they were the most beautiful and real couple. Love Rain is his drama more famous in the World.

    • I am an eel. But I will try to be neutral here. The reasons?
      1. Coz he becomes a singer? Many don’t like him as a singer (though he’s extremely successful in it, making huge money and history in Oricon chart Japan)
      2. Coz he’s straightforward? (for JKS, what you see is what you get. But koreans can’t accept this. they are used to other actors whose answers in interviews and actions in public is tailor-made)
      3. Coz he’s free-spirited? (JKS owns his own agency, so nobody can control him. He chooses his own style. For other celebrities under certain agencies, if the public ask them to cut their hair, the agencies will force them to. But nobody can force JKS to do what he doesn’t want to. As he always says, he is not a ROBOT. How cool is that?)
      4. Coz whatever he touches become gold and he’s super duper rich? (Many accused him of digging money from his delusional fans. He has two very successful shops in Japan. Everything about him sells extremely well overseas. Oh, come on, let’s not be hypocrite. Just name 1 agency in South Korea that don’t seek profit? The fact is, not everybody can do it. Even for his last drama, Love Rain, that unfortunately suffered low ratings in Korea, earns record money overseas.
      5. Coz he is too pretty? (no comment about this. I also can’t understand y being pretty becomes a big sin for a guy?)
      6. Coz he’s a guyliner? (just help me to name 1 male celebrity who doesn’t wear eyeliner nowadays. I notice that some even put on eye shadow but receive no bashing?)
      7. Coz he’s narcissistic? (Please be logical, if one is not narcissistic, can she/he become a star? One must be confident in order to pull off all looks. But when JKS is confident, then he will be accused of being ‘too full of himself’)

      • lol you aren’t neutral at all LOL

        -JGS not cutting his hair for dramas = not professional as an actor.
        -JGS also gained lots of money for Love rain but then he threw away all the hard work the staff and other actors did for Love rain and said the drama ”burned” his image. Pfff. Again not professional at all.
        -It is cool wacthing a honest actor for once in interviews, however, JGS thinks everyone MUST like him so he says Korea don’t know how great he is and that is why he doesn’t do well on Korea but on other asian coutries.
        -JGS doesn’t pick new kind of roles tora challenge himself, he just pick the same roles or a role that does not stand out.
        -people doesn’t dislike him, it is just compared to JGS his other acting friends are challenging themselves and getting more public love while JGS just gets stuck in the same place.

      • LOL. Actually your comment doesn’t quite sound neutral. Biased I’d say. But I agree with all you have said about JKS. He’s a great multi talented actor/singer, he deserves the title asia prince and deserves the top spot of being the highest paid star for his excellent job. I disagree to one of them though. About the hairstyle? I have read an article about him answered a Chinese fan’s question to whether he would agree to cut his hair or change the style for a drama, and his answer was “of course, I’m an actor”.

        One thing i like about JKS is him being different from typical Korean actors, with typical hair styles and typical image that you’ll end up getting bored in a long run. He has his own style. He’s spontaneous, that’s why fans don’t lose interest and don’t get bored of him because he’s full of surprises. He’s crazy. And oh, i love how he laughs. It’s all natural and i’ts contagious! I like him. I just didn’t like his blonde hair though. Like grrrr i wanna kill his hairstylist! He might have agreed to that hairstyle to suit with his music style (electronic music) but its like that hairstyle has started all the mess in him. He looks better and manly with a black hair. And yeah, he looks soo ahjussi in lotte duty free MV. Like what the heck? His face! Is he like celebrating Foundation day?? To think that they put him at the center of all stars in that MV, he should’ve fixed himself first. Well, that was shooted how many months ago. He gained weight back then and was hiding his pot belly. At least he looks better nowadays.

        Anyway, talking about this ‘yeppeu namja’ drama he chose to be the lead, i don’t like it. I just don’t get why he took this role. The plot is so analog that only high schoolers might appreciate. I bet this is going to become one of his dramas to get low ratings again. and Jung So Min’s acting i think is just average to be paired with JKS. Park Shin Hye is better. But well, for a change, whoever it will be, that’s ok.

      • reply to ….

