Spoilers for Episode 17 Answers the “Where is Eun Sang?” Question in Heirs

Even as my enjoyment of Heirs/The Inheritors has been steadily increasing, I still think it’s much ado about nothing. But at least I’m having fun, which is inversely proportional to that other K-drama I am recapping which shall not be named. I said before that putting the leads into a high school setting renders everything relatively insignificant. That’s part of the fun of high school dramas, to soak in the amusing but ultimately insignificant things that happen to kids while knowing it’ll pass and there is a greater world and life ahead of them. I could see this drama as positing that Eun Sang and Tan are each other’s first loves, meaningful in a time of their life filled with great loneliness, but life reared its ugly head and they couldn’t be together. But perhaps that’s the set up for another drama, or likely a set up we’ve encountered in plenty of dramas already. Eun Sang fits the profile of a first love, while Tan could easily turn bitter and angry after losing her and he becomes Won v.2 until ten years later when he meets another girl to heal his scarred heart. But if Kim Eun Sook wants to make these two work in the present, she’s going to have to give them more to work with other than ineffectual sword stabs at Chairman Daddy. The big question at the end of episode 16 is whether Eun Sang left the country or is squirreled away somewhere in Korea but hiding from Tan. I personally would prefer her to have left and make something of herself in Buenos Aires as if sticking it to the old man that she can make lemonade out of lemons. If Tan can hold it together in the years while she is away and also become strong enough to battle his dad, then the drama can leap forward and show us the Heirs becoming the Rulers years own the road while all finding their measure of happiness. But Tan strikes me as very needy, and I doubt he’ll last long without Eun Sang. Between the two of them, she seems much more self-sufficient while he reminds me of a puppy that wouldn’t know which way to go without his beloved owner around. Wherever Eun Sang is, I’m hoping the drama also gives us more scenes of her being friends with Young Do. I find myself really enjoying those scenes a lot in the last two episodes. Check out the spoilers for episode 17 below, which are all we got this weekend since SBS didn’t show a preview for the episode after this weekend’s re-run episodes of Heirs.

Major spoilers for episode 17:

Eun Sang and her mom doesn’t go overseas, Chan Young’s dad helps them to go hide in Kangwondo which is her mom’s hometown little island. Tan searches everywhere for Eun Sang and his mom is sad for him so asks Won for help in finding Eun Sang. She learns where Eun Sang is and tells Tan, who goes off to Kangwondo to find her. I’m not sure if he brought along Young Do as his sidekick or Young Do also found Eun Sang on his own.


Spoilers for Episode 17 Answers the “Where is Eun Sang?” Question in Heirs — 78 Comments

  1. Is this boys over flowers? too much similarity, but even this is more entertaining that mirae’s choice .Only if park shin hye learned to kiss…..

    • That spoiler does look like a plot point from BOF… wasn’t there one point when Jan Di was going far away (sent away by Evil Mom, of course), and both Jun Pyo & Ji Hoo went to look for her, only Jun Pyo arrives first? Wait that was My Girl… but I’m sure it’s a plausible possibility for BOF too!

      • #spoiler

        My Girl – the separation between the OTP was where she went overseas while he turn into a zombie (ngehhhh). She returned later to SK and works (be a partner? somehow i never pay attention at this part cos i was rushing fr their reunion) at the travel agency which he discovered while on his way to China for good.

        I was hoping for a significant time jump cos i think it makes more sense, like the Kim Bros alr learn to hug & whatnot – and from the look of it, this is kinda brief (almost like BOF) but i guess it will do – as long as everybody sticks to the shoreline and avoid any moving vehicle from any direction – i doubt KES will throw in AMNESIA at this hour. but then again why not? hehhh

    • She wasn’t too bad in Episode 16. It was a vast improvement over anything I’ve seen her in. Perhaps it’s LMH’s hot lips. Ha ha!

      • Much better than Future’s Choice by miles. We can root on Eun Sang easily than Na Mirae. Eun Sang knows what she wants and independent. I bet she can live without Tan and she won’t trade Tan for Young Do just because she’s lonely or no hope with Tan.

