Pretty Boy Releases Manhwa-Inspired Bright and Cheery Posters

Judging drama posters before the drama airs is much like judging a book by the cover. It’s simply the superficial glossing but still eligible to be critiqued on its own since it’s one element of the entire drama package. Bad drama posters won’t mean anything if the drama turns out to be good (see Scandal: That Very Shocking and Immoral Incident), and good drama posters can’t transform a bad drama into something good (see Gu Family Book). With that said, I actually like the posters for Pretty Boy! I know, who woulda thunk it with the lackluster promotional materials so far. I think what attracts me the most is how bright, colorful, and cheery it all looks. Very apropos for its manhwa roots, which was also the route taken by the manhwa adapted Flower Boy Next Door which actually delivered on its adorable posters by producing an adorable drama from start to finish. I like the individual posters way more than the group ones, and all four are showcased above in one still because the concept works better when seen as a group. The individual posters show each of the four leads framed in the front, and for three of the characters behind each is a smaller scale version of perhaps the character in the drama they are interested in. The cutest poster is the one for IU where she is looming over Jang Geun Seok looking like she wants to devour him. In a chaste way, I’m assuming, otherwise this drama would work better aired on cable network jTBC instead of being on KBS. I think Jang Geun Seok can dial down the preening in the stills but he’s got a twinkle in his eyes that makes me hopeful his acting-mode has been turned back on. I love that mode, the other modes I do not comprehend in the slightest and I hope remain in off mode during the entirety of this drama. Both seconds leads Lee Jang Woo and Han Chae Young also are looking great, and I think Jang Geun Seok always has good chemistry with his noona actresses like Ha Ji Won, Kim Ha Neul, and that’ll likely continue with Han Chae Young. Pretty Boy premieres this coming Wednesday so its a bit behind in releasing the official posters, but some creativity and thought was put into it so the extra time likely paid off.


Pretty Boy Releases Manhwa-Inspired Bright and Cheery Posters — 12 Comments

  1. This drama will be daebak. I believe in JKS’ acting. IU is cute and has potential. Han Chae Young is gorgeous. I know nothing about Lee Jang Woo, but to me, as my eyes will only focus on JKS, it won’t matter on how the second lead will be. Three more days to go.. so excited.. welcome back to dramaland, geun chan. I welcome you back with the prettiest red carpet, as pretty as dokgo mate 🙂

  2. Btw Miss Koala, this post is very JKS-condusive. I like it. Let’s enjoy Bel Ami together, shall we? Trust me, his acting mode is on. He said he’s prepared for 8 months to be dokgo mate. He said he was very careful in choosing script after MSOAN and Love Rain. So if he gets good script in hand, plus his marvelous acting skill, this drama will rock the dramaland! He’s pretty and he can act. Not every good actor is pretty and not every pretty actor is good. So he is fated to be dokgo mate

  3. I am actually looking forward to this, and pray they can make all the talent work. This is a solid cast, even with the relatively new IU. As long as the director keeps them toned down, rather than being as cutesy as they look, this could be fun.

    I don’t totally get why LGW is playing second lead again, nor do I understand his plaid leggings, but I love watching him on screen. LOVE. He has the best mouth and it kinda makes me kinda crazy.

    JGS can make my heart skip a beat or two when he is ON – especially when the cognitive dissonance happens between hearing his rumbling voice vs his pretty eyes. Oy! Fingers crossed.

    • jomo, re: JGS’ voice – oh YES! He has the same pretty-face+manly-voice thing going on as Mizushima Hiro, and it is equally effective on him – it’s half his appeal, really.

      • yes…….his voice and hands are so masculine…..Under the pretty face…..there’s a very masculine aura……same like LJunkki. He was very masculine sexy in BV. When JGS hits his 30’s he is going to be all namja.
        I have noticed a lot of Asian actors have have very attractive voice…..I can’t think of that many Hollywood actors who have sexy voices.

  4. Thank You ms koala fair enough. I know you have a good heart but like Jang Geun Suk mischievous at times (just joking). Really thank you!

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