        I think you used the term “burned” in a wrong way. Its not his image that was burned because of love rain. I have also read an article about his point of view for Love Rain. The term “burned” is not meant to be inconsiderate to LR’s staff and co-actors. He was fighting alone back then. That was one of the most tough times he had while filming LR because of his tight schedule touring back and forth to Japan and in other countries in Asia that made him mentally unstable, no time for human relations, and no room to breathe. Plus, the petition was also raised for an injunction against his movie “You’re My Pet” back then (which i honestly don’t get the korean men’s association to voice that film is degrading to men and the concept of a female β€œowner” and a male β€œdog” is sexist and inhumane) they’re like overreacting. He didn’t mention anything about LR ruining his image and all. He personally chose to take the role as he thought that LR would break through his image in a good way. He thought showing his innocent role who cries and laughs just for love to those who thinks he’s cute and trendy would sound not bad.

      • First, he did not cut his hair? He loves his hair since young. He shaved his head for his movie in Going Crazy Waiting, cut it super short for Beethoven Virus.

        He said he got burnt , but he did not say love rain burned his image. He was referring to other aspects. Did he never praise love rain, even after the drama was over, in his other interviews in 2013, he still gives credit to Love rain.

        He never says everyone must like him. In fact, he says he avoided being too active in Korea because everyone hates him.

        He said he picked Love Rain to challenge himself since In Ha is the total opposite of him. And is he the only artiste who fail at picking roles that does not stand out? Double standard. I can list at least 2 similar age group famous artistes who are the same.

      • I am an eel, so this is the most neutral I can be. I outlined all reasons I’ve ever read in sites/blogs on y many dislike JKS. But as an eel, of course, I will add my own perspectives (the words in brackets). chan_chan & min, thanks for responding to …on ‘extremely neutral’ perspective on JKS. About the hair, pls notice that I mention ‘public’, not ‘production director’. It means he won’t simply cut his hair based on the bashing of ‘keyboard warriors’, but he will do it for his role in a project. Proof? Look at his not-so-trendy mushroom head in the first 4 episodes of Love Rain. And he never says everyone must like him or Korea don’t know how great he is. If you watch his KBS documentary video, then you can see that he himself realized his popularity really differs in Korea and Japan, and he can accept that, that’s y he’s more active overseas. He even avoided releasing album in Korea as he is totally aware that many Korean dislikes him (at verbal jint radio show). What wrong of an actor who also becomes a singer? I bet all actors also want to do that if they have the talent and chance. But can they sing? and if they can, will their album make history or huge profit like JKS’? If yes, name one or some for me.

      • Well I’m not a particular fan of his, nor do I hate him, but I feel people here are being too emotional about it. They either become too sensitive about the smallest thing someone says and overprotective, or they just bash to annoy his fans. In any case think all M. Koala meant to say is that he needs to take better care of himself. As for the real reason of this blog is about Junk So Min, I think she’s alright as an actrice (seen her in PK and Can we get married) she’s careful in choosing diverse roles which is what I like about her, and has lotsa potential. In any case what matters for me most is, does the plot of the drama sound decent? Are the leads considering it talented? Is it going to be a repeat of certain roles?

        BTW I’d like to what wink means when saying “I am an eel”?

      • LOL LOL! this is so biased!! you are NOT neutral at all.

        Jang keun suk is good actor, handsome, idiot, arrogant, stupid and UNPROFFESIONAL.

        A lot famous actors had low ratings in their dramas and also some were canceled their contracts and dramas, even during the middle of filming their dramas. but BUT BUT BUT BUT…those actors were NOT UNPROFFESIONALS!.

      • oops… sour grape…. unbelievably sour one. Wuttt… Those producers in Korea must be ‘idiot’ to pay such an ‘unprofessional’ JKS the highest salary among Korean young actors (according to Hongkong Oriental Daily News 13th August 2013). So r they idiots are do they recognize JKS’ worth and professionalism? Any ‘neutral’ and not ‘bashing’ answer?

