A Night Out is in Store for Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye in Heirs

This might be the fastest and hardest I have ever seen a Kim Eun Sook male lead fall for the female lead. I thought I’d seen it all with the infamous Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin) from Secret Garden when he took one gander at the stunt woman in action Ha Ji Won and fell head over heels for Key Lime (Gil Ra Im). These latest stills of the OTP from Heirs/The Inheritors continue to develop them as adorable in a chaste way. Even if Eun Sang is sleeping and Kim Tan is hovering over her, I never get the sense that he’s restraining himself from ravishing her on the spot. Instead he genuinely looks like he just wants to cover her up with a blanket. It makes sense in the context of them being high school students and all, but it does go against the grain of Kim Eun Sook OTPs which have always been passionate in a way adult way. I feel like it works because Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye have a chaste school yard type of chemistry rather than a undressing-you-with-mah-eyes type of piercing attraction. I’m still of the opinion they are so far away from delivering potent romance, but they have me onboard their exiled strangers pseudo-friendship, one bourne of mutual scars and disappointments. I’m waiting for Tan to spend more time with her in Korea, and for Eun Sang to develop more interests outside of working part time jobs and being bitter about her lot in life. Kim likes surfing and writing, what does Eun Sang like? So far all I know is that she wants more free time and enjoys watching horror movies but from the perspective of the serial killers getting along. I do have to credit Kim Eun Sook for always creating intriguing reasons for her drama OTPs to run into each other and hang out. Whatever reason that brings Tan and Eun Sang into spending the night together, I’m hoping she develops their verbal banter beyond the mild sarcasm they current exhibit. I find them quite harmlessly adorable but need to them to let their claws out a bit.


A Night Out is in Store for Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye in Heirs — 19 Comments

    • Cute as a basketful of kittens.
      I’m with Koala, I like the way KES writes adult relationships and adult conflict, so I am a little bored right now, also waiting for the claws to come out. I want some conflict and passion, and I’m just looking at the wrong drama. Or the wrong character – frankly, I am finding Kim Woo Bin’s character a lot more interesting right now.

  1. koala, if youre looking for chemistry – watch potato star. jailbait yeo jin goo is sooo cute with ha yeon soo. i am going to jail and i dont care. :p

    • Exactly… Never have a prob rememberin he’s underage when I look at his photos, cuz however hot he looks I can still remind myself abt his age.. But in motion, when he looks tall & hunky with the deep voice lookin older than ha yeon SEO, and those looks and tht chemistry… Gah… He’s killin it, yeo jin goo the jail-bait..

      • I just keep chanting ‘ i am in love with his cahracter who is 24. I am in love with his character who is 24.’ Works for me!

        I still love you junhyung!! Hehe

  2. Funny to see how some people get irked with the KES straightforward a$$y male characters and how they feel empty once those male characters behave normally (with boundaries). For me, the more extreme they are, the more I like them. Normal is boring on screen and that’s why I root for the bad boys (and their poor soulmates) in this show, at least for now. Things romantic are going to start this week and it’s not too soon… I must be less patient with the years, lol.
    With all the pics and multiple previews given by SBS, I can say that I know about 80% of what will happen in ep 3 anyway but whatever… Gimme my cookies.
    PS: I’ll do a little prayer for the ratings. If they don’t pick up this week, then it’s almost a lost cause.

    • I agree! I like her jerk male leads, but only when they get dragged down a bit and grow up to earn some redemption. With that in mind, my favorite KES lead is CSW from City Hall – he seems to grow up the most, and my least favorite was JDG from A Gentleman’s Dignity, who did not change at all.
      And I also like her forthright way with sexual attraction, which I can tell won’t be on display here, darn it. Instead we are going to see lots more characters behaving like Kim Ha Neul in A Gentleman’s Dignity, dithery and cutesy and clueless. At least it will be a lot less creepy coming from an 18-year-old.

  3. This pair looks very good for a Romantic drama, falling in love again was my feeling watching this series. If you like the original LOVE STORY of Ryan O’nell & Ali Mac Graw, well this is a new version, watch this, LMH was truly great on Romantic drama!

  4. I think Eun Sang likes sightseeing and nature. She’s been too much in unnatural environment, forcing the mentality of an ass upon her.

  5. Umm..where have I seen this before? Oh yeah, City Hunter and You’re Beautiful…k-dramas do loverl recycle their scenes. 😉

    No matter, they still look cute! And the main guy in a KES drama is not an asshat, for once.

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