Si On Reminisces Some More About Hyun Joon as Who Are You Episode 11 Delves Deeper Into the Conspiracy

This drama is fantastic for exercising the tear ducts. It’s simple and straightforward enough not to require lots of mental gymnastics when watching, but satisfying in the emotional nuggets it buries in a relatively small-scale story. Episode 11 of Who Are You backed off a little from all that angst stemming from watching all the happy times in the past between Si On and Hyun Joon. They continue to be absolutely adorable together in the one flashback that occurred in this episode when Si On found an old hairclip from happier times. Their love story epitomizes the description of bittersweet, the smiles when watching them being so completely happy and in love juxtaposed with the tears for their present divide between life and death. I wonder why Hyun Joon can speak with Hee Bin but not with Si On, since both can see ghosts? It’ll probably destroy me even more if Hyun Joon can speak with Si On, because just imagining all the things he wants to say to her already has me verklempt. Gun Woo spends this entire episode moping over Detective Choi’s skulduggery and betrayal, and once again I feel like Si On really cares about him but it’s nowhere near anything resembling falling in love. How can she, when in her time line she just remembered Hyun Joon ergo she has’t even processed his death fully yet.

Nothing about this drama’s plot is shocking, and even with the addition reveal of Detective Choi’s backstory isn’t something that comes as a surprise. Even if he didn’t mean to kill Hyun Joon, I totally don’t care what he meant to do because the reality is that the wonderful amazing Hyun Joon is dead and its just so not fair. Regardless of how the drama ends, it’s undeniable that WAY has become the Kim Jae Wook show even if he gets the least amount of screentime. I do get the sense that the drama is positioning Gun Woo as Hyun Joon v.2, from the sunbae-hoobae relationship that Detective Choi used to have with Hyun Joon that he later developed with Gun Woo, all the way to the police camaraderie and connection between Si On and Gun Woo. I don’t dislike it, but the parallels put Gun Woo at a disadvantage because he’s just not as interesting a character as Hyun Joon, and he’ll always come off like a Hyun Joon-lite. At which point. viewers be forced to ask ourselves “do we want Si On to end up with original flavor Hyun Joon in the afterlife, or live happily ever after with Hyun Joon v.2 in the here and now?” The central smuggling mystery is but a convenient plot device to tear apart a pair of perfect lovers and force us to experience the truly agonizing journey of mourning and memory.

Gun Woo is a hurt puppy learning the truth that Detective Choi is a cop killer and all-around smuggling ring co-conspirator.

Si On comes home and sees Hyun Joon waiting for her. She smiles and tells him that she’s okay.

She sits down and we see how Hyun Joon appears when he materializes right next to her.

Si On is worried about how hard Gun Woo is taking this betrayal by Detective Choi. Poor Hyun Joon can only listen to her worrying about another guy.

Gun Woo goes drinking alone and flashbacks to dining at the same place with Detective Choi, who told Gun Woo that he could always trust him.

Si On finds Gun Woo and comforts him, because she is totally his noona. Gun Woo is torn because he thinks Detective Choi might have some reason for what he did, even though he knows Detective Choi killed the person Si On loves, and even tried to kill Si On.

Si On is cleaning her apartment and finds a hair clip under the sofa.

Flashback to the day she lost it – she was being a bossypants and getting her oppa to move her sofa around. When he flops down all tired afterwards, she teases him for being a wimp and how can he catch bad guys if he’s tires so easily.

She can’t find her hairclip and runs around the apartment looking for it. He thinks she lost it in the office but she insists its somewhere in the apartment.

Si On turns around in the present and finds Hyun Joon standing right there.

She shows him the hairclip and says she was right, it was dropped in the apartment. Hyun Joon’s eyes sparkle and he gives a small nod of concession.

Si On looks at the dusty hairclip and says she used to really like it, but looking at it now, it looks so passe. She looks at Hyun Joon and says that things change and so have the both of them. But right now, she likes at least being with him like this. He looks at her longingly.

Gun Woo gets drunk and comes by Si On’s place, she lets him inside and he passes out on her sofa.

Detective Choi has hidden a picture of Hyun Joon and himself in his wallet. He looks at it and says sorry to Hyun Joon, he didn’t mean to kill him. Ghost Hyun Joon looks at Detective Choi and says he isn’t really a bad guy.

Turns out Detective Choi shot Hyun Joon in the chest to disable him and let the smugglers get away, he did not know Hyun Joon wasn’t wearing his bullet proof vest anymore. Si On is discovered when she screams after seeing Hyun Joon shot. It was Detective Choi who knocked her over the head and put her in the coma, and then he shot himself to cover it all up.

Detective Choi has forged papers and is about to leave the country, but then Si On and Gun Woo run into a confrontation with the smuggling ring minions. Detective Choi points a gun at Gun Woo, and then turns it to the smugglers and tells Gun Woo and Si On to hurry up and leave.

But Gun Woo refuses to leave and runs back. He finds Detective Choi shivved in the belly and bleeding. Si On grabs the gun and holds the smugglers at bay.

In the preview, Hee Bin tells Hyun Joon to let the living solve their own problems. Hyun Joon asks her for a favor and she warns him that if he does this, then he will disappear forever. Hyun Joon says he doesn’t care, as long as he can save Si On. Oh. My. God. As if being dead isn’t bad enough already, drama wants to further destroy his spirit as well? This drama is cruel beyond compare.


Si On Reminisces Some More About Hyun Joon as Who Are You Episode 11 Delves Deeper Into the Conspiracy — 13 Comments

  1. You know, I officially name this the Kim Jae Wook show.. and no, the show can’t just do that?! I’m hurting enough that he is dead and now they are doing the whole cease to exist thing…

    I can NOT see Gun Woo as anything Hyun Joon-like. He is different. I would rather prefer that he is his own person not v.2.

  2. It really bothers me how Hyun Joon seems to be able to communicate with everyone EXCEPT Si On. He talks to Hee Bin, he types things for Gun Woo to read, but nothing for Si On except meaningful looks.

    I really hope Kim Jae Wook will keep showing up in the drama until the end. It’s bad enough we had to wait 8 episodes to see him!

  3. So, I wonder if kdrama writers paid any attention to fans…like King Flower/Chris Wuuuuu. I know Taecyeon’s probably got a good fan base too, but let’s be honest this is THE Kim Jae Wook show. I don’t really see romance between Si On and Gun Woo, but I can accept it if at the end maybe they start something, just ya know, wait til the last minute show lol and when Si On can move on from Hyun Joo an itsy bit. I wish there was some way he wasn’t dead, like it was a fake out or something? hahaha.

      • well.. i like it… haha.. so there is a hope that si on and hyun joon can be together in the end, in the real life.. not the afterlife.. 🙂

  4. Sadly, the show will end with Hyun Joon returning to the nether world after saving Si On – his final sacrifice for her. Even though there’s potential chemistry between Si On and Gun Woo, because she is still so much in love with Hyun Joon, it will be a while yet before she can accept someone else in her life. I don’t see how else the drama will end., BUT it will will definitely, be KJW’s career breakthrough. In his next drama, he’ll be the main star and he’ll get the girl.

  5. You know what koala, I dont really have any interest to watch this drama but then because you keep posting about kim jae wook, I felt like wanna to t\watch this so badly now just to see kim jae wook only!

  6. Hmm. So my hunch was correct after all. *high five to Darcy*

    I used to have tons of questions about immortality of soul, ghosts, purgatory, hell, heaven. This drama, like many others such as Skip beat turns wrong into right and lies into truth so much that I fear for viewers who know nothing and will get ensnared.

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