Goddess of Fire Episode 19: Jung Yi Magically Regains Her Sight and More Tae Do Makes Everything Better

Could there possibly be a post about Goddess of Fire that candidly says the drama got better? The fact that I’m willing to refer to it by its drama title says a lot, but mostly its because Kim Bum‘s Kim Tae Do is suddenly back in the inner plot circle and gets more screen time again. I guess Detective Dee promotions in China is over, and thank god for GoF, because his return and the slight uptick in quality has to be correlated. I can’t prove it, but I know it when I see it. In episode 19, after kiln explosion blinded Jung Yi loses out to Yook Do in the make-a-vase battle for Consort Inbin, she leaves the pottery department with Tae Do. Gwanghaegun hasn’t met a scene he doesn’t want to yell at, and he rides over to yell at her for daring to leave without his say so. Jung Yi is resigned to her fate not to be a potter and Tae Do takes her back to the house where they grew up in. He spends the dawn hours making a rope course for her outside where she can feel the ropes to guide her movement in the yard. He shows it to her and its not just Gwanghaegun who is an annoying nuisance from the royal family, Consort Inbin is pissed Tae Do left as her son Shinsonggun’s bodyguard and sends soldiers to capture him back. Tae Da can’t fight them off because Jung Yi is there and useless so he goes. Gwanghaegun mopes all day now that Jung Yi is gone, and when he hears Tae Do is in Consort Inbin’s clutches, he does something useful for a change and gets Tae Do to be assigned as his bodyguard. Jung Yi has been all alone and she starts dreaming about her dead mom, who functions much like Ha Ji Won‘s dead dad in Secret Garden as a fairy deus ex machina, because she magically directs Jung Yi to build a fire in the kiln and then take off her eye cover and VOILA she’s not blind anymore! I can’t even make a joke about this because its ridiculousness is through the roof, so let’s move on. Gwanghaegun and Tae Do return in time and when Jung Yi opens her eyes, she sees both guys at the same time. More love triangle foreshadowing, yay. The two dudes reach a grudging detente. Jung Yi can’t be a royal potter so she decides to make bowls and sells them to the citizens in the marketplace. The three earnest pottery department lackeys miss her and get kicked out so they go find her. A Japanese merchant comes to buy Joseon ceramics from Hwa Ryung’s merchant group, and of all the various vases, urns, cups, and saucers shown to the guy, he ends up only liking and buying the bowls made by Jung Yi. Going to Japan in the future foreshadowing, yay. At the end of the episode, Jung Yi gets arrested by government soldiers. Yay for couple arrests of Tae Do and Jung Yi in the same episode. This episode didn’t suck as much because (1) there was more Tae Do and lots of skinship between Orabeoni and Jung Yi, and (2) Jung Yi is leaps and bounds less annoying, going blind does wonders for her personality.

Jung Yi-Tae Do cuts episode 19:


Goddess of Fire Episode 19: Jung Yi Magically Regains Her Sight and More Tae Do Makes Everything Better — 15 Comments

  1. Hah, posting again about the Super Bad Drama eh? You can’t help yourself! XD

    I’m not going to watch this one. Sorry Kim Bum, but I’d rather preserve my brain cells!

    The only currently airing drama I’m watching right now is “Empire of Gold”. I started it 3 days ago and I already caught up on all 18 episodes. Only 4 more to go! I’m really surprised by how much I’m enjoying it… even though you could say it’s a boring boardroom drama. I’m somewhat disappointed by the lack of romance though… the synopsis said Lee Yo Won and Go Soo’s characters would be in an arranged marriage and fall in love… but so far I feel/see no love between them, only a begrudging respect.
    On a very positive note: at last a drama where the “heroine” is just as tough as the men (and often beats them at their own game)! She’s strong, intelligent and takes bullshit from no one!

    • Goddess of Fire suffers from bad script, but the acting is quite good. Total waste of its actors.

      Empire of Gold, on the other hand, has a very good script but suffers from very bad acting. Total waste of a very good script. I watched it until E14 because the story is really interesting but i could not stand the posturing anymore esp from go soo. he is such a bad actor, he ruined a perfectly good script.

      • Hmmmm, really MGY is great actress and she can take any role
        but the script not bad so far….really there so good scenes
        and ep 19 was totally good ^^

      • I totally agree with you. GOF has a powerful casts, too bad the storyline is so weak. Imagine if the poor script was matched with poor actors…can’t even imagine.

        Anyway, the second half of the show seems to be getting better. I like that Jung finally matured and showing some integrity. Of course more of Kim Bum, the beautiful eye candy, just add to the enjoyment. Kim Bum & Moon does look great together.

      • Go Soo still sucks, but he sucks less now…if that’s incentive. He’s toned down the posturing appreciably in recent episodes.

        In all honesty though, a lot of people ruined the script, and it’s probably better to count the the people who gave the script justice because I could probably count it on one hand. It’s really sad to see something that is well-written wasted on people who can’t bring it to life.

        GOF unfortunately is the other way around, which for me, is worse. For some reason, I can’t tolerate bad writing/good actors as I can bad actors/good writing, as wonderful as MGY and KB are.

  2. Hahaha I also thought GOF got better by the same three reasons you’ve mentioned. More because Jung & Tae Do got more skinship ❤❤ BTW this writer has seen soooo many dramas. GOF resembles to some dramas, movies and novels in some scenes.

    • Also the scene you’re posted above was touching and really romantic, The way Tae Do screamed “Jung Ah! Jung Ah!” ang Jung Yi “Orabeoni… Orabeoni!!” The perfect touch was Bobby Kim’s “Forever You” as the background song. This is getting more romantic ❤

  3. Thanks for the Jung Yi-Tae Do cuts. BTW, have I said I love you? Oh yeah, everytime you post something about Jung Yi and Tae Do. I only watch the BTS, not the show. So again, thank you.

  4. Alright! My bummie is back in action. I just adore him and I am liking what I am seeing. I really don’t care for the plot anymore just as long as I see bummie. Thanks Ms Koala for your hard work for doing these recaps. You are the best. 😉

  5. Thanks Koala for recap this drama again. My big reasons why I watch this drama because Moon Geun Young is in. I knew Kim Bum from this drama. I started love him now. GeunBum’s chemistry very great and explosive. I am agreed with several comments at above. All casts are doing great job, only plot’s problem. I hope plot and story more good again for upcoming episodes. KB & MGY <3 Fighting!

  6. It’s a miracle. That’s the power of the Kiln God. Jung Yi regained her sight and get more brain cells. That wicked little lady Hwa Reong is getting on my nerves. I am glad the story is getting better.

  7. I knew you couldn’t stay away! Yay! LOL! GoF is like Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance….so bad that you cant’ help but watch…lol!

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