      • @zoyla
        Heirs is good drama. Xcited for last 4 episodes.

        worse dramas this season with low ratings = marry him if yu dare, medical top team, pretty man, godess of fire

  2. Much better than Future’s Choice by miles. We can root on Eun Sang easily than Na Mirae. Eun Sang knows what she wants and independent. I bet she can live without Tan and she won’t trade Tan for Young Do just because she’s lonely or no hope with Tan. I respect her as female lead.

  3. If you want to make Tan wear ugly clothes as in this plaid overcoat, at least give him a better looking plaid… (^^) Young Do seems to have more an impeccable taste in clothing… ;))

  4. I was hoping someone had squirreled her away in Korea; surprised it wasn’t Young Do, but glad it’s beastie Chan Young’s dad. With that most welcome spoiler, I can look forward to ep 17. Thanks, Koala!

  5. I would prefer a time jump wherein CES comes to Korea as big shot of a company wherein Jeguk Corp is trying so hard to get a business deal.

    • That what I was hoping as well. πŸ™

      I guess that not gonna happen, I really wanted the brothers to team up and than stab their dad- where he gets nothing at all.

    • The spoiler somewhat eases my annoyance with Eun Sang. What is her deal, besides a tendency to cave against bullies at inopportune moments? She knows Kim Tan has trust issues, he’s already fought with her about keeping things to herself, how he needs to be in the loop and he needs to know where she is to feel secure, and the first time his back is turned she takes off without any indication. Sorry, but when he was sobbing on the floor of the empty apartment I just wanted to give her a swift kick. Once again, she showed she is not on Kim Tan’s side, she is on her side.
      Sorry, end of lecture.

      • Actually, she wasn’t really given a choise by Daddy Chairman. I’m guessing it was either her and her mom run away, or he sends them to some other country.
        Anyways, Eun Sang, in her way, is doing that mostly for Tan. As the flash-back voice of the chairman said ‘How much more will you ruin him?’, she probably had to think alot about her decision.

        Btw, it was kinda obvious she was gonna stay in Korean: 1) Cause Kim Tan has her passport (remember at night when he took it from her) 2) Kim Tan ripped her ticket to another contry. For me, those were obvious clues she was gonna stay in Korea ^-^

      • Jessica, this issue is not her choice or lack thereof, the issue is that she did not share any of this with Tan. She had at least two conversations with Bad Daddy, and he would have known nothing if he hadn’t discovered the ticket. She obviously told him nothing about the conversation/decision making behind her latest stunt. Why? He already told her many times, and showed that nothing his miserable dad can do will surprise him. And unless he knows, he cannot counter-attack. She totally leaves him out of the loop, as if he is a child or cannot be trusted.

      • Eun Sang really should have told Kim Tan why she was going. They need a separation because Old Daddy was not going to leave them alone in that apartment. I would want Eun Sang and Kim Tan to finish high School because they are both juniors only. If their love were meant to last, seeing each other during breaks and holidays would have suffice. Most peoples’ relationships do not survive long distance, especially one at this young age. I know Kim Tan is headstrong, but she really should not have done that if she does not want to hurt him. However, I do see her as being cornered, being the noble idiot, and being wounded by those hurtful words that Old Daddy has thrown in her face. Those words should be the catalyst for Eun Sang to make something of herself. She really needs to prove him wrong by becoming a person who would rise above all that to succeed in life.

  6. The only captivating character thing in heirs is young do. I’m glad yong hwa didn’t pick the role, there is no fun if it’s him.

  7. freaking love tan’s mom.
    Here’s the perfect example of a mother who loves her son enough to let him love who he wants.
    That’s why if all else fails, i’ll be happy to know he’s in good hands to have a mother like her.
    She’s one of the very few characters i enjoy watching on this show — among characters like lee bo na and chan young.

  8. Oh, we’re expecting the EPISODE’s goes up to 20? Hope the story would never goes dragging when the ending comes, it would be a disappointment for us all who had been following from the first episode up to the end? Anyway thanks KOALA for keeping us posted, truly appreciate the best effort, we’re thankful!