  15. Jang Keun Suk is one of a kind Actor and he is very talented. I don’t this she is good enough to join this drama with him. but if this rumor is true , she should be so lucky to have a chance like this. Prince is 27 Years old and he looks exactly right with his age. It doesnt mean i hate her , but the way u talk about JKS is just not right .Thanks thats all i want to say

  16. well, JGS is actually talented actor, i knew it, i love his past project such like YAB, Beethoven virus, Hong Gil Dong, Hwangjinyi.. but recently, he just throw away his talent.

    why he always play role ‘beautiful man’??? at first it’s cute, but i can’t bear it anymore. it’s too boring and even weird.

    i wish he can play something different, maybe idiot man (like joo won in good doctor), ugly-lazy man such like otaku, chef, pilot, ghost, or everything not only those ‘beautiful handsome man’. -____-“

  17. I am happy for Jung So Min being with SM C&C. Hopefully she will have a lot more projects she can choose from, She is a talented actress and a vert motivated one.

  18. JGS is a talented actor, he just need to clean up his look a bit. Please cut that long hair and stop cross dressing. As for JSM never saw her in anything yet but she looks cute.

  19. Jun son Min?? I prefer Kim So Eun or Moons Geun Young, because Jun Son Min is UGLY and is not a good actress, but It does not matter.
    i preffer her o any girl, except the FAT, Useless and UGLY Park Shin hye.
    i’m boring of Ugly Park shin Hye. she is so useless, overrated and fat.

    i think that Moon Geun Young should to be his co-star , here.

  20. YAY news on her! I agree she doesn’t seem to have a very consistent acting life does she? I hear about her occasionally when she’s in dramas but not constantly a la Park Shin Hye lol. Hopefully her move to a bigger company will give her more roles, but I’m starting to get worried that with everyone signing to SM C&C the company will have to pick which actors go to which dramas and it will really just be a popularity contest–not necessarily based on the merits.

  21. Jun son Min is good actress, she is not pretty and popular, but she is nice, Jun Son Min is better than jang keun suk.
    also..jang keun suk is terrible actor in YAB, he is so fake and overrated actor.

    lol. his drama YAB is TRASH. The story was taken from a typical American movie.



    • This is the first time I heard YAB sucks. Though many said JKS went downhill after the ‘amazing’ YAB, which I totally disagree, **I love all his projects**, but I have to admit that that is the opinion of many non-eels dramalovers I used to read.
      So you are really a minority here, if you thinks YAB is a trash. And is it personal towards JKS? Or are you judging YAB based on your professional analysis (even if you hate one actor, if he’s good in a drama, then he’s good)?

    • Be more mature. Writing hateful things would only hurt you. Instead write positive things and it will make your day. God bless you.

  22. Ha ji Woon, Moon Geun Young, Im Yoona, Kim Ha Neul, Sungyuri and Lee Ji Ah kicked Park shin hye’s ass. lol.
    lol. slut park shin hye is the worst actress and the most overrated.

    • Crazy and jealous girl, YOU need help go to doctor you have shin hye hatred syndrome.
      Relax and don’t be mad shin hye will act in Heirs to make you cringe on your teeth.

    Jung so min is better actress than useless park shin hye.

    • Hahaha your hatred darling to park shin hye showing the ugly personality of yours, Park shin hye is the best doesn’t need your insults and bad words she has her own style in acting.
      please relax your blood pressure will increase from jealousy.

  24. There’s used to be a time JGS and Lee Seung Gi were compared and put on the same page (2009 I believe). What happened to JGS now?

  25. I don’t think that Keun Suk is stuck in the same place. He is loved all over Asia and even outside Asia! He won’t be experiencing fame right now if he is stuck in the same place. I think the reason that some Koreans don’t like him is that he does not let anyone dictate him. He gives his opinion in every project that he makes and is hands on.
    About the eyeliner, Lee Min Ho wore eyeliner in one of his projects….
    If you have nothing good to say about others, just keep it to yourself!

  26. Koala, I think the drama won’t be a hot mess, the drama will be so so, but it will have very low rating because JKS the main lead is an idol, not a real actor anymore. Although Jung So min is a promising actress but she is not well recognized yet, so why not being paired with a famous idol to get her name being known and recognized? I think she should go for it since it’s so long for her to be an actress again.
    I can’t believe after YAB, JKS fans are getting more and more arrogant, offensive and annoying. Before YAB time, many fans of actor JKS let people express their opinion about his styles, his life style, his acting skills, and his singing skills. They had faith in him and had strong confidence that he would improve to become top actor of Korea.
    Come on guys! JKS is your God but he is not all of people’s God. You can worship him all your life if you want to, but don’t expect all of people have to be the same as you guys. He is human like us, and human can make many mistakes.
    Many people don’t hate your JKS, they only want to express their honest opinion and disappointments about him. I followed Koala blog before YAB time and I knew she really liked him as an actor. It’s time to ask yourself honest question about why many long time avid Kdrama fans have turned their backs on him.

