Palace Intrigue Heats Up in Episode 29 of Empress Ki as Seung Nyang Plots to Steal the Empress Seal

This week’s Empress Ki will air only 1 episode thanks to the preemption for the Olympics. It’s a bit of a shame because I feel like the drama is really getting to the meat and potatoes of its story. The ascension of Seung Nyang from a warrior maiden into a calculating and determined Empress is every bit as interesting as the battle sequences earlier in the drama. I think C-dramas have mastered the art of the court intrigue battles but EK is one of the rare recent K-dramas that seems to walk that fine line between makjang deliciousness and hard knuckle smarts. The latest stills are out for episode 29 and it shows us that Seung Nyang isn’t dead from the poisoning at the end of episode 28, which is kinda a given since she’s the titular lead and all. Ta Hwan still occasionally reverting to his lovelorn kicked puppy ways but it’s less and less and he is finally getting the backbone better later than never. Watching him learn and grow from Seung Nyang’s intelligence and determination is the kind of development that makes him a male lead that potentially could win her heart.

What makes the other possible love line in this drama finally work is that the all that pining has been shelved for all three leads and people are focused on bigger goals. I always think love is a luxury item in sageuks, it’s something that should not be the end all be all of decisions and goals. If characters can sneak in some happy times that’s great, but there is always more struggles lurking around the corner as the enemies cannot be vanquished with a cartoonish “off with their heads”. EK is going a long way to heal my disappointment with last year’s Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love descending into love driven chaos in the second half of its run. So many characters lose their spark and what makes them multi-faceted when they are pursuing love above all else. It’s actually a better feeling watching a drama getting better after a brief detour into crazy land, showing us that it’s not always a certainty to write off a drama if it trips over some makjang crazy once in awhile. While I am laughing at all the bitch fighting going on between Empress Tanasiri and the rest of the consorts while it lasts, I also know EK holds the trump card in terms of jawdropping reveals once Seung Nyang and Wang Yoo find out their kid is alive and currently the Crown Prince of the Yuan dynasty.


Palace Intrigue Heats Up in Episode 29 of Empress Ki as Seung Nyang Plots to Steal the Empress Seal — 16 Comments

  1. Looking forward to more palace intrigues and how she become an empress.Hope that SY will reveal to TH about the baby before they become intimate.I’m hoping that Sy will give even just a little piece of her heart to the emperor. I know that she loves WY very much. Fighting Empress Ki.

  2. I feel you on the healing for Jang Ok Jung as I too had loved that drama so much in the first 8 episodes before it went crashing down. Empress Ki has really won me over and usually by 29 episodes, I would get bored by now but I haven’t, not once in all these episodes. The actors for this drama are quickly becoming favourites of mine, even the ones on the sidelines (Taltal anyone?). Episode 29 was heartbreaking, especially for Wang Yoo when he found out that Seung Nyang became a imperial concubine (coldly told so by Taltal) and the preview for episode 30 looks just as good.

    • …coldly, but very cool. TalTal, TalTal, TalTal, TalTal… ๐Ÿ™‚ since a couple of episodes he’s the one I’m looking forward to. He’s shining brighter and brighter. More TalTal, please!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was getting a little uninterested in WY & TH developments (‘sarrwy’ shippers ;)), because it seemed to me that they both were doing the same things over and over again (little to no change at all, but it seems that the tides may change now… very slowly).
      SN is my bias. So what ever makes her happy, makes me happy. It is about time that she’s gaining more power! The face off with TN was great, especially todays last scene of them. Watching the show, I’m amazed, how many people fall for SN in her process of becoming powerful: WY (+minions), TH (+golta+guards), DN and now Taltal… and probably even ED?!

  3. I don’t think he knows he has/had a kid. Only the eunuch who hid her away in the palace during pregnancy. All the Korean maids and court staff who knew got slayed. The Eunuch in Wang Yoo’s entourage knew as well.

    I like Taltal too. Empress Tankiri’s makjang character is also very enjoyable in her

    • Yes, more TalTal ๐Ÿ˜‰
      I think TN is enjoyable, because of the actress playing her. A lot of people seem to want her character out, but she’s providing some kind of fun and she’s also one of the driving aspect for the story. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t hurt, if the writers would let her be a little more creative in her schemes. But I guess, that’s to late, since her character has to let go of the position she’s occupying in order to let SN becoming Empress Ki

  4. Ta Hwan is like Lee Jae Who who was growing up and mature in the front of Ha Ji Won or Kim Hang Ah. lol. Finally, King Lee Jae Ha becomes the best king. I am sure, Ta Hwan will be similar to Lee Jae Ha.

    Ha Ji Won is soooo baddasssss!! lol

  5. Can anyone recommend easy on the eyes and good wuxia or sageuks please……
    BuBuJingXin is my favourite to date and I want to watch more of its kind. Suggestions please….

  6. Prince Lan Ling is also good except I didn’t like the ending.Queen Seondok is very good but Empress KI is keeping me on the edge .

  7. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Does anyone have an opinion about the condor heroes dramas, xuan yuan sword and strange hero yi zhi men

    • If you haven’t seen the korean version of Iljimae, watch it! It’s fantastic and I prefer it to the Chinese version and you’ll see three familiar actors from Empress Ki in the drama, with two of them playing as the villains.

      As for the Condor Heroes trilogy… There are various versions of it set and produced on different years but I like the one with Hu Ge in it. Again, the series is gold so if you haven’t watched it yet, I think you should put it on your watch list soon ๐Ÿ˜›

      I think another drama I really liked was the Emperor’s Harem, which had a lot of the women in the palace vying for the emperor’s attention and (well you know what happens in the palace) it’s good! One thing that took me by surprise (and probably would take you by surprise) would be the fact that at the end of the show you will most probably end up rooting for one of the main villain in the entire series. You’ll see ๐Ÿ˜›

      Gu Book Family is another drama I would recommend people to watch. Lee Seung Gi is hot as a half demon, and… well, you’ll see when you watch the series.


  8. Does anyone know a familiar drama to EMPRESS KI?^ I love this one! Yang yi knows how to defense herself and shes very intelligent! the actors and actress are not bad looking cx its the best drama ever!

  9. the love of ta hwan and seung hyang is an amazing something, course wang yul still have an eye with them.

    Ji chang wook @ warior baek dong soo …….. Wow shouting and hailing we love you.

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