  9. Thanks Koala for the updates…I really hope KT find CES, I love this couple a lot. It reminds me ofTwilight movie love triangle..look forward for The Heirs ep 17…

  10. I guess heirs doesn’t really have the best story line, but I wouldn’t render it as boring.
    It was a bit boring in the first 11 episodes where they took baby steps and then backtracked again.
    But ep 12 marked the start of the stock fights and the stepping up in romance. Which all started from KT’s “I’m illegitimate” confession.
    Since then it got more and more interesting by episode.
    Might not be the best drama in history or best drama of the year, but somehow I can’t help but watch it every week without fail. I guess it’s pretty enjoyable to watch, after all, it’s still a high school drama – just with the additional factor of stocks and shares

  11. Awww KT is chasing after her. Would’ve been nice to see time jump.

    Only 2 more weeks left. I will be very sad. I suppose no extension or what happened to that maybe ES was adopted and she was also a heir as well?

  12. why does having the heroine hide away by the beach gives me bad vibes ala Stairway to Heaven? lol. I really do not like beach scenes in kdramas thanks to that.

  13. I like watching The Heirs, it is entertaining and not boring to follow through. I therefore, agreed with your comment that the story line shall be lead to the more matured plot in ep.16 onward. I wish that they will grow up separately and lets time decide if their love is still intact when times goes by. My fave characters in The Heirs beside Eun Sang ( for her practicality and self dependent)are actually Kim Tan’s mom and Young Do. I really wish that Young Do will have more scene with Eun Sang, not the romantic plot but about their friendship. We shall wait for the next ep to judge if The Heirs will leave a deep impression to the viewers or not.

    Another drama that worth to watch is Bel Ami (Beautiful Man) that has a very interesting plot and messages behind it.

  14. I don’t know about episode 17, but i feel somethin bad will happen to kim tan. no idea why i am feeling like that. but it seems like BOF. in the ending junpyo met with an accident. i feel it happens same here.

  15. I began reply 1994 yesterday and came with conclusion Heirs is really a bad drama. But the thing about Heirs is that it was entertaining. You don’t really get bored when you watch it, maybe from the cheesy scene and eye candy. But while it is intertaining, i actually cringe whenever i watch the heirs. In the end, it’s just about the eye candy. But, well, as long as entertaining, it’s okay, right?

    And koala, are you watching reply 1994?

  16. She chose to stay with Kim Tan for 15 days which was the unwise decision, so now Chairman Daddy can her her where he wants to. Such a shame, because From the preview recap we now know that she won’t be able to achieve that dream of hers of being able to graduate from a good school and studying abroad to be able to advance herself. She will remain Cha Eun Sang the daughter of the housemaid with just a high school diploma. Sad really sad. She and Kim Tan will not end up together unless Kim Tan gives up everything and if they do stick together with just their love for each other, and when reality sets in, bills to pay, food expenses, school fees, child rearing expenses, etc. I hope they can stay strong as they will definitely have to work the backs off just to be able to live.

  17. Thanks for the spoilers! πŸ™‚ I’m so disappointed that they did not do a time jump. I wanted Tan to become all cold, angsty and bitter and/or perhaps becoming Dad’s doll and getting engaged to some rich heiress, then Eun Sang comes back as a self made woman and woos him back! Running away to an island just seems circuitous.

  18. I just hope they won’t spend the whole episode looking for her, then the next episode asking ES to stay, then the next episode Evil Daddy sends her away, and the final episode they go look for her again… lol πŸ™‚

  19. This drama is by far the worst drama of Lee Minho. I didnt see him shine as the lead actor here.

    Well, i guess this drama was made for fandom and less in showing its good quality.

    • I kinda agree. Butbhis acting is good but yes ye have not get the time to shine as in other dramas. But i think his acting is very good.