    • Hi Jessy. Regardless of all what you’re saying, please do not tell such nonsense as : “JKS is your god” I don’t know if you are a believer or not but you have to respect others who are believers.
      I have a one and only God I worship.
      JKS is simply a person I admire and deeply respect.
      Please pay attention to your words, they can offend others.

    • @jessy you just said so JKS is human like us & human can make many mistakes. He is definitely not god and can commit lots of mistakes like us! Not perfect like you or me. As a HUMAN why can’t we be more forgiving & kind??? Do you expect us eels to always accept the bashing and just keep quiet about it, yes bashing & hating (we know the difference of opinion from bashing).Is it too much to ask from you guys to stop the bashing??? Yes stop the bashing not opinions that can be expressed kindly.

    • Actually Jessy we love JKS for all his imperfection and that he’s not afraid to show it and not only that but he has an amazing fighting spirit. He admit about his mistake but he wants to be the leader not follower so he not afraid to take a new road which is controversial and most people won’t love it. Eels love and admire him for these more then his outlook and physical appearance. They stick by him because he care about his fans and love to get close to them. They definitely know he’s human but he is like a family member to his fans/eels that why they protect him if he got bash. His personal life or what he wants to do is his decision. If you want to critic him do it over his acting and don’t base it on the rating of the drama because that can be manipulated. Thanks……

  27. Seriously guys ! Are you kidding or something ? You don’t want Jung So Min to act with Jang Keun Suk because she “deserves better opportunities” !? Lol xD

    Do you even know who is Jang Keun Suk !? Such an offer would be for her like a dream coming true ! But you know what..? I personally don’t think that Jung So Min is good enough for Jang Keun Suk. But well, if it is the production’s decision I only can respect it.

    You guys know well nobody can deny that JKS is among the best actors all over Asia. He also has a charming deep voice and a great talent for singing different types of music. So please stop your superficial hateful criticism ! Just stop judging his look ’cause he’s free to dress the way he wants.
    Other thing… Don’t worry about his skin. JKS is a truly special star who gives his fans the chance to see him without make-up almost everyday. So I can assure you his face is as beautiful as ever so please do not worry for that. πŸ˜‰
    Yeah. JKS and Eels are so close to each other. But unfortunately their love story isn’t something haters can understand. u____u

    If you guys really knew JKS, you would have realised he’s not just a good-looking talented artist but also a pure and sincere man worthy of respect and admiration. At least, unlike many other celebrities, he’s not afraid of showing the person he really wants to be.

    I heard that “Beautiful Man” will allow people to discover JKS’s new charms so I think it’s going to be a new and different character. I’m getting all excited about it ! :3

    Oh yeah.. I have to precise for some of you that I’m not a Noona, I’m only 20 years-old & I’m seeing JKS as my perfect man. I have many friends of my age who also love him a lot. =)

    For the girls who are not ashamed of talking about Park Shin Hye unnie that way, I simply say : Jealousy is madness. Ladies, you should see a doctor. –‘

    • lol no one said that JGS is better than JGS here or deserves better. It isn’t this. It is the drama we are talking about, the female lead role that it is ugh. It is the drama the problem. I don’t want her casted in this drama at all because the plot annoys me.

      If JSG and JSM went on another kind of drama I would be 100% happy.

      Plus, his skin does look bad and the hair is making him like an ahjuma, you can like him all you want but being blind is another thing….

      You fans are too protective and everybody else that does not like JGS choices and ugly hair = jealous and hater?

      LOLOL it just show how blind you guys are.

