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I’m happy to be enjoying Heirs/The Inheritors with no expectations of quality or consistency. After a rather unexpected solid episode 12, I didn’t dare to hope episode 13 would take the narrative further. If Tan outed his own bastard status, he’s clearly trying to upend the entire chess game of his life, but would the drama tell us that the game is glued on the stand and nothing Tan can do (yet) will change things? Will Rachel still want to marry Tan? I think so, because she’s probably even more pissed he outed his own illegitimacy so that he can be with Eun Sang, rather than living with the status quo where none is the wiser. Right now only she and Esther knows so there’s a good chance she’ll cling on to him. I want Tan’s rebellion to mean something, to actually have stakes, but in the preview for episode 13 he’s back to playfully bantering with Eun Sang and they seemed to have moved into Myung Soo playroom for the time being. I guess the big shocking reveal hasn’t caused major ripples yet It don’t mind if Bo Na, Myung Soo, and Chan Young all help shelter these two, at least its something not aggravating to watch. Sadly Chairman Daddy isn’t going to let Tan slide with just a few sharp slaps on the cheek, he looks to ready plans to send Eun Sang to study abroad to get her away from Tan. It’s depressing to see him manipulative and so not creative going about it. The preview did have a little sliver lining, when Tan is sleeping on the sofa and Eun Sang wishes him a good dream, he says he’s already having it because she’s right there. That Tan, he may not be book smart but he sure has a sweet glib tongue. Now if only he can keep from manhandling Eun Sang all the time, then the boy can be taught.

Preview for episode 13:

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Video Preview for Episode 13 of Heirs — 30 Comments

  1. Me first also here and couch kimchi ! Thanks guys I waited alot ! I think its gonna be better and here there is eun sangs choice between tan and her life dream ! But I guess it wil be pointless with tan away from her or I dont know yhis writer is famous with tme slips ! Would she go that way ! Noooooooooo pls show no

  2. Aww….Tan is so sweet!!!
    I think this light bickering mixed with romance should have come earlier in the series….feels like everything is backwards….first separation and sadness and now the rom-com beats ๐Ÿ™‚
    Anyway, I’m glad I’m enjoying Heirs….

  3. This is why this series is interview? So many possibilities. I hope it would show us the adulthood lives of these kids too. I’d like to know who these kids marital partners. :o). This would be interesting and fulfilling.

  4. All I can think about when watching Heirs is that PSH can be such a bad actress under the wrong direction. Don’t get me wrong I adore her, but she needs to stop with the surprised face she has around Tan and around everyone else for that matter. Seriously Mr. Director. STOP!

    • Because of this character , Park Shin Hye get more anti fan , you can search in Dramabeans . Almost people complain about her so much , about her romance and her friendzone …haha…she need to improve her acting skill , if not in next few years when she get older , she will be forgotten . She can’t be a candy forever . Now I see PSH can play a role grown up and mature already . Hope she can change more to become a good actress , debut for 10 years but her acting still so bad .

    • Just went back to the site to watch the preview again and now it’s block. Thank goodness I was on time to watch that or I would have been sooooooo piss -off.
      Lucky-o-meeh !!!! Lol

  5. Hi can’t wait for Wed to come to catch the next ep… it helps to brighten up a mid week and tells me that week end is approaching… many thanks to ms k for the update..can’t view the video!!

  6. I have a question, are people watching heirs with low standards because of the actors involved (and I guess the way they look)? If this was a bunch of unknown actors who were more average looking, would most people still be giving it a chance? Just genuinely curious (and this is not aimed at Koala or anything)…

      • @athena7

        I don’t think I’d be able to stop no matter how bad it is if my favourite actor is in there. Its just how many viewers are. Maybe you and a few others can, but most can’t.

        @Lulu – I’m not overly fond of anyone in this drama, so I dropped it a while ago. But I am totally for the argument that if this wasn’t filled with some big names and crazy hype, this is probably one that most wouldn’t try after reading a few reviews. When I watched it, I was bored to tears, but I admit that if one of my favourites were in it, I’ll watch till the end because I simply can’t stop.

      • @athena7 Oh I know, I was about to drop it around episode 8 but then the story started picking up so I continued watching it and after some of the spoilers Ms.Koala posted here I’m more curious about the story now. But like I said in all honesty if it hadn’t been for the cast I would have dropped this from episode 1.

    • I don’t know how true it is that if a show is bad you keep watching because of your bias, I like Lee Min-ho but I absolutely will not watch Personal Taste again, ever! I watched from after episode 10 in fast forward and that wasn’t because of Min-ho but because I don’t like to start something and not finish it.

      I remember everyone saying how crack-worthy Master’s Sun was and when I finally watched it, I was seriously let down. I was watching half-heartedly. But with Heirs, I feel something. I hate when I’m supposed to hate and I go aww when I’m supposed to. I’m eager for each episode the way I wasn’t for Master’s Sun. The story meant something to me. I guess everyone’s entitled to their opinions and people have different tastes, but I personally don’t believe PSH is a terrible actress, in fact, I find her very believable as Cha Eun-sang and I feel every emotion she is trying to portray. This is my first drama of hers I’m watching and I think I just found one of my new favourite actresses.

      I’m not trying to degrade Master’s Sun but I chose it because it seemed to be everyone’s favourite drama because of the chemistry which I didn’t feel. Another drama I couldn’t quite get into despite being a favourite of lots of people was I Hear Your Voice.

      • Hehe..just because you love the cast idol so you like the Heirs , you shouldn’t refuse it . If the Heirs with unknown cast , I believe it will become a worst drama ever . Master Sun and Secret with none idol but the content is amazing and cast is surprised all . I love to watch Heirs but I have to accept the truth is content is so slow , boring . K drama make films for commercial …like Love Rain when it air , all people are exciting but after that no one want to see again .

  7. KT and ES are soooo cute together! Is there anything going on between them in real life???? ANYONE get any gossips about them, are they interested in each other??? Love it if they are datingโ€ฆ

    • I don’t think so Oodles..LMH and PSH are 2 young actors are very well known in their own rights.This is the 1st drama they work together but they have appeared in CF..but I can feel you anticipation for both them dating..PSH has this aura.. all her co-stars have a chemistry with her.I think she is well liked in this industry…

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