An OTP Date, Lee Jong Hyuk, and Hwang Sun Hee All Drop By The Master’s Sun

Watching The Master’s Sun requires me to pick apart the ingredients like a kid separating the peas from the carrots from the pot roast and just eating the items that taste good. With the exception of the truly abysmal L, TMS has rounded up a nice collection of guest stars ranging from Jin Yi Han to Jung Chan to Seo Hyo Rim, but this latest one brings me right back to rapt attention as Lee Jong Hyuk arrives for an one episode arc at Joogun’s rival corporation CEO. He plays the newly minted CEO of Giant Group (the “big” references are not lost on me what with Joogun running Kingdom Mall) and is dealing with the painful loss of his father and ghost-seeing Taeyang helps him properly say farewell. Not only have I enjoyed the various cameos, I also think the main cast is doing a fairly swell job of selling their characters and their story. I still think Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub have palpable chemistry, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s unparallel to any of their former pairings with other co-stars. It’s very good and I’ll leave it at that – their upcoming date looks cute as a button. My problem still is that I freaking loathe the overall story the Hong Sisters created, which is exacerbated by their full-blown return to punny dialogues and lots and lots of symbolic references and talking around an issue. That shit is what I call glib and here it’s just out of control. Episode 10 was the epitome of painful conversations that have no substance, just talk for the sake of talk. That’s why this drama has no heart to me, it’s just artfully rendered flash. But I much prefer the something that has a heart of realness but here none of the characters talk, think, and interact like real human beings so, so I just can’t connect and it’s a shame not to love a popular drama and be able to spazz and swoon over it. Other than the aforementioned cameo appearance by Lee Jong Hyuk, Hwang Sun Hee will also be arriving in the drama with a bigger role than an one episode cameo – she plays the sister to the deceased Hee Joo. I’m looking forward to that as well, she can be deliciously evil when asked to play an antagonist role. I think if the Hong Sisters stopped shoving pointless dialogue in the characters mouths, the story has a chance to be so much more poignant. As such, my preferred treat is watching Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub onscreen and below is the recently released BTS video of them filming the kiss scene in episode 9.

BTS for the Kiss Scene in Episode 9:


An OTP Date, Lee Jong Hyuk, and Hwang Sun Hee All Drop By The Master’s Sun — 17 Comments

  1. Just can’t find myself enjoying the sight of So Ji Sub in this hair style. Totally not him. I don’t know… he needs to do something to make me want to even watch one episode of this…maybe remove his shirt or something.

  2. I agree that this drama is not exactly well-written. A bit repetitive too. Watching this because the OTP is so weird, cute and sweet. Just a cute fluffy romantic comedy. Entertaining and sweet and that is what matters in this drama… I guess.

    So Ji Sub’s character is a bit annoying imo.

  3. Agree about episode 10 being wrapped up in glib and fancy ass dialogue that doesn’t move the characters forward. I was really confused actually. It’s a shame, coz when the characters connect like last week’s episodes, the feels are through the roof!

  4. Amazing how they make so many takes in a kissing scene but still remain friendly and professional with each other like it’s nothing…:))

    • And this might be the reason why I dropped this show in episode 2. Hong sisters used to make it for me, but now I’m just “yeah and now this is gonna happen, and yeah this basic symbolism, w/e”. This is Hongs elevated to the Hongth degree.

      They’re repeating themselves so much, I can’t understand how people who have watched all their shows still find this fresh, exciting, or anywhere near good. It makes me sad, because when I was being introduced to kdramas, their dramas were my squeeing central 🙁 🙁 🙁 And now, like koala, I want to squee and swoon with everyone else and I just can’t, sorry.

    • Someone who loves comedy(hijinks) with a cute romance would have the hong sisters as their to go writer. I know some people don’t enjoy their puns and silly dialogue but I really don’t mind. I think i’ll take it as it is — fluff.
      I know big deviated alot from their usual style, which might also explain Koala’s preference for that over hong sister’s previous works. Opinions and tastes are different all around.

  5. Hong sisters are losing their touch V___V.
    This drama is lacking heart, but the leads do a very good job in selling their story.
    And I’m excited to see Junsu’s Appa ^___^.

    Ugh L.
    But hey, in grade school they often taught us “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” So I’ll leave it.

  6. Heh.. I don’t care though…. About repeating the same pattern… You can’t expect alot of substance in hong sister drama. It’s all about their endearing otp and the way it’s simple plot unfold around them. I haven’t found a joy this much for their otp for quite long before the master sun come along..
    And this about my fav so ji sub. It’s suprised me after enduring many bad dram he has been picked, I thought I’m done with him.. And the master sun come along… And I come to love him all over again.

  7. well as a Hong sister’s fan I have to say that I don’t mind their glibness, and i love the story. And though I don’t get more than a third of the puns being a relatively newbie at understanding korean I still find it entertaining, and I am just THERE with the characters… I find that they are people outside of their interactions, they all have stuff that their everyday lives requires them to do so I feel that their world is lived in. This one is actually a return to the Hong formula I love… I have loved almost all of them but for me BIG and BEST LOVE were actually their worst ones, I couln’t even go past the third episode on each. I think it’s because the stories didn’t interest me much despite loving the actors in both.

  8. I am loving this show, and I almost agree with everything Captian Koala says here. However, I LOVE this OTP. I think they have great chemistry perhaps not of the hot kind but of the warm kind one that won’t burn out but last, which is what both of of the characters need. I also love So Ji Sub in comedy. I know that Mr. Angsty McAngsty will be back, but I am going to gobble up all the tenderness, awkward obnoxiousness, looking through telescopes, middle school jealousy bits as much as I can. And I can’t say enough about Gong Hyo Jin; she seems to be a person that makes other people want to work better. I’d want her on my team for any job.

    I know that this is not the best show, but it is delivering what I need now.

  9. and another thing . . . I treat Two Weeks like a full meal and Masters Sun as dessert. My nutritionist put me on a meal plan (silently weeping) which does not allow real dessert (I am sorry, but a handful of crackers or air popped popcorn DOES NOT count). I take what I can get people. I need dessert!!!!! (I’ve taken to walking behind people eating chocolate just so I can smell it!)

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