      • Yes, JKS’ fans are protective of him. But no, we are not blind. I am a super fan…did I love the weird blond phase? No. Some of the clothing choices he makes are questionable at best. Fact. Did any of that make me stop thinking he is absolutely awesome? Hell no. Why? Because the reason we are his fans has nothing to do with his hair or his clothes or if he is or isn’t wearing any makeup. JKS is like a force onto himself in the way he behaves and interacts with fans, staff, etc. He’s got keen business sense which is why he has been able to garner as much wealth as he has. I don’t expect everyone to like him and I certainly don’t expect everyone to think he’s attractive. But I will say that there tends to be a really nasty streak of comments against him all the time. It is more than just appearances and I don’t really think he’s deserving of it. What has he done to actually warrant people saying mean things about him? It’s one thing to not like what someone does, or not enjoy their work. That’s fine, but why do people feel the need to go beyond that? People say he’s full of himself. Ok, so what? Let him be. If he wants to convince the world that he’s the best thing since sliced bread then more power to him. Why is that offensive? Being famous or a celebrity is all about how you set yourself apart and how much you can entertain, and he has found the way that works for him.

  28. Is it too late to switch Yung So Min with Lee Min Ho in The Heirs and cast Park Shin Hye with Jang Keun Suk in Beautiful Man? Shin Hye and Keun Suk were rumored to do a Korean version of Ugly Betty together that was shelved and my heart dropped. (Love JKS? Follow him @AsiaPrince_JKS on Twitter. Anti-fans? Do the same).

    • yeah it’s too late
      Plus KES wants no other than PSH
      And delusional shipper need to give up, and stop making ridiculous rumors

  29. JKS is a multi-talented artist and a good business man at a young age. He is being paid that MUCH because he really can deliver, he has proven his worth and no body can argue with that….

  30. Wow I’ve been reading these comments put here by what appears to be very biased people. Obviously not aware of the actual persona of JKS. This is a young man who has been in this business for 20 years and has built himself a impressive rΓ©sumΓ©. Starting with his commercial or acting jobs which reward him with the highest paid salary in the industry. Spokesperson for a variety of skin care products as his skin at age 27 still makes him look like a teenager. One of the top businessmen in Korea and property owners. Running his own agency answering to no one. Owner of two flourishing businesses with hid savvy sense and midas touch. Co creator of a groundbreaking and innovative custom electronic dance music project that is climbing the charts with its new approaches to popular music. Someone who is able to sing many different genres of musical styles from ballads to rock with one of the most recognizable vocals in Asia and beyond. He has created a musical theatrical broadway like production of a rock opera that plays to sell out crowds with different themes every year and has actively participated in the design and production phases. He has topped the charts and made history in Japan with his so called music career. And as of late he has created a cultural festival and united fans and non fans under the label of his brand Zikzik. So bash all you want the wonderfully flamboyant intoxicating person that is JKS will still reach for his dreams and do things the way he wants to. As a person that’s also in this business I find that refreshing and sincerely hope he never changes

    • I would like to add is that he is a self made and successful person who has achieved so much purely on the basis of his thinking and hard work. He is an innovator……. a creative person who thinks outside the box and that’s why he treads the path not taken by others. He has the courage to follow his dreams and will surely have no regrets in that regards.
      I might occasionally have superficial issues as regards to his appearance but that does not stop me from admiring the person he is. I will continue to follow him with much curiosity as to what he will do next.
      It’s always an enriching experience to observe and listen to people different from oneself. It’s this very diversity that makes life interesting.

  31. well guys u talk as if jsm is a great actress that shouldn’t be paired with jks coz it would be a mess. Jks i a well knowned actor and have many achievement to be paired to a newcomer. Being paired with an asia’s prince was a great honor, anyway if she’ll turn it down it her loss and other actress gain. πŸ˜€

  32. isn’t ironic? If i don’t like an artist i won’t butting in or keep an eye in everything he do i’ll just focus with my bias. But wth these bashers always had a say in jks dramas and cf. When there is an article regarding jks they’re always present to bash him? Whatever path he took he’s successful and happy. if he’s country doesnt support him in what he wants, we his eels in diff countries we’ll be united to support him all the way! Eels were on this one pond 4 jks! πŸ˜€

  33. aku paling benci park shin hye dihina seperti itu ,aku sangat mencintai park shin hye,park shin hye adalah aktris yg sangat cantik,baik,manis dan berbakat dan jung so min bkn lawannya ,mereka jauh berbeda 1 banding 100
    100 untuk park shin hye
    1untuk jung somin

  34. just knew jks 2 months ago thru youtube videos and since then I became a fan and get addicted at looking at his works, movies, you tube clips and looking his pics everyday. Yes, its bit disappointing with eyeliners on and wearing unfavorable clothings as he really looks much refreshing whenever he doesn’t have anything on his face. But then, i guess wearing different styles every now and then also just became his natural charm. I love his long hair though as it gives more character on him and becomes more attractive that with a short one. What transpire more maybe is you can read his heart, his sincerity to his job, how he loves, respect and value his fans, his friends and co-workers. I think he has a good heart though really playful.