  20. If I were to write the latter half of the scripts,
    I would have ES nowhere to be found; KT turned evil; YD turned good.
    (YD and ES secretly keep in touch). 5 years later.
    KT becomes the top of the korean business but cold.
    KT and ES bump into each other. KT hated ES and tried to make her life hell where YD is by herself, however KT still in love with ES.
    YD asked ES to give him a chance. They dated for some time but YD let ES go and just stayed as her friend because ES just didn’t have feelings for her or couldn’t let KT go.
    KT and ES bumped into each other in California.
    Open ended The End. =P

    I also love YD and ES interaction. I hope KWB gets his own drama as the romantic lead very soon! Because come on, let’s face it! ES and KT will end up with each other. As a YD/ES shippie, I’ll be happy to have an open ended ending. Gives me some hope. =P

  21. Gosh’, I’m so disappointed in dramas airing nowadays except for Reply 1994 that I’m slowly but greatly enjoying. I’m waiting for Prime Minister and I and Man from Another Stars but I swear, if these two ends up disappointing me, I think I will stop watching korean dramas for a while. Even though Japanese dramas are sometimes lacking on the visual and cinematography, they have still a lot of variety in plots and all.
    Gosh’ why am I so angry ?

    I gave up on The Heirs. I am still watching the parts I like and reading the recaps but as far as I am concerned, it’s bad, boring and unoriginal. Well, at least to me. I can’t believe I had some kind of expectations for the drama. I pictured it as being high school romance with high schoolers doing high school stuffs but NO, we have the usual poor girl vs rich boy and we have the usual girl is running away, bad parents making her leave … etc. I can’t believe some people are still craving for these stuffs.
    Anyway, I feel cheated for the lack of romance between Young Do and Rachel. Gosh’, why the writer had to mess with her character ? She was supposed to be a badass/bitchy girl ruling as Queen B in Gossip Girl but lately, she is just so pathetic by acting petty and what’s ridiculous is that all these threats and actions are pretty much harmless. I still like her but a big WTF to the writer. Chan Young, Bo Na, Myung Soo and Hyo Shin are still there to remind me that all these people are high schoolers so I guess I am kind of ok.

    From now on, I could never consider Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye as true actors that hold any passions for acting. Hate or disagree with me if you want but I’m disappointed that they chose that drama and these roles as their next project after doing well away from high school/teenagers stuffs. Lee Min Ho looked old as a high schooler in BOF and now, he is still playing a high school student ? If he wants to be taken seriously as an actor, he should think about his acting career. For sure, the only reason he chose that project is because with the writer’s brand, it was sure that the drama will get high ratings and popularity. The same can be said about PSH. People keep saying that she is an amazing actress but I’m sorry, I can’t see that. I get that Eun Sang is bad written and all but the way she always acts with same expressions just bugs me. I don’t get why she keeps playing the same kind of characters … Gosh’, I’m really annoyed right now. Sorry for the rant !

  22. you are quite shallow though. Roles might make the names but actors can’t have much control over it.
    Again they want to work with this writer even though they know they aren’t suitable for highshooler anymore

    In fact, I appreciate LMH KWB and PSH’s acting a lot in Heirs. And whether you hate or love it Heirs is doing well and helping them in their career

  23. Just asking… Why is it they are hated and disliking HEIRS but still they are watching and reading recaps… funny yeah!? Hehehehe! And mostly they are more updated more than the people who are watching and liking the drama.. Watching and reading there was no difference right? Hehehe.. It means you are still curious what happened to the story yeah… If the plot of the episode was good.. Here we go again.. They will criticize now the looks.. Acting.. And the clothes of the actors.. Hehehe.. Even the make-up.. I am really sorry guys.. It’s just that I couldn’t understand them.. Hehehe.. πŸ™‚

  24. The Heirs such a great drama to follow. I enjoy watching this drama series and could not wait for the next episode. After all, C.E.Sang able to kiss LMH perfectly. This dramabasically reflects what do we need to sacrifice for the one we love. Everything comes with a price. We always have to choose in between two options. To which extend we able to sacrifice.
    Well, hoping for good ending, πŸ™‚

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