Uniqlo Taiwan Taps Vic Zhou and Patty Hou as the New Winter Spokesmodels

As if he wasn’t already a CF king in Taiwan and China, now that he’s the newly minted 2013 Golden Bell Best Actor winner, I’m expecting even more Vic Zhou goodness everywhere I go. I think between him, Ethan Ruan, and Bolin Chen, they’ve got the male Taiwan CF marketed cornered. Zai Zai made his first big public appearance after notching a win at the Golden Bell ceremony to attend the Winter kick off of Uniqlo Taiwan’s fashion line. Last year’s Uniqlo CF spokesmodels Ivy Chen and Bolin Chen have morphed into a slight older duo of Zai Zai and Patty Hou. This is actually a reunion for the two, having starred in 2008’s Sweet Relationship together as the OTP. I keep trying to finish Sweet Relationship since it has Zai Zai and is a remake of one of the classic J-doramas I love called Oishii Kankei, but every time I get tripped up by leading lady Patty Hou. I actually like second female lead Megan Lai much better in that drama in both character and performance. But it’s hard to argue that Zai Zai and Patty don’t look good together, and I actually think they look better 5 years later now then they did back in that drama days. I curiously peeked at the Uniqlo Winter line and aside from the obligatory puffer down jackets there seems to be a lumberjack vibe going for the guys and the color maroon is in. Neither of the trends pique my interest. I’m still giddy over Zai Zai winning and he’s expressed a desire to keep experimenting beyond his idol boy start and doesn’t have any plans to get married any time soon. I love how he glows these days, and the cheeky humor is in full force as he posted a picture on his Weibo right after winning showing his dog congratulating him on the victory. It’s adorable and I won’t try to describe it so check it out yourself below.


Uniqlo Taiwan Taps Vic Zhou and Patty Hou as the New Winter Spokesmodels — 6 Comments

  1. Awwww I adored Sweet Relationship…still on my top five Taiwanese dramas and second favorite Winnie Chu drama of all time….they had a very sweet understated chemistry there so it’s nice to see this reunion…agree that they both look really different here

  2. Last pic was too cute. I’m currently watching the Taiwanese drama “In a Good Way” and I think it’s better than the running Korean dramas.

  3. Ahhh Zaizai never fails to make me smile.

    So looking forward to F4 reuniting for Vanness’s Taiwan reception this January. And Zaizai attending with girlfriend, Reen Yu. Get so excited just thinking of it. LOL

  4. I live in Uniqlo heattech long underwears and other winter accessories. It’s the only way to survive NY winters especially the windchills!

  5. i lubbbb oishii kankei too!!!! made me gaga over consomme and napkin rings for a while…. so nice that you love it too koala unni!

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