    • jung so min is so pretty girl and so smart gir

      I LOVE JUNG SO MIN ……………………………………………………………………………


    You’re beautiful, Mary Stayed Out All Night and Love Rain HAD low ratings in only Korea, why? the answer is: JANG KEUN SUK IS THE MOST HATED ACTOR IN KOREA. We all know this.

    His movie “You’re My pet” had the lowest ticket sales, why? the obvious answer: JANG KEUN SUK IS THE MOST HATED ACTOR IN KOREA.

    JANG KEUN SUK is hated by his addictions (nicotine and alcohol), personality (arrogant, egocentric, superficial and manipulative) as well as by his incoherent comments.
    Jang keun suk needs to learn to be more humble.

    • oh well, i guess you’re not a JKS fan but you should’ve done your research more before posting it. I’m not a fan but I like him or should i say I don’t dislike him just because of the anti-fans’ lousy and shallow reasons. You’re my pet movie got the highest ticket sales and viewers among the romantic comedy films released in 2012 despite of the petition raised about the movie. And is in top 20 List of highest-grossing domestic films in South Korea. You sounded bitter from the words you used “most hated actor” and “addictions”. I hear those words usually coming from anti fans. They’re like exaggerating it. Oh well, there’s no artist in South Korea without anti-fans anyway. People should get used to it. And about smoking and drinking? Oh, who doesn’t drink nowadays? You dislike the guy just because he drinks or smokes? What a pitty.. These guys don’t have a life I guess. They don’t know how to enjoy it. I’m a freedom lover person. I have a lot of Korean artists I like but I don’t tend to follow just one and become loyal. But I admire this actor who lives his life to the fullest and doesn’t allow things to go by the rules.

      • I remember at that time when You’re My Pet is currently in the cinemas so is Penny Pinchers of Han Ye Seul & Song Joong Ki. You’re My Pet did better than PP. Another romantic comedy that didn’t do well in the box office is Wonderful Radio starring Lee Minjung. So the thing about YMP “had the lowest ticket sales” is a fabricated lie or just simply a rant by an obvious hater.

    • @ AsiaDramasKJT Oh really “the most hated” THAT IS UNTRUE – coz if that is true why JKS keeps getting an endorsement in Korea? If you go to Korea from the airport there is Jang Keun Suk one of the faces of Lotte Duty Free Shop. If he is as you said so will Caffe Bene (the biggest coffeehouse chain in South Korea), Codes Combine, Samsung, Ferrino etc. signed advertisement contract with him? If that is the true case those companies would never even think of considering him because we all know how it is in Korea. And as chan_chan mentioned you ANTI-FANS’ have LOUSY & SHALLOW REASONS. Hate is too strong word to use, Jang Keun Suk DID NOT COMMIT ANY HENIOUS CRIME to merit hate from Koreans, maybe dislike or indifference. There are other celebrities who did something hateful like drug or gambling addiction, rape, sexual harrasment, bullying these are the ones Koreans really hated. So please do not comment if you will not give a fair & unbiased opinion. And don’t pretend to be unbiased because its OBVIOUS that you are & not simply just being biased but also an OBVIOUS HATER AND A HYPOCRITE! And in your comment above you wish Jang Keun Suk goodluck whaaaat yaah only a wish… I feel so sorry for you.

      • the most famous celebrities in korea are THE IDOLS or ACTOR-IDOLS AND LEE MIN HO ;).
        Korea hates Jang Keun suk, since 2009, and of course, you’re my pet had the lowest tickets sales in all korea.

        please do not be a blind fans for him.

        YAB and LOVE RAIN too had low rantings in only korea. both dramas were many more succesful in others nations.
        I recognized that YAB was his first successful drama in Asia which opened the doors to his fame in Asia, and that LOVE RAIN was his first international hit drama that opened the doors to his fame in the World.

        but, JKS is still arrogant and egocentric, also addicted to liquor and cigarettes. JANG KEUN SUK is a disaster, traitorous and UNPROFFESIONAL.

