Lee Yeon Hee Considering Miss Korea and IU Confirmed for Beautiful Man

I didn’t want to post about this until the official news outlets started talking about it, but last week in an unrelated post the subject of the upcoming K-drama Miss Korea came up and in the comments section I discussed how Lee Yeon Hee was unofficially the leading lady SM wanted for the role. This week the media confirmed the rumors and has started writing articles about how Lee Yeon Hee is “favorably considering the script” for Miss Korea, which is all the more hilarious because her agency SM Entertainment is producing the drama so “considering” has about as much sincerity and truth as “she’s waiting for SM to make the announcement”. It is what it is, and while she’s a pretty limited actress (like the female equivalent of Taecyeon), she does have a lot of cachet in the industry having been heavily promoted by SM so I’m not surprised she’s the actress from their acting stable they want to give this juicy leading role to. Whenever I re-watch the sublime Ratatouille and I hear “anyone can cook”, that’s a noble and egalitarian sentiment to be sure but I’m not certain “anyone can act” is equally as valid. What I want most out of Lee Yeon Hee is improvement, showing me she’s learned something from all her movie and drama starring roles. In episode 1 of Gu Family Book she did pleasantly surprise me, but by episode 2 she was back to sucking again. I really don’t get it, but she’s a good pick for Miss Korea purely looks-wise since she’s drop-dead beautiful and can easily be uglified for the pre-beauty pageant segment. Miss Korea comes from the production team behind Pasta and I’m hoping SM can land the right male lead for the role to help make up for what Lee Yeon Hee lacks. SM has been rumored to be heavily courting Gong Yoo for the role, and I suffered through multiple rounds of One Fine Day for Gong Yoo and Nam Gong Min while FF-ing Lee Yeon Hee. But if this pairing happens then I’m all in. On the KBS side of things, the upcoming manhwa adapted Beautiful Man quietly did a poster shoot this week with select cast members including Lee Jang Woo, IU, and Han Chae Young. That about confirms it that IU has indeed signed on to be the plain ugly duckling to Jang Geun Seok‘s world’s most beautiful man.

I’m actually not upset IU took on this role. I like her, limited acting aside she has a very down-to-earth affable warmth. If anyone can make Jang Geun Seok look less narcissistic, she’s game for the attempt. The upcoming December Wed-Thurs drama match ups will now be Miss Korea on MBC, Beautiful Man on KBS, and My Love From Another Star on SBS.


Lee Yeon Hee Considering Miss Korea and IU Confirmed for Beautiful Man — 31 Comments

  1. YTBLSS was super aggravating and frustrating drama, but imo IU has potential in acting. Unfortunately she probably isn’t going to make any improvement if she stars in crap like Beautiful Man. I absolutely don’t buy her as an ‘ugly duckling’ and hate the sound of her character already tbh. Sigh.

    Miss Korea sounds quite cute and LYH’s obviously perfect for the part looks-wise. It could be good, or her acting could drag the whole thing down. I’m on the fence, but if Gong Yoo is in, I’m in. I’m very loyal to Gong Yoo lol.

    • I sure hope it is not true. It would be a horrible waste of Gong Yoo. And I really don’t know what I am going to watch Wed-Thurs come December, because every single option is fluffy stuff spiked with bad idol actors – or just bad acting.


  2. I always thought IU was super pretty so it was shocking for me to find out that she’s merely considered ‘cute’ in Korea.

  3. I’ve passed on predicting ratings these days. On paper, man from another star is so stealing away at least 15-16% of the ratings. But that’s what I thought about Heirs(given the writer’s previous work) or even MTT. Instead it’s Secret that’s being the winning underdog.

    Same with Mirae’s choice being in single digits. But I guess it’s very early days. So who knows…

    I like IU so I’m glad she isn’t doing it – from what I’ve read on Nate she declined it. LYH really irritates me, and I like GY so I’m hoping either he doesn’t accept it or she doesn’t – which is impossible.

  4. I wasn’t going to watch this drama anyways because it sounds bad but Lee Yeon Hee being cast in this definitely adds a nail in the coffin. SM promotes LYH like crazy so I’m not really surprised they choose LYH as the lead actress in their drama. So yeah boring, predictable choice. This will stink.

  5. Uuuuufff! the truth is none of three upcoming dramas appeals to me. Beautiful man because Jan Geun Seok: lately he is like the most narcissistic and stressing person in the world (in real life) so I can’t and I don’t want to imagine what can he do in a drama, with his overacting style. Miss Korea is a drama with a boring topic (to me) and My love from another star is a topic we have seen a lot of times, and normally doesn’t end well. Life has too many hardships to spend 8 o 10 weeks watching a drama with a sad end 😛

    • You sure don’t know what acting is 😛
      Do u even know JGS in person that u are being soo judgmental about his personality ??? Comparing him to the whole population in the world LoL
      Get a Life
      You seem so bored with ur life that u hav a bitterness about everything which is better than u n ur life.

  6. Lmao at SM putting Yoona in Prime Minister and I and now Lee Yeon Hee in Miss Korea. You`re so obvious SM .

    That said Lee Beum Soo will be enough reason for me to watch Yoonas drama, and the story sounds interesting.

    I still need to find the real reason to watch Miss Korea.

  7. Jang Geun Suk as the ‘world’s most beautiful man’

    ok I know this is a drama but I’m side-eyeing this so hard. He would actually make my list of most unappealing guys

    as for LYH and Miss Korea, I think it’s a decent match. She’s tall and pretty. The drama is being produced by SM so it’s obvious they’ll choose someone from their company and I can’t really think of many who would fit the type of girls in beauty pageants

    • Ummmmm….Well The book stated the character that way but the plot has been changed longtime ago. Nobody can be the world’s most goodlooking man/woman obviously one is better than other in some or the other way . You seem like one of those few Hater Leeches who pounce on people for no reason without having a exact knowledge of the things around .

      • keun suk is pretty and handsome since child..i cant believe there are people who overlook him.seriously..

  8. None of these dramas are doing it for me either. I don’t really have a problem with LYH, but Sm produced dramas are usually terrible, the alien drama possibly has Yunho and I don’t really like Jang Geun Suk. I like IU though, I wonder why she’s jumping into another drama so soon and this one of all dramas.

  9. she is Korea’s equivalent of Liu Yi Fei. Exceptional natural beauty but sucks at acting.

    I love SM’s actress’ look… they look unique enough with a pleasant and naturally charming appearance, but they either suck at acting or in really bad project which subsequently they quite suck at as well

  10. IU sucks bigtime at acting neither she is preety for that matter . I hope she doesn’t take this up and ruin it for me to watch Jang Geun suk after a year onscreen .

  11. Lee Yeon Hee was such a surprise in ep one of Gu. She really was good in it, I doon’t think we can blame her for the craziness of ep 2 because ep 2 was a trainwreck. I think she tends to be better in more quirky roles, Hello schoolgirls etc.
    IU, I just don’t see her as being “not pretty”, the elading lady is not supposed to be that pretty while IU on the other very much is.

  12. If SM absolutely had to push someone from their stable, why not Sooyoung? At least she can act, though I suppose her mandated quota of one drama a year is done with Cyrano.

    And while I don’t think Lee Yeon-hee is quite as bad as Taecyeon ( at least she showed some ability to get into a character and stay there for chunks of that Gu cameo, the more accurate female counterpart to Taec for bad acting is actually Suzy) I still hope Gong Yoo avoids this.

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