Kim Woo Bin Makes His First Entrance in Heirs Washing Dishes in a Fancy Kitchen

Kim Woo Bin. First official stills from The Inheritors (the new English title for Those Who Wear the Crown, Withstand the Weight: The Heirs). Enjoy! What? I guess I need to write a little bit more, huh? What do I think of the second rich chaebol heir from the drama to make his appearance? Kim Woo Bin looks great, but he DOES NOT look like a high school student. Unless we’re talking Billy Madison situation but with high school, i.e. he’s gone back to high school because he never graduated. I know Kim Woo Bin has been making a steady solid resume for himself playing high school students, what with White Christmas and earlier this year with School 2013, as well as guest starring roles as high school students in To the Beautiful You and A Gentleman’s Dignity. In real life he’s 24 being a 89er (while Lee Min Ho is 26 being an 87er), so it’s not like he just looks more mature than a high school student. But whoever decided to style Kim Woo Bin like a sleek chef is totally missing the memo that he’s supposed to be in high school. He looks like the slighty younger version of Lee Chun Hee’s chef character from the drama Cyrano Dating Agency. I’m also having a chuckle with the dishwashing theme. First we make the acquaintance of poor heroine Park Shin Hye whilst she’s toiling as a dishwasher at a ceremonial hall, then we meet rich second male lead Kim Woo Bin while he’s being a master chef of sorts (and washing dishes) in a fancy kitchen. Am I supposed to take away some wealth divide juxtaposition here? I’ll not read too much into it, but I reckon the first stills of the rest of the leads will be interesting to parse as well. Kim Woo Bin has a very striking and unique face, and coupled with his NBA point guard height, he stands out in any cast and his acting definitely validates his fast rise to fame. I’m looking forward to seeing his performance the most only because I feel like I’ve seen the rest of the cast play similar roles to their Heirs character before. Right now Kim Woo Bin is also in LA with Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, and Choi Ji Hyuk and below is a fan still of him filming outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater at Hollywood and Highland.


Kim Woo Bin Makes His First Entrance in Heirs Washing Dishes in a Fancy Kitchen — 19 Comments

  1. Oh yeah! This man is so handsome!!! Lee Min Ho won’t overshadow him (obviously this are my tastes) they’re in the sane la el of hotness. He looks so good in this chef suit. I can’t wait for The Heirs to air. Even if it’s the classic poor girl- chabeol guy romance. I mean nothing can be worst than Goddess of Fire right??

  2. At first, I was all excited, admiring Kim Woo Bin!! And then I get to the last picture…. then I die. Waaahhh… love it, love it, LOVE.IT. LMH and PSH look great together. I can already feel the sparks from right here. I just know, my screen will explode!

    Is it october yet? is it october yet? is it october yet???? is it? is it? october? where are you?

    • I was just going to say. I looked at the last picture and thought hey. They actually look pretty good together. Enough that i can see chemistry build. Fingers crossed.

  3. Man dish washing hasn’t looked this good before.

    I don’t want to try to interpret or analyze any of the teasers that come out. There are soo many it feels like there will be little that is new when the show actually airs. However, I can’t help but look at the pictures that are posted.

    The men are looking fabulous, as expected.

    Can I also say that I’m pleasantly surprised that it is 20 episodes over an hour each rather than 16 episodes. SBS knows they’ll make bank off this drama. Lets face it, we’re all going to watch it even if we don’t like things about the drama.

    Thanks for the post!

  4. I really don’t mind about the pairing and even I think they are compatible for each other. The thing that worries me is that the story is just too common and is not very original. And looking at the stills doesn’t really convince me about the quality of the story.
    But I reckon, it will still be a hit. Thanks to the respective leads’ fandoms. Heheh, hopefully kyunghee will have something that will surprise us. Because, considering his older projects were not too bad. They got good praise and was loved too.
    I just never have a good feeling about drama filming overseas. I mean look at fashion king or material queen. So for this one, I’ll cross my fingers.
    Thanks ockoala

  5. *Squeal* Gotta peel myself off the floor.

    He’s so hawt !!! It will be a fight between LMH and him.

    Something’s missing – his BFF

  6. I don’t know this guy but he looks intense! I like the last picture of him. So handsome in that sculpted chiseled way, so masculine…..seriously smouldry! LMH better step up his game. Awwwwwww….but he does look good with PSH. They look like childhood sweethearts. It is so nice to be excited about a drama again.

  7. Whoah. It is ridiculous how attractive that dude is. I’d watch this drama just for him. Heck, his and LJS’s epic bromance is what kept me watching School 2013. That, and the OST.

    And aww, PSH and LMH look cute together. But I agree with the previous comments; the plot seems mediocre. Here’s to hoping there’s a twist, or time-jump.

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