    • @L_Minhooppa Another hater. All those things you said about JKS is actually YOU – a DISASTROUS, TRAITOROUS & UNPROFESSIONAL. Take a good review of what you have written. Oh by the way if you choose to comment again its better if you’ll say something nice about your idol or bias. Because with what you are doing only shows HOW SUCCESSFUL JANG KEUN SUK is inspite of the haters! And I can’t imagine how FURTHER THE SUCCESS JANG KEUN SUK can reach if he choose to be a conventional typical Korean mega star. In show business the more succesful a celebrity is the more he is envied by the LOSERS who is so discontent with his own life thus a resentment to the one who’s enjoying a HUGE SUCCESS!

  36. I saw Jung So Min acting in Playfull Kiss. Comparing to the comic itself, the character played by her, her role as Oh Ha Ni is lifting the drama. She could express various emotional expression as required. So I think her performance related with the story is good enough.her cute look is adorable and fit PK.
    JKS? I saw many of his movies and admitted his talent especially in Itaewon Case. He could play the ambiguity of being guilty or not very well. He play the antagonist role but his act could left symphaty one. Like I have feeling this role should not be guilty but then i doubt at in last scene when he smirked really good after realising from temporary jail. Left the question at the end of movie. For YB, thats the big hit of him playing manga character. Like we can see manga role out of comic good. He is really good in emphasizing specific facial expression.
    When I heard this Yebbeun Namja or Pretty/Beautiful man and download the 1st comic book, I imagine someone as Jung So Min could be the female lead. It just fit for the character.
    I could not say the plot is horrible cause this drama has not even started yet. We could not know for sure since Group 8 is the one who will take care of it. Remember Goong/Princess Hour? This one of drame taken from manhwa and Group 8 develop shorter and better plot than the comic itself.
    Seeing many controverse even before this drama start is interesting. Love and hate is really close ya? So, I think many people will watch it at least 1 first episode. The challenge that should be considered by Goong 8 to have auidences attracted to see it more…
    Do my analysis neutral enough? Hehehe

    • yeah..do agree with u..the character in manga is exactly look like jsm..especially her smile..but just heard the lead actress will be han ye ri.i have no idea who is she?

  37. JSM might join JGS in BM, it’s a good career move for her if she wants to revive her status as Hallyu star. Producers keep on investing on JGS eventhough he doesnt have an appeal on Korean audience, ratings prove it. But their aim is international market, all of JGS dramas had been a hit all over Asia, I used to love JGS during his earlier years in acting and old music but now I just like him, and am not a fan of his music nowadays, it’s kinda frustrating.

    • mei..may i know why jks make u frustrated?? actually..i like to talk witk x-jks fans coz i wonder why they decide to give up on him..i know some of them sounds like haters but i can identified them by their reasoning. haters are always bashing him without prove or reason which make me so annoyed but his x-eels are typically gave natural opinion what they dont like about jks nowadays to show their frustration. i think the reason is either because of jks recent project or jks himself..i mean his personality,style,lifestyle and etc. whatever the reason is i just can tell is if u dont know the person..dont talk badly about him coz he dont deserve ur hate or love.

  38. My goodness to all of the beautiful korean out there why jung so min, haist if i really could have a power to whispher the director of prettyman i let him change jung so min …it could be nice if its park min young, lee dae hae,yoon eun hye…oh! shes busy also she has a new drama…hmmmm who else? Does suzzy fit into that role.? Whew! Or Moon Geun-young again. oppah! i miss you! will i just wish that drama turns to a big hit for sure JGS can manage who ever hes partner. GOODLUCK,God Bless and Rock’n Roll.

  39. OH ! I can’t stand reading all your comments :'(
    I’m hurt really hurt for all the bashing words you throw for my oppa πŸ™
    You know what ? when i feel sad or lonely i will only watch his interviews or dramas or everything about him and feel so happy and energetic again . His smile always makes me so damn crazy happy and don’t even know that i was smiling also .
    Don’t bash my oppa and please stop commenting such hurtful words for him because none of you give him his daily expenses and don’t ask him what to do do because neither of you pay for him ! He work hard to entertain his LOYAL EELS ! He will not stay in showbiz for 2 decades if people don’t love